The Unusual Work of Water in the Eyeshadow

When mixed with mascara water does cause calamity around the eyes. But with eye shadow, its relationship is similar to art created on a canvass. Try dating it at least once. One of the many advantages of using water with eye shadow is the seal it creates, making the eye makeup last longer.

Secondly, it gives exactly what we aim for which happens to be the color burst. Blue would look completely blue and pink would smile like the spring flower. Third, it kills the disappointment we may experience from our cheap eye shadows.Here cheap means stubbornly low quality color that neither blushes nor stays longer on the eye lids. Lastly, it keeps the color exactly where we want it to be. For all of these advantages, you have to just take very simple steps.

Things required:
Concealer brush
Your eyemakeup box
Water in a glass or bottle lead
A napkin if you are using more than one color
Smudge brush

The Secret Concealer Applicator You Are Not Using

How happy are you with the concealer brushes? Do you truly feel they are convenient? What if there is something better than them?

Yes, there is a different applicator out there. It is probably sitting somewhere in your room right now with its friends.

The promoters of concealer brushes took away our eyes from its power. Now what that secret applicator actually is? Well, it is none other than the cotton swab.

It works faster than the brush, but not without an important ingredient. It is revealed below with the technique that you need to use to quicken the application. Another benefit of this applicator is the smoothness almost similar to icing a cake.

Things needed:
  • Cotton swab
  • Some water in any glass or cap of a plastic bottle
  • Liquid concealer
Step 1: Using the cotton swab, apply a small amount of concealer under your eyes.
Step 2: Now soak that same cotton swab in water. Take it out in 2 seconds. You really do not want to wait. Too much water will make the concealer runny.
Step 3: Now spread the already applied concealer with it under and over your eyes (wherever needed).
Step 4: Let the concealer sit for awhile before you starting applying your normal foundation.
Cotton swab for makeup

Reason to Not Wear Lip Gloss Underneath Eye Makeup

Eyes speak a thousand words with expressions. Just watch any music video of a female artist and you will notice the amount of time spent on mostly eye makeup.

It is probably in our nature. During a makeup session, we can't help giving most of our focus on eyes. No woman can deny that embellishing them is challenging, yet fun. So far we have come across a variety of tips on how to make them stand out.

But sometimes, the eye shadow ends up making things complicated. Because of its poor quality, it does not want to stick to the eyelids properly. To get rid of this annoyance, some makeup experts enthusiastically recommend dabbing of a small amount of lip gloss over the lids before the application of the eye shadow. This does work, but at the same time, it leaves the eyes at the short end of the stick.

Anyone who wears lip gloss knows that its mostly oil. Exactly this thing in small amount compels the eye shadow to stick to the lids. But the skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive. When oil is applied to it, it falls prey to tan especially under the sun.

What not to be forgotten is that most eye-shadows already contain mineral oil. By going for lip gloss, we merely speed up the tanning process. Unfortunately, this tan behaves permanent, making the eyes appear punched.

If the process of wearing the lip gloss is continued, the eyelids end up with tiny black or reddish bumps. They look like dots. Medical science sees it as one of the symptoms of sun poisoning. Don't mistake it for some kind of real poison. In reality, it is the sunburn and main culprit is ultraviolet radiation. This is what causes these bumps.

When an eye shadow does not stick to the lids properly, it is best to return it to the store. Sure at times, we fall in love with the color. But taking the temporary route of lip gloss is costlier. So look for alternatives of that same color. The healthier choice is those of mineral.

These days, however, some girls are experiencing allergy from it. The ingredient that causes it is bismuth oxychloride. Majority of the popular brands use it in their cosmetics. It has been going on for years and now it makes its way into the mineral eye shadows. If you wish to learn which eyeshadows do not contain bismuth oxychloride check back because we will soon have a list of brands that do not use it.

Almay Eyeliner Is Way Too Serious

It is always best to think a little before picking up a makeup product. You will never know which one turns out to be totally harmful for the skin. For a second, I forgot it and impulsively took in my shopping cart this Almay eyeliner.

I was in a hurry to get home. Only thing in my head that time was that I needed something new because I ran out of my old one. Doubt still kept dancing in my head. This was my first time buying this eyeliner. So obviously, I could not throw the receipt in the trashcan. What if I needed refund? Did it finally happen? The review of this eyeliner is given below. You will find the answer to the question in that.

