Narcissistic Mother's Lengthy Rant to Prove Daughter Is Suffering from Narcissism

Can you guess what a narcissist would do under an article written about how to deal with their smear campaign? They have no social intelligence and hence, may simply leave a long comment proving exactly what the article is saying. This is what you will find at Psychology Today. Just a few months ago, they covered the topic. Soon a narcissistic mother appeared to convince people that her daughter might be the one suffering from the disorder. Her piece is worth reading. Each line this mother wrote is infused with narcissistic abuse many female scapegoats experience at home.

She says: “I find myself often wondering if I am a narcissist because I often complain about my daughter (who I feel is possibly a narc) out of sheer frustration.”

Comment: As usual, the narcissistic mommy refuses to understand what narcissist means and then suddenly tries to award the title to the scapegoat. 

She says: “She still lives at home (aged 28)…” 

Comment: You are supposed to feel shocked that the girl is in her late 20s and still living in her parental home. This is called appeal to tradition. Narcissistic parents use it to spice up their smear campaign and solidify their sense of entitlement. They seem to believe that traditions make them immune to severe consequences. 

She says: “and does not want to follow the "House Rules", i.e.: keep her bedroom / bathroom clean & tidy, do her washing regularly, once a month the four adults in the house do kitchen duty,…”

Comment: This is a common complaint you will often hear from narcissistic mothers. Don’t take it at face value. Going down the rabbit hole can show you that the scapegoat is doing whatever she has to, but the mother is deliberately ignoring it to keep the girl in her role. It is also possible that she is too tired after work and has stopped trying because she knows it will never be acknowledged. 

She says: “i.e.: for one week a month we need to keep the kitchen clean and tidy and feed our little dog”

Comment: She is not saying that she feeds the little dog for one week a month but it looks like this way because she has got too involved in her word salad. Narcissists are notorious for going gibberish.

She says: "If she goes out on a week night, I expect her to to be home by midnight because I worry about safety (our country is a high crime zone) and she works in a pharmacy so needs to be focused and not hung over. All of these things I would have no control over if she lived in her own place but since she lives at home I expect her to follow these basic rules."

Comment: So what she is saying here is that if the girl becomes victim of a crime while going back to her place it is all good. Once again, another Nmommy shows off her psychopathic side.

She says: “She however does not want to be told what to do - so basically living in the comfort of her parents house (paying $50 rental - nothing towards food) and come and go as she pleases.”

Comment: As we learned before, Nmommies never forget to talk about the money matter. Did she ask for more from her scapegoat? Quite unlikely since that can weaken the smear campaign. It is true that scapegoats come and go as they please, but it happens after they become certain that nothing of what they do will ever change their reputation in the family. 

She says: “If I complain when she is not following the rules then I am shouted at and told that I am preventing her from finding a husband and getting married and she will end up living at home forever”.

Comment: Do notice there is no logical flow in her sentence. This is another example of word salad. What basic rules have to do with finding a husband? But yes, it is true that Nmommies have habit of provoking the scapegoats so that they open their defense mechanism and get trapped in the smear campaigns. Surely, that is why, most psychologists recommend staying quiet. But it just does not work all the time. According to one victim, when she tried it her mom went furious and finally slapped her to get the fight going. 

She says: “She makes up stories about childhood experiences that neither myself, my husband nor my son recall - and we are usually in the story.”

Comment: These are not childhood experiences, but abuses she bore. As expected, scapegoat's family is in denial about it. 

She says: “She takes money out of our wallets, helps herself to groceries to take to friends or to work without asking,”

Comment: Did she tell the scapegoat to not do it? Obviously, no since that would work against the smear campaign. 

She says: “she has even once put us all in danger when she came home drunk from a night out, left the doors open (of her car and the house) and did not set the house alarm. Luckily, someone drove her home (in her car) otherwise she would have driven home drunk.”

Comment: One scapegoated husband I know became victim of similar complaint. He did close the door, but forgot to lock it. His narcissistic wife went around saying he intentionally put their family in danger. Exercise caution when you hear these Ncharacters complain.

She says: “She is irresponsible and when I try to have a conversation with her about her attitude and behavior it usually ends in a shouting match with her telling me that I am controlling.”

Comment: This simply means Nmommy’s job is done. She wants to present her daughter as irresponsible and hence, the long complaint list. 

