Mercury in Leo Analysis

Ever wonder who is the celebrity speaker among mercury signs? It is none other than the Leo. It shines through its speech. It is the biggest attention grabber. It will make you say yes. You can’t reject it. You can’t hide from it. It knows how to please the crowd. It knows how to be the controller of minds without sounding forceful.

It is comforting for people to put their trust on it. It is easy for them to see reliability in it. In short, Leo is a fully loaded communicator, winning the carriers an unrestrained spotlight. But that does come with some paparazzi and tabloid problems. A fully loaded mercury placement does not promise glittery perfection.

Just for the record, no mouth is immune to embarrassing slip of tongue. For Mercury in Leo natives, this is marginally tricky in the sense that when they become its victim they cannot get it erased from external hard drives.

No worries about permanent dent though. To lighten up the moment, they are bold enough to laugh at themselves. But despite being popular, with an urge to please the crowd, they will never adapt to a belief that clashes with what they have in mind. Leo is a fixed sign after all. It is not that they are strongly stubborn. They can compromise provided what is put before them has solid foundation.

There is some kind of magic in their choice of words. Each helps the listener imagine their idea at a great length. The manner and voice used to express it all also has elements that will make anyone feel the words. The idea, on the other hand, is usually filled with moral values and air of being good for the society. Does something sound illogical in their explanation? Telling them of it is of no use. The bravery of the lion lies in pushing the view onto the listeners through the might of ambient gesture. All in all, victory is what this king craves for. Confidently, therefore, in every area of its choice, it can break all obstacles, smoothly taking the natives to the light of glory. But it is somewhat of a hidden treasure for the young ones. They have a tendency to idolize what they have in themselves. As a result, they may choose to rest after view achievements. The ones who have matured, on the contrary, leave no stone unturned to be the leaders of their generation. And they truly know how to celebrate it in the form of autobiographies.
Now being in the spotlight means these natives are usually gifted with great network of friends. They can get people addicted to their presence, but same is not true for their own taste. In fact, it can be quite difficult for them to be with the submissive creatures.

They are still great cheerleaders for those who wish to rise up, but in friendship, things may never go a long way. On the contrary, those who loath self-pride and love to adhere to details may take the Mercury in Leo as desperately self-centered and lost in the big picture.

In love, expect them to like the main male or female characters of the romantic movies. When they flirt they sound like they have memorized a movie script. Passion never leaves the eyes and hands. The big-heartedness of the lion also downpours in the form of care. But above everything else, when it comes to verbal expression of love, they are never stingy.

The males with Mercury in Leo are attracted to those who agree with their ideology and can show it through a caffeine driven conversation. Success is another factor of seduction. The males fall hard for those who have great life stories to tell and have managed to climb the career ladder. Meanwhile, the females, after reaching adulthood, tend to create a shopping list of what they wish to have in their mates. Of course, among them, it is easy to find the career ladder, but not always the strong communication factor. They still wish for praises and love shown through genuine words.

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Mercury in Cancer Analysis

There is something very special about Mercury in Cancer people: they can’t hide their feelings. Due to explosion of emotions, the rough and tough shell tank of the crab totally breaks apart in communication.

The natives may try their best to look neutral, but it all shows. If you wish to notice it, pull your ears to native’s voice and the kind of words they use. They don’t give opinions, but express feelings with words like scared, happy, awkward, sad and so on. When they are happy it screams in their voice! They have no control over it. Once again, the placement is to be blamed for it. But there is nothing wrong in the downpour of emotion. It tends to win many hearts. The psychic ability of the Cancer must also be noted. Sometimes it would just say things to appease the other communicator. Fortunately, it is a precious gift that empowers the natives to hug an upset person without a single drop of physical touch.

They are still very private. They don’t talk much unless made comfortable. It is difficult for them to trust anyone. Verbally, details are hardly shared. Most often the trusted listener turns out to be either the parent or sibling. Yet there is always some kind of concern about how to structure the words of the secrets. They don’t like to burden anyone with their private problems. As a result, they get so indirect about them that to many they end up sounding incomprehensible.

But when needed they can be quite funny sudden jokes. They are capable of being the life of the party. Yet the reluctance to speak their mind may affect other areas of their lives like romantic relationships. But yes, provoking them to debate is not always a good idea. Certainly, they can defend their position, but the urge to do so with pinches of anger is not much different from the mushroom cloud of nuclear bomb.
Moving forward, in general, Mercury in Cancer people have an unbreakable love affair with things long gone away called autobiographical memories. They carry it all in their suitcase like pajamas, towels, slippers and toothbrush. Each of them is made essential through tokens of emotions. Sometimes, the love affair turns into a real life hobby of collecting coins, stamps, postcards and so forth. The memories of those they value the most get similar treatment, but that comes with consequence like depression. Inability to put the sadness into words can make this depression severe.

They can excel well at work because of their dedication and ability remember things precisely. They are GPS and calculators in human form. But choosing of career can be a daunting task because most of their decisions are based on emotions driven by influences instead of pragmatism. This shows up in the form of dropping classes and frequent change of majors and work. They are not into wild goose chase. But being cardinal, they want to be masters of their own careers, objecting advises coming from others. It is not that they are completely allergic to such help. They just wish it to be cream cheese to their emotions.

