Description of Mars in Taurus


Mars in Taurus is a conservative placement. What this means is that the natives can be slow to start and stop. It is about being careful, calculating whether something they wish to pursue is worth the effort. Something new will always be the object of severe investigation. This in turn can make them lose various opportunities and even delay success in some areas of their lives.

In general, the natives are steadfast for which it is easier for them to get to their desired goals, eliminating the disappointment of losing opportunities. But they cannot be pressured to speed up, for such thing makes them malfunction. The first example of this is their work going all over the place. Tremendous anger can also follow. In some cases, they can take the drastic decision of leaving their mission incomplete. They know the art of arguing and their words are more toxic than those coming from the natives of Mars in Aries.

But usually, the bulls hate to hurt people. It is just that these natives are addicted to diplomacy. They do not challenge all opponents. Surrendering to diplomacy also makes them frequent victims of the yes reply. Those who abuse this weakness of theirs becomes the target of melancholy and bitterness.
Their coping strategy typically consists of complaining about it for many years and distancing from the abuser. Now here a problem is understanding how much truth lies in their blames. Mars in Taurus natives can have a tendency to overlook their own mistakes while insisting that someone else is always responsible for the misery of their lives.

Their lifestyles and opinions are pretty rooted in tradition and authority figures who have made a mark. This can sometimes blind them from accepting the foreign. Devotion to serenity is still something they cannot live without. Taurus loves the good times. It also has a thing for the worldly wealth and beauty. When with mars, therefore, it can trigger its natives to sometimes spend time in the enjoyable. This can come in any form, but for some, the joy lies in hoarding assets which they make untouchable and inaccessible to outsiders. This brings us to their immense interest in protection.

The natives of Mars in Taurus can get highly possessive about their loved ones. The action they tend to enforce is similar to how they protect their assets which unfortunately can create turmoil in their personal relationships. Yet it is irrefutable that they are big on making their loved ones and friends feel comfortable. Because of this, they are quite willing to accommodate. It is a part of their earthly nature. It remains true even for their sexual appetite.

Mars in Taurus Man

As a child, he was attracted to art. After growing up a bit, he began moving towards what promised great wealth. Of course, it can always be the art he loved so much as a child. This man appears to be quite comfortable in his skin. Why shouldn’t he be? His behavior is so charming that he gets a lot of praises for it, giving him the hint that he has got it all. He spends a lot of time to maintain it.

Traditionally, his kind of woman is girly and dresses nicely. He is drawn to defined feminine body structure. He expects his woman to be accommodating as well. The way to this man's heart is surely through his stomach, for he is quite a foodie. But despite the fact that he is easy going in love, he can turn out to be annoying to multiple women interested in him.

He is so slow and overly cautious that it can take several months and even years for him to ask his crush out. Mutual feelings, therefore, can go down the drain with the impatient and disappointed crush deciding to move to the next guy. But he truly wants the girl to wait awhile.

The delay is simply an act of searching for the answer to whether she truly is suitable for the kind of enduring relationship he wants. To do this, he utilizes all his senses. He knows he falls in love like crazy and that his partner becomes his addiction. A failed relationship, therefore, hits him very hard. He does not wish to face this nightmare.

He prefers love to be shown through physical touch. At night, this simple thing is enough to turn him on. Making love is of great importance to him, forcing his conservative streaks take the backseat. This should signal that this man can have the tendency to try it out even without getting into any relationships.

Mars in Taurus Woman

She is the classic daughter of her parents, fulfilling their dreams and wishes. She goes by what the society says. She is stubborn, but may gradually change her view to reflect any hardcore evidence proving her way as wrong. She can be sometimes harshly moody which actually forms from bottling up of bitter memories about certain people. During this time, she prefers to stay quiet. In public, yet she is quite diplomatic.

She has great interest in fashion and clothes. She loves to show off her worn dresses. As a young person, she is independent, but with time, she begins to feel the need to be accompanied by a loved one like no other woman. While the man above loves to eat, the woman of mars in Taurus loves to learn how to cook different foods.

Her outlook on love is extremely traditional. She wants a man who does not change easily. He must be predictable, consistent in his endeavors and has enough wealth to satisfy her urge for security. Views must also match. This is her way of avoiding discomfort while protecting her own lifestyle. Physical attractiveness is also important. She is usually attracted to athletic body type. But the man cannot be overly extroverted and popular because such elements threatens her security. She can be quite jealous.

In her view, sex equals to display of affection. If it is subtracted from the relationship she can get into panic mode about how the man is no more in love with her. Just like the man, she does need physical caress even when not in bed.
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