She says: “My husband feels that we should tell her to find a place of her own - tough love - but I know that she cannot afford it right now.”

Comment: Just the indirect way of telling people her daughter is financially a loser.

She says: “It's a catch 22 and because I feel so negatively towards her, I feel narcissist but a part of me says that she is actually the narcissist......”

Comment: She ends it with projection. 

Narcissistic Mother's Smear Campaign Against Her Drug Addicted Son

The owner of Narcissists Child blog wrote a letter to estranged and alienated parents and grandparents. She has got a few replies to it. One comes from a narcissist parent who seems to follow the smear campaign formula we discussed here quite efficiently, eventually exposing her disorder. Her scapegoat has cut off contact with the entire family. It seems she wants to get in touch with him, but her reply is a good confirmation that her son went through a lot and thus, his decision to go no contact is completely fair.

She writes: “I too, have had tragedy in my life. One I am sure I will never get over.”

Comment: Narcissists love to play the victim and that is exactly what she begins with. But she is not in touch with reality. She has no idea that parents don’t get over estrangement.

She writes: “My son has been addicted to heroin for over 10 years. He was 22 when he started.”

Comment: The narcissist now begins the smear campaign against the scapegoat. It is easy to see that he is so severely hurt inside that he feels his only coping mechanism is substance abuse.

She writes: “My husband and I could do nothing b/c he was not a minor”.
Comment: Can you see what is wrong here? She has no idea that when it comes to saving someone from heroin addiction age is not a factor. She did neglect her son. Normal parents get devastated by the news of their kid taking heroin. This is no ordinary drug.

By the way, if any of your family member is into substance abuse you can go for national help line.

She writes: “Our entire family involved themselves in this process of helping my son get clean, with good intentions.”
Comment: The line should help you see the kind of danger a scapegoat has to experience in a family setting. It is not normal for someone to add "with good intentions" in a line about life saving.

She writes: “My son also has been involved with a woman 11 years older than him.”

Comment: This unnecessary line is added to provide shock value. She wants us to feel disgusted.

She writes: “They have a child. I am alienated from my son and my granddaughter, so is his father and brothers. Our alienation is not b/c of our behavior or any perceived attitude towards entitlement.”

Comment: A normal parent would begin her comment from here. The kid’s heroin addiction history is irrelevant especially when she has not shown any worries about how heroin kills. What matters to her is that the entire family went to help him. 

She writes: “We have broken no house rules.”

Comment: That's so convincing! Trust is a house rule. As we can see, although the guy is no more in contact with her she has not stopped demeaning him.

She writes: “Quite frankly I was surprised to find you are as old as you are. I expected such a misguided piece to be written by an entitled millennial”.

Comment: She again uses smear campaign, but this time against the author.

She writes: “You have no idea what it is like to have a child try to committed suicide and be told you cannot see your granddaughter. You have no idea what it is like to see your granddaughter's mother sneak drugs to your own son and then deny it.”

Comment: She has no idea that heroin is illegal and anyone possessing it can be arrested. But she will not call the cops.

She writes: “At the risk of sounding rude, I would like to add, seek more therapy. Your piece is narcissistic, much like your mother. You do know that behavior is learned,dont you?”

Comment: This is called gas lightening and projection. Behavior is certainly learned. Before this parent neglected her son and now he is neglecting her, but his reasons are all fair.

His situation reminds me of a friend I had in school. She was an exceptional student with an active social life. It all collapsed under the heavy burden of her narcissistic family. At the tender age of 14, her depression forced her into alcoholism. Bottles belonged to her parents. They knew all about it.

Once it became clear that she was coming to school drunk, girls began calling her dangerous. Silently she suffered in the hands of bullies. When her grades declined our teacher had a meeting with her mom and that cleared the air. What went inside the classroom became trauma for the entire school. We were told that the mother shook my friend violently while instructing the teacher to beat the hell out of her if she again did bad.

She didn't have to come to school drunk after that. Bullying stopped and her reputation was back on track. Teachers and girls made an effort to make her feel comfortable. She smiled again.

We should think twice before accepting a mother's toxic gossips about her child. The thing is not normal especially when she is using shock values in her lines. Still we should be thankful to these narcissistic mothers for making the blunder of bringing their smear campaigns to virtual world. A lot can be learned from the long paragraphs they write.