They truly get attached to those they love and know how to show it. Unfortunately, when it takes the shape of Pacific Ocean they tend to let their loved ones walk all over. Telling them about it is useless, for they would just cover their ears or get highly defensive. In love, Mercury in Cancer works as the initiator by being verbally possessive. Yet not all their romantic relationships may go well. There is also a bit of misunderstanding that reshapes their temporary thoughts. They are prone to picking up vibes. This is something they feel all others can do too. The result of this is their unsaid expectations going unsatisfied followed by grumpiness. Their best match, therefore, are those who have mercury in water signs. They have a need to feel emotionally connected through conversation. The ones with water mercury have the power to do just that.

The women who have Mercury in Cancer have an addiction to laughter. They live the ones they love. They have a good amount of patience and thus have slightly little trouble in having direct conversation with their partners. If something goes wrong in the relationship they may spend time thinking that probably they are to be blamed for it. On the contrary, the men with this placement are not very open to complaints. There is an unusual feeling that they are never wrong. Consequently, the complaints tend to hit their ego. They are keen hearers and that does not gel well with their sensitive mind. Practical lovers will not have much luck with them. Expect hitting head on the wall. Same is true for those who love to talk. These men are extremely quiet and withdrawn. But being faithful is a piece of cake for both the sexes.
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Mercury in Gemini Analysis

Mercury in Gemini is certainly not an eccentric placement, but it does nurture two different thinkers in one soul. While one cares about the inner self, the other is focused on the surrounding people. Consequently, in the real world, when the carriers talk they often bring the two in the same line. The keywords are compare and contrast.

In general tone, it is them versus the world positively and negatively. What this means is that they are very much into self-deprecation, but they can defend it all by making the negative look positive.

That does a great of slapping moral police. Gemini is in home with mercury, helping the carriers become the master of communication. That should explain why the defense they create for themselves works every time. But this is not the only benefit they enjoy as carriers of this master placement. The essence of Gemini mercury also makes them fluent and quick in conversations. They are actually extra interested in communication. In fact, they have a need to communicate. Even the structure of communication is important to them.

Their emphasis is on style over details.The mutability of Gemini in communication is another thing that cannot be ignored. It creates a paradox, obstructing others from fully understanding these carriers. Some may say they are the ultimate personification of cliche and shallowness. For others, they are intellectual. The secret all is that the carriers practice mutability in theirs talks connected to their surroundings. But curiosity and analysis being their main driving forces, they can pretty much talk about all topics available under the sun without having much knowledge about most of them.

They have passion for learning and are seriously inspired by talented people. Thus, they have many hopes and dreams. But the curses of Gemini called nervousness and disconnection leave them dented. Their hopes and dreams may also be just talks of the moment. Their minds are big boxes of ideas which may not always see the day of light, but they do make these people quite street smart.

They learn best in private. This is where they can delve into anything that makes them curious without the burden of grades and social pressure. Yes, although Gemini mercury is an extrovert and longs for the outside world, its tolerance level for pressure is zero. Needless to say, this is one of the few factors contributing to their nervousness. Much to people’s surprise, striking gold becomes a piece of cake for these carriers when they are left alone. They create what no one ever saw without seeking leadership and domination.

But despite being so insightful, they are not the most romantic souls in long term sense. They do love the first stage of love and may enter a relationship with the sole purpose of surrendering themselves to their partners. They are blown away by intellectual people and those who know how to keep a conversation going.

They can be faithful, but asking them to fulfill the tradition of relationship can compel their minds to fly away. The women can hang on as long as possible. But for men, breaking the door is highly important. Flirting, however, is a pastime for both. Yet they can leave their partners wanting more with all the memorable moments they create by being playful and charming.
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Mercury in Taurus Analysis

Taurus is the guardian of tradition, splendor, creativity and assiduousness. In the arms of mercury, none of them can resist the urge to gleam through communication and intellect. But there is still a secret sitting in the dark.

Taurus in Mercury carriers tend to lead a double life. Don’t let the shock overwhelm the mind. In no way, they are Xerox copy of Mr. Jekyll and Hyde. The double life here is actually the versatility they manifest in tremendously powerful way. They are usually very passive. But when necessary they can be highly outgoing in their communication. They do it seriously and in between they are capable of using a good amount of humor, helping their friends get drops of fun. At home, these creatures turn purely domestic preferring to indulge in all that is family oriented.

It must be noted that they are very much devoted to their families and because of this, they have a tendency to bring up in conversations what mammy said about how something must be done. There is no surprise element in it, for they are inclined to stick to tradition which generally is associated with all that is homely. Sometimes this can trigger them to even leave work early or sacrifice a part of their career.

Mercury in Taurus is known for being slow in communication, but why? The answer is that it hates controversies, but love friendships, discipline and reverence more than wars. As a result, the carriers tend to practice total quality management in their words. They don’t exactly spend time looking for elegant words in the dictionary. Their top priority is proper order. They believe that there is always a right way to communicate with people. Even in their writing this is usually visible in the form of grammar and paper format. They can even read it several times before sending it the recipient. Beauty and creativity are the second priority.

