Moon in Taurus with Moon in Pisces

To some extent, Taurus and Pisces look like they are made for each other. When they are together they carry an air of happiness and satisfaction. Even without a marriage, they appear married. As lunar signs, this becomes even deeper. Why is that so? Because the connection of these two signs is blessed with sextile aspect. Things do not end there, of course. More about the connection will be revealed shortly. For the time being, let us discuss the factors that cause them to get close to each other.

Taurus will never have trouble attracting a Pisces. Since both are easy going, they can swiftly and instantly get into emotional conversations with each other. Also Taurus' nurturing nature and uncomplicated mind are two basics easy for Pisces to sense. Bottom-line is that by being with each other, they get to avoid getting entangled in noodles like problems.

Intimately, they will have less trouble. Both the lunar signs trust each other. Thus, their physical relationship will never go through struggles. There will be nights when they will decide to even go for experimentation. The fear of embarrassment is never going to take place. The two are so sensitive that they are ready to forgive each other in the department of sensuality.

In many ways, Taurus will be the main captain of the relationship because it is more practical and always sure of what and how something needs to be done. On the other hand, Pisces is more passive and prefers take advice from someone about its endeavors. It is also important to mention here that it honors wise minds. As a result, it will decide to be the follower in the relationship. But yes, do not expect all Pisces moon carriers to be this passive. Remember that if the carrier’s natal chart has more fire signs, the placement will take a back seat.

In addition to this, the commitment can turn into an issue. Not all Pisces carriers can commit to relationships one hundred percent especially if they have their Venus or Mars in fire and air signs. So it is important for the bull to guard its heart. The best is to take a look at the carrier’s entire natal chart.

That said, lunar Taurus men will see lunar Pisces ladies as marriage materials. We already know they like women who devote a good amount time to relationships. Another thing is that lunar Taurus males like the idea of protecting their partners. On the other side of the line, lunar Pisces ladies love to feel protected. This kind of difference allows them to fulfill each other’s needs and wants. Taurus moon females too will find happiness with Pisces moon males. Only thing is that they will not like the Piscean emotions’ constant journeys to dream lands. They actually want their partners to be awake and active!

Despite all this, the ultimate truth is that these two signs are fit for each other. Their emotional chemistry is excellent. Pisces is from the water element. its touch can greatly remove dullness from bull’s emotions.

Moon in Taurus with Moon in Aquarius

The relationship of lunar Taurus and Aquarius can be described as the party of north and south poles. Yes, they are that different from each other. Together they can do a good soap opera consisting of high voltage drama. The bull feels love for the lover deeply. But water bearer can love the entire world, but has trouble feeling fully for its sweetheart. For Taurus, relationship is the first priority and then comes everything else. For water bearer, all others are the first priority while relationship is just an everyday thing. Taurus wants its partner to be traditionally responsible to the relationship. Aquarius does not have time for it. Taurus wants quiet romantic dates. Aquarius prefers group date. Taurus is eager for official commitment. But its partner here cannot easily commit. Do you see how their personalities do not match? As each of these issues will be brought to table, they will find each other shocking.

Initial attraction can still occur between them. Much of it has to do with how the two appear to each other. The bull will like the friendly side of water bearer. The two might even find each other attractive physically. This can turn into simple infatuation. But then shock factor will pop up! The worst will happen within their relationship. But not much of it will be ever public. Since both of them are social they will hold many parties together for their friends. Inside closed room, their true faces will emerge. Their days will be spent on many disagreements. The first topic will be about role playing. The two will simply ask each other what they should be doing in this relationship.

In a way, things will be very confusing for them romantically. Much of it is linked to unevenness in their physical relationship. Taurus is sensual and loves to touch. Its love interest here can pretend to be romantic, but is not much into touching. Thus, many times, the bull will be in pain. The bull likes things stable and fixed words. Its partner is stable in the right relationship, but can often contradict in its words. Will it be okay for the bull? Not at all! Another thing is that water bearer is friendly to both the sexes. At times, it sees no boundaries in friendship. This can leave the bull completely burned in jealousy. Not much can be gained from the conversation either because they are obstinate in their own ways. They are not going to change themselves for each other.