Narcissistic Parents' Smear Campaign Against Scapegoats Now Available Online

In the real world, people hardly want to believe the scapegoated children. But now things have changed. Internet is making their voices heard. That truly is narcissists' worst nightmare. Obsviously, they wish to show all that they are innocent. Some try to tell their side of the story, but by using their favorite weapon called smear campaign. In bizzare turn of events, the blame is placed on their family scapegoats. In their talks, a precise formula garnished with word salad is always present. At home, it is applied in fregments. But online, they offer the full package like a thesis. The formula goes something like this:

➜ The scapegoat is always a big headache of the entire (unevolved) family. Everyone suffers because of this child. Therefore, expect the entire family to sing in chorus about how terrible he is.

➜ Neither the narcissist nor the family ever gets why the scapegoat complains about being abused in childhood. It just never happened. He is a liar. These days, they are shamelessly including this in their writings.

➜ Unsurprisingly, the narcissistic parent does include the long list of mostly false, trivial and forcefully created complaints against the scapegoat. What is the meaning of forcefully here? You see this parent wants to make sure that the scapegoat loses his control. She does this by criticizing and ignoring literally every normal and good thing he does. Once he realizes that he will never be acknowledged, he gives up. This way the narcissist achieves the goal of making him look useless. By the way, the long list of complaints is created so that the scapegoat can never get out of his role no matter how much he tries to fix his problems. Psychologists calle this moving the goalposts.

➜ It is dramatically highligted that he breaks house and social rules. Narcissists seems to be obessed with the idea of presenting the scapegoat as total loser. Below is just one example. Yes, the spelling is wrong. But it seems the narcissist is angry that the scapegoat is searching for a video regarding the disorder. The surprising element here is that the narcissist is describing herself. Psychologists call this projection.

➜ Money matter is never escaped. Sometimes the child is presented as a thief. Sometimes the child's low salary is the problem. If he makes a lot and is self sufficient the narcissist emphasizes that before this she was his provider.

➜ Expect to see the record of scapegoat's love life. The parent will always add shock value to it.

➜ The narcissist may also present the kid as a threat to the family, but in the middle, will end up  exposing her own psychopathic tendencies she practises at home. You will soon see how this person does not care if the child dies or gets destroyed. The photo below is a demo of that. For privacy reasons, only half of the original is presented here.

➜ The parent pretends to not understand what narcissist means, but then suddenly accusses the rest of the world including the scapegoat of being one.

➜ Because of all the above, the parent is the victim and blamish free.

How to see it all like a sane person? This parent is a failure because she was his authority figure. There is no way to clap with just one hand.

You will find lots of narcissistic parents doing this kind of smear campaign at rejected parents forum. Some posts really cross the line quite viciously, but no one seems to protest that. For instance, one user wrote that she prays to God everyday asking him to not let her son have children as she fears he will use them against her.

You may wonder why we don't have any examples here from that site. The reason is that the owner herself is another narcissistic parent and she has strict content policy. Still don't feel disappointed. The parents, these days, are running their smear campaigns on other sites also. Enjoy reading this crispy long piece:

Narcissistic Mother's Smear Campaign Against Her Drug Addicted Son
Narcissistic Mother's Lengthy Rant to Prove Daughter Is Suffering from Narcissism

How to Detect Subliminals that Are Harmful, Worthless and Total Scam

Subliminals can be sometimes completely harmful or are made to scam the listeners into boosting the revenue of the creators. You really should know all about it to stop wasting time on them.

In general, you know you have come across a scam, bad, worthless or unsafe one when

⇨It leaves you feeling depressed, suicidal and negative about others. Since subs are getting popular and there are plenty for solving a problem, it is easy to catch which one is leaving you in such terrible position. For detection purpose, one can be compared against several. If no other subs cause issue like the targeted one you know you are onto something. Don't listen to it anymore. If possible let your problem be politely revealed in the comment section. It should stay there unless the video maker ends up deleting it.

⇨You get no results, but you have mysterious longing for the sub. This does not apply if you are just in love with the song added to the sub.

⇨You get bad vibes during listening session. Pay attentin to your intution.

⇨Not a single sub of a single channel provides any result.
⇨In comment section, people are saying it does not work. This, however, can be applied to subs offering results easy to get in much less time.