But yes, when the anger strikes such importance runs away with no hesitation at all. Picking a fight with someone whose communication department is under the control of the bull can result in unexpected unfavorable result. The carriers are not like the average fighters. They first bottle up the fury and then suddenly explode or turn icy cold.
A little turtle exists in the way they understand things also. If the Mercury in Taurus person is quiet about something in a social gathering it is usually because they are trying to grasp what the other party is trying to say or plainly feeling uncomfortable with unfamiliar faces. They are not fond of things that leave more questions than answers. They prefer abstract contents to be broken into small parts and explained with a step by step approach. It would still be a mistake to think that this makes them struggle academically. That is never the case.

Thanks to fixed nature of Mercury in Taurus, the carriers are capable of exhibiting marvelous willpower and remembering things they eventually understand. Hence, when struggle burns them to death, they rise from the ashes like phoenix provided the result they are looking for is worthwhile. They are not into wild goose chase. They plan very slowly and even when they have made up their mind to do something they prefer to take baby steps to achieve its result.

When it comes to opinions Taurus Mercury is least understood. It is widely believed that love for tradition and persistence forces the natives to hold onto their personal opinions quite tightly. This is partly true. For Taurus Mercury, habits can be difficult to let go and since security is very close to its heart, it may forgive its enemies, but forget nothing of what they did. However, it is willing to change mind when met with practical and reasonable details. Another element worth mentioning is emotion. Venus swims in its pool. As a result, listening with compassion is not a frightening task for the natives.

There is a bit of peculiarity in the love life of Mercury in Taurus. This is where traditional view does not always work. The natives are great verbalizing romance and have a desire for a happy ending. They are sexually bold. Specifically the Taurus Mercury males know the art of flirting, but their list of love interests can leave many in discomfort. After all, society does not see falling in love with a cousin or someone 30 years younger as normal. It is not that all the men have this same story to tell, but they are skilled at harvesting love interests. When this turns into a habit they may never find themselves happy with just one woman. For the females of Mercury in Taurus, reliable souls are a must. In some cases, they may find themselves heavily attracted to older gentlemen talking about lifelong experiences and stability. Both the genders can still struggle to keep their love lives smooth due to formation of unfounded negative opinions about their lovers. The biggest issue is mostly experienced by the males. It is difficult for them to communicate about hurtful things. As a result, they have a tendency to start going away from their partners.
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Mercury in Aries Analysis

The mind of Mercury in Aries is like a city. Eyes don’t go on things that are irrelevant for the souls. Legs are busy walking to their destination. There are some chitchats in the restaurants, but they are all about stock exchange market and initial offerings of a new high tech company. This probably sounds confusing. Have patience and keep reading; clarity will be seen soon.

Generally speaking, the mind of a Mercury in Aries is chained to speed and freshness. Time is too precious to be sacrificed for same old things of turtle pace. This does not always play out well in the lives of carriers. As kids, they are so rebellious that they get into trouble with those in authority. Incidentally, although they complete their work quicker, they are easily bored of blow by blow accounts, routine and slow people. In some cases, they choose to stay away from all those who offer nothing new. However, sitting in a room for hours is the worst torture the carriers go through.

For Mercury in Aries what comes to mind first is what matters. And yes, the carriers put it up there efficiently and cleanly without wasting any time. They are fast and forceful speakers with the power to influence. This certainly wins them some fans and the title of being straightforward. To others more serious and sensitive, this straightforwardness is scary. After all, it does emit some words interpreted as insults, leaving many friendships too sour for the taste bud.

The fans feel free to ignore it to have the best of their time, for the carriers are easy going and know how to entertain just by the strength of communication. However, not all of them are capable of being the focus of this placement. The carriers are more inclined to stick to those who can stand up to their verbal challenge.
Self-love is highly dominant within the realm of Mercury in Aries. What this means is that the carriers set their own rules. No one can prevent them from doing what they like. The carriers love to satisfy themselves, becoming slave to good times. In the same way, most of their conversations revolve around self-admiration and self-pity. They are not open to external criticism and thus, have a tendency to sinisterly entertain the critics with a dance number of deaf ear or tough fight. But they are not blind to their own mistakes. They actually take great pleasure from self-evaluation. As a result, they tend to reflect on their own personality traits far more than others and even embark on repairing the faulty ones. This is common mainly in adult carriers.

Mercury in Aries is naturally authoritarian, gladly helping the carriers secure leadership position outside and inside. They do not need to verbally ask for it. Their style of communication is the key here. Unknowingly, they sound well-versed and passionate about the topic of discussion or project. On the top of that, no one can resist the impression of having head on the shoulder. Mercury in Aries just knows what needs to be done. To team members, thus, they are the light at the end of the tunnel.

As leaders, the carriers can fill the entire team with energy, zeal and urge to do the best. Their visions gravitate towards uniqueness and attainment of many rewards. But how long they would live is a mystery that not even FBI can solve, for when the carriers are over thrilled about the topic at hand these visions multiply from hundreds to thousands, making it impossible to track them all to work on.

