20 Best Slow Songs From Metal Bands (Part 1)

Metal is always thought to be all about screaming and yelling. But this is rather a misconception. Metal bands do not always include heavy beats, growls and anger. It is not so possible considering the fact that they do cause tiredness and decay of vocal quality.

Metal genre keeps evolving every year. Also there is a lot of competition. So bands now give more importance to melody and quality. For this, they are even ready to try different techniques and instruments. Some even give higher priority to their slow songs and that just turns into a boon. In the midst of the anger and growls, we come across diamonds.Yes, slow songs coming from metal bands can be described like that because they are simply the best.

If it is hard for you to believe that just check out the songs listed below. They are full of emotions and great melody. Note that we have skipped Metallica’s Nothing Else Matter. That made to other lists way too many times. What we have here can be taken as underrated slow songs. 

1. Hope Leaves by Opeth
Opeth is a band whose songs are hard to ignore. They have quite a lot of slow songs. In one of my articles, I covered their To Bid You Farewell. Now I recommend you to listen to their Hope Leaves.

2. Forever Autumn by Lake of Tears
Lake of tears specializes in doom metal. This means their usual songs include sorrowful emotions and stories. This is what you are going to get from Forever Autumn. This is actually considered as their best song.

3. Shy by Sonata Arctica
No one has ever called this song bad. Even women who do despise metal to death could not get away from it. You will know why once you listen to it. Shy was composed many years ago, but it is so full of magic that it still makes great many fans.

4. On the Coldest Winter Night by Kamelot
Kamelot has many slow songs. They are all best in their own ways. But the one that can be liked by all is is On the Coldest Winter Night. If you wish you can also check out Wander, Season’s End, Don’t You Cry, One Day or A Sailorman’s Hymn.

5. A Past and Future Secret by Blind Guardian
This is by far one of the most beautiful concept songs about King Arthur. Just give it a try and you will find yourself falling in love with it. If you want you can also check out Blind Guardian’s Bard’s Song.

6. A Music in my Soul by Dark Moor
This is one of the few songs to inspire one to move on from the past. Although it is somewhat 8 minutes long the melody can keep you repeating it.

7. With You by Ill Nino
Those who love Spanish beats will love With You the most. It is more like a love song from the popular music genre. You might not believe, but this song has surprised many metal fans. Ill Nino usually makes hardcore nu metal songs.

8. Angel by Judas Priest
Judas Priest needs no introduction. The band is known to almost everyone in the world despite the fact that their songs are not popular everywhere. But their Angel definitely needs exposure. Many metal lovers want it to be their funeral song.

9. Time the beginning by Megadeth
Time the beginning is by far the most different slow song in this list. You will not regret listening to it. The song is quite soothing for the ears.

10. Silent Lucidity by QueenSryche
Metal genre has songs about everything and everyone. This is what Silent Lucidity will prove to you. Perhaps, if you have a little sibling or child you will smile to its lyrics.

We have just completed ten best slow songs from metal. This does not end the list though. As you can see in the title of this post we are to have twenty slow songs. So do slip to the next part. If you have any recommendation do use the comment box to let us know about it. 

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