Understanding Sagittarius Rising

Sagittarius rising is marked by a carve tall body, thick hair and seductive eyes. The men and woman, therefore, win much admiration for their physical appearance from everyone.

They do not even require seducing anyone by the extra effort of flirting. In a way, we can assume that people fall in love with them easily. Yet it must be added that both the male and female natives can have an inclination towards enhancement of their physical beauty by utilizing other means like watching their weight, wearing elegant clothes and jewelry.

These are stylish beings and will go a mile to preserve their signature beauty.

Personality wise, the Sagittarius rising has much energy. The natives just like the idea of being in the spotlight and they actually work hard for it.

Although Sagittarius is not cardinal, as a rising sign, it gives its carriers some leadership qualities. They tend to be bold and persuasive, but not much of a listener. They just do what they think is right and never fail to look knowledgeable.
They usually do not like obstacles. If one comes in front of them they will do everything to break it apart. Personal freedom is something they do not like to sacrifice. Additionally, Sagittarius rising is all about experimenting. Because of this, the natives can be found breaking taboos in various situations of their lives. They have a tremendous need to stay in lively locations. Depending on the other parts of their natal charts, this can be a metropolitan area or a house full of relatives and siblings.

In love and relationships, expect Sagittarius rising to be slightly devoted to the personal freedom we talked about earlier. The natives just need to have it in order to feel comfortable. They usually like a good marriage, but in relationships, they might not always stay faithful. It is just that the idea of living in the moment compels them to give chances to other admirers.

Meanwhile, in marriage, they can stay faithful as long as their partners prove to be as energetic as they are. It is also important to mention that these natives are highly dominating and they prefer to practice it even on their partners.
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Understanding Scorpio Rising

A simple look at a Scorpio rising will make you hear them say in silence, “Leave me alone”. At least this, what you will feel. But why? To know the answer, remind yourself that the sign of Scorpio is related to loving its own personal space. As a rising, it just makes it apparent through facial expression. Still very few can actually resist the temptation in getting close to the carriers. There is something too magnetic about them.

Now how do you identify a Scorpio rising from a crowd of people? To answer that, we have to take a look at their lips. Whether plumped or thin, the upper and lower lips of the Scorpio rising always appear sealed to each other tightly. Meanwhile, the nose spreads out because of its bigger size. Interestingly, this specific physical feature leaves many Scorpio rising people disappointed.

Personality wise, Scorpio rising people tend to be stubborn. When an idea seems too credible or loving they stick to it for many years passionately. Under such circumstances, they can even override thinking whether it is good or bad for their lives. They just become deaf and blind! It is also important to mention that Scorpio risings are quite intuitive by nature. This often helps them determine with close approximation as to who their real foes and friends are.
Interestingly, Scorpio rising people stay very quiet about their preferences most often. Unfortunately, this makes them the victims of many speculations coming not only from outsiders, but also from their parents and siblings. It is just never easy to know a Scorpio rising easily. Because of this, they remain misunderstood among many people.

In love and relationships, Scorpio rising can be seen as lucky. All their lives, they can unintentionally attract many lovers. But true love is given to only one person and that is also in obsessed fashion. Some might even go a distance by trying to control who their partners can talk to. They simply do not want the third party to enter their world of love and romance. This should imply to you that Scorpio rising tends to be faithful.
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Understanding Libra Rising

Libra rising people can be easily recognized from their smile. Their front teeth are usually bigger. The smile, therefore, will compel you to look at them. You might also find yourself their hair. The Libra rising ones tend to have it puffy.

Next, take a look their eyes. They can be big or small, but always with smaller lids. But generally, the Libra rising people are very self conscious about how they look. For this reason, they will ask you again and again if their hair is in perfect shape and whether the dresses they wear are fine.

Libra rising people might not always have the ability to grab the attention from other people right away. The reason behind this is that they appear busy in their own things. So people move to the next person to talk to. This often leaves the Libra rising feeling hurt because they feel that are being treated in a rude way.

However, when they are given a chance in the conversation they speak so diplomatically that other party cannot resist applauding to them. Notice the word diplomatic used before. This is a trait that the natives do not just use in their normal conversations, but also in their professional fields in very confident manner. They can just compel anyone to believe that their scheme is the right one to follow. Fortunately, when mixed with logic it all ends up giving them a fair amount of success in climbing the corporate ladder.
In love life, however, things are not always going to be smooth for these natives. They always have a high time flirting. Sometimes they can do it without being aware and that is also in forceful way. This is connected to the fact that Libra is a cardinal sign for which it tries to be a go-getter in love. Unfortunately, it ends up having a negative impact on the love interests. Despite this, having a smooth relationship is possible for the Libra rising. Only thing is that they want people who are outgoing and wealthy.