Aries is usually known for not finishing what it starts. This is something not present in this specific placement. When the carriers get interested in something they fervently study or go after it. They are great dreamers and concept makers. They have a desire to excel and that helps them perform exceptionally well in their chosen fields. Some of them even sacrifice their domestic lives for the sake of their professions.

When the carriers are romantically stricken they find it difficult to keep it in the stomach. They must confess it all. But being single is not a problem for this placement. The carriers can still have good time by stealing the attention of those from the opposite sex. The Mercury in Aries males, however, tend to be platonic with the ladies often times preferring to stay in the friend zone. For relationships, they prefer women who know how to blow the mind through simple conversations. They must be independent, intelligent and a little childish. One of the finest qualities of these guys is that they do not lead their dates wrongfully. Once again, it is connected to their clear mind and straightforwardness.

The Mercury Aries females, on the other hand, have a tendency to be more lenient during courting. They have no problem falling in love with underdogs. But domestic life can be frustrating for both the males and females. They do not like to be tied down. Controlling partners are usually frowned upon and sometimes the carriers cannot let go of the urge to flirt with others. Thus, in their lives, relationships come and go.

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Mercury in Pisces Analysis

The communication style fairy godmother, elves and innocent princess is probably inspired from Mercury in Pisces. This placement makes the carriers speak tenderly with carefully chosen words. There is a very unique way they represent conservative aura.

With mutability being their biggest might, Mercury in Pisces people can utilize modernism in their work with very little effort. But within their mind, they despise crossing all the limits. It still happens, forcing a damage control in the form of concrete reason.

Mercury in Pisces people need good amount of guidance. When they are lonely they are vulnerable to attack of the evil. Their biggest problem is that they are too welcoming of all souls. Little heed they pay to their power to learn things telepathically. For rotten souls, that is something to sinisterly smile on. Because of this, it is common to find many broken-hearted Mercury in Pisces people. Overtime, they may become insecure, showing very less trust for others.

One of the biggest misconceptions about this placement is that it hears more and talks less. Mercury in Pisces people can talk a lot provided the topic revolves around their lives and it is of great interest to them. Also there must be a calm listener. This is what can make the carriers give away their entire night to chitchats and when this happens, every bit of detail is put on the table. They are not exactly the best listeners, for inactive mouth takes them to the realm very far away from the reality. They attentively hear only when the other person has something sorrowful to talk about.

Mercury in Pisces is one of the friendliest placements, allowing the carriers to enjoy friendship with people from all walks of life. Yet some days they become fully unavailable. Their friends and family members may just think they have disappeared into the thin air, but no they do come back. Becoming unavailable is their way of staying away from what looks extremely unbearable to their minds. Personal stress is too toxic for them to bear. That is why, some people with this placement may struggle with periodic depression.

When necessary the carriers can be very angry. But it just takes a little bit of time to pick up. In general, the angry words come out only in the middle of someone else arguing with them. Otherwise, they rage a cold war. During this time, they either pretend like nothing is wrong while complaining to others about it or they give into the silent disappearance from the life of the one who got them angry.

When it comes to intelligence, due to an overactive imagination process, Mercury in Pisces may do quite well in the creative field. They can be great painters, lyricists or musicians. They like to learn about a wide variety of topics. Their imaginations can make them overly enthusiastic to plan many different careers, but no attempt is made to turn them into reality partly because of lethargy and lack of practicality. Indulgence is another issue this placement cops with. Sometimes leisurely time becomes very addictive for the carriers. In a situation like this, they need push from someone else. They do embark on making a career as long as it promises their passion to swim.

In love, Mercury in Pisces is an indirect flirt, but only for a while. To put it differently, the carriers initially use delicate flirting gesture to woo the love interest. During this time, they refrain from using overly romantic words and signals. The style can be described as platonic. Once they learn that the other party is interested also they get bolder enough to apply true romance in the courtship process. But they do not fall for just anyone. Their mind of partner is shy, slightly conservative, less demanding and dominating, but enjoys the finest things of life. Believe it or not, Mercury in Pisces is adventurous and experimental. The carriers do like to explore the world and meet people. They want their partner to have similar interest. That said, they are not the most vocal people when it comes to partnership for which despite being in relationships, they may appear single to public.

The males with Mercury in Pisces usually take a little more time than the females to settle down. One of the main reasons behind this is high standard which begins to form from their ongoing relationships with different women. They hate be hurt, but at the same time they are extremely sensitive. A little unintentional insult can leave them with heavy injury. They keep it in mind for a long time, often demanding new partners to not use such insult in the new relationships. Mercury in Pisces males may not always be loyal because of their interest in indulgence.

On the contrary, the females with Mercury in Pisces are more open. They usually do not have problem dreaming of marriages and children. But since they are too kind and swayed by sorrowful stories, they may become victims of bad romance too many times.

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Mercury in Aquarius Analysis

This is the soldier type. Fighting and influencing the world to move towards what is good is a trait that is deeply embedded within Mercury in Aquarius. But there is more to this than meets the eye.

