Description of Mars in Aries


Mars is at home with the Aries. The two form a lyrical love affair. It is easy to be scared of the togetherness of their power. This astrological placement is action oriented and energetic.

The natives are so highly self-sufficient and confident that some among them can even go without the need for love from any mates. Indulgence in pursuit of something they are passionate about makes it deeper.

Because they have easy time with words and love to convince for the sake of winning, they are pretty good at promoting what they believe in. Some may even make a profession out of it. Think about marketing. Their boss can make big bucks through them. Adventure is another thing admired by this astrological placement, but with a startling twist.

The natives are passionately curious about the world. So in their case, the adventure is connected to brushing up of the knowledge and creating memorable experiences. When mixed with self-sufficiency, they wait for no mate to accompany them in such adventure.
They will do and see what exactly is in their mind. They know how to live life to the fullest. They can be quite fun to spend time with, but in matters of work, they are strict. There is no way to deny that Aries has a tendency to go off the deep end, but when with mars, how the anger is released depends largely on the gender of the native.

Mars in Aries Man

He is multi talented. His skills are connected to physical work. He loves to make use of his body parts which he keeps toned for the sake of good health and hotness. Sometimes it is visible in his urge to participate in sports. Other times, his hands are building or bringing something out of the box. He wants total obedience from his subordinates and may get irritated by slowness, and sloppy work. He does not mind letting it out.

But watch out for the scorching bluntness. Working under him can be quite stressful. Same can be said about his love life with the exception for total obedience. He is not looking for this from his partner because that kills the fun of romance.

This guy actually has many love stories to tell. Most of the time, he ends up in relationships containing both love and hate. Some he invites by mistake because of his inability to inhibit his desire to chase after the next attractive damsel without knowing her properly. In love, initially, he listens to his heart. He tends to live in the moment.

Only when the relationship starts to get deeper he starts using his head. Breakups tend to occur from too much certainty. Although he does look for spicy arguments in a relationship he so much hates to get his ego hurt that he can even bid farewell to his lady. He can’t be wrong. How is it possible when he has garnered a number of achievements in his life? They are the sign that he can never do the wrong. Pressure is another thing that takes him away from his lady love. He must be able to do what he likes. Nagging suffocates him.

The woman who will keep forever is someone who knows how to keep him interested through some outdoor adventures and excuses of busy schedule. She does not get all emotional and has her own thing going on. In short, she knows how to balance her dependence as well as independence in a relationship.

But yes, she must always know that his first love is his own soul. Sexually, this man is intensely charged up and gets extremely rough in the bed. He likes to take the lead here like a boss. Now it is important to mention here that certain men with this astrological placement can get physical when angered.

Mars in Aries Woman

She has a tendency to appear shy and less of a talker to some strangers. But her self-sufficiency remains all over her face. Because of this, both adults and children find her reliable. Getting to know her would show you that one of her best kept secrets is her humor.

She is the master of good jokes, but at the same time, very serious about the world. She may sometimes become the voice of the oppressed or ideology holders. Her main hobby is debate. She can be quite a teacher in most traditional sense. She is skilled at teaching something as it is while remaining strict to discipline the uncontrollable children.

She talks less about her private life. But yes, she is sincerely faithful to her family. Sometimes how the members should be is dictated by her. In a way, when it comes to anger, she controls its nodes better than the guy with this same placement.

She does not explode in front of everyone to make sure she does not lose her face. If she detects that the opponent is severely dangerous she will choose to keep quiet. But then in the end, the anger turns into tears. Same can happen when she is struck by jealousy. In most cases, she tries to outperform, but when defeated she gives into tears and withdrawal.

Her kind of guy is someone who is not just good looking, but also has a good package of success in his profession. He is the hunk in high demand. All women fall for him. Thus, it is fun to win him like a trophy and show it to all. Yet at times, she may get attracted to women. Sexually, she likes to try new things and just like the guy, may want to take the lead.
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