Change Your Looks Naturally By Listening to These Youtube Videos

Naturally changing looks does not mean you always have to depend on the green. No need for buying beauty products either. All you need is your subconscious mind programming which works via your feelings charged with affirmations and imagination. Thanks to Youtube, this has become easier than ever.

Many channels now offer free subliminal videos which if you listen for a while will get you the look you have been dying to get. But which one works must be searched via people’s comments talking about their results. So far what we have below are some of the greatest hits.

Please, before you begin listening to any sub on Youtube, do a prayer asking your God or higher self for protection. Drink water before after listening. Don't go overboard with subs. Otherwise, you may see some effects such as graying of hair. If any sub leaves you feeling depressed do not use it again. If you trust no one know that you can make your own sub using your personal affirmations.

Although we have a list of subs here you should make an effort to stick to one for your desired result. Feel free to check out the main description of each to find out which one would be most suitable for you. Keep this page bookmarked because it will be updated.

Ethereal Beauty

The following sub is for all those who are looking to get dimples, glowing skin, nicely shaped lips, jawlines and attractiveness that no one can forget. Listen to it 2 to 3 times everyday. Some results may show up within a week. You may actually hear from people around you saying that you are glowing. To make this sub work, you don't need to imagine anything. You can do anything while listening to it. The video has instrumental of Lady Gaga's Cure. It is so relaxing that you may find yourself completely addicted to it.

Legendary Beauty Potion

If you want to look divine or out of this world this is the sub you can choose. It treats beauty of humans as a part of nature. But in general, the sub targets not just body fat and face, but also personality of the listener. Your creative work may somehow look beautiful to those around you. The first effect should be you indulging in self love. Your acne may also lose power. Most results can take 2 days to 3 weeks show up. The sub is definitely strong. If after listening to it you feel sad or depressed please do not use it. The sub works for both men and women.

Facial filler or Instant facelift 

Save your money on expensive anti wrinkle creams by going for this sub. It is truly one of a kind. Its main objective is to fill up the wrinkle marks and tighten the skin. Even double chin can be fixed through it. It seems you can expect some results to show up overnight.

Hyperpigmentation Inhibitor

This specific sub fixes discoloration. By using feelings infused with imagination, it can be used to target any area of the body. If you have dark spots you may see them fade in one listen or 24 hours. For extra benefits, some users have been listening to it for months.

Cure Baldness and Regrow Hair

The title is not enough to describe what this sub offers. It is suitable for both men and women. The targets include preventing baldness through regrowing of hair, adding volume and strength, fixing damaged hair folickles and much more. Most users see results from this sub within 5 weeks.

Eliminate Dark Circles & Bags Under Eyes 

Dark circles are hardest to get rid of using creams. But the following sub is the miracle product. It can cure the dark circles and bags under eyes within one day. But to make it work, you have to listen as well as watch the video.

How to Telepathically Message Someone

You won’t believe how easy it is to send a telepathic message to a person as long as they are somehow related to you. It can be a coworker, friend or the crush you talk to. The steps on how to do it are given below. To become good at it, practise the sending process with a friend or sibling.

Step 1: Have the name of the person and his or her physical image in your head. Detailed visualization of them is not necessary and only the first name is enough.

Step 2: Prepare the message you want to send them. It should be short or have only one line. You should also make sure that you can feel this message. 

Step 3: Sit in a quiet room alone and close your eyes. Make sure no one can disturb you.

Step 4: Take a deep breath twice. Loosen up your body. Let go of your control.

Step 5: Shut down thinking in your mind by reminding yourself that at this time nothing matters. To make it stronger, focusing on your loosened body.  You can also command your mind to become quiet by saying Stop.

Step 6: With your eyes still closed, imagine yourself connected to the universe through a wire that ends by getting connected to the recipient. To get the vibe of the universe, picture the wire going up the cloud or sky.

Step 7: Now call to mind the message you wish to give the person. Feel it. Use genuine breathing as you mentally tell them the message.

Step 8: Close the communication link by opening your eyes and letting your random day to day thoughts take over your mind.  That’s it.

Reasons to Use the Desktop Version of Sites on Your Phone

Smartphones are popular gateways for virtual world visits. They outperform normal computers and laptops. But try choosing desktop version of the site you visit. Why? Let's take a look at the reasons.

Desktop versions load faster: Back in the days when phones started to become the main tool for internet use, we had heavy codes running the websites. That resulted in data loss. To prevent this from happening, tech giants like began pushing for fluid sites containing lighter scripts.  Although developers were supposed to do it all for phones, they worked on computers and thus, used it for speed benchmarking. Now if you request the desktop version of a site from your phone browser you will get it loaded faster than ever. Surely, the font size is not always friendly on your tiny screen. In that case, you can zoom in. Otherwise, after finding what you are looking for, you can switch back to mobile version of the site.

Less glitches and bugs: Mobile version of a site can have a whole lot of glitches and bugs. Even a simple image can become its victim. The Ikea site is a perfect example of this. As you can see, its mobile version is unable to show the image that the desktop one has. We can't always blame slow internet for this. The thing has more to do with developers not being aware. In the middle, visitors are left to suffer or have poor experience. To be not one of them, request your browser for your site's desktop version.

Prevents accidental clicks: Mobile pages are prone to suffering from poor padding and thus, when you scroll down your finger can’t help accidently clicking what you don’t want to see. Some sticky widgets make content reading annoying. Just look at the Chat Now button of Macy's below. Desktop version of the site eliminates this hassle.

Scripts are not hidden from you: There is no way to make every script of a site fluid and lighter for all phones. Width is by and large the interruption. In some cases, certain scripts are deemed unnecessary for phone users. Others block contents as you saw above. These reasons are often used by developers to hide or move down some crucial parts of a site in its mobile version. Desktop version is the only thing that removes this barrier. You get the full package you deserve.

Prevents manipulation by online stores: Mobile version of an online store can be sometimes deceptive. It is all because of the freedom to hide scripts or send the crucial ones at the bottom with the hope that not all shoppers scroll down to the bottom. Secondly, it is very much caught in studies that phone users have less patience. Some stores have learned to take advantage of that to make profits.

Easy to navigate:  Navigation style is changed frequently by developers regardless of how it does not help the fluid design. On the phone, therefore, you will be forced to relearn how to use it all again and again. But once you switch to desktop version of the site on your phone, that problem disappears.