The soldiers are armed with gun that can leave many conservatives shot dead. The revolutionary heroes do not fear standing up against the norm sometimes just out of thirst to let their views out. They are not much into emotions, preferring to side with things that can be explained in most rational sense.

Their mind has an urgency to stick to ethics. They are sensitive to what is right and wrong even in their personal lives. Although, to outsiders, this may seem like an excellent trait, family members and friends sometimes experience irritation from it.

One of the many reasons behind this is these Aquarian Mercury people have a need to remain neutral in family feud if both parties arguing are at fault. They simply cannot be moved by emotional blackmail. Second most controversial reason is that these people tend to respect everyone’s personal right, for they are big believers of individualism. To others, unfortunately, this is read as freedom to whatever they want. And when the wrong outperforms the right, the hurt Aquarian Mercury carriers feel a need to show it through the lecture. Misunderstanding then occurs with the emphasis that they are trying to control lives of their loved ones.

In friend circle, however, they are treasured for their unusual tidbits on the world. Thanks to their ability to detach themselves from their surroundings, in their minds, each thing they come across gets programmed to be thought provoking.
Aquarius Mercury

Be aware when it is embroidered into words. Possible side effects include stomach ache and teary eyes from laughter. These people know how to entertain. Their door is always open for all friends. There is nothing to hide. Their lifestyle is an open book. They never pretend to be what they are not. In their opinion, those who have problem with this should go elsewhere. They love to talk about the unknown as well as everything under the sun. Balance is always kept in mind. What this means is that they also like to be the listeners.

Intelligence wise, they are maximizers, mixing many different ideas to bring about the never before seen discovery that this world craves for. In the end, both society and their career benefit. But they do not wish to stop there. Their mind is a box of gazillion plans. They are curious about science and gadgets. It should not come as a surprise to find the little Aquarian Mercury kids taking their toys apart. They want to understand how things work. The grownups, meanwhile, have their hearts set on inventions.

Human welfare is never dodged either. Much of it once again has relationship to ethics valued highly by this placement. But what makes the carriers unique is that instead of complaining, they actually take sharp steps to take the world out of the clutches of gloom and doom. Many even choose to become full time activists.

Love often takes the backseat in Mercury in Aquarius’ mind. The carriers are not the most romantic people, yet they do not completely avoid the idea of having a partner. They enjoy flirting. But what they find most seductive is an intellectual conversation. This the way they feel connected. Unconventional minds always leave them craving for more. This is true especially for the males. Their relationships to some may seem highly eccentric, for they often break the barriers of age, class and fashion. But whether the women can feel truly at home with these souls is an enigma. Aquarian Mercury men in relationships can sometimes turn insanely detached. They cannot be forced to think in traditional manner.

This is, however, partially false for the Aquarian Mercury women. These creatures are experimental for sure, but this does not mean they do not have marriage and kids in their heads. Yet struggle for a good relationship often becomes a monthly thing in their lives which somehow ends up creating a huge collection of boyfriends. These women are not the pickiest people, yet they find themselves falling over and over for intellectual men who tend to think of themselves as the center of the universe. The game changer is still the impersonality of the relationships. Everything happens in front of friends. Thus, there is a requirement for the boyfriends to be social.

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Mercury in Capricorn Analysis

The keyword of Mercury in Capricorn is organize. It is engraved in everything the carriers do. In their minds, mess is cringe worthy and worse than nuclear waste. As a result, in conversations, they prefer easy to understand words and topics that are goal oriented.

Similarly, what they choose to study has a tendency to be clear and filled with promises of a great future career. But this does not happen just like that. Capricorn Mercury people spend a great amount of time reflecting on their inner strength and weaknesses. It is important in their lives. They hate to make mistakes, but have a great urge to remain organized while climbing up to touch the light of excellence. Thus, their audit process involves finding out whether certain profession they have their eyes on will suit their strength. And once they have made up their mind to achieve something nothing in the world can stop them from being successful. A small set of failures is accepted. Hindrances are carefully studied and steps are kept at slower pace for best results.

Since Capricorn is a mature sign, when with mercury it pushes the carriers to practice maturity in their thought process. What this means is that at a very tender age they embark on organizing their lives for a better future. They are serious students as well as workers.

Yet do not think that these people let their entire lives to be consumed by work. They do know the importance of playing and having fun. They have immense fear towards health complications. Thus, they do not mind diverting attention to entertainment. But it must have the break-even point. People of this placement are forever slave to time. Each minute of their lives must be valuable. In other words, the fun they want to have must satisfy each minute spent over it. That is why, in their dictionary, fun means a talent that creates or fixes something. Little bit of shallow entertainment is also okay provided it does not consumer too much time.
In communication, they are practical. They speak only when it is necessary. An interesting topic can still make them chatterbox, but they never waste too many hours over it mainly because their battery loses power after some time. Withdrawal, thus, becomes emergency.

When it comes to friendship, they are easy going, but most often choose to stay within closed circle of a few resourceful friends. All others still remain in their lives as acquaintances. People find them highly reliable for their calmness, sound advice and practical judgment. Becoming a leader or agony pal, therefore, is an achievement they are quite used to acquiring.