⇨You suddenly start to get nightmares. You still need to take your mental condition into account. If the nightmares are irrelevant to it then the sub might be the problem.

⇨You get the feeling that your house is invaded by 4th dimensional entities. This occurs even though you might have benefited from the sub.

⇨Likes and dislikes under the video are hidden.

⇨Comment section is disabled.

⇨You catch a sockpuppet giving positive review for literally every sub of a single channel. Pay attention to the person's language style. Does it oddly match the channel creator's style of writing? If yes you have just caught a sockpuppet.

⇨You catch negative affirmations. Trust your ears.

⇨Your body is suffering from any or all of the side effects.

⇨The creator refuses to give straightforward answers about their questionable subs.

⇨Your negative comment is deleted by the creator. Many others report similar issue.

⇨The creator openly offers subs that are lifethreatening.

⇨Description box contains lots of sign up links.

⇨The channel title or avatar has questionable subliminal message

You should study about the Mind Power controversy to understand the nature of the problem. 
The painstaking investigation done on her definitely proves that not every sub creators has best interest at heart.

Powerful Youtube Subliminals for Attracting Money from Different Directions

Longing to be rich is not evil. Money making is extremely easy. The opposite is held up to be true by all those who never experienced the feeling of being rich. They are kind of like the fox that failed to get to ripe grapes and hence, pacified his heart by claiming how sour they were. But of course, their opinion has a great influence on you and now you are worried about your financial condition. For once, take a break from the society’s mythical practicality by surrendering yourself to the energy capable of changing your situation for the better. There is nothing to lose. The energy is available in the form of subs we have below. Your only task is to pick the one suitable for your financial objective.

The following tips are based on my own experience:
1. Listen to this kind of subliminal everyday for constant money miracles and success.
2. One listen is usually enough.
3. You can choose more than one.
4. You can play money sub while working. Visualization is not neccessary.

For information on how to use a sub and speed up its result refer to: Technical Guide To Using Subliminals For Benefits

Update: As soon as this article was published Forest for Women's page views skyrocketed.

Find Money in 24 Hours *STRONG* Subliminal 99%

Money subs work very fast. If you just wish to test their power start out with the above one. Those who used it either received something within a few hours or after waking up in the morning. You don’t actually need to go around searching. The money should show up just unexpectedly. Locations varied.

Make Quick Cash- Money Flows to You When You Watch This

This video requires your eyes along with your ears. You are supposed to watch it two times each day. Users reported that it helped them get job offers, sales and clients. Don’t worry if you can’t feel open about money. Below you will find cure for that.

Attract Abundance of Luck Money and Prosperity (Ultra Powerful)

As the title suggests, the sub is not just about money, but also prosperity. However, you will not be the only one benefiting from it. Your listening session positively affects your family members. This happens even if you fail in your own effort.

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Money Flows To Me - Law of Attraction Accelerator

This sub is not different from the rest. But it is included here for many reported getting results from it after just one listen. The sub happens to be my personal favorite.

Sales Genius - Increase Your Sales

This is the sub you can use if you are in sales. The surprising thing is that it seems to be working even for those who are new to the field. HypnoDaddy, probably, is from another planet! He has listed exactly what the sub does. It really is far more than just about lead generation. The music is relaxing and will surely make you come back to it repeatedly. According to users' comments, the sub works within two days. Try listening to it, before you head to doing your selling work.

Attract Jobs Fast

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Infinite Income Everyday

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Win the lottery

Positive result from lottery does not shine upon all. Strangely, the following video defies such randomness. You can listen to it before going to bed or in the morning. But please, don’t get carried away. Try going for a lotto that is extremely cheap.

Money Is Coming To Me

You have every right to have a relationship with money. You have every right to attract it into your life. For this, you need to change the way you see it and the following video will help you achieve it. The song is really cool. You may actually find yourself remembering it throughout the day. Note that this song is not for attracting money, but changing your view so that you are ready to utilize the main subs.

I am a magnet to money

The users of this song have many interesting tales. Some were homeless before. Now they are doing fine. If you don’t have a specific objective for visualization, this song does not seem to attract money faster. Most users reported listening to it for at least 6 months. That is not disappointing. See the song like a part of entertainment you normally get from songs that complain about ex’s and not feeling understood.