Prevents suffocation: Mobile site contents are squeezed to fit different screens. And as mentioned before, you will frequently have to relearn how to navigate. What you are going to see as you scroll down is another thing you will have to deal with. These things have psychological impact. You will feel stressed and in worst case scenario, suffocated. Desktop version can save you from this.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Diversity

How does it feel to live in a place that has people from all over the world? Doesn't diversity make you feel lost in translation? To get an answer for these questions, we have to look at what kind of society people of many races build together. Diversity related to population has both advantages and disadvantages.


No peer pressure: Being friends with people from different countries is a great relief from peer pressure. Your personal life stays personal. They are not going to expect you to get a boyfriend or graduate at some specific age. Everyone is given the freedom to maintain space.

Greater amount of individualism: Diversity sharpens your ability to maintain your individualism. With cultural pressure gone, you are more focused on your inner voice and that helps you become what you desire. You also learn to have your own opinions which you get to express without fearing.

Wide variety of cuisines for enjoyment, health and wallet: This, perhaps, is the best part. There is not a single country in the world where diversity has not led to increase in restaurants and shops selling exotic foods and ingredients. There is always something new to taste. But that is not all. Such businesses are a blessing for those who need to restrict the intake of normal foods. For instance, if you are a Californian trying to lose weight by changing diet you can always shop for low calorie ingredients at Japanese and Indian stores. Diversity gave you access to them. Such places also carry organic items at a very cheap price.

Man enjoying Persian Food in Dubai

Rapid Innovation and Progress: When a region promotes freedom of thought and expression its diversity opens the door to innovation and progress. How? People of different countries get to introduce their cultural ideas to the system, paving the way for development. Educator Khan, for instance, changed the way kids have been studying in the US through a teaching method common in his original country. Then think about Dubai from UAE. Its out of the world skyscrapers are the result of welcoming architects who had crazy designs ideas. In general, regions that have diversity get to become wealthy very quickly.

Variety in dating market: Some of us can’t date people from our race because they remind us of our parents and siblings. Some of us can’t relate to our own culture. It is high maintenance. Diversity erases that discomfort by allowing us to date people of other races and cultures.

Genuine Academic help from students: People of all races don’t see school stuffs in the same way. For instance, most white students give politically correct reviews of classes and thus, not reliable if you are concerned about your grades. If you want the brutally honest review you will need to talk to people of other races. Indian students will generally give you the most details. Bad at math? Diversity will allow you to befriend Asian students so they can help you learn it.


Colorful festivals can be depressing: Some cultures you will see have really colorful festivals. If you are away from home witnessing them can make you feel lonely. Participating in one does not help no matter how much they welcome you. You will still feel like an outsider. You will be depressed.

Struggle with language barrier: In some places, you will be lost in translation and that can affect your career. For instance, colleges usually don’t care if the professor they are hiring is fluent in English. Once he is in the lecture hall, the students are the ones who suffer.

Rampant nepotism: It can be very difficult to find a job and climb the corporate ladder in an area of diversity unless you have an exceptionally great resume. People, in general, love to work with those of their own race. They do it through recommendations and thus, in the job market, you have to feel like a fish out of water. This is quite common in California. People will often tell you in this state that most people are hired through networking. That is actually nepotism in disguise.

Making friends is not easy: If you are new in a place of diversity you will struggle to make friends. People here usually focus just on themselves. The friendship usually occurs when you become regular to them.

High living cost: There is a pattern and true for large cities. As mentioned earlier, diversity can trigger development which ironically makes living cost high.

Prediction for Studies Showing Older Men Slowly Falling for Teenage Girls

Our 30 something single women are seeing a lot of success in their careers, but strangely, this is not helping them get hubbies. As our title suggests, older men are slowly directing their attention to teenage girls. Dating sites are enabling it.

What prediction can we make about it?

In the future, a return to ancient times when older men married younger girls. It is not going to be an issue since majority of the American states allow child marriage as long as parents permit it. Being immature and inexperienced with the world, these girls will have no choice but to surrender to their much older husbands' do's and don'ts. They will grow up to become submissive women busy with household tasks. Men, then, will be able to argue that women are too inexperienced for the corporate world. Society will say goodbye to the idea that women are equal to me. We will lose our rights. It is only a matter of time before our society begins to welcome their relationships.

What will make it possible?

Our society is being driven by some extreme kind of ideologies. No one is quite happy with our current dating system. It is hitting new low day by day as hookups perish young people's skills to understand, initiate and maintain long term relationships. See examples below. All these questions are published on the same day one after the other.

It is quite messy out there. Before we heard that people wait until marriage because of their religions. The latest myth which soon will enter the trend is that long term relationship is a thing of the religion and thus, outdated. Some of the young guys believe only desperate people look to have a real partner.

Prominent dating gurus and commentators need a mention also. Many of these people have no experience with marriage and longer relationships. All they have learned is how to jump from one date to another. There is just no one out there to tell the audience that these advises turn toxic in the long run.

Female commentators from big sites by far are most dangerous. Analysis of their articles shows strategies to dehumanize rivals by hook or by crook. One of the most outrageous samples is given below. The piece comes from Vogue.

What triggered her to write a piece like that? When she still had the right time she was making fun of it. It is quite likely that she knows she is screwed up. But only if her rivals join her in her misery life will be worth living...for her! We will have a complete look at her stuff very soon.

Female commentators don't spare married women either. Almost every piece they produce has promotion of divorce at least once. Marriage is made to look like walking on eggshells. They are deadly for those who come from broken homes.

The oddest thing we have is the war between adult men and women. Much of it has to do with laws playing favoritism and the way these two sexes treated sexual liberation. Court has not been kind to married men and from that injustice, emerged Men Going Their Way (MGTOW). Even teenage men are choosing to be hermits. That's quite a challenge to radical feminism looking to free women from men.

MGTOW has the upper hand though. Feminists blatantly use shaming language, emotions and myth as their defense mechanism without realizing that these things are now working against them. MGTOW members, on the other hand, use rationality and realism to prove their points. Anyone can agree with those. But what makes MGTOW unfriendly to the pop culture is their intensely conservative and bitter opinions about women in general. Despite that, growth of MGTOW is quite likely. The biggest reason attached to it is their promotion of individualism which many men are craving for.