According to Almay, this eyeliner is hypoallergenic. This means that it is not supposed to give us itch or allergic reaction. Well, for me, it turned out to be true. I felt no itch or bumps from it. Almay also says that the eyeliner lasts up to 16 hours and is smudge free. We usually do not keep makeup on more than 14 hours.

 But this does not mean there is no way to find out whether that 16 hours lasting claim is true. But I must emphasize that I have no seen the eyeliner melt at all. Even under stress of the heat, it remains fresh. In short, the black color does not turn gray or green. The claim that the eyeliner is smudge free is also true. Let me show you a test I have done on the quality of this eyeliner. See the picture below. This one one was taken yesterday at 5pm. S
First line made from the eyeliner
Shower was taken after that. Even sleeping was done. Today at 5pm, the second picture was taken. So the test basically lasted 24 hours. This is the final result.
Little faded, but the mark remains
Notice that in the second picture, the color has faded, but its texture has not gone through much changes. Apparently, there is something unusual about the gliding texture of this crayon. It seems to be highly intuitive. In other words, it knows exactly what kind of line we want to create. When forced its shape turns thicker. When slowed down something thinner gets drawn. That is why, I would say that this eyeliner is too serious about what it does.

So far we have discussed the good points about this eyeliner. Let us now concentrate on its weaknesses. To some extent, the best features of this Almay crayon become its worst disadvantages. Just a few days ago, I made a mistake in the line. Its tail (or wing) ended up going off track. Nothing was powerful enough to get rid of it. In the end, I had to remove my entire makeup and restart. What this means is that we need to be careful when wearing this eyeliner. Another thing is that the eyeliner cannot be used to create smokey eye makeup. But again, this is not made for such task. Recall that Almay said it is smudge free.

Still I must say that I am stunned by what the eyeliner offers. The most fascinating part is its intuitive ability. This is what really helps in getting the perfect line. Neither the professionals nor the novices will feel disappointed with it. The price of this product is also quite reasonable. But yes, the line mistake costs a lot! That is why, instead of full 5, I would give it 4.5 stars.

Colour Me Glow Shades Review

Colour me glow is now on display at Walgreens. I thought to grab it for trial. it costs I think only a dollar. Sorry, I lost the receipt. From the back of the shades’ tray, I came to know that it is distributed by Profusion Cosmetics. So I went to their official site to know a little bit more about them. Okay, now I see the real price of this kit. It is $1.49. There is something strange about Profusion. They call themselves Californian distributor, but not the maker. My guess is that this product is not made in America because of how color is spelled on its lead. I can be wrong though and where this thing is made is not so important. But here is the good news; the site confirms that their products are not tested on animals.

Now back to Colour Me Glow, so is it of good quality? Can we get maximum benefits from it? Or is it just a cheap product with nothing interesting? All these questions will be answered here in great details. Each kit has a number. As you can see in the picture, I have got the number 2. When I actually was looking at them in the store, I could not say whether there was any difference in colors of each kit. In short, they all looked the same.

12 shades just at less than $2? Nothing can beat that. Another thing I like about this kit is that it has each color divided into different shades. Take a look at the picture. Do you see how French blue shade’s sibling aqua and navy blue are lying next to it? Same is true for pink, black and red. Only brown and orange shades are missing here.

When given enough time, these shades show their deepest strength. In other words, over the eyelids, they appear how they look inside the kit. My favorites among them are yellow and pink. I noticed that many other yellow eye shadows do not have appearing power. But this specific one is quite good. Only thing is that I don’t wear yellow. Pink, however, will be put to use. The applicator of this kit is plus point for all those who have smaller eyes. It does pick up a healthy amount of the powder.
Just one application is not enough to get the color appearing. The powder is clumpy, yet extremely loose. In the makeup world, this is known as less pigmentation. I am giving below another picture for you to see the clumps. Follow the arrows.

The loose powder also seems to create mess. During application, it falls off here and there, leaving the worn makeup almost ruined. But since its staying power is not good, it can be easily rubbed off with a tissue paper. Its mess, therefore, is not difficult to get rid of. Let me show you another picture as an example.

Too many applications, clutter and less staying power do not allow me to think of this product as excellent. But the colors are honest and the price is not bad. In a way these eye shadows are perfect for experimental projects. That is why, I would give them 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara Review

Neutrogena healthy volume mascara regular is designed to plump, build and condition the lashes. Upon application, they must basically look 400 percent fuller. The wand is said to be partially responsible for making this task possible.