Why Subliminals Are Not Working for You?

Do you fail to get benefits from subliminals that are working for others? It is okay to admit it so you may look into changing your style of using them. The problem, probably, is rather personal. Any of the following might be the reason:

1. You have a stubborn mind which prevents you from being open to possibilities. Nothing is wrong with that.

2. The sub might be coming with certain rules you are not following. That is why, it is always important to check the description box under the video. The creators usually place the rules there.

3. You are not sure how affirmations work. That can happen from limited information. Affirmations are written in a way to make its users feel as if the benefit they want from them already exists. The reason? They are supposed to capture feelings. This means when you hear "I am financially free" you are supposed to feel it inside you. Certainly, affirmations are sometimes hidden inside a sub. In that case, go with the flow of the title and list of benefits provided in the description box by the sub creator.

4. The benefit you are trying to get actually takes time to show up. Are you trying to get control over fire, ice or earth from subs like the ones given below? If yes time to see result can take time.
5. You are forcing yourself to listen to a sub you actually have trouble standing.Your subconscious mind in this situation is busy feeling negative. Subs are not like bitter pills. Be honest with yourself. Dare to avoid what you can't stand.

6. Language might be a problem. Your mind has to understand the affirmations.

7. You might be using incorrect mindset. The idea of having extremely high hope from a solution does not work for all. Maybe you need to be a little detached?

8. You are listening to too many subs. You really have to be loyal to one. Subconscious mind absorbs repeated suggestions. If you want to choose a new sub over the old one you should use a flush first.

9. You have made your desire public. This is, by far, one of the most fatal things you can do to kill the results you want. It can be hard to win against collective consciousness. Even Quantum physics states that result is highly influenced by observation. In other words, if other people are given the chance to see your wish or desire and they believe it is stupid then this is the same thing that will become your result. This is true especially if what you want is out of the ordinary. In that case, you will have very little support.

Common Side effects Linked to Subliminals

Subliminals work far better than most manifestation techniques known to men. But they do come with various side effects. The ones listed below are reported commonly by the sub users. Although many in the community have positive view towards most of these remember your wellbeing should be your first priority.

Don't let anyone force or guilt trip you into accepting those that give you discomfort. Subs can be created and uploaded to Youtube literally by anyone. Consequently, do not expect the affirmations to have medical standard. Please see a doctor or stop listening to subs if you feel the side effects are toxic for you.

Depression: It signals that the sub you are using has harmful affirmations or are extremely incompatible with your belief system.

Detachment from reality: This can be caused by some subs programmed to detach the listener from the result.

Nausea: Too much listening to subs can cause this followed by hot weather and the fact that you need a break.

Thirst: It signals that your brain is absorbing more affirmations than it can handle.

Dizziness: It signals that your brain is absorbing more affirmations than it can handle. Subs that have a number of voices can also cause dizziness. It is completely okay to not listen to them.

Vibration/Tingling in the body: This is taken as a positive response.

Feeling something is stuck in the throat: Strong subs tend to cause this. In my experience the entire thing can leave the throat in extreme pain. Stop listening to the sub if the pain starts to get severe.

Headache: You are making your brain overwork or you are not using your headphones correctly.

Dry skin: Too much listening to subs can cause this followed by hot weather. It typically signals that you need a long break from subs. The dryness can be felt under the eyes. It may also trigger itchiness.

Bleeding nose: This is a sign of dehydration or other issues.

Chest pain: This is caused by strong and ideal reality subs.

Abdomen pain: This is caused by strong and ideal reality subs.

Greying of hair: Too much listening to subs can cause this. Keep eyes on your hair color.

Pain in the region you are targeting for benefits: Some consider this to be a positive response, but you should still stay careful.

Total collapse: Reported mostly by ideal reality sub listeners.

It is best especially for patients of migrain and epilepsy to stay away from this kind of manfestation technique. The headache side effect should not be taken lightly. Failure to be responsive to it may result in more severe pain resembling real head injury. Lasting for days, it can ruin sleep and affect mobility.

The Problem of Negative Entities

Some subliminals are prone to inviting negative entities to users. They may show up as shadow figures and invisible crawling bugs. If you are in bed with your eyes closed you may feel their weight and walking steps. Some may jump over you and then suddenly disappear into your body. Later they may give you any of the side effects we have above.