In general, Taurus moon females will have better luck with Aquarius moon males. Since both are quite fixed, they will try their best to hold onto their relationship. Whether they will go towards the marriage depends more on their natal charts. Aquarius moon males have a hard time committing to homely women.

What about lunar Taurus men? They might completely avoid lunar Aquarius women. It is just that they prefer the serious feminine types. Also they are pickier and do not have good opinions on women who do not take relationships as their first priority.

Moon in Taurus with Moon in Capricorn

For Taurean, Capricorn is more like a boon. There are just too many similarities that surround these two signs. Their emotional chemistry can be described as deeper. Conversely, their viewpoints on relationship are quite simple.

Good news is that they match! Their infatuation with each other is instant. This is a part of nature. The carriers do not even require going through tons of astrology books to find out the reason behind this attraction. It is just that signs of the same element find each other attractive. The trine aspect is at work here, making the union favorable.

Going in details, through conversation, these two signs will find out how their thoughts are alike. Both the moon signs crave for security in relationships. For them, love is not so blind. Emotions do not bring food home. In other words, according to their viewpoint, a partner has to be not just loyal, strong, and traditional, but also carrier oriented. Fortunately, these are the same qualifications the two moon signs can deliver to each other. Taurus falls hard for partners who are totally sure of who they are. This is the category of Capricorn. Just take it as a sign that love will blossom between them quite earlier. Everything is perfect here. There is no point in waiting.

Yet it is likely that they will take time to start the relationship. The point is to first get to know each other better. Of course, being a cardinal sign, the goal will get more impatient about it. Once in the relationship, they will let their guard down even more. The bull will be totally impressed by what the goat can do to create fairy tale evenings. Stability is going to be the core of their relationship. Emotionally, they will be secure. It is also important to mention here that these two will run their relationship like a business. That is, before they can head for the marriage, they will make sure to polish their careers. The goal is to build blocks of security for their future. According to their viewpoint, this is the practical approach.

Overall, the emotional connection taking place between Taurus and Capricorn is free of negative factors. Their love is safe and secure. A breakup is not going to happen between the carriers unless their other astrological aspects welcome storm in the relationship. Apparently, a square will leave things complicated. But to be honest, for the bull, goat can be taken as a better partner. Being emotionally mutable, Virgo cannot completely live up to its expectations.

Moon in Taurus with Moon in Sagittarius

Life for moon in Taurus is usually hectic. The tight schedule makes it devoted to a series of tasks a good. Arrival of moon in Sagittarius in its world will bring a change to that. But their relationship has inconjunct aspect. This hints too many differences. It is possible that Sagittarius will not be attracted to Taurus at all. The reason is quite simple.

Sagittarius can feel turned off by Taurean’s closed off nature. But as you know, other planetary positions might compel them to be in a relationship. Only their moon signs will reveal how they will behave with each other inside the closed room. The focus is on emotional chemistry. At home, they get to be what they are not to the outsiders.

There is no doubt that Taurus moon will fall for Sagittarian optimism and raw energy. It might just happen gradually since in the beginning they will not find emotional connection between each other. For Taurus, having Sagittarius around will be like being in fresh air. Sad days will be less intimidating. The optimism of Sagittarius will boost confidence level in Taurus. It is true that these two signs are very different from each other. But it is not easy for Taurus to push the convincing Sagittarius away. In short, the first stage of their relationship will be quite exciting.

But how long the bull will be able to hold onto our freedom loving archer is the main question. The feeling of insecurity will leave the Venus bearer hopeless. Deep down inside, it would wish to see a change in the nature of Sagittarius. But trait is a trait. The wish might never come true. The truth is that the archer does not want to be tied to a relationship. It has to be free. Yes, this lunar sign can commit. Maintaining relationships is not rocket science for it. Only thing is that it does not believe in traditional relationships and simple dates. And as we know by now, the bull is all about them.

So what are some of the other painful issues that the bull will feel in this relationship? This question has plenty of answers. First of all, its partner can be greatly impulsive. For the bull, this is a nightmare. Next, the archer is more of a spender than hoarder. This is another thing the bull finds annoying. Third, its partner says what is true without giving into sugarcoating. This is another big red flag. In many ways, to lunar Taurean, archer will seem too immature. For this reason, they might simply end up losing seriousness.

