Description of Mars in Cancer


Mars in Cancer can be defined as the most paradoxical astrological placement. The crab is known for being closed off. But collision of Mars coaxes it to stay wide open more than it can actually take.

In short, it is the case of protection versus attack. Consequently, some natives may suffer from the eruption of mental disturbance. That has impact on how they view the thorns of life. In two ways, they try to take care of them.

The first method includes taking time to analyze the venture and that makes them slow just like the Taurus Mars, but this gets them covered. The second one involves exploiting the situations to get things to go their way. They have several options for it and not all of them are bad.

But again, due to emotions and not the brain driving their actions, it is likely for the natives to take extreme and even hasty routes more often than others. This can mean them getting suddenly angry and then actually fulfilling it. The natives who are very much aware of the negative results may end up bottling up what they feel and that can make them melancholic here and there.

Another problem is their inability to put emotions into words. They are not the quietest people, but what goes in the head is usually hard for them to verbalize because of Cancer’s forceful nature to stay inside.
They can still come out victorious. The emotions do promise some goodies. For instance, when they get serious about their work the emotions they are dedicating it to end up oozing out, helping them get the ticket to applauds. When they are happy and craving for some fun they know how to satisfy it, making them popular among friends. In relationships still, they are prone to welcoming setbacks forming from misunderstandings.

Cancer Mars has a habit of reading too much from others’ responses. Difficulty may also be experienced by those who are dealing with these crab bearers because of the contradictions. Yet closing door on them is not easy, for these natives know how to out-pour love.

When it comes to sex Cancer Mars works can be either excessively traditional or open. As mentioned earlier, it longs for protection. Exchange of emotions matters too. Because of this, some natives may choose to do it all in a nice secure relationship. On the contrary, the confident ones can be excessively promiscuous. Some may even switch into bisexual mode to get value for the fun moment.

Mars in Cancer Man

This man seems very honest and open. He talks so courteously, but is it just an illusion? He is great at hiding much of who he is. This is his way of protecting his weaknesses and aims. Also keep in mind Cancer’s urge to remain inward. Although he comes off strong a little moaner is always alive in him.

The irony is that he is responsible towards those he loves and cares. He prefers showing it through action instead of words. Habitually, he is a soldier. It is not that he wants to fight. His only urge is to make sure that the people he loves and respects are getting maximum comfort. For this, he does not mind letting them come under his shell. Asking for it is not necessary. He would do it, as mentioned earlier, because of his habit.

Attachment factor is another thing behind his soldier like personality. He falls in love hopelessly and this is not limited to humans. He can even get attached to objects, talents, skills and even professions. Much depends on what steals his attention and when this happens he gets so protective about it that he childishly lashes out against anyone who tries to tell him it is wrong. Otherwise, infused with anger, he goes behind the wall of silence.

Of course, it is a form of protection, but he also has the view that nothing can come out of the discussion with the opponent. In the middle, he will just end up hurting the person. Such negative outlook comes from his self-deprecation habit which pretty much contradicts his inability to face the critics.

Sex in his life is all about fertility. He wants to be a successful farmer. To put it another way, he sees sex as a way to make a family. Consequently, he ties it to relationships. His type of woman is in need of a savior. She is so traditional that she believes that it is man’s duty to initiate the relationship. By personality, she is loyal and sweet. Once again, it is his way of protecting himself from the heartbreak which can be quite difficult for him to bear. Although this man has no interest in cheating his moodiness can be a turnoff for the women coming in his life.

Mars in Cancer Woman

The woman of Cancer Mars takes the idea of protection far more seriously than the man above. She is a motherly soul to the nearest and dearest. She likes to take care of her family, but with that she bears the problem of anxiety especially when any of the members is out of her sight for too long. The irony is that she can hold grudge against those who cross her. She will remember it all. From time to time bring it up in the shape of a taunt.

That said, she does appear nurturing to her friends also and that makes her fall prey to those who are selfish by nature. Because of her emotional investment and loyalty, it can take her several days or months to realize it.

She gets her mood off unwillingly at times and when this happens it becomes difficult for her to respond to activities demanding immediate action. Normally, less work is best in her life. Too much can spin her ferociously in the mind, causing irritation and nervousness.

Sexually, she is not so open. Lighthearted fooling around is okay, but she blooms better in a comfortable relationship. Her type of man is intelligent, macho, caring and does not hesitate to promise security.

In brief, the father figure is the most suitable for her. But due to her flooding emotions, at times, she will look for love in all wrong places, allowing herself to become doormat. The biggest problem is her inability to differentiate between lust and love. In some cases, however, she can use sex to get what she wants.
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