Additional claims include no clumps, smudges and flakes. The liquid can be easily removed with the use of soap or Neutrogena’s makeup remover. By the way, do note that it is regular and not waterproof. According to the label, the mascara contains oil of sweet almond, olive and meadowfoam seeds. Perhaps, that is why, it has been tagged as healthy. Anyways, the label also says that the mascara is dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested. The conclusion drawn from this is that it is safe for all those who have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses. Yet in case of allergic reaction, Neutrogena has instructed to not use the mascara anymore. That is nice, but how good the mascara is can be answered by us users. So below is my review. Just like before, I will be giving talking about both benefits and problems in honest way.

The color of Healthy Volume is the biggest plus point. The one I have been using for three months is black 02. This color definitely darkness the lashes wonderfully. The overall texture of the liquid is also good. Only if applied 2 or 3 coats, it does not cause clumps and flakes. In a way, such a trial leaves the lashes lighter to touch and more natural looking. Upon application, they do look lengthier.

Neutrogena is very proud of this mascara’s gigantic wand. There is no way to underestimate it. Below is its picture. Take a look at the size.
Notice how it is bigger than the normal wand of IsaDora mascara. I feel those who have big eyes with lesser lashes will probably love it more. A point you must note is that the wand will decide the curls of your lashes. So to get the best result, you have to get comfortable with its huge size. By the way, it takes more than 3 coats to get the curls. This is what I have been noticing.

So how long does Healthy Volume last? In my case, it has been for several hours. I feel bad that I have not been keeping note of that. However, I do know that after 8 to 14 hours, the lashes seem to go back to being normal and some soft smudges become visible.  

Healthy Volume is little too much regular. What I am trying to say is that it does not dry out easily. Once it even ended up staining my sunglasses. I should have taken their picture. Truly, they were in a mess. What exactly went wrong? When I did not see the curls forming from three coats, I went for the fifth one and did not wait up to 30 minutes to dry out the lashes. This must have already hinted you that getting curls out of this mascara is difficult.  But no, do not think it is completely impossible. If you simply love applying one coat after the other for more than 8 minutes you will have no problem seeing the curls. 

The third problem is the wand. Because of its huge size, it can run onto eyelids easily and that equals to having mascara stains on the eye makeup. I have experienced this at least 7 times. I will just say that caution has to be taken while using this wand. In fact, slowest application is the best.

Fourth problem is associated with removable of the mascara. The liquid of Healthy Volume is greasy. I believe it is because of the amount of oil used in it. Other ingredients might also be responsible. No matter what the reason is, at the end of the day, even after a lot of rubbing with soap and face wash, the mascara does not want to come off easily. Do note that Neutrogena’s own makeup remover might be the solution. I just don’t use it anymore. I must also mention that you really do not want this mascara to get into your eyes. The irritation that comes from it can be extreme.

Healthy Volume is like normal mascara to me. Its results do not seem to have the touch of miracle or magic. Perhaps, it is best for all those who want their lashes to have a thick coat of color only. But yes, decision of whether to really buy it must be taken only after inspecting  wand. In my review above, I did not cover the topic of this mascara’s effect on eyes with lenses. I actually cannot say anything about it because I don’t wear them.

We expect good products from Neutrogena. I feel regular Healthy Volume can have a good future. But for the time being, because of all the problems highlighted above, I give it 2.5 out of 5 stars. 

How to Clean Mascara Stains from Your Eye Makeup (Damage Free Trick)

The liquid of the mascara is sometimes too thin. Besides, the wand is not always controllable. These two problems can discharge mascara stain on your eyelids.

Tropez Concealer Stick Notes

The brand, Tropez is not very well known despite the fact that its affordable cosmetics are available in drugstores. Once I just picked up its concealer stick for trial. In this post, I will review it. But before we go into that you must know its features. So here we go, Tropez concealer is designed to cover both dark circles and spots coming from acne. In a way, we can describe it as a product of multipurpose.

It comes in three shades, glides on easily and is non-clogging. This information is not something written on the tube label. You will find it on the official website of Tropez. Interestingly, the features seem to have an air of hesitation. You will definitely know its reason as soon as you start reading the review given below.

As soon as I came home from the drugstore, I embarked on trying out the concealer. By the way, just to be on the safe side, I chose the medium shade, but of course, this did not welcome any surprise. The quality of Tropez concealer is very basic. The texture is creamy just like a lipstick. On a dry skin, that is a boon.

Secondly, it does not run out easily. So it can be used every day. Another point to note is that the concealer works best on a makeup free skin. At least this is what I noticed after couple of more usage. So anyone looking to just hide acne marks will appreciate it more. It simply blends well.

