How to Detect Subliminals that Are Harmful, Worthless and Total Scam

Subliminals can be sometimes completely harmful or are made to scam the listeners into boosting the revenue of the creators. You really should know all about it to stop wasting time on them.

In general, you know you have come across a scam, bad, worthless or unsafe one when

⇨It leaves you feeling depressed, suicidal and negative about others. Since subs are getting popular and there are plenty for solving a problem, it is easy to catch which one is leaving you in such terrible position. For detection purpose, one can be compared against several. If no other subs cause issue like the targeted one you know you are onto something. Don't listen to it anymore. If possible let your problem be politely revealed in the comment section. It should stay there unless the video maker ends up deleting it.

⇨You get no results, but you have mysterious longing for the sub. This does not apply if you are just in love with the song added to the sub.

⇨You get bad vibes during listening session. Pay attentin to your intution.

⇨Not a single sub of a single channel provides any result.

⇨In comment section, people are saying it does not work. This, however, can be applied to subs offering results easy to get in much less time.

⇨You suddenly start to get nightmares. You still need to take your mental condition into account. If the nightmares are irrelevant to it then the sub might be the problem.

⇨You get the feeling that your house is invaded by 4th dimensional entities. This occurs even though you might have benefited from the sub.

⇨Likes and dislikes under the video are hidden.

⇨Comment section is disabled.

⇨You catch a sockpuppet giving positive review for literally every sub of a single channel. Pay attention to the person's language style. Does it oddly match the channel creator's style of writing? If yes you have just caught a sockpuppet.

⇨You catch negative affirmations. Trust your ears.

⇨Your body is suffering from any or all of the side effects.

⇨The creator refuses to give straightforward answers about their questionable subs.

⇨Your negative comment is deleted by the creator. Many others report similar issue.

⇨The creator openly offers subs that are lifethreatening.

⇨Description box contains lots of sign up links.

⇨The channel title or avatar has questionable subliminal message

You should study about the Mind Power controversy to understand the nature of the problem. 
The painstaking investigation done on her definitely proves that not every sub creators has best interest at heart.

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