We just have to put all the above ingredients together to see where our society is heading. Numerous studies show kids follow their moms' relationship styles. This means the rat race will live on. Behind the hive mind, sits the loneliness. Each group we talked about is affected by it. If not eliminated, this will drain our healthcare system. Lonely people die younger.
For society, it is a wake up call and thus may choose to become lenient towards the idea of older men marrying teens no matter how obnoxious the thought is. This then may make sexual liberation a thing of the past. The men in their 20's have to focus on creating stability to come off victorious against the older ones in the marriage market.

Refutation to 6 Empowering Reasons All Women Should Have A Promiscuous Phase Article

Thought catalog is home to those who defy logic and human rights. Their articles rank quite high.
Some among them sell casual sex by remixing all that the Trojan horses in disguise of feminists have been saying for ages.

For young girls, it usually takes a whole lot of time to understand the game. So we go for a shortcut here by refuting one of those articles. Its author is trying to promote casual sex as empowering and that women should consider having its phase. When contents of people like her are tracked for years what pops is how they eventually begin to struggle to find a caregiver to play spouse for the one of the end of life programs called marriage in their hyper sexual society. We will have a look at that later.

Warning: The refutation maybe too disturbing to closed minded members of sexual liberation. Saying that it is somehow promoting traditional sexual relationships is not going to work here. That comment came from Cultural Marxism. Now what did Mr Karl Marx used to do at home? Raped/Slept his housekeeper, Helene Demuth at the time when his wife was pregnant. Now lets get to our refutation.

She starts with:
It’s a known and accepted fact that single men sleep around. Women are typically uncertain to behave in this same fashion due to the irrational fear of acting like a “slut” or “whore.” Although there are people who still maintain these outdated beliefs, thankfully we’re crossing the bridge to a new era in which we acknowledge the double standard of slut shaming.
It’s a known and accepted fact that these men are sleeping with women.  That is why, her first line makes no sense.

Being called slut or whore are her own fears. How do we know? She does not even want to reveal her name. See below.

Someone secure in her sexual choice should not be doing it. The most interesting word she has up there is “behave”. It is not her word. We don’t say, ‘I want to behave like men by sleeping around’. It is a word actually used in criticisms.

She writes:
1. Your body = your decision.
We’re taught to view sex as immoral and that women should be shamed if they do not adhere to these standards. However, there is no protocol for the proper time to do it and you’ll learn that the choice of who you want to sleep with and when you’re ready is entirely yours and no one else’s.
Whatever she has parroted up there from feminists is not just irrational, but also irresponsible, severely disturbing and filled with loopholes. She does not explain her subheading #1 in the paragraph. Feminists use that according to whatever women's issue they are tackling. The line is convenient! When author's paragraph is included to it we find that she is making two crimes look too casual for punishment.If we start to think like her we will soon have to abolish the idea of taking rape victims seriously and punishing rapists. Meanwhile, absence of no proper time means there should not be any law against pedophiles.

In short, she is teaching women to rape both men and children. We do have protocol for the proper time. There is something called age of consent. If this article was written by a guy he would have got crucified by now. How does this sound?
It is crazy that in the world of Thought Catalog, 13 Reasons Why will not even exist. There will be no rape law. Every girl Bryce goes after can kill herself because why even feel bad about suicide? It is all about "my body= my decision" mantra. But then again someone needs to find the person(s) who first came up with it. If anyone has information on the line please let us all know. Possible suspects:
  • Criminals interviewed by Kinsey.
  • Father of free love Wilhelm Reich who his psychiatrist daughter felt was sexually abused at very young age and yes, he too ended up in prison and died there.
  • Some follower of French Libertine tradition. For "entertainment" purpose watch 120 days of Sodome only "if you can".
The author has no definition for the word immoral either. In fact, it weakens the entire article if only she knew that sexual liberation is based on moral relativism. This means participants cannot mention "all women should". It is not important for them to follow her standards that require humans to take unnecessary risks, stay closed minded about sex and treat others like sex toys.
2. Learn what you like and don’t like. If you never experiment, you won’t know what pleases you sexually. Bottom line. 
Sex does not work the way she is describing it. Good luck if you are able to feel turned on by the same thing again and again. It is common sense that one does not have to be promiscuous to experiment. The most fascinating thing is that today you might get aroused by something you just despised 15 years ago.

According to the rationality of humans, how far you go with someone is a signal of how close and yet open you feel with them. Sexual experiments test the strength of friendship between two people. They must have enough reasons to trust each other since safety is a huge concern in the unseen realm they wish to visit. Now if you do it with a whole lot of people you are seen as too risky for investment. Later in life, you will be basically fighting way too many rejections.

 Lying will be your only option for getting a relationship, but if your partner finds out what you did watch out!
3. Become skilled in bed.
The more experience you get, the more you’ll learn about what arouses your partner and especially satisfies him. When you find the person you feel passionate about, you’ll have plenty of moves to whip out of your sexual arsenal.
There is no way to know what your partner will like by sleeping with multiple people. What arouses a person can only be known from his reaction and the kind of open communication you have with them. Becoming skilled does not seem to create success in the long run. Ask any prostitute. The only good thing is that they get paid when the time is still right! Still let's give the author a chance. Here is how her words look in the real world:

The second situation is added to show you why promiscuity is often incompatible with love and puts you in a position to get rejected again and again.
4. Gain confidence in your body.
We spend so much time analyzing our bodies in the mirror that we assume men will perceive us in the same manner. However, men won’t mind if you’re smaller on top than you’d like or if your thighs lack the desired gap between them. It’s imperative that you’re able to release your inhibitions naked in order to be comfortable and fully present in the moment.
This is a sign of low self esteem and clear proof that the author never had healthy relationships. It is not normal to seek validation for one’s body by sleeping with multiple men. Instead of taking this life threatening path to get high self esteem, you can always go to nude beaches.
5. It’s all for stories.
My funniest and most entertaining stories tend to involve sex. When you go out, you’ll meet an array of people with a range of personalities and interests. Nothing beats sitting around at 3AM with your girlfriends exchanging your best memories. You don’t want to look back when you’re married with kids and wish you lived it up more when you had the opportunity.
Such information can be used against you by your friends in the future. It happens all the time. But it is even dumber to trust random people you find in different places. If you are not truly going to see them again they have no reason to inform you of their std's reports. This is how they think. Here is one study from United Kingdom:

Her last line is quite telling. That's the main reason behind why people don't want anything serious with a promiscuous person.
6. You’re equally as entitled as men.
My mother used to tell me not to be offended if a guy didn’t want anything serious because men in their early twenties are in their prime; they’re having the time of their lives going out and are not looking to settle down. So essentially us women are expected to sit on the sidelines and wait as men have all of the fun? This doesn’t seem fair. Women are equally entitled to “play the field” and sleep with whomever they choose
No government program exists to make single men entitled to sleep around. The author still does not seem to confirm with what they are sleeping if women are all sitting at home.