Don’t fear. Contrary to popular belief, you are the one with remote control in your hand. Usually, these entities imitate the thoughts that occur in the human mind. To them, you are boring if you are a positive person with love or neutrality in your heart. You can completely get rid of these guys by listening to this sub:

Technical Guide to Using Subliminals for Benefits

Subliminals on Youtube are gaining popularity. It is hard not to fall in love with their quick effectiveness. To reach that height, certain methods must be applied. Most often the creators provide them in the description box, but it seems the information is not enough for some users.

If you are one of them you may find answers to your questions here. Let's go with the basic technical guide first.

1.Mottos revolving around subliminals

Unleash the power in you by first believing in the following mottos. 

Anything is possible: Subliminals perform exceptionally well and super fast in the area of love, money and appearance. Those who have been consistently seeing results from them have strong faith that we are more powerful than we think. Needless to say subliminals consistently provide benefits deemed impossible by our current scientific community. This has given birth to the motto in the sub community that anything is possible. If you go by it you may start to get better results and unleash more of your hidden powers.

Act is the fact: This means it is the responsibility of the skeptic to individually test out subs if they truly want to know whether they work. Let's remember that literally anyone can access them via Internet without paying extra fee. In the world of sub users, it is archaic to wait for some college professor to show green light about their validity. A lot can get exposed about you if you are not being careful with your skeptism. Avoid being like Harry Shukman. By mocking subs without doing any real test, he has truly minimized his credibility. It is unbelievable that Times hired him.

Mind over matter: Affirmations found in subs provide results by changing the listener's subconscious mind. They can influence both internal and external situations. They seem to bend the reality. You really, therefore, need to respect your mind. Empower it through the subliminals to bring changes to matter.

2.How to Use A Sub

Before everything else, ask for protection from any higher power you believe in.

Basic formula to make a sub work:

Step 1: Choose a sub. If you can't make up your mind about it try any from this list:
Solve Love Problems By Listening To These Youtube Videos
Change Your Looks Naturally By Listening To These Youtube Videos
Step 2: Drink some water.
Step 3: Listen to the sub 2 or 3 times while visualizing that you already have your desired result. Make sure you generate emotions. They are central to attracting what you want. Visualization is not always important. Subs do work without it as long as you give them attention. Still know that the alternative of visualization is writing down what you feel while listending to your chosen sub. Once done, you can throw away the paper.
Step 4: Drink water at the end and let go of your desire.

3.Why Drink Water?

Most users believe that it plays in important role in generating the results. It is true that water stores information and is capable of making body charged with affirmations. But, in general, water improves blood flow and is recommended for intense physical activities.

Some in the sub community take the matter to a whole new level. You will be often instructed to drink lots of water before and after listening to your sub. Please don't follow it. Too much of anything is toxic. Drink according to the signal of your throat and stomach. Drink slowly and not fast. You really don't want to die from water intoxication.

4.Remedy to Listen to a Sub On Repeat

Repeating means looping a video so that you don't have to manually replay it over and over. That is how you can listen to a sub multiple times.

If you are on desktop go to your desired video and then right click> Select loop from the black menu. On phone, simply request the desktop version of Youtube to do the same. You may also use sites designed to provide this convenience. See Infinitelooper.

5.Remedy to Speed Up the Results

Before everything else, know that your own mind-set towards a sub has huge impact on the result it offers. You can choose any of the following to speed up its work. Don’t hesitate to test which one is best for you.

“I believe in it” mindset: This has to do with approaching subs like they truly and faithfully provide the desired results. Many find this method very useful and thus, it is mistaken as a part of the formula in the listening session. But no, it does not suit all.

“Let’s see” mindset: This has to do with testing out if the chosen sub truly works while staying detached from the result. Do go by all the rules associated with it. Keep ego in check. Even if you see the results it is not necessary for you to get into “I believe in it” mindset. Many among us are programmed to get benefits only through detachment.

In addition to that, try a booster sub before and after listening your main sub. This is how to approach it:

Drink water>Booster 2 or 3 times>5 minutes break during which you can again drink water>Your desired sub 2 or 3 times>Drink water

Here is one short and effective booster:

You can also listen to subs that promise to get you result quicker. See the example below. 