Their arch enemies are those who are impatient, irresponsible and impulsive. Although Capricorn Mercury does not think in complicated ways it has no tolerance for those types. Sadly because of its nature to remain disciplined, the carriers tend to find it difficult to answer back or take forceful action against those arch enemies. Never underestimate a hurt Capricorn Mercury person. They do remember everything and when they do take revenge, they make sure it truly ruins the enemy. Some of them may wait several years just to make sure that the revenge is taken in the form of karma.

The flirting style of Capricorn Mercury is subtle in the beginning. It shows interest by being caring and focused. But once in love, it turns so faithfully romantic that its world begins to revolve around the mate. It would be a big mistake to take their love for granted. They do notice it. But because of their inability to be expressive in brutal way, they have a tendency to bottle up the negative feelings. When it explodes, be aware!

Love for Capricorn Mercury people is like an investment that must pay something at maturity. But keeping face in public and saving for the rainy day must be accompanied by it. In simple words, these carriers look for mates who are ambitious, sophisticated and responsible. Their main intention is to be with a like-minded partner. The men are so serious about it that they don’t hesitate to delay their entrance into the world of courtship. It is all or nothing. The females, on the contrary, are a little more open and lenient in this matter. The young ones do not mind having nowhere going relationships. It is all in keeping up the appearance in friend circle. But once true love comes, they are closed off just like the males. And yes, these women are bold in love. They do not fear initiating relationships. In the same way, they hate to lose in love.

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Mercury in Sagittarius Analysis

It will not be wrong to wonder whether Martin Luther King’s I have a Dream speech was inspired by Mercury in Sagittarius. This placement has its eyes set on things larger than life. It dreams big.

In general, the carriers love to think and there is a profound speed in this. They jump from one idea to another or create one by combining a wide variety of unrelated things within seconds. But sometimes this created idea remains intangible because of the placement’s failure to look for nuts and bolts to put those unrelated things together. This does not worry the carriers. They are forever looking at the bright side of life. So if something does not work their mind is oiled up enough to slip into to another new idea.

Mercury in Sagittarius placement has a need for freedom of thought and expression. Anything too conservative or closed off is overbearing to it. Thus, the carriers either despise traditional school system or continue gaining one degree after another with the sole intention of learning as much as possible.

They truly are into broadening their horizon. So even if they choose to quit school devotion to life lessons remains consistent in their lives. In academic sense, this is called immersion based learning. To Sagittarius Mercury, this works best because of its ability to become part of its environment. It is also important to add here that this placement is gifted with photographic memory. Therefore, once out of the field, the carriers are able to extracts all the lessons taken in to turn them into life philosophy.

On the way, all embarrassments and disappointments are added without allowing the shame and depression to kick in. This is stress-free for the placement, for it is naturally designed to be futurist. It does not regret about the past. That is why, many consider this placement to be meaty life story teller.

The carriers are typically very good with hands. But what they wish to create has leaning towards being useful and simple to humanity. Consequently, whenever they come up with something they make sure it sends out a meaningful easy to understand message or entertain people without sending them down the lane of doubts. Yet for personal pleasure, the carriers may choose surreal lifestyle, fashion and art. Once again, it is connected to their interest in combining what others find unrelated. Comfort lies in the fact that it helps them break away from the constraints of convention and reality.

In communication, this placement can be described as extroverted. Its words are like crystal pure water. No time is wasted in beating around the bushes and decorating words with chocolate curls and cherries. The motto of the carriers is to be purely and religiously straightforward. Same is expected from friends and colleagues.

Fake attitude is a pet peeve to this placement. Smelling it in the air makes the carriers furious. But how many people are capable of handling the truth? This one question redefines the kind of friendships the carriers have with others. Mercury in Sagittarius is usually big-hearted, but its communication style can sometimes cause disturbance. It is all in the placement’s aggressiveness. This means that when the carriers argue thoughtful friends find gold in silence asleep. Actually, answering back tends to backfire. The placement has a thing for argument and can continue with it for hours and even days.

Bosses and colleagues may also find it difficult to deal with this position. The carriers have such a care free mind that they may not always take things seriously and thus, resort to hurling brickbats in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Flirting comes easily to Sagittarius Mercury. The man especially is specialized in this field. He sees no harm in flirting with a love interest openly. But traditionally, he is fond of glamorous women. A booming career is not a requirement. This man dreams of being knight in shining armor. That is why, he tends to work hard to set up the career of his partner. But the surprising element in the story is that not every woman can handle him, for his heart longs for unpredictable straightforwardness in communication. Also there must be variety in topics of discussion. This man loves to be surprised and hooked. However, he doesn't like when he is made fun of despite the fact that he may sometimes hurl a few sarcastic remarks at his mate. Surprisingly, in spite of the boredom occasionally taking over his head, he can marry for life. Flirting probably will still go on, but it might never turn into something serious.