The specific kind of men she is telling you to follow will most likely end up with empty bank account somewhere down the age of 40 or 60. It is common knowledge that women initiate divorce the most. It is also not a secret that men commit suicide the most because of that. In short, these are losers in the making who in their 20's high five each other for becoming someone's dildo for a night and disappear from each other's path once the night of divorce befalls.

The only winners are the richest "mostly" because they have gigantic bank account which outweighs their sexual past and stds.

This article is from 2014. However, the idea that you should follow these men has been around for quite a long time. It is about time that we condemn it. Why? Now we know that men who go for multiple casual partners are prone to committing sexual assaults.

Here are some of the celebrities who contracted stds:
Brad Pitt
Jessica Alba
Paris Hilton
David Hasselhoff
Greg Louganis
Robin Williams
Victoria Beckham
David Beckham
Britney Spears
Charlie Sheen
Pamela Anderson
Mariah Carey
Thomas Neuwirth

Rarely discussed healthcare info on safe sex:
If you have a raunchy past with no side effects consider yourself lucky. There is actually nothing called safe sex because

  • We don't even have proper technology to detect all stds. You can always end up with false reports.
  • Your doctor might not give you access to all the tests. 
  • Some tests are highly expensive. 
  • For men, HPV tests are not available.
  • Birth control pills don't work if not used properly.
  • Stds prefer women over men. It has to do with biology and gender specific sexual activities. 
  • Chlamydia and gonorrhea are spreading like wildfire. In fact, gonorrhea has learned to beat antibiotics.

Tricks to Make Knorr One Skillet Meal Moroccan Style Chicken With Barley In Simplest Way

This Moroccan style chicken with barley is promising and can be made by any college student using simple tricks requiring no heavy shopping.

Knorr makes it sound like a whole lot of work. You really don't need to listen to all their instructions. In fact, following them faithfully can give you a bit of dull result.

Hubby and I don't have much time for exploring the geography of raw chicken. He came up with an alternative and then I added my flavor idea to the dish. Try them out.

What chicken to use?

Hubby got the Safeway Select Nuggets. We crisped them in the oven and then chopped using scissors. It was done for an important reason. You will know about it shortly.

Since those were already done, we started the cooking by first frying the cauliflowers and carrots. After that, we added the Knorr pack of barley and flavors.

They boiled in water for a few minutes. When the barley began to thicken and water was partially drying we added the chopped nuggets to the pan. The inside of the chicken them began to absorb the flavors.

What to use for more justice?

The flavor, we felt demanded heat. This was caught at the time of cooking. Instead of sauce and powder, what worked like magic was one chopped up green Thai chili. That also goes by the name of Bird’s eye. It is possible to try any other chili as long as it is hot.

What was the other omitted ingredient?

We intentionally omitted raisins from the dish. It has a bit to do with us not being very fond of those things. We were also suspicious about how they did not seem compatible with the flavor. For us, the decision worked.

Best Things to Buy From Daiso Japan

As the name suggests, Daiso Japan we have in California comes all the way from Japan. Everything in the store looks cheerful. Most of them have a touch of kawaii which in English means cute. But appearance can be deceptive. Any regular Daiso Japan shopper will tell you that.

Quality is the problem. When the store first came out we all were enchanted by the promo that all things there were just $1.50.

Once there, we learned that was not the situation. People often started ignoring most things that were $2 to $10, thinking of it like a loss. As we all became regular shoppers, we began realizing that even within that price range, not all those things were loss.

But you still need to be careful. Value for money can be found in the following Daiso Japan products:


Daiso Japan's small purses have always been a big hit. They are cute and of many different shapes. Good thing is that they are not always repeated.

Buying one, thus, means owning something that will eventually become unique. Small purses have price range of $1.50 to $6.


The jewelry section in Daiso Japan suffers from acute avoidance of people. For once, visit it. You will definitely find something there of your liking.

Their price never crosses $1.50. Designs seem to not change either. Quality is good provided you are not buying the earrings which for some reason give discomfort to ears.


If you are a fan of bright colors don't skip Daiso's mirror section. All the mirrors except for the bigger ones are $1.50. Yes, they come in a wide variety of shapes.

Most have leads and that means that you don't have to worry about dust. Choose whichever mirror satisfies your needs. Their cuteness makes them perfect gift as well.


All clips in Daiso are $1.50. Most designs don't change. The butterfly ones are always there and they are the ones that are most stunning. Still let's remind ourselves that not all clips are created equal. This is true especially for the claw-clips. They all break somewhere in time.


The sandals shown in the image are a must have! Why? Because they are strong above water. They will not let you slip like other sandals. The best thing is that they can last for a long time. They can take any kind of abuse. If you lose them or they look worn out after several years, you can come back to store and buy another pair. Yes, they are always available and that is also at just $2.


Potpourri from Daiso Japan seems to have good quality. The fragrance lasts for years and what is inside the pack looks extremely beautiful. Many of the leaves and stems can be used in arts and crafts also.

The price is always $1.50. But yes, packs change. That is why, you should grab anything that looks attractive to you as soon as possible.

Decorative items

Never leave any decorative items that you like in Daiso Japan. Many of them don't surely have Asian touch. Still you can't underestimate them. They don't last too long. Moreover, you will not find them later elsewhere.

Most items there have prices ranging from $1.50-$10. Size and demand typically will decide how much you pay.

Bento molds

You don't need bento boxes to take advantage of the molds. They are good for any style you want your food to have.

Daiso always have these molds, but there might be sometimes changes in designs. All of them are available at $1.50.


Daiso used to be flooded with cute boxes. Now the amount is reduced. There is no sacrifice in style though.

All boxes are available at $1.50. Its worth buying them for gifting purposes. You can also use them for your personal items. Quality-wise, they are excellent. You will find them lasting for years.

As mentioned earlier, many products of Daiso lack quality. That's okay. We should not expect too much from a Dollar store. Precaution should still be taken against the following:

Stationary products: The erasures can ruin your paper. Pen ink may dry out quicker.