The relationship with Sagittarius is going to be unhealthy specifically for the female carriers. They are more traditional and fixed in love than their male counterparts and thus, might decide to wait for their lunar Archers to change. The ultimate truth is that this waiting period will leave them depressed. No gain will be realized.

Moon in Taurus with Moon in Scorpio

In astrology, Taurus is the opposite of Scorpio. This factor has a tendency to create instant attraction between these two signs. With the moon, it is the same. The two feel emotionally attracted to each other. At least, Scorpio will feel its intensity more. Neither of them can understand where it is coming from. But as revealed earlier, this is the magic of opposite aspect.

The beginning days will involve a lot of game between these two. Like a Capricorn, the bull is shy and often tries to keep feelings in check to avoid embarrassment. Daring Scorpio will find it quite alluring. Challenge has been identified. As a result, for a few days, Scorpio, like a hunter, will try to bring Taurus in its clutch.

In bed, things will be most interesting. This is where they will be able to quench their thirst for each other. The opposite aspect creates a desire to get into “physical awareness” after all. But as usual, Scorpio will dominate here. This courtship will leave more desire in their hearts. And from that probably the relationship will be born. One exception is still there. We will have a look at it in couple of minutes.

For all opposite signs, the earlier stage in the relationship is the honeymoon period. Taurus and its watery partner will not be able to escape that unless their other planetary positions are in agreement with one another. So what will happen in their bond once the first stage comes to an end? Scorpio has a thing for challenge. In broader sense, it likes to solve mystery. In the middle of the relationship, when every bit of it gets solved this moon sign becomes slightly detached. The point is to maintain space. This is going to leave Taurus in dismay and thus, the emotional turmoil will embrace the relationship.

Secondly, their communication styles are not similar. The sexual vibe which Scorpio gives off might become a big turn off for the conservative bull.

Also, Scorpio can be intensely protective and pushy towards its loved one. For a few days, Taurus will not have any problem with this. But then a time will come when such behavior will begin to look like a trap for it. Especially the males will see it as a huge red flag. As for the females, they are highly thoughtful and tend to think twice before going towards anything risky. This is not the habit of Scorpio moon males. They want to get a thing anyhow and sometimes this leads them to painful situations. Taurus moon females, on seeing this, might simply get frustrated. It is also possible that during the earlier stage, they might choose to kill their infatuation completely to avoid Scorpio moon males because of that same issue.
Since both the signs are quite stubborn about their ways, after seeing such differences, they might choose to part with the promise to not change themselves for each other. But again, their same stubbornness can compel them to continue the relationship. The end result they will get from this is a mixture of love and hate for each other. This is, once again, is connected to the opposite aspect.

Moon in Taurus with Moon in Libra

Here is another dilemma of two different entities trying to be one. Can compatibility really exist between Taurus and Libra? Can air be suitable for earth? Nature itself is against it. Soil can only blow in the air. The two still remain separate from each other. These are the emotions of Taurus and Libra. No matter how much they try, they simply cannot blend together to form something new. In their conversation, it will be highly visible. Both will try to find a common ground, but due to the law of the nature, their task will go in vain. By the way, astrologically, this is supported by the aspect called inconjunct. According to it, Libra and Taurus share more differences than similarities.

There is a high possibility that the bull will not find the emotions of this air sign attractive. The connection will be not felt. It is just that the bull prefers someone who knows what he or she wants. Despite this, the two signs can be good friends as long as they remain neutral to each other’s viewpoints. If they decide to start a relationship they will both keep wondering about what they want out of it. Yet let us focus on the benefits that they might achieve from their love.

Libra is highly indecisive. This is where Taurus can be of great help. It will show Libra the right path to the valid decision. This is going to be beneficial for both of them. will appreciate the support. Meanwhile, its partner will be happy to see the result it got from being helpful.