As for the female carrier, she is not very different from her male counterpart. She too can fall for underdogs. Her kind of guy is comfortable in his own skin. He has a great smile and athletic body. He knows how to flatter and does not hesitate to be bold in romance. He must be ready to do unique activities with her. She truly likes to collect fun memories. But the magic of a fun ride comes to halt once the partner ends up showing his true face. Because of her urge to help her mate climb the ladder, she often becomes the Ace of spades for toxic mates. That compels her to go through a series of short term relationships.

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Mercury in Scorpio Analysis

Mercury in Scorpio people are like mad scientists. They are multifaceted in both education and communication. They have deep passion for the unknown and although they may become successful in solving each puzzle they stumble upon, the trance of knowledge never bids them goodbye. This sometimes turns them into hardcore bookworms.

They don’t, however, read fictions. Their most favorite are those that speak of spirituality and unravel the lives of leaders long gone by. In the basement, on the other hand, they are big investigators. It is common for these people to be inquisitive about the lives of other people they privately know. To fulfill it, they turn to stalking and gossiping.

Intelligence wise, Mercury in Scorpio people can be described as very lucky. They are truly best at finding lucidity in what looks abstract to others. They grasp a lesson pretty quickly and are enthusiastic about polishing their skills. Their energy is earth shattering. Hence, they have a tendency to perform exceptionally well in math and science. But yes, for this to happen, they must have their heart attached to such fields. In no way, they can be forced into doing what they cannot find emotionally stimulating.

But if they are promised challenge and reward, they show less hesitancy in saying yes to it. Consequently, in other areas also they face less trouble. Do not be surprised to find these people in school sports teams and other competitions. They play with all their heart. Icing on the cake is the leadership position they gain in such areas because of their thirst for victory, heightened strategic planning and risk taking abilities.

Their style of communication, nevertheless, is a double-edged-sword. There is no way to fully know these people, for they don’t reveal much about themselves to anyone. Also they prefer concealing the views they have on other issues. Yet they are popular. They can make an entire crowd laugh with their impromptu jokes and at the same time elevate one’s position with abrupt and rapid flattery. When needed they are down to earth and may even pretend to be vacuous to let someone else feel special and knowledgeable. Then of course, there is the magnetic charm of Scorpio which helps their speech to be highly attractive to others. In fact, their history of success, bravery, sagacity and wit make them highly inspirational.

Yet their friendships may suffer. Friends too often come and go out of their lives. It is all in the carriers unwavering devotion and intimidating statements. They sound tremendously loyal and caring for which most of their friends end up taking them for granted. When this loyalty gets delayed due to negligence or other important duties, these friends begin to feel left out and then surrender to anger. So in a way, Scorpio Mercury people are often the victims of misconceptions. But this is not the only issue they deal with.  Sure they are psychic enough to read someone’s mind, but glory is so common in their lives that they may begin to see some of their friends as nothing more than inferior creatures. Habitually, thus, at them, they may throw insults wrapped up in a box of black humor.

As for love, it is conveyed with intense emotion by both the genders. Neither of them is picky, but do remember that emotions can sometimes blind one from seeing the true picture. To be clear, it is common for these carriers to prove that they are the best of lovers with their energy of fearlessness and passion. This prevents them from facing the reality. In the end, they get entangled in unsuitable relationships. The worse happens when out of zeal, they get into marriage contracts. After several years, when they come to know that they married the wrong person radical change takes place in their lives. In most cases, the loyalty breaks into pieces.

Scorpio Mercury men are drawn to women who appear mysterious yet erotic in conversations. In relationships, they wish to be promise keepers. As a result, they prefer to stick to just one love in their lifetime. Sometimes this love turns so fanatical that they vigorously glorify it in public. Problems occur in the area of compromise. Scorpio mercury men don’t change mind very easily. Moreover, they need huge amount of space. Reasons may vary. Traditionally, most men need it for studies. Thus, women who aim to change their partners and see space as a waste of time will experience difficulty with these carriers. Relationship will break apart if hindrance is created in these men’s chosen fields. Misconceptions are another issue. Because these men sound so caring, they start attracting all sorts of other females who leave the feelings of their lady love in chimney of jealousy and suspicion. Taking the men for granted may also turn into reality and that can lead to more problems in the future.

The Scorpio Mercury females tend to have a good head on their shoulders. They tend to be far more confident than their male counterparts.Also they are the masters of seduction, leaving plenty of hearts bewitched. But no, they don't randomly go around seducing men. They like admirers, but one love is enough for them. How great the man is is not important to them. They just want someone who knows how to be funny and witty. In relationships, these females become dominant even without being aware. They don't exactly behave like mummies. Instead, they prefer to be the spokespersons of their relationships.

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Mercury in Libra Analysis

The symbol of Libra is the scale which happens to be all about justice and balance. Does this mean the carriers of Mercury in Libra are judgmental bumble bees looking for balance in everything? Surely they can be judgmental, but they do not require whining to express it.

The spirit of justice and balance helps them adjust their words in a way that they avoid exhaling fire. This is the reason why these carriers are denoted as delightful speakers with no interest in unnecessary arguments. Their most symbolic trait is their humble voice which not even billions of dollars can change. This is because according to Mercury in Libra, people and life are like seasons of many colors. They can be bad as well as good. There is no need to panic about bad ones. There is no need to be overly happy about the good ones. Instead, just adapt. Yet when it comes to corruption, these carriers do not mind letting their shell shed. They would go a thousand mile to fight for what they think is a matter of justice.