Inventions: Daiso has many products designed to make life easier. They are mostly inventions. But that is where their purpose ends. At the time of use, you will not be able to make them work.

Seen and bought before: Some cleaning agents and kitchen products will look familiar. That's because they are available elsewhere and that is also at fraction of the cost.

Makeup products: Only some may work correctly.

Reasons the Man Divorcing Won't Date You Anymore

You have been dating a guy who is on the verge of getting a divorce. You spent a lot of time with him. He seems to really care. Once the divorce thing is over, you believe you two will become one. But then one day he calls to tell you he can’t see you anymore. There is nothing wrong with you. He says he just wants to focus on the divorce battle. This takes up all his time. He will have to move to a new place, yadda yadda yadda.

You then wonder how that is possible when you are not even living with him. His words are naturally going to prick you. But no, you are not the only one feeling it. Year after year, countless women have been hearing that same breakup excuse from that same category of men. Some requested me for tarot readings because obviously the statements don’t seem credible.

Our cards, however, showed consistency. Men are prone to being honest. They are driven by “as is”. So yes, the cards do confirm that the breakup excuse is accurate depiction of how they feel. But we have to go to reality also. There can be one or too many things at play as you will see below.

On a side note, if you are one of those who contacted me in the past to get a reading on a man like this let me assure you that I did not mention these extras to you because of my own lack of knowledge and experience with the internal nature of our law and social studies. Cards don't give out details and back then, business was my only field. But now that I am specialized in  Public Administration and wear passion for laws on my sleeve I can see where this man is coming from.

His lawyer told him 

It is always seen as a necessary step to disclose dating information to a divorce lawyer who in turn would always recommend the man to break up. Why?

A relationship at the time of divorce proceeding can turn into a liability. You have to be scared of spouse’s lawyer. The relationship can be used against the man as extra marital affair. That can influence alimony and if children are involved things can get worse. Divorce proceeding itself may become much lengthier than needed, denting his wallet.

It is beneficial to date after the full completion of the proceeding. In courts, extra marital affair is still very much a topic of debate.

Dented social standing 

The relationship can severely dent his social standing. Contrary to popular belief, buddies and family members still very much frown on those who look happily in love with someone else at the time of divorce. A man can lose everyone overnight as his character gets molded into a villainous shape.

If the news breaks out he may even get rejected by property managers or find his colleagues getting cold towards him.

Internal factors 

Sometimes it is truly his way of testing the waters for various reasons. Divorce is never a happy experience. Some men try to get over their wives by going to other women’s arms. In this situation, you are a trial. He wants to just find out what’s out there.

Letting Go Is the Best Policy

No matter what the reason is, it is best to not date a man who on the verge of getting divorce gives you such breakup excuse. See it as a safety measure for your heart.

Some spouses can take revenge on you. Their lawyers can drag your name to the court to ruin the reputation of the guy which in turn may mean yours too is at risk. You suddenly don’t want to be known as the other woman.

His children, after knowing about you, can start to hate you. His buddies and family members see you as the other villain. It is not worth the time to go through all this. Currently, the emotions he gave you through the breakup will blind you from seeing the benefits. Don't worry, this time will pass.

Ideas to Fully take Advantage of Old, Faded and Torn Clothes

Like it or not, all clothes have an end. While many of them no more can compete against those in trend, others just become faded and torn. What can be done about those damaged clothes? Can they be reused for something else? Fortunately, yes, there are actually many ways to take advantage of them.  Below are some of those ideas.

Keep them for cleaning things around home

It is not practical to keep spending money on kitchen towels and wipes. Save it all by turning your clothes into napkins to clean things around home. You can reuse them after each wash.

However, a whole dress can be used piece by piece as shown below and if you are lazy, you can indeed get rid of each. 
Wear at home

Feel free to wear your old and even torn clothes at home especially if you have no guests around. This is completely natural and universally accepted law of home! No trend can ever break it. You can actually prevent your normal clothes from getting stained from car washing and fixing by going for your old ones.

Make Disposable shoe cleaning doormat for rainy season

Doormat is hard to wash. But without it, you can't prevent muddy shoes from entering your home during rainy reason. Try covering the mat with cloth you no longer need.

You will not have to worry about getting the quality of it messed up. Plus, it will actually make shoe wiping a whole lot easier. You can always dispose of the cloth later. Anything brighter in color can help you see how much mud your home might be attracting.

Make heat packs

For cost effectiveness, you can use the pieces of these clothes as alternative to heat packs to sooth mumps related swollen cheeks. Go for those that don't contract too much heat.

Sell online 

Hard to believe, but the most exciting fact about used clothes is that they always have buyers and locations where they can be sold. The best among all is eBay. It can never go wrong. In fact, eBay can help you make $5 to $20 dollar out of your used clothes. But there are certain tricks on how to really be attractive to the buyers. It is all on the clean pictures of the clothes. If their fabrics have defects it must be mentioned under the description. Honesty is the key! Craigslist can also be taken as best if you do not want to share your profit with anyone. Someone actually made 100,000 just by old clothes.

Donate to charity organizations for tax deduction

In United States, items like clothes donated to charity are tax deductible. So if you think selling clothes at eBay or Craigslist is a hassle you can try this donation idea. This is actually much easier. Some charity organizations like Salvation Army and Vietnam Veterans of America will pick up your donations directly from your home and hand you their receipt promptly. You can also get some money. Salvation Army's list is found here. But of course, you have to make sure to give them a call for this job and do note that they have the right to reject and you will feel weird to donate those that are extremely damaged.

Save the materials for arts and crafts projects

You will notice that many of your dresses and blouses have beads, ribbons, bows and flowers. Take them out and save them. They will be helpful in your arts and crafts projects. But this is not all. They can also be used for giving a stylish look to gift boxes. Moreover, the beads can come in handy for jewelry making. They are great for making dolls' dresses. 

Make purses and organizers 

Some clothes can be changed into organizers for other things like pencils, scissors, and so forth.  For this, all you have to do is create pockets out of them.

Use them as makeup remover wipes

Actual makeup remover wipes are a bit expensive. They can be reused. But if you want to save your money you can turn your not-needed-clothes into such wipes. Cut out small pieces for that. Make sure that you wash them first.

