Moon in Taurus with Moon in Cancer

Ruled by Venus, Taurus is all about love and stability. Its emotions seek a loving person to depend on and this is where Cancer comes as the savior. To be clear, anyone carrying Mr. Crab through emotions can turn into a good lover for Taurus. These two lunar signs have a lot in common. Apparently, both of them find peace at home. Both of them tend to be motherly. Both of them want to be responsible in love. Both of them believe in having a stable relationship. Both of them want to give birth to fairy tale romance and the list goes on. But somehow the combination of Taurus male and Cancer female is far better. If the arrangement is switched, we will see a few problems in the relationship.

You see, Cancer is known for its ever changing moods. Specifically, the male carriers tend to be more influenced by this and thus, can sometimes choose to spend time alone. They prefer to not give any direct explanation about it. The Taurus moon women have no problem with this.

However, they do require their partners to politely explain it so that the misunderstandings can be avoided. Failure to get any response about it will make them go away from the relationship.The second problem in lunar Cancer males is their habit of hiding emotions. Remember crab has a hard shell? Lunar Taurus females will not like this either. They prefer easy flow of words in the relationship.

On the other side of the line, female crab carriers have a better control over the mood swing problem. So Taurus moon males will not have to face much disappointment in the relationship. If love is returned properly they will dismiss this moodiness as nothing but a minor issue. Another thing is that Cancer moon females are more communicative. This explains that male Taurean emotions will not have to deal with communication gap.

Cancer is highly sensitive and has a tendency to spend many hours in emotional turmoil. That is why, Taurus somehow has to step up as the main driver in the relationship. It is not going to be too much of a problem for them. As stated before, both are good at providing motherly support.

The ultimate truth is that earth needs water. Thus Cancer is highly suitable for our Taurus. They both can provide enough security to each other in the relationship. Moreover, the two are embellished with sextile aspect. The meaning of this that their love will gradually turn better and larger that will allow them to enter the marriage without any challenge. Yes, from time to time, a few of their differences will surface, but due to the sextile aspect, they will be able to get rid of them easily.

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