When needed take real world action. Before the arrival of big manifestations, you may start to notice specific numbers following you around. At this time, there is no real consensus on how to decode them.

Symbolisms of other kinds such as flashing light and a song related to your desire may also appear before you.  It is believed that they are messages from the angels. Officially they are known as synchronicity. Rely on your intution to understand the symbols. In general, they want you to know that angels have heard you and are now working to get you your desired results.

6.Remedy to Remove Subs from Your Mind

When you no more want a subliminal to rule your mind you will need to flush it out. This is done through the use of flush subliminals. You may choose the one below or any other you deem suitable.

7.Remedy against Mind blockage

When you feel your mind is not open to the affirmations you can unblock it using subs made to treat it.

8.Remedy to Let Go of the Desire

Detachment from the result is sometimes needed to make a sub work. To make this possible, you can use subs like this:

9.Remedy When You can't trust Sub Creators

You can make your own sub. For this, you do have to come up with your affirmations. You can follow the steps given in the video below to make your personal subs.

10.Remedy against Sub Hating Ears

It is completely okay if your ears can't stand subs. You can still get the benefits. The method is straightforward. Just let your water in a glass listen to your desired sub twice or thrice. Then just drink it. This is not limited to only subs. You can also read aloud your own affirmations to your water and then drink it to get benefits. You don't need to finish the entire glass in one go. You can program an entire bottle and drink the water throughout your day. Another thing you can do is to mix it with your bath water. This can, however, slow down the process of getting results.

Solve Love Problems by Listening to these Youtube Videos

They are not shows. They are no lectures. They are merely Youtube subliminals that use your subconscious mind to help you hear back from your ex, start something with your crush, manifest your desired romantic story, make your partner more loyal to you and many more to mention. There is something for almost every love problem.

The best thing, however, is that the subs focused on romance work better than all others promising great health, business and so forth. Why? The idea of being able to spend time with the one we love simply feels good and that is the core of how we attract positive things in our lives.

Below are the subs notable for giving quick results. To make them work, make sure you visualize what you are trying to manifest. If possible say in your mind the script by translating the desired people's expression towards you. Keep it all positive and see yourself as the first person in the imagination. Be loyal to the sub that works for you. Don't go for too many at the same time.

Don't forget to Refer to: Technical Guide To Using Subliminals For Benefits

Love Attractor

This mushy sub generates self love and helps one appear attractive to opposite sex. It is best for gaining attention. Some of the affirmations included in the sub gravitate towards one person solution. The music is sweet and innocent for which it can help you visualize your purest romantic desire. This sub is unisex and that means it is suitable for all genders.

Make them Miss You

This is one of the most potent subs to get a specific person to miss you. It does not matter if they ever saw you. To see a sample result, visualize the person missing you so badly that they can't help trying to contact you. Add lots of lines in your mind about their expressions. Govern their moves. At the end, go for a booster. The result then may show up within 24 hours and yes, it is unisex.

Get A Person to Contact You

This is similar to the above sub, but it is more to the point. The music is soothing and this means if your intention is pure you should see it in reality quite quickly. Apparently, it should work within a day, but the creator instructs users to give it a try for at least two days. The sub is made to attract an ex or a crush of any gender.

Get 100% Commitment from Him

Games in a relationship is a bad thing, but not many young men get that. If you no longer want to be a plaything this is the sub you should use. Its success rate is extremely high. The sub has no music, but voices saying affirmations. If you hate that you can play any instrumental of your choice through another tab.

Get Your Ex to Regret Not Being With you

This is the unisex sub that you can use to get back with your ex. For this, while listening, try focusing on them regretting the breakup. Be very specific. Otherwise, you may end up hearing from an ex you really never wanted to be with. Result may show up within 2 weeks or 6 months.

Get Your Lover Back

If your situation is extremely bad this is the sub that may work for you. People who used it reported getting the kind of results they could never imagine. This unisex sub has a great reputation for changing no contact situation and being useful in repairing a relationship over and over.

Get Married to Your Desired Person

The following unisex sub really has some kind of mysterious power considering the fact that these days getting married is hard for many. If you are one of the fed up people give it a try. Apparently, users report of seeing results even from the most stubborn partners. Some simply tested it without being serious. Even they report that it works.