Revamp to wear again

If you are good with sewing you can change some of your clothes into something different so you can wear them again. Usually, a long skirt can be turned into a pair of pants or mini skirt. Similarly, a pair of pants can be turned into shorts and dress can become scarf.

Use as cushions
Moving to a new house is a tiring task. So many things are need to be put inside the boxes. Some even need extra cushions. To make this job possible, instead of getting bubble wraps, you can use your old clothes.

Here is Why to Say No to Dry Shaving

We will begin by talking about Project Body Hair by Billie. It is garnering praises for showing women's body hair. But what you are seeing below is the problem. The commercial has many other women doing the same. This may signal you that it is okay to go for dry shaving. In winter, you will be more at home with the temptation. But the real action must be avoided.
An image from Project Body Hair by Billie
Preparing the body part for shaving is not a tradition, but a beneficial requirement. Why? Answer is below:

1. Dry skin is vulnerable to cuts. It can be much worse for areas that have bumps. One good example is the thigh skin. Some bumps there may bleed.

2. Even if you don't get cuts you will feel the sting from the blade. Holding the skin tightly at the time of shaving can eliminate it. This is still not a victory. If the specific part of the  skin comes in contact with water that sting will make a guest appearance again.

3. It is time consuming. Because of the two points above, you have to pay extra attention and that will slow down your shaving session. 

4. Dry shaving done continuously even for 4 days is great at killing the sharpness of the blade in use. Thus, you will have to frequently replace your razor or its cartridge.

Use Shaving Cream Instead of Shampoo
How to Use Hair Removal Cream Without Getting Rashes
Why Is Your Face Itchy: A Look at Reasons
6 Easy to Grow Plants and Herbs for Natural Skin Care Ingredients

2019 Tarot Predictions for the 12 Zodiac Signs With A Song for Each

Here are the 2019 tarot card predictions for the 12 zodiac signs.

We look at the love life and career of each one of them.

To make it more fun and interesting, the predictions are linked to songs you can call as your own. The cards used are from Rider Waite.

Both upright and reversed positions have been considered. I am quite fascinated by the readings I did below for the career of each sign. The cards picked up the force of Saturn in Capricorn.


1. Aries

Career: For you, we have Justice. This is a great card to have for a career. 2019 is all about balance and karma. Your hard work will certainly pay off, but don’t let it create pride in your heart and sell yourself to the devil. What you give is what you are going to get. Justice is ruled by Libra. This means, for success, supercharge your career with some positive Libran traits. Being diplomatic will come easy to you this 2019. Make use of it.

Love: Your love life has reversed 3 of Cups. This signals mild romantic irritation. As a single, you will not feel ready for anything serious. If you are already with someone a third person may cause some friction in your relationship.

Expect some dramas coming because of your hopelessness. But it is not going to be anything too big. Remember Three of Cups comes from minor arcane. Its energy is low and so is its impact.

Your Song:

2. Taurus

Career: Queen of Pentacles governs your career in 2019. You have your eyes set on money, but at the same time, you are looking to make your career comfortable. Both will come to fruition, yet you will choose to stay out of the glow.

An earthly female may prove to be beneficial for whatever professional goal you have for the year.

Love: Your love life is going to be under the influence of reversed 2 of Wands. That is not completely bad. Thinking deep about love this year is not your main concern. You are breaking up with it to enjoy what you already have. You are accepting a “so what” attitude. If you are already in a relationship you are letting it guide itself.

As a single, you seem to be less concerned about rejections. You are ready to go from person to person if dating events are not giving desired results.

Your Song:

3. Gemini

Career: Congratulations, your career has the Sun tarot card. You tend to be indecisive, but this 2019, you know exactly what you wish to do professionally. As an artist, you will get a lot of boost in your creativity. People will see you making sense and that may mean success for you. You will be boldly as well as innocently happy in your career.

Love: Here we have 4 of Wands. Your relationship will receive a lot of warmth this year. You will get closer to your partner. Friends and family will most likely accept your relationship.

If you choose 2019 to be the year of your wedding you will have an unforgettable ceremony. Is your partner unstable or are you unhappy about your relationship? If yes 4 of Wands tells you to spend time with your family as this will elevate your mood.

Your Song:

4. Cancer

Career: Take a deep breath and relax. You will be driven by 5 of Cups. This signals a bit of blindness. You will achieve things. You will see success. But mentally, you will keep underestimating their worth. You will feel highly disappointed because you wanted more. You will believe you could have done better. In general, you will be nit-picky.

Love: Your love life has reversed 10 of Pentacles. This means your relationship will have some financial problem. Otherwise, the people around you are not happy about who you are with. Your partner may make the relationship somewhat unstable. As a single, you are not in mood to meet anyone new.

Your Song:

5. Leo

Career: You have reversed Knight of Swords this 2019. Professionally, you will find yourself less patient and tolerant. You may make some drastic career changes or professional decisions without research and thought. You will exhibit a lot of energy to speed up your work. In leadership position, you may seem too harsh. Expect to have a lasting impact on others by what you do.

Love: Emperor is your cupid for 2019. You are more active about your love life. If you are a guy you will be dominating. But if you are the female your partner will be doing that. Someone you like will literally be occupying your mind far deeper than ever before. You are noticed by your date. Relationship will be going well.

Your Song:

6. Virgo

Career: Your career will be accompanied by the Magician, hinting things can go either positive or negative. You have the power to control though. The kind of weapons you need for that are already within you. Your physical action is necessary. Sitting and waiting will not get you the result you want.

Keep in mind that in 2019, any change you make internally is going to affect external outcomes in your career.

Love:Your love life is being similar to your career. Your romantic 2019 is going to be ruled by the Judgment card. Are you being judgmental about your dates or partner? It seems you are putting your relationship styles under magnifying glass.

You may also sense karma unfolding. If you have been good to the one you love expect only the positive to happen. Anything bad may affect you psychologically. This year you may also deeply contemplate on breaking up.

Your Song:

7. Libra

Career: You have reversed 6 of Swords. Expect a lot of frustration in your career. What once worked for you is broken beyond repair this 2019. It is useless to waste time on this. There seems to be no steps to solve anything.

But know, great transformation is awaiting you professionally. Your success will be there. It is all about moving from the old to new this year.

Love: Here we have Moon tarot card. You have intense time ahead.

In a way, you are over thinking about your love life. 2019 seems to be a lot about you having petty arguments with your partner out of insecurity and frustration.