But does a Libra rising stay faithful? The answer to this is that Libra is an air sign and loves the idea of flirting. So in between a good relationship, the people having this sign as the rising find themselves getting attached to different people from the opposite sex. This is especially true for the men. The women are slightly different.They are more relationship oriented. Therefore, they may choose to not act on their desire, enabling themselves to stay faithful to just one person.

Understanding Virgo Rising

Virgo rising has an everlasting connection with nursing. No matter how rude the natives wish to appear people always rush to them for help. Even their enemies are tempted to do so. Why?

The reason behind this unusual fact is that the Virgo rising gives its carrier the appearance of an easy going reliable helper. Interestingly, this mask is not really a mask, but the truth that hides within the native. In other words, he or she does have the urge to be of other’s service. Despite this, some people might find them too negative. Nothing, but the Virgo’s natural habit of criticizing certain things is responsible for it. Even as rising, it remains the same.

By personality, the natives are also very book smart. A little conversation with them might just reveal that they are too into reading and studying.

Now physically, Virgo rising males are different from their female counterparts. Their heads are usually of square shape and their eyes imply that they are chit chatty. On the contrary, the females have smaller heads and their eyes appear tired. In many ways, these ladies will remind you of relaxed queens and princesses, for their tired eyes are blessed by the comradeship of raised eyebrows.
In love and relationships, Virgo rising people are faithful, but have a need to adhere to cleanliness. Dirty and disorganized people, thus, will not have much luck at winning their hearts. The Virgo rising sees it all. The secret of this lies in the fact that their perfect dream partner is someone who is clean, respectful and makes sure to keep bedroom neat and tidy.

Lastly, Virgo rising is not too into sex. Even if they are doing it they make sure to stay quiet about it. They are conservative by nature and that is why, they see sex as a topic to be discussed just with the partner and nobody else.

Understanding Leo Rising

Just as a lion reminds us of mane, a Leo rising person should capture our attention with their hair! It is not making any sense right? But this is actually the truth.

Leo rising people’s main feature is their hair. When we meet them for the first time we will notice that before their other physical traits. The next thing we need to look at is their eyebrows which are usually thicker, but hang lower. It might not be visible in the women because during their adulthood, they tend to prefer plucking them.

Leo rising people appear confident and comfortable. It is always noticeable. They can even quickly bounce back from an embarrassing situation in public. Additionally, they tend to give off an air of being under control.

Nothing is too big to shake them at all. People often take it as a sure sign that the Leo rising person knows who they are and what they want. Interestingly, when a Leo rising person talks people listen. Many might instantly think that they are highly innocent creatures wishing only the best for everyone.
Now in love and relationships, is it possible for a Leo rising to stay faithful? The answer to this is both yes and no. Leo is a fixed sign. As a rising, thus, it can make a person stationed in one relationship for a long time. However, their eternal need for attention might cause some problems for the partners. Even as a rising remember Leo has a need to feel that they are beautiful. If a partner forgets for a while to cater to this the native might give into someone else’s flattering words. Apparently, not every relationship turns out to be a heaven for the Leo rising. They tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves.  This often causes them to struggle in love and relationships.

Understanding Cancer Rising

It is very natural to feel that cancer rising people have a crab like face, but this is not the real truth. They actually have a stretched horizontal or vertical face.

Besides, the upper and lower lips are usually plumped. Additionally, just like the hard shell of a crab, the Cancer rising natives have a rough and tough look. It is also natural for them to have a good height.

Interestingly, Cancer rising carriers can have a tendency to steal spotlight. The reason behind this is not only their bigger body size, but also their instant power to make everyone either get scared or feel right at home. The result just depends on the type of people they are with.

While the strangers will fear them for their rough and tough look, the family members and friends will see them as most helpful. Why? Because Cancer rising people are interested in being responsible protectors to their loved ones. This actually shows up in their personality. Unfortunately, this trait of theirs is sometimes taken advantage of by others, leaving them with many hurt feelings.
In relationships also, Cancer rising people will tend to appear very responsible, yet they might decide to not express their love to their partners all the time. In stable relationships, they need a huge amount of space for their personal growth.

At times, they can just be completely withdrawn. This is something that comes from the comfort of the security. So in a way, those who do not believe in space and prefer a great deal of attention in relationships will find Cancer rising natives very frustrating. But are they faithful? The answer to this is yes as long as they know they are in with a stable partner.

Understanding Gemini Rising

Gemini rising’s physical features are adorned with stretched eyebrow arcs, big eyes and triangular thinner head with chin being one narrow point.

The natives usually appear nervous, yet social. Gemini sometimes lacks full energy. That is why, sometimes people having this sign as the rising might appear tired and slow.