Due to the ruling planet, Venus, both the moon signs will enjoy indulging in good times. In all probability, they will also embark on beautifying their home. Taurus moon somehow will be fond of Libra's choice of things. The issues will arise from their differences in lifestyles. Libra is a bit too modern for our traditional bull. That is why, in their relationship, there will be many aggressive moments. This airy Venusian sign is likely to unintentionally flirt with people of opposite gender. This is going to leave the bull totally in fury. Libra prefers to include friends in the relationship. Although lunar Taurean is social it does not like others to be taking part in its relationship. It is also possible for indecisive Libra to avoid the talk of marriage. This is another thing that will leave its serious partner grumpy.
In conclusion, what is normal to Libra is abnormal to the bull. Because of this, their relationship might not go anywhere. As a matter of fact, Taurus is so sure of its emotions that it might never look to be in a relationship with this air sign. Their best place, therefore, is within the circle of friendship. But as mentioned before, even to maintain the friendship, they need to stay neutral about each other. This is the only way they will be able to work towards something without getting into disagreements.

Moon in Taurus with Moon in Virgo

A pair forming from two signs of the same element is taken as best of all. The notion is that the element gives them similar outlook on life. We are currently looking at Taurus moon’s compatibility with other moon signs. As you can see in the title, today is Virgo turn. Both of them are earth signs for which we first concentrated on the fact about elements. This should have already hinted you that these two signs share similar traits. Emotional chemistry, thus, should be great between them. But how long it is going to be is the main question. Virgo has a few qualities which might never get accepted by the bull.

Both the signs are known for their immense interest in stability and creativity. Through communication it will be quite visible to them. The two are also quite homely and love to nurture what they have. Probably, all those factors will help them join in a relationship. Another possible prediction is that it is Virgo who will do the initiation here because of the support it has from planet Mercury.

Both will spend enough time at home. They will learn a wide variety of creative things together. There will not be any rushing into anything since both are quite slow. Another thing is that both of them see money as one of the most important factors in a relationship. This will make them more careful about how they spend on dates.

Despite all those nice things, once in a while they might experience hiccups. As highlighted above, both Taurus and Virgo are from earth element. This hints that they have trouble opening up to new experiences and excitements. For their relationship, this is not a good news. Absence of such things can make their relationship monotonous. They will feel it.

The next issue this bull will have to deal with is Virgo' habit of criticizing. This is going to create a few passive aggressive moments for them in the relationship. An astrological placement like lunar Taurus is more open to positive thoughts. It dislikes criticism and thus will not go soft on its partner at all.

The bull has no problem accepting minor imperfections. Virgo moon is the opposite of that. This is also going to be another issue in their relationship. But there is a high possibility that through positive conversations, Taurus will help Virgo accept such things as normal parts of life. Another important point is that Virgo is mutable. So at least for the sake of love, probably, it will pick up some of  bull's habits.

The relationship between these two signs still has high potential to be successful. In astrology, they are trine. This means that they will not let their issues ruin their relationship.

Moon in Taurus with Moon in Leo

Signs of fire and earth elements do not always make the best pair. But Leo is an exceptional case. It is the only fire sign that goes well with the three earth signs at least in the friendship zone. When dealing with the moon, it is even better. The bad news is that Leo shares a square aspect with Taurus. In astrology, this is linked to struggle. But does it have any effect on their lunar shapes? Perhaps, not completely!

Both the signs are gracious and prefer commitment over unconventional relationships. Both tend to be quite obsessive also. These similarities have a high potential to bring them together.

In the beginning, Taurus will get swayed by lion's confidence level and energy. The feeling will be so overwhelming that it will start to think of itself as less reliable. This is not something to be worry about. As long as there is attraction, the two will become one.

Emotionally, these two signs want few expectations to be fulfilled in love. The unfortunate truth is that they are not similar and that is going to be troublesome throughout their relationship. For Taurus, a date can be as simple as an evening on the terrace adorned with simple chats and a few kisses. Leo prefers excitement. One spot is never enough for it. The date must include something that talks of new experiences and fun. So every time Leo will suggest something Taurus will shoot it down. This kind of incident will be quite prevalent in their relationship. But they will not let them be part of any arguments due to the fact that both will notice each other’s soft sentiments without difficulty. Because of this same point coupled with their unwavering devotion in the relationship, they will most probably continue to be with each other.

In general, a male from lunar Taurus has a better chance in shaping up a good relationship with a female carrying Leo moon. The reason is that both tend to be quite picky about their ways. Additionally, in love, Leo moon women are less egoistic, can compromise easily, more protective about their partners and dedicated to fulfilling responsibilities. These are the traits that the males carrying lunar Taurus find attractive.