As a single, you are choosing dates or falling in love too impulsively. Deep down, you will know these are not the people you should be with. Certainly, logic is not magical over love, but you do have to make that side of your brain work so you can avoid getting your heart broken.

Your Song:

8. Scorpio

Career: You will be having reversed 3 of Pentacles in your career. This can mean incompatibility at work. If you are working with others as a group there might be some disagreement . They may see your work as below expectation. You may feel a bit lonely.

If you are a businessman, you may see moderate financial losses, but it is not something that is unfixable. In fact, whatever disappointment you will have can be eliminated. You just have to make sure that you are in flow with those in your surrounding. Reversed 3 of Pentacles is not at all a scary card in a reading.

Love: Your love life has reversed Ace of Swords. This signifies a relationship that does not get much attention. But then again, it is always possible that romance is not an important factor in your head this 2019. Otherwise, you are feeling like a romantic victim. If you have a love interest only expect some blocks. You two may end up with distrust. In general, be careful about how you flirt.

Your song:

9. Sagittarius

Career: This year you have reversed Queen of Swords. You will have problem with your colleagues. Your work is running short of proper guidance. Otherwise, it is being translated as not up to the mark.

You have to watch your mouth since it may injure many hearts at work. You may feel nobody is there to understand you, but know that it is rather self imposed.

Love: Your love life is being governed by Hierophant. This means you are trying out romance exactly how your tradition dictates it. You are staying away from giving your opinions. This is giving your partner the room to gain some control over the relationship.

If you are single you might be looking for a person with their family in mind. You wish to be accepted for something serious.

Your song:

10. Capricorn

Career: Ooh la la, Queen of Cups is influencing your career, dear Capricorn. What's the meaning of that? Your career, this 2019, will go through some healing process. You are reflecting on your past choices emotionally as well as logically. You are accepting the fact that some things will never work out and thus, you need to let go of those.

You are becoming sure of what you truly wish to do professionally. And no matter what you choose, result of this will be marked by your own honesty, willpower and calmness.This is the year of you to do things by believing in yourself. You may decide to be in any competition.

Love: Here we have 7 of Pentacles, signaling a halt in soap opera styled drama. Whatever relationship you have will stay as it has always been. If you are single you will keep looking. But yes, you will be seriously working on any decision you make about your love life. You have perseverance in the air.

Your Song:

11. Aquarius

Career: 8 of Wands runs your career in 2019. This signifies reconciliation in your professional life. Previously, you thought of challenges as annoying. You allowed them to overpower you. Your disappointment showed. This time you will patiently tackle whatever may come.

Your speed will be accelerated. You will not care about what any authority figure thinks. You have turned into wheels and engine of your own car. You will certainly get your desired success.

Love: You have the Queen of Pentacles in your love life. That is good if last couple of years you had a roller coaster ride. Queen of Pentacles is telling us how you are seeing that the love of your life has a huge connection to finance, respect and stability. Technically, in 2019, you will be working on those three factors whether you are single or taken.

Your Song:

12. Pisces

Career: Reversed Lovers card is in your career. This signifies you tying your love life to your profession. Otherwise, you may experience betrayal from your colleagues.

Your emotions are taking you away from your goals. You have to learn how to leave your heartache at home and be steadfast.

Love: Your love life has reversed 4 of Cups and this means you are waking up to smell the coffee. You are now looking to repair your relationship or simply to add more zest to it.

As a single or someone feeling victimized by the partner, you are deciding to meet new people. If you have been heartbroken, now you are feeling the need to use your energy to move on.

Your Song:

Sexual Liberation's Roots in Scams, Torture and Censorship

In the real world, sexual liberation does not exist. Men want to lose virginity for other men. Women want to lose theirs to keep their men. Eventually, what we see is that the first rarely comes from the heart. People just want to please somebody. Thematically, it is all about insecurity.

We have this war on body count and past details considered disturbing for a long term relationship and marriage. Meanwhile, studies keep showing that majority of the women fake orgasm and that is also for appearing politically correct in bed.

It took a hashtag called #Metoo to expose that sexual liberation is actually sexual oppression. Now some are trying to change how consent should look like in a dating scene to eliminate collateral damage. Can we truly live happily ever after with sexual liberation? There is no way out with a make-believe concept. The root itself rests upon scams, torture and censorship as shown by history and analysis.

1.Fake cosmopolitan articles injected sexual liberation into women’s movement

This was admitted by Sue Ellen Browder, in her Subverted: How I Helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women's Movement. She mentions how she knew very well that the two were like oil and water. She still continued. Her young age is what she blames now for the dishonesty she practiced by writing about sexually liberated women who were nothing more than fictional characters. Even her editor found the contents vulgar and terrifying.

2.Feminists went to fulfill a man's request

In that same book, Browder reveals that an unknown character going by the name of Larry Lader was working behind the scene to make it all happen. He was quite a convincing guy and thus, a group was secretly formed to bring about the sexual 9/11. His main interest was abortion which he finally was able to insert into the movement despite being fully aware that his model was another step closer to destruction of sexual morality. Sometimes Playboy is also blamed. But a pattern emerged which showed that men were behind movies that taught women how to be sexually liberated.

3.Mentally disturbed researcher’s disturbingly fraudulent research used as support

The researcher was none other than Alfred Kinsey. Financially backed by the Rockefeller Foundation, his work on human sexuality became the scientific pillars for the revolution. He taught the world that a large number of Americans were already enjoying casual sex in many questionable forms such as extra marital affair, prostitution service, bestiality and so on. His work shaped up the idea that sex was purely rooted in biology and mostly damage free to relationships.

Alfred Kinsey’s research published as books like Sexual Behavior in the Human Male gained him massive stardom at the time. They say he gave women the drive to finally become sexually liberated. However, upon close inspection, majority of the researchers found toxicity in his data. Most of his participants turned out to be prisoners and his pedophile team members.
A good number of singles were tagged as married. The experiments, on the other hand, involved molestation of infants. Many among them are now living with mental illness. Kinsey was not blind to the fact that his team violated several laws. He died fighting a case that came as a result of his pornographic materials. He was accused of being a pedophile also. It is reported that his biography is not so accurate either.

Still he deserves respect for his work. It is useful for weighing people’s common sense and degree of fakery. In Sexual Behavior in the Human Male Kinsey shows us this table:
Anyone can tell what is wrong with it. Kinsey also gives us details about the experiment. They are worse than what you saw in horror movies.