Tropez concealer cannot be used under liquid and mineral foundation.While the liquid version easily cleans it off, the mineral one gets stuck to it. The reason behind this is the creamy texture of the concealer which does not dry off. Unfortunately, that hinders the pleasure of wearing makeup.  

Next, under the eyes, this concealer can give an uncomfortable feeling due to its heaviness. For me, the area also turned out to be itchy. Because of this, I will say that it can be harsh on acne prone sensitive skin. Those who have oily skin might also find it hard to accept. It is again because of the creamy dryless texture.  Another problem is that throughout the day, under the hot sun, it starts to melt and that ruins the makeup. Due to this, I have had my share of embarrassing situations. Those who have wrinkles should stay away from it. The problem is that the concealer color does not blend well with the lines to make them invisible. Also its color over them tends to become dull and artificial.

Tropez concealer is very affordable. The price is usually somewhere between $1.29 and $3. It is also hard to ignore the fact that inside the tube, the concealer lasts a long time even after several usage. So it can be taken as friendly to tight budget. But as mentioned before, it comes in limited shades and is just not appropriate for all skin types. Quality wise, it is below average under the makeup, but good on a bare skin, but that is also if it is free of problems. By keeping all this in mind, I will give Tropez concealer stick 2.5 out of 5 stars. 

3 Ways to Get Eyelash Curler Heated Without Hair Dryer

Eyelash curlers are used for curling the eyelashes. They simply make the eyes and their makeup look more mysterious and beautiful.

It is known that they do a better job when they are heated up through hair dryer. But many women are hesitant to try it out. Actually, the approach itself is very dangerous. What if the eyelash curler gets heated up so much that it ends up burning the lashes? But worry not. In fact, you are not required to use a hair dryer on the curler to warm it up. Try other methods instead. Just see them below.

Method #1: Armpit
Did you know your armpit preserves heat? Yes, it is true. So next time, after you finish dressing up, just put the eyelash curler in your armpit and close it with your arm. Wait for couple of minutes and then take out the curler. On touching it, you will feel its warms. Just use it right away on the lashes to get them curled.

One problem of using this method is the waiting time. It may take several minutes for the curler to get the right amount of heat. Also if you are wearing tank top this method is not going to be of any use. But of course, you can still try it out.

Method #2: Hot pan
It is a fact that hot metal heats up another metal on touch. And as we know curler is made from metal. So if you let one of its sides to touch the hot pan in your kitchen it will be ready for giving your eyelashes long lasting curls. Now do keep in mind the picture shown here. The red circled area is to be brought close to the hot pan.  

But do be careful with your hand.  In fact, if you are under 18 take help from your mom while trying out this method. Hot pans can be dangerous for human skin. Another thing is that you have to make sure that the temperature of the curler does not go too high. Otherwise, you will end up with burned lashes. 

Method #3: Heated Eyelash Curler
Even companies know now that women prefer their eyelash curlers to be heated. That is why, they have come up with curlers that heat up from a touch of a button. How does it happen? Through battery of course. Some of these technologically advanced curlers, however, look more like mascara wands and combs.Others look like plastic cases. See their picture below.
Apparently, the best thing about all these curlers is their prices. They are available under $30. So investing money on one of them is not a bad idea at all. 

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting mascara is designed to add volume and curl up the eyelashes for a bolder look. The liquid is made in a way so that once applied, it stays light. Meanwhile, the brush that comes inside its tube is said to be technologically advanced to give a 360 degree lift and curl to the lashes. Sumptuous is ophthalmologist-tested. Yet its tube label urges users to discontinue using it in case of allergic reaction in the eyes. That sounds fair, but does Sumptuous deliver all the features emphasized by Estee Lauder? Find out from this review. But before that, you must know that the Sumptuous mascara I have is regular and its color is black.


I was little scared to buy Sumptuous, for most Estee Lauder products actually give me allergic reactions. But I suppose I did a good job by not giving into the fear. As soon as I brought the mascara home, I cleaned off my makeup to test drive Sumptuous. It seemed to do what Estee Lauder promised. My first trial included no lash curler and makeup. With only 4 coats of the mascara, the brush truly curled my lashes. Moreover, they were not at all clumpy, but thicker, longer, separated and almost natural. Ten hours passed by. My face went through many twists and turns, but the lashes did not fail to stay curled. Surprisingly, there was not even a single mascara particle falling from them either.