But make no mistake in thinking that this would turn them into statues. No, this is not going to happen. Why? We will discuss it below. Personality wise, Gemini rising natives can talk a lot. And when they do it their face might stay still, but their lips will tend to move faster. Who is responsible for this? It is none other than Mercury, the planet of communication.

You must also know that somehow Gemini rising is interested in humanitarian causes. That is why; its natives prefer talking about issues related to bad being pushed by politics, wars taking lives of people and problems found in the society. As adults, they may even try their hands in shaping the world through charity or other kind of nonprofit organizations specializing in peace movement.

Despite having good intention towards the world, Gemini rising natives do not do well as lovers. The reason connected to this is their ever-changing moods and desires. For some, committed relationship is never the main goal. Basically, this is one reason that can upset their partners very easily.

Understanding Taurus Rising

In a broader way, Taurus rising lets its carrier have the best photogenic face. Why? Let’s know it here. Taurus rising’s main feature is its tight and clear skin. Many might even mistake it for plastic surgery.

Meanwhile, the eyes are smaller in a childish way, but when they are wide open they shower curiosity and jolliness. To outsiders, this will make a Taurus rising look warm and friendly. Next do notice their eyebrows. They form perfect arcs over the eyes and this is common in both males and females of Taurus rising. Interestingly, these natives also have the best innocent smile. For this reason, they can easily capture the hearts of many.

Personality wise, they come off as sane and helpful. Thus, no one will dare to call them wild or unpredictable. Although at work they can be slow they are powerful enough to do a big project single-handedly. Yet one thing that people may find annoying in a Taurus rising is its stubbornness. But this should not be seen as a threat. Taurus rising people stick to an opinion only if they think it is right. Other times, their reason is habit. Yes, if something has turned into a habit for them they might not be able to change it easily.
The last statement brings us to love and relationships. Since Taurus is a fixed sign and also conservative in nature, as a rising, it does not let its carriers get into illicit affairs. Once in a relationship, there is no way the eyes will wander off at all. Meanwhile, being of the conservativeness, the Taurus rising people will seek to make their relationship traditional. Because of this, they are extremely interested in marriage, rearing children, family and home.  

Understanding Aries Rising

What comes to your mind when you hear about the sign of Aries? Energy, right? Similarly, as the rising, Aries shapes up a person to look energetic. But another feature that this rising gives to its native is the pair of deep penetrating eyes that can look intimidating when not accompanied by any blinks! “Guess, whether I am going to be mad at you” is the line that you will feel coming out of them. Consequently, you might find comfort in shying away from their owner. Now whether the

Aries rising people are skinny or bulky, they are always embellished with a vertically stretched forehead which if not taken care of can end up with wrinkles at early age. All this might make you feel that this rising generates strict teachers for Catholic schools. This is actually not the case. Aries rising people have a tendency to be always smiling. Also they are very young at heart. Much of its credit goes to the fact that the sign of Aries is linked to age 1. So the people have it as the rising should be taken as very lucky. Even at age 50, they can enjoy their lives like those who are still learning to walk.

No physical illness is too big to bring them down physically and mentally. Aries rising people come off as very talkative, confident and comfortable with their lives. Many might dismiss this as too much pride. Apparently, with little talks, it is possible for Aries rising people to anger their friends, family members and even outsiders. It is just that choosing the appropriate words to sugarcoat something is not an ability they possess. Majority of the astrologers will explain it as impulsiveness. Even after this, Aries rising people are taken as likable, for they are capable of injecting fun and freshness to the life of the party or social gathering.

Love and relationship for the Aries rising might not always go smooth. The reason behind this is their hunger for independence, attention and challenge. They like to be someone’s partner, yet enjoy hearing from other people of the opposite sex that they are the best or most beautiful. This kind of nature is not welcomed by lovers who are conservative and believe in pure faithfulness.

Another important factor is that Aries rising does not like listening to someone else’s order or look to maintain a promise. In a relationship situation this can turn into a problem. The lover might ask the Aries rising to do something only to realize later that he or she just talked to a wall! Because of all this, we can simply conclude that people with this rising have a lot of ups and downs to experience in love and relationships.

Understanding Pisces Rising

When you first take a look at a Pisces rising you will fall in love with their nose. It is just in perfect shape. Both male and female natives are blessed with this. Also do look at their hair. It should have the cotton like texture.

As for the eyes, their iris will be slightly bigger and sharper. And this is what going to give the Pisces rising an artistic facial structure. Yet somehow you might mistake them for a nerd, for they look knowledgeable and very experienced in life. This is actually something coming from the age of sign, Pisces. In astrology, it is the oldest. Thus, as the rising it highlights the person as someone who learned about the world for a long time.