4.Misuse of evolutionary biology

Kinsey did use it to accelerate gaining of support for his ideology. The torch is now being carried by our beloved experts. So many people fall for it. As we have heard, men evolved to spread their seeds. Recent studies have been debunking this claim. It is actually not caveman theory, but situations that drive men’s sexual decisions. And even when these things are ignored, that caveman theory stays clownish. Being programmed to do something does not mean it is a must. Plus men do carry monogamy hormone. The funniest thing is that these experts also say that the children on whom the caveman father spent his resources were more likely to survive. This means spreading of the seeds is dangerous for a community.

5.Suppression of the study which found link between sexual liberation and end of civilization

Sexual liberation is not new. In the past, many civilizations practiced it exactly like us. The result was nothing less than what cancer does to a body.  In 1934, ethnologist and social anthropologist J. D. Unwin published a book called Sex and Culture in which he literally painted what we see in our society now. According to his study, in the last 5000 years, our sexual liberation inhaled 86 tribes and civilizations. But yes, it takes 100 years or 3 generations to get to that position. Unwin observed that free sex eventually causes societies to become lazy and aimless, undermining the sophisticated manpower required to prevent backwardness, invasion and replacement by ambitious foreigners.

We can agree with Unwin that monogamy creates real men, but his conclusion that the disasters are associated with freedom of women is incorrect. In some parts of the world like Middle East, women hardly have much freedom, but this did not stop promiscuity from bubbling out in their society. The thing basically operates in the name of religion.

In 1935, anthropologist Ruth Benedict went ballistic over Unwin’s study. Many sexually liberated people are relieved to find that out. The belief is that she refuted Unwin. Upon closer inspection, something different emerges. For instance, Benedict accused Unwin of manipulating the definition of sexual restraint and cultural achievement without letting us know what they truly meant in her view. She openly called Unwin’s correlation evidence absurd and that’s it. In general, however, her writing gives an impression that all her readers were familiar with her academic terms and tribes she studied. Her claims were not loaded with real sources and citations. And to some extent, they were not necessary because what she did was simply review Sex and Culture. Moreover, she was a feminist. Today, Unwin’s conclusion is discredited with the idea that correlation does not imply causation. What no one wants to notice is that how sex is utilized has profound impact on an entire nation.

6. Ongoing censorship

Scams, torture and censorship live on as our now-sexual culture. Majority of the young people instinctively and individually know this is no liberation, but talking about it outside is considered blasphemy.To make things worse, today walking talking dildos are known as alphas and real men. Hardly anyone wants to directly face the dark truth that we have lost so much to this oppressive sexual culture. In The New Politics of Sex: The Sexual Revolution, Civil Liberties, and the Growth of Governmental Power,Stephen Baskerville mentions how research on sex is intentionally suppressed. He directly blames feminists in the academic, saying anything anti sexual liberation is often taken as personal attack by them. We have to beg to differ. That reaction is exhibited by majority of the participants. It is easy to test out. For instance, on subreddit Virgin, one can discuss sexual exploitation to lose V card, but any content about how choosing to wait is a wise idea is immediately deleted. Feminists, on the other hand, consider someone's preference to marry a virgin as slut shaming. Men are not behind either. They all blame women for sexual liberation which seems more like a coping mechanism. They are taller and stronger, but nobody knows why they can't say no to something they despise so much.

Made Two New Discoveries about Salt and Skin

I got curious about what salt can do us externally and decided to do an experiment on it. Surprisingly, whenever I mentioned it to someone backlash followed. I still went ahead.

Salt on Skin Experiment

It is not like I knew nothing about the marriage between our skin and salt. Some things went bad though. These are the mistakes I came across:
  • Using salt containing iodine on skin is torture. It feels so itchy!
  • Salt is capable of leaving cuts if massaged onto skin. It is sharp like blade. Mixing water does not help.
  • Salt mixed with lime juice is capable of removing tan within 10 minutes. It becomes permanent unless you expose it to sun irresponsibly. But doing the application frequently gets that specific area of the skin wrinkled badly. Culprit here is the lime juice and not the salt.
  • Some people online talked about how they used salt water as toner. I have sensitive skin. The toner ended up giving me acne. On day 2, things went worse. It seemed the idea of keeping the salt water in bottle for later use was a bad idea. My skin felt weird.
Those things justify the backlash. Still my thirst for continuing the salt experiment failed to die. There was something I noticed. I made a few tweaks to what I was doing to understand that better. First of all, I went for iodine free salt. It was Morton. I started it all in summer. My skin was horribly dry and I wanted it that way so I could see the result of my experiment better.  I took some salt in my hand with few drops of water to make it moist. I softly and carefully dabbed it to my face and after 2 minutes washed off. This time things became clear. My face no more felt dry. In fact, whatever tiny age related wrinkles I got looked literally invisible. The skin, overall, felt plumped, soft and glossy. I stopped the application to see how long my facial skin would stay that way.

There was no break from shower and yet it took two days for the dryness and wrinkles to reappear. When my husband (11 months older than me) got interested in that I told him to repeat this experiment. He had the same result and we both became its fan. So far I have not seen any side effect. But then again, I find the process annoying. I have to always make sure that no residue stays on my skin. I choose to go with the salt only when I have something big coming up and I am the center of the universe.

Salt on Hair Experiment

People around me have always been panicking about hair loss. Men seem to have the most intense fear because going bald is common for their gender. In general, the ones in their 30s panic the most. But as explained to me by my gold medal holding biologist sister, unless the fall looks extremely abnormal, there is nothing to worry about. Like all other animals, humans’ shedding is part of nature. What we must still remember is that hair fall in general, is a response to imbalanced ph of the head skin. Salt is known to restore ph balance. So I asked: Could salt application prevent the fall?

I could not dare to pour the particles on hair. I had to take a detour to salt water. I made it by stirring 3 spoons of salt to water. I took the solution to shower in a bottle. Just some minutes before getting out, I poured it on my wet hair and then washed. That day after it, something strange I noticed. Not even that normal hair fall was visible anymore. The effect remained like this for two days. On third day, the falling went back to normal. I then tried regular washing of hair with salt water. This time another new effect showed up. I generally have silky hair. That remained visible. However, touching showed sharpness in them. I did not notice anything else. I disliked the sharpness for which I no more wanted to regularly use the salt water.