Next two months, I incorporated Sumptuous in my makeup routine. This time I was able to see it’s another feature. It seemed that the mascara gave an unusually defined and classic look to my eye makeup. Note that this time the curler was in use.

As stated before, Estee Lauder assumes that the liquid is lightweight. But my tests (still on) so far are showing me that right after the application, the mascara remains slightly heavier in the lashes. But after a few hours, it goes to into its lightweight mode. Interestingly, Sumptuous actually is not giving me any allergic reactions in the eyes.

Although the brush is capable of giving curls to the lashes it should have been a little smaller. Its stretched length hinders comfortable application. Moreover, for some reason, it picks up a huge amount of liquid from the tube. Sometimes these two problems actually ended up ruining my makeup by creating mascara stains here and there over my eyelids and even nose. 

Before, I told you that the Sumptuous I have is regular. That should imply to you that it should come off easily. But this is usually not the case. This mascara is a bit too immune to cleanser and water. After I remove my makeup using those two tools, I feel Sumptuous still lurking in my lashes.  I will regard it as a minor problem though.


Despite the technical fault of the brush, Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting mascara does what it is made for.  It seems to have the finest quality for which it curls and thickens lashes without any problem, and adds sheer classic look the eye makeup.  Its staying power cannot be ignored either. Without a doubt, it is easy to fall in love with Sumptuous. It is grand. It is great. That is why, it gets 5 out of 5 stars from me.

Note:After buying this mascara do save your receipt. The reason is that if you really end up with allergic reaction from it you will have to discontinue using it. Under such circumstances, it is best to just return the product to Estee Lauder and get your refund back.

e.l.f. Essential Mechanical Eyelash Curler Review

el.f Essential Mechanical eyelash curler has been called an innovative device.  It is not just easy to use, but also safe. Its black pad is made from silicone rubber and is said to give just the right amount of pressure to the lashes in order to get them curled. The surprising factor added is that this rubber is immune to heat.  But is it all true? Let’s find out.

The hollow handles of this eyelash curler can be taken as its biggest strength. They are ergonomic and thus, holding the curler with comfort is relatively easy. Their black color also makes it look sophisticated.

The curler itself does a wonderful job in curling up the lashes. They do not go out of shape. They do not look clumped. One press is enough for them to get beautifully curled. Sure e.l.f says that the rubber is immune to heat, but the truth is that the curler does not require to be heated at all.
The lashes go to a new height when they are being brushed with mascara. Even at this stage, they stay curled. So we can assume that the curler’s effect remains long lasting. The black rubber pad, however, is both a boon and curse. It seems quite friendly to the lashes. But it has a serious flaw. We find about this in our problem section.
The rubber pad in e.l.f Essential Mechanical lash curler is loose. Unfortunately, this is what makes the tool extremely dangerous for first time users. I was one of them. I had no idea that the rubber was not glued. So once, when I was able to press my lashes with the curler it fell off and the sharp metal ended up almost cutting my eyelid. I got severely hurt. This can just happen to anyone, but nowhere on the label, has e.l.f. really warned people of this loose rubber.
I did a bit of inspection to find out if the rubber pad was ever glued to its spot. See the image below.
The metal basically has no sign of glue at all. It is empty. This means that e.l.f is already aware of the loose rubber. They just released it in the market like that. Do notice the edges of the metal. They are extremely sharp.You do not want them to be near your lids.

This is a great curler. It works better than some of the most expensive ones. But its loose rubber is a big problem. Of course, we, the ones who come to know about this can use our glue to get it attached to the curler. But think about the newest users? If they buy it without being aware of its loose rubber they will put themselves in danger. e.l.f should take the problem seriously. The lash curler has a potential to become one of the best. For the time being, it can just receive 3 out of 5 stars.

Things That Can Happen to You If You Don’t Wear Sunglasses

It is strange that in many parts of the world someone who wears sunglasses is taken as arrogant and spoilt.

5 Brands that Make the Best Eye Shadows

We can never ignore eye makeup. It is usually the major highlight of the face and eyes. Needless to say that eye makeup is the first thing to capture people's attention and secretly, all women know why several minutes are dedicated to this exact thing. That is why, to make it stand out, we must always use the best eye shadows. The advantage of this is not only perfect pigments, but also making sure that the colors stay longer over the lids.

Good news is that there are brands that are quite efficient in giving them the best quality. The praises about them come from both stylists and makeup enthusiasts. And believe it or not, their quality has always remained consistent throughout the years.