The first meeting with the Pisces rising people bring out their peaceful nature. There is something too soft about them. This can just tempt you to stay with them for a longer time. Better than this is the fact that you will actually find yourself enjoying their presence! It is just that the natives will blend with your personality to make you feel right at home. Remember Pisces is a mutable sign? This is what you are going to get from its rising also. In addition, if you open up to a Pisces rising you will also find that they start to look very concerned about your unhappiness or problems. No, they are not faking it.
They are actually kindhearted and do wish to help you out. But this does not mean that they are going to push this help on you. Instead they will just try to calm you down by hearing more about your sorrows. In between, do expect an advice. They might not help you much, but do remember that if the Pisces rising finds this out they will start to blend with your sorrow. So in this situation, you will not be the only person struggling.

In love, the Pisces rising will try to look passive, but will have tendency to be drunk with love. Can they stay faithful? It is possible only if the remaining placements have many fixed or stable signs or they have had a positive upbringing. One important thing to mention here is that because of their concern for others and ability to adapt to different environments they can easily get into friendship with people from the opposite gender. This can turn into a problem for their partner. If the Pisces rising is not street smart he or she might easily get entangled in affairs with random manipulative friends.

Understanding Aquarius Rising

Aquarius is known for being unique. Even as rising, it does not fail to maintain that. Physically, they are just different from one another. Yet do take a look at their eye brows. They are usually darker and thicker. Same is true for their head hair.

Additionally, the Aquarius rising has their lower lip naturally plumped. But the upper one is always thin. This just becomes highlighted through a smile in both the men and women. In this situation, the upper lip goes inside while the lower one plumps or blossoms all the more.

Now many astrologers claim that Aquarius rising people look unpredictable. Not much explanation is ever given on this, but here it will be revealed. The truth is that Aquarius rising people use many different expressions while conversing and the words they pick often end up becoming more leaned towards "wits". Still the women are very different from their male counterparts.

In details, the Aquarius rising females look bubbly. Their behavior is no less than that. If you hang out with them, you will notice that they are very much like little children. But do not expect this same thing from the males, for they try their best to look and sound mature, and philosophical with their expressions and words. Despite this, they do not have control over one thing and that is the age of their faces. Yes, they tend to look like teenagers.  Interestingly, these guys prefer to not directly look in the eyes of the person during a face to face conversation. This has nothing to do with shyness. It is just that they have too many things in their minds which they wish to discuss.
Additionally, Aquarius is known for its will power, stubbornness, impartiality and openness to new ideas. When in rising it decorates its natives with those same traits. So you will always feel that your Aquarius rising friend understands whatever you explain to them.  But this does not mean that you should expect them to accept your values and ideas especially if they are clashing with their own values and ideas.  Things might just get worse if you force it all upon them. Aquarius rising people are hardcore defenders of what they believe in and like. And anyone forcing them to change that will end up in a fierce argument. Yet all other times, Aquarius rising people will be jolly, sweet and peace loving. 

In love and relationships, what other normal couples do will never work for Aquarius rising natives because they prefer running away from what everyone does.  The norm is just boring. Thus, their lovers must be always ready to try out something new or unique. Do expect them to be faithful especially if they are deeply in love. Always remember that Aquarius is a fixed sign. So in the air element, it is the only one that has less chance of getting stray. Even as a rising, it is just like that. However, if for any reason Aquarius rising sees that you are not the one they are looking for they might stay with you, but will make sure that everyone comes to know that they are not getting married to you. The reason behind this is that they like being honest about their intentions.

Understanding Capricorn Rising

Capricorn is by far one of the most serious signs in astrology. When it is the rising same must be expected. Apparently, the most interesting feature of Capricorn rising is its pair of eyes. Even if they are big in size they are always hidden between thick eyelids and skin found under water line.

But somehow they usually give off an air of innocence. Meanwhile, the chin is usually oval and forwarded in shape. So when you take a look at a Capricorn rising you will first notice their chin and not the eyes.

Now whether it is a man or woman, in the beginning, a Capricorn rising appears expressionless, quiet, business minded, skilled and very serious about everything. You might simply think twice before greeting them, for you will feel that they will not reply to you at all. But at the same time because of their seriousness, you will want them to work with you. Somehow you just have to think that they will work hard in any project they undertake.

Personality wise, it is true for this placement because its people do give importance to work more than all other signs. Interestingly, their dressing style is as serious as their appearance. We can simply conclude that the men are born with formal clothes on! As for women, they prefer the conservative dressing style. Thus, their fashion statement carries a ladylike air.
As lovers, Capricorn rising people are faithful, but slightly interested in maintaining reputation. Consequently, even if they get betrayed in love they might try to hide it from the public by saying that nothing is wrong between them and their partners. But most often Capricorn rising natives do not show any interest in being open about their relationships. And even if they do say something about their romantic lives they make sure that the conversation about it is kept short.
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