If the roles are flipped we will see dilemma in the relationship. Leo moon men want independent women. They do not wish to constantly nurture a relationship. They might even prefer not to always respond to their loved ones. Such behavior will leave their earthly partners frustrated. Jealousy will be another problem. Men carrying lunar Leo have a need to tell the tales of how they were approached by their female admirers. This is never going to be digestible for Taurus driven women.

Moon in Taurus with Moon in Cancer

Ruled by Venus, Taurus is all about love and stability. Its emotions seek a loving person to depend on and this is where Cancer comes as the savior. To be clear, anyone carrying Mr. Crab through emotions can turn into a good lover for Taurus. These two lunar signs have a lot in common. Apparently, both of them find peace at home. Both of them tend to be motherly. Both of them want to be responsible in love. Both of them believe in having a stable relationship. Both of them want to give birth to fairy tale romance and the list goes on. But somehow the combination of Taurus male and Cancer female is far better. If the arrangement is switched, we will see a few problems in the relationship.

You see, Cancer is known for its ever changing moods. Specifically, the male carriers tend to be more influenced by this and thus, can sometimes choose to spend time alone. They prefer to not give any direct explanation about it. The Taurus moon women have no problem with this.

However, they do require their partners to politely explain it so that the misunderstandings can be avoided. Failure to get any response about it will make them go away from the relationship.The second problem in lunar Cancer males is their habit of hiding emotions. Remember crab has a hard shell? Lunar Taurus females will not like this either. They prefer easy flow of words in the relationship.

On the other side of the line, female crab carriers have a better control over the mood swing problem. So Taurus moon males will not have to face much disappointment in the relationship. If love is returned properly they will dismiss this moodiness as nothing but a minor issue. Another thing is that Cancer moon females are more communicative. This explains that male Taurean emotions will not have to deal with communication gap.

Cancer is highly sensitive and has a tendency to spend many hours in emotional turmoil. That is why, Taurus somehow has to step up as the main driver in the relationship. It is not going to be too much of a problem for them. As stated before, both are good at providing motherly support.
The ultimate truth is that earth needs water. Thus Cancer is highly suitable for our Taurus. They both can provide enough security to each other in the relationship. Moreover, the two are embellished with sextile aspect. The meaning of this that their love will gradually turn better and larger that will allow them to enter the marriage without any challenge. Yes, from time to time, a few of their differences will surface, but due to the sextile aspect, they will be able to get rid of them easily.

Moon in Taurus with Moon in Gemini

Air and earth want to penetrate each other’s depth. But their difference in elements just makes it difficult. Air is intangible and can only touch the surface of the soil. Nothing more than that can happen. This is how things work when Gemini tries to get acquainted with Taurus. Neither is interested in instigating fights and that is what makes them neutral to each other. Their carriers, however, have other planetary positions which certainly can send them towards the love lane. Let us find out how that would work for the moon signs.

Emotional chemistry between Taurus and Gemini can form from practicality. Each has its own way of putting forward logic and that is going to keep them busy. They might not always agree with each other, but the conversations will surely be heartwarming. Their relationship will be based more friendship than love. Being together will leave out the romantic feelings somewhere. Yes, they can get lost in dreams and music.

But since the two will find it hard to get to the depth of love they will usually feel that something is missing in their relationship. Yet there is a possibility for the endurance to occur. Much of it will depend on Taurus love for routine and Gemini's power of mutability.

The talk of marriage probably will make them think twice about whether they really want to be with each other forever. Frankly speaking, Taurus notes down everything and hardly forgets the negative points. Unfortunately, what it will remember most about Gemini is its inability to be systematically responsive in the relationship. This equals to insecurity. Taurus can never get into a marriage with that in mind.
But once in the relationship, this moon sign does not want to break up. So perhaps, it will continue to be with the twin carrier. And with that, they will continue facing frustrations. Taurus likes the home life. Gemini likes a good adventure outside. Taurus prefers a good routine. Due to boredom, Gemini wants to be out of such a thing. That is why, if they try to invite seriousness in their relationship they will often end up experiencing disappointment. But do not worry, they will keep the sourness away. This will be done through communication.