We take a look at the 5 best here today. Interestingly, these brands play a major role in giving the right look to actresses and music artists in their movies and music videos. They also inspired many to take extra interest in makeup which in turn has made them makeup guru without even the main degree. Some among them are now on Youtube teaching people how to their own makeup. Now let's have a look at those miracle eyeshadows.

1. M.A.C

Without a doubt, M.A.C stands out as the number one brand for producing high quality pigmented eye shadows. There is just something too elegant about them. You might not be a pro, but wearing them will make you look like one. Additionally, they last for hours on the eyelids. Apparently, it is a smart choice to invest money on a MAC 120 Colors Professional Eye shadow Palette.

2. Christian Dior

This brand is no less than M.A.C. Only thing is that it specializes in producing the basic colors, packing five of them in each case. Christian Dior eye shades can make any pair of eyes stand out. That is why, they can turn into addiction for most women. The secret to be revealed is that it makes eye makeup look extremely stunning in photos.

3. Estee Lauder

For having sophisticated eye makeup, Estee Lauder is the best. Their eye shadows do seem to have some glitters. But instead of all sparkling, they end up making the shades smoother and silkier on the lids. Estee Lauder eye shadows are long lasting. They do not scream “too much makeup” and thus, they are great for business presentations and board meetings.

4. Max Factor

Not as expensive as the rest, Max Factor eyeshadows adjust themselves smoothly to all eyelids. Quality wise, they are highly pigmented. That is why, it is quite easy to achieve desired result with them. Another thing is that they are long lasting. Since they are affordable and of good quality, they can easily become the favorites of high school and college going girls.

5. Make Up For Ever

This is another brand worth mentioning here. The shades from Make Up For Ever have strong definition. Because of this, they easily show up on the lids. Most often people settle for their solo cases. That is actually a little unwise move. The truth is that its bigger palettes are available and having them in the makeup collection is the best thing to do. 

L’Oreal Voluminous Full Definition Mascara

L’Oreal Voluminous Full Definition is the mascara designed to boost volume in the eye lashes. It contains Vitamin E, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Ceramide- R. According to the label, the mascara does not create flake and clumps. L’Oreal has also promised that it is okay for those have sensitive eyes and wear contact lens. 

The brush is said to be technology advanced. It should work like a comb to separate the eyelashes.  So many features in one mascara? It sounds too good to be true. But does it really deliver these features to the user? Let’s know it from the review.

L’Oreal Voluminous Full Definition comes in a bigger tube and its price somewhere between $5 to $7. So buying it can be a win-win situation. You will be getting more mascara in lesser price. L’Oreal Voluminous Full Definition is perfect for all those who prefer natural makeup less look because it brushes the lashes nicely to give them a natural fuller look. The most interesting fact about this mascara is that it contains Vitamin E. This little ingredient actually boosts lash growth and prevents it from falling off. Perhaps, that is why, when I wore the mascara I did not see my lashes coming out.
Full Definition also seems to dry off in the lashes quicker. So after wearing it, there is less to worry about getting stained lids. Another important thing is that such feature makes the mascara touch proof. I actually have a habit of touching my lashes. But interestingly, after wearing this mascara, every time I touched them no black stain came on my finger. It felt as if there was nothing in my lashes. Last, the mascara does give them a volume.

There is no way, it is possible to use second or third coat of this mascara on the lashes. The result of doing it is quite terrible. The lashes become over clumpy. Add this with the volume feature and you will get theatrical eyes. No, this term has no connection with being sexy or dramatic. The association is actually with Broadway shows where actors have to wear fake lashes to make their eye expressions more visible to the audiences.  If you have never been to Broadway shows think about moulin rouge ladies or show girls. Yes, the mascara ends up making the lashes like theirs.

The wand or brush of this mascara can be taken as a pain in the neck. It simply has no interest in giving a curled up look to the lashes. Instead, it leaves them straightened. The next problem is that the mascara gives some kind of irritation near the lashes. I am not sure whether every user noticed this problem. L'Oreal mentions that Full definition is okay for sensitive eyes and that they found this result from testing. The test i ran says the opposite.Every time I wore this mascara, I felt a burning sensation around my eyes. However, it was short lived. Yet I will say that Full Definition is not for the sensitive eyes. The irritation simply cannot be ignored. 