Similarly, when it comes to dreams and ambitions, they can’t help being go-getters. Such is the soul of an initiator found in the sign of Libra. But thanks to Venus, these people perform exceptionally well in creative fields. They are gifted with an open mind aimed at a wide variety of theoretical possibilities. Through art, they can express it all. Yet there is a bit of hurdle. The scale of Libra must weigh all the possibilities against one another. It is so continues that the carriers are left nervous and uncertain. At the end, they are compelled to go with what others suggest.

Likewise, in debates, when the uncertainty is mixed with the urge to please others, the Mercury carrier finds it fairer to stay away from taking any sides. Also they have high faith in peaceful discussion and because of this, the debaters may shun them as spineless apologists. Despite this, the carriers don't attract rock-hard hate. The reason to be hated actually is made to appear absent with their politically correct opinions.

Even when it pops up, the carrier can tone it down by serving the opponent a cup of coffee. They don't want to be misunderstood. Nevertheless, keeping in contact with all comrades is one of the weaknesses that these carriers must bear out of forgetfulness as well as indolence. They just have a lot going in their minds and lives. Perhaps, this trait may trigger frustration in others. But once a meeting occurs, this usually turns into a closed chapter. Once again, its merit is found in this Mercury sign’s humbleness and charm.

The female carriers, however, are more capable of achieving the perfect result. Their wide smile, confession and warmth of words do the trick. The males tend to moderately closed off and in some cases, slightly arrogant. They don't verbally express it. When they meet the forgotten buddies they may act as if the avoidance never happened.

Driven by Libra’s thirst for love, for both the genders, relationships are highly important. Sure both of them can be daring enough to initiate a relationship, but they don't view the overall building blocks of love in the same way. Traditionally, the females long for a perfect home and are ready to make sacrifices to make a relationship work. They have a weakness; they are overly accepting of others’ deficiency. This has a tendency to blind them from seeing the true person hiding behind the fa├žade of a charming gentleman. Thus, it is common for the women to have a series of heartaches. For them, moving on is also very difficult.

The men, on the other hand, are either excessively flirty or picky. It takes time for them to settle down. Their expectations from girlfriends tend to be exaggeratedly high. On the top of that, the indecisive nature creates dilemma of who to choose, for it is not difficult for them to attract women. And even when they make up their mind to get into a marriage contract, their fondness for others from the opposite sex does not die off. After marriage, therefore, they may flirt here and there.

Both the sexes are graciously forgiving in love. They go by “live and let live” motto. As a result, it is common for them to stay friends with their ex’s. In some cases, their power to adapt can push them to even begin business venture with the past love.

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Mercury in Virgo Analysis

What is common between Virgo and Mercury? Mercury rules Virgo, making the carriers charming in their conversation, but please, don't assume them to be liberal flirts. Their communication style is so refined that anyone would mistake them for European royals.

With all frankness, Mercury in Virgo requires no assistance from blue blood and multiple grooming tutorials. Hidden fait accompli is that it is programmed to be of superior nature. Let’s just call them the Representatives of Sublime Dialect.

Being an earth sign, Virgo is conservative. Precisely this is what works within the Mercury. These people tend to watch their words and accent. They have no time for conversations where everything must begin from the scratch and the mid level is made messy with off topic lines. They prefer to be up front and to the point. As a result, to some, they appear closed off.

Perfection is their religion and pleasing it is their aim in this lifetime. It shines in their intellect and work. Details can never get out of these people’s pouch.

The eyes of their mind are like magnifying glasses ready to investigate for a missing piece the size of an ant. In the same way, physically, the natives work extra hard in whatever endeavor they believe will supply them with immense value. Thanks to the home ground Mercury, these people do not run after benchmark. They actually create it themselves, becoming the symbol of valor in their chosen fields. But conditions still apply.
Virgo is well known for its love affair with cleanliness. Attached to Mercury, such factor gets converted into outlook. A cluttered career is frowned upon and topsy-turvy commands are shown the exit door. Because of this reason, the natives may suffocate around disorderly bosses, workers and mates. If they are the bosses, workers have no choice but to get exorcised by the sign’s most potent lethal chant called appraisal.

Sadly, achieving the blessings of perfection is still a never ending arduous chore. Being members of the worrywart club, whenever the natives stumble upon imperfection in themselves, they surrender to wrath of almighty psychological anguish. But they are tremendously good at concealing it from strangers. In public, they are proper and assured. They hardly make a scene.

Is there anything that makes the men different from the women? The answer is yes. Male Mercury Virgos are more able than the counterparts in practicing mutability. They are so diplomatic and pleasantly simple that they can make a great career in politics. When it comes to romance they are swayed by ladies who are highly feminine in their communication. Mainly the submissive talkers gain the most attention. The female Mercury Virgos, on the other hand, are secretively stubborn. They do not readily succumb to oppositions. They tend to prove their point through actions. They are attracted to men who sound classy in their conversation. How old they are is not always important.

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