In conclusion, these two signs are semi sextile and thus they can get the best out of each other through friendship. If they decide to take things to the next level they will face problems. The bull will be hurt a lot by twins' inconsistency, but will decide to not explode about them unless instigated.

Moon in Taurus with Moon in Taurus

One Taurus moon with another of its kind can always have a successful relationship. Both the people will have similar emotions about love. Their way of seeing the relationship is also similar. That is why, success is predicted. But how would the two people come together in a relationship? Taurus moon men are very attracted to women who reveal feminine qualities in simplistic and conservative ways. A touch of elegance is also important. As we all know, the Taurus moon females tend to fall into this category. Conversely, those ladies prefer serious minded well groomed men. This is the category of Taurean moon males.

In the beginning, both the male and female will notice such qualities in each other. But they will not rush into a relationship. Being too careful, they will first have to encounter distrust. They will try to get rid of it through getting to know each other through various tests. Only if things turn out to be positive they will go on a date. These are like minded folks. So we can predict that the result of the tests will be good.

Another minor problem the two might face initially is their inability to understand how to lead the relationship. Much of it has to do with their shyness. They have to completely open up to each other through communication in order to keep the relationship going.

But emotionally, they will be highly satisfied in the relationship. Promises of security will be made and many of their tasks will involve a schedule to prevent misunderstandings. Most of their dates will include delicious meals and romantic environments because both of them have a fondness for such things.
It is often thought that since Taurus is very stubborn two people having it as the lunar sign will not be able to put up their argument. Unfortunately, this is a misconception. Moon in Taurus is not totally the same as sun in Taurus. Emotions driven by this sign tend to be more adaptable to loved ones. And in this situation there are two people with this same moon sign. Yes, their other planetary positions might get them into arguments, but somehow because of those soft and romantic Taurean emotions, they will get out of them quite easily. In between, the two might get bored of each other’s slowness, but since they are sure of their love and prefer faithfulness over cheating they will never try to sabotage their relationship with anything.

Breakup between these two people might not occur unless they are highly immature. Even if immaturity exists they will slowly move away from it. This relationship between them will simply help them grow up. The reason behind this is that bull driven people tend to get confidence from secure relationships. But do note that if the male comes from a dysfunctional family he might not completely turn out to be conservative and thoughtful in the relationship.

Moon in Taurus with Moon in Aries

Before we came to know how Aries would feel in a relationship with Taurus. This time we will do the opposite. Taurus is all for the peace and good friendship. It has no time to waste in unnecessary arguments. That is why, it might simply not feel very attracted to Aries at least from the distance. But as we know, being a cardinal sign, Aries tends to take the first step in courting. This might give the two signs a chance to date and start out a relationship.

The bull will have no problem appreciating ram's ability to light up the environment with cheerfulness. The fun in the relationship will also be noticed by it. The two signs have a fondness for creativity. If they undertake any tasks pertaining to that, they will surely enjoy each other’s company.

Other times, clashes will occur. Taurus is extremely romantic and loves the predictability in the relationship. According to its viewpoint, two souls always become one in a serious way. The emphasis is on “we”. Such things are not easy for the Arian emotions to take. They are more about freedom, unpredictability, rough intimacy and of course, “me”. The visibility of these differences will leave too much room for the bitterness to flow in their relationship. Thus, most of the time, they might prefer to not compromise for each other.
Next, Taurus does not like to see its partner doing anything to get attention from the opposite gender. The placement is highly conservative. That is why, it is possible for the ram to slowly lose respect in the relationship.

On the whole, for these two signs, love will be of two days while hatred will be of many years. Taurus moon is known for its sharp memory and grudges. What this means is that it will never easily forget and forgive Arian bluntness and passion for arguments. Also it has trouble trusting those who do not honor promises and tend to leave work unfinished.

All the problems mentioned above are not going to make the love journey of these signs smooth. They do not see eye to eye. The reason is their semi-sextile aspect. It talks about opposing traits that in no way can blend together. That said, astrologically, it is thought that semi-sextile signs can stay together only if they accept each other’s differences and work towards a specific goal independently. Such an element is suitable for workplaces. In a romantic relationship, things are completely different. So it is best for the bull to skip ram for someone else.