L’Oreal Voluminous Full Definition is a bit too ordinary. It performs an average job in embellishing the lashes. Yes, it does give volume, but again the clumps are a bigger problem. Since more than one coat of this mascara cannot be used people who want just a touch up and natural look will find it beneficial. I am having trouble digesting the fact that it gives irritation in the eyes. This makes me little suspicious about what is really in this mascara. For all this, I give it 2 out of 5 stars. 

e.l.f Essentials Waterproof Eyeliner Pen Review

This is my 100th post and therefore, I will dedicate it to something good and wonderful. It is called e.l.f Essentials Waterproof Eyeliner pen. It costs only $1. I experimented with it (color: black#7303) for 3 months and here is the result.

As mentioned before, the eyeliner comes in the shape of a pen. But it actually works like a marker. The lines coming from it are thicker and almost have the quality of liquid eyeliner. Their wetness is never a problem, for it quickly dries off.

I really like cat eye look. But thanks to my shaky hands, getting it in perfect length for me has always been a struggle. Good news is that this e.l.f Essential eyeliner pen has made my job easier. I now can get my cat eye look without any problem. What I am trying to imply here is that it glides on to the eyelids very smoothly. Even the shaky hands do not form an obstacle. Now is the eyeliner really waterproof? The answer to this question is yes. Because of this same reason, it lasts over the eyes for several hours. I have actually not seen any smudges coming from it ever.  

Admittedly, since I paid so low for this eyeliner, I had no faith in its quality and thought that it would expire quickly like its sister, e.l.f Essentials Regular and Waterproof Mascara Duo. But now after 3 months, I am happy to assert that my doubts and negative predictions have been broken into pieces. The eyeliner still is in perfect condition and has not run out at all. In short, I am still using it.

I cannot really think of a problem associated with this e.l.f product. It seems to be one of their best achievements. Yet I will say that once on eyes, it resists leaving because of its high quality waterproof feature.

It is no wonder that this eyeliner won an award and has managed to gain many admirers. Perfect for both new makeup users and experienced stylists, it never seems to show any flaws. Even if it runs out disappointment cannot follow, for it costs only a dollar. Simply, it deserves all the 5 stars.  

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Curved Brush Mascara

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara has many variations. One of them is designed for curling eyelashes. It is called Max Factor 2000 Calorie Curved Brush mascara.

The maker claims that this specific product thickens the eyelashes without causing them to go through any kind of reactions because it is hypoallergenic. We will come to know from this review if it is that good to be true. Just like before, we will start out with benefits and then go to problems, and verdict.

The 2000 Calorie mascara I have is rich black (201).It definitely is very dark. So the eyelashes getting touched by it get a wonderful defined color. Now does the mascara thicken the eyelashes? Fortunately, yes. But the main highlight is the curved brush. I have used it several times to curl up my eyelashes. The result has always left me speechless. It seems that the real metal curler is quite useless in front of it.

Additionally, the curved brush does a great job in separating the eyelashes from one another. A secret to be revealed is that this mascara gives a romantic touch to the eyes. They just look naturally innocent and artistic.

Moreover, the mascara remains in the lashes for several long hours. I actually once wore it at 10am before going to school. I came back home at 8pm. The mascara was still intact. I must also mention here that this product always helps me gain compliments from both men and women.

Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara Review

I bought this Rimmel  mascara just when it came out. At the time, there was a buy one get one free promotion going on for it. So I thought I picked the right product for myself (gave the other one to my mom).

According to Rimmel, this mascara is designed for enhancing the beauty of the lashes while keeping them separate and clumpless. So in a way, it is not from the volume build up category. But should you still try out this mascara? You might be able to decide that after reading the review given here.

I have been using this mascara for a while now. The best thing to say is that it has been in my cabinet for more than a year now. I know it has already expired, but again, since I have too many mascara products, sometimes I just do not pay attention to it (will be explained why later). Yet there is something surprising about its liquid. It has not dried out at all.

One thing I really like about this mascara is that it dresses up the eyelashes extremely well.  To be clear, it makes the lashes glossy, separate and darker. I will be basically saving its brush after I throw away the tube, for it is compatible with my lashes.

I will first answer here why I never pay attention to this mascara. The reason is that it leaves the eyelashes wet. Yes, it does not dry out quickly. In some cases, I actually had to redo my entire makeup just because its little drops from the lashes ended up badly staining the areas over my eyelids. Secondly, it does not have a good relationship with lash curler. I noticed that after I curled my lashes when I tried to wear this Rimmel mascara they went lower. It could be because of the heaviness they felt from the watery mascara liquid. But I was definitely not very happy with that. Last, I am little suspicious about the ingredients that make up this Rimmel mascara. The liquid dripping from the lashes and landing right inside my eyes left a burning sensation. They got watery and I felt as if I poured acid in them. So I will just say that I feared that this mascara would eventually kill my eyes.

The mascara is good for keeping lashes separate and darkening their color. But it does leave them lowered. That basically cancels out the reason for which we wear mascara. You know one of our missions is to get them slightly curled through it? We just cannot get that from this specific one. It also seems to have ingredients that are not friendly to the eyes. Because of this, I would give the mascara 1 out of 5 stars. Meanwhile, I would also ask new buyers of this product to stay alert. Save the receipt. You might again need it.

IsaDora Build-Up Volume Mascara Benefits and Problems

Just as the title suggests, IsaDora Build-Up Volume mascara is made for all those who wish to maximize the volume of their eyelashes. Additionally, it is water proof, fast drying, hypoallergenic and can be used for multiple coats. All this seems to make the mascara quite unique. But is it all just big promises or something real? Let’s find out here.

Although slightly more expensive than all other brands, IsaDora is available in most drugstores. This is where I actually picked up its Build-Up Volume mascara. On seeing it, I realized its tube was much bigger than the rest. So I thought it had plenty of mascara liquid inside. As soon as I brought it home, I tested it by applying it to my eyelashes. What was the test result? Well, it turned out of be positive. The mascara did not create clumps and truly was fast drying. I would give Moreover, it gave a nice volume to my lashes. I would give its credit to its high quality brush. Overall, the mascara did half of what it promised. But I cannot really say whether it is really hypoallergenic. It is just that my eyelashes do not negatively react to mascara products.

Although IsaDora Build-Up's fast drying ability is a good feature for all those who wear makeup in a hurry it can turn out to be a problem for the slow and careful ones. To be clear, its one application makes the eyelashes hard. So going for the next coat becomes quite a difficult job. This should imply to you that multiple coat feature of this mascara is rather a hype created by IsaDora. Another problem is that this product is not completely long lasting. Yes, it seems to be waterproof, but long wear leaves solid black mascara particles under the eyes. At least this is what I experienced.

IsaDora Build-Up Volume mascara is not a bad product. I used it and liked how it enhanced the beauty of my eyelashes. In short, I am satisfied with it and thus, I am ready to overlook some of its problems, and give it 4 out of 5 stars. The truth is that no mascara in this world is 100 percent perfectly made. So there is no point in being too harsh on IsaDora Build-Up Volume. At least, it does not leave clumps. We also cannot ignore the fact that its tube actually contains a lot of mascara liquid.  

e.l.f Essentials Regular and Water Proof Mascara Duo Review

Makeup products cannot be judged by looking at their brands. At least, this is what I always believe.

Clinique High Impact Mascara Review

Clinique High Impact mascara is designed for all those who want to see the volume in their eyelashes.  Interestingly, this little product delivers more than that. We will take a look at it here today, but since it is a review post, I will also discuss the disadvantages associated with this mascara.

I have always been a fan of Clinique products. It is just that they always seem to keep me satisfied. So despite the fact that I already own three mascaras from three different brands, I had to get its High Impact. Now does it really give volume to the eyelashes? The answer to it is yes,  but there are some more surprising benefits that I have acquired from it.

First of all, even after applying it to my lashes I feel as if I am wearing nothing. Another amazing thing I have noticed is that it hardens them only moderately and stays nonstick throughout the day. My curiosity actually makes me touch my lashes sometimes. Strangely, the color of the mascara never seems to stick to my fingers. Because of all this, whenever I plan on using less makeup to keep my natural look alive I choose High Impact for my lashes. 

Now one thing that is disappointing about Clinique High Impact is its brush. Sure it glides well onto the eyelashes, but the problem is that it leaves them straightened if a good curler is not in use. In addition, it creates clumps. I must mention here that different users can have different opinions on this. I already have dense eyelashes and so most mascaras do leave them clumped up. But High Impact always wins in the "clump them down" race much quicker than all of them! Another point to note is that it gives an innocent and not a seductive look to the eyes. So those who wish to have their eyelashes appear sexy must avoid this mascara.

Overall, Clinique High Impact is a good mascara. This is true quality wise. Not too many mascaras are actually non-sticky to the fingers. Also it seems to be best for all those who like less makeup. Now as previously mentioned, High Impact is a volume enhancer and fortunately, it performs this job quite well. So in a way, we can say that its keeping its promise. This simply kills any debate we want to raise against its disadvantages. Thus, it deserves 4 out of 5 stars.