Change Your Looks Naturally By Listening to These Youtube Videos

Naturally changing looks does not mean you always have to depend on the green. No need for buying beauty products either. All you need is your subconscious mind programming which works via your feelings charged with affirmations and imagination. Thanks to Youtube, this has become easier than ever.

Many channels now offer free subliminal videos which if you listen for a while will get you the look you have been dying to get. But which one works must be searched via people’s comments talking about their results. So far what we have below are some of the greatest hits.

Although we have a list of subs here you should make an effort to stick to one for your desired result. Feel free to check out the main description of each to find out which one would be most suitable for you. Keep this page bookmarked because it will be updated. 

Don't forget to Refer to: Technical Guide To Using Subliminals For Benefits

Ethereal Beauty

The following sub is for all those who are looking to get dimples, glowing skin, nicely shaped lips, jawlines and attractiveness that no one can forget. Listen to it 2 to 3 times everyday. Some results may show up within a week. You may actually hear from people around you saying that you are glowing. To make this sub work, you don't need to imagine anything. You can do anything while listening to it. The video has instrumental of Lady Gaga's Cure. It is so relaxing that you may find yourself completely addicted to it.

Legendary Beauty Potion

If you want to look divine or out of this world this is the sub you can choose. It treats beauty of humans as a part of nature. But in general, the sub targets not just body fat and face, but also personality of the listener. Your creative work may somehow look beautiful to those around you. The first effect should be you indulging in self love. Your acne may also lose power. Most results can take 2 days to 3 weeks show up. The sub is definitely strong. If after listening to it you feel sad or depressed please do not use it. The sub works for both men and women.

Facial filler or Instant facelift 

Save your money on expensive anti wrinkle creams by going for this sub. It is truly one of a kind. Its main objective is to fill up the wrinkle marks and tighten the skin. Even double chin can be fixed through it. It seems you can expect some results to show up overnight.

Hyperpigmentation Inhibitor

This specific sub fixes discoloration. By using feelings infused with imagination, it can be used to target any area of the body. If you have dark spots you may see them fade in one listen or 24 hours. For extra benefits, some users have been listening to it for months.

Cure Baldness and Regrow Hair

The title is not enough to describe what this sub offers. It is suitable for both men and women. The targets include preventing baldness through regrowing of hair, adding volume and strength, fixing damaged hair folickles and much more. Most users see results from this sub within 5 weeks.

Eliminate Dark Circles & Bags Under Eyes 

Dark circles are hardest to get rid of using creams. But the following sub is the miracle product. It can cure the dark circles and bags under eyes within one day. But to make it work, you have to listen as well as watch the video.

How to Telepathically Message Someone

You won’t believe how easy it is to send a telepathic message to a person as long as they are somehow related to you. It can be a coworker, friend or the crush you talk to. The steps on how to do it are given below. To become good at it, practise the sending process with a friend or sibling.

Step 1: Have the name of the person and his or her physical image in your head. Detailed visualization of them is not necessary and only the first name is enough.

Step 2: Prepare the message you want to send them. It should be short or have only one line. You should also make sure that you can feel this message. 

Step 3: Sit in a quiet room alone and close your eyes. Make sure no one can disturb you.

Step 4: Take a deep breath twice. Loosen up your body. Let go of your control.

Step 5: Shut down thinking in your mind by reminding yourself that at this time nothing matters. To make it stronger, focusing on your loosened body.  You can also command your mind to become quiet by saying Stop.

Step 6: With your eyes still closed, imagine yourself connected to the universe through a wire that ends by getting connected to the recipient. To get the vibe of the universe, picture the wire going up the cloud or sky.

Step 7: Now call to mind the message you wish to give the person. Feel it. Use genuine breathing as you mentally tell them the message.

Step 8: Close the communication link by opening your eyes and letting your random day to day thoughts take over your mind.  That’s it.

Reasons to Use the Desktop Version of Sites on Your Phone

Smartphones are popular gateways for virtual world visits. They outperform normal computers and laptops. But try choosing desktop version of the site you visit. Why? Let's take a look at the reasons.

Desktop versions load faster: Back in the days when phones started to become the main tool for internet use, we had heavy codes running the websites. That resulted in data loss. To prevent this from happening, tech giants like began pushing for fluid sites containing lighter scripts.  Although developers were supposed to do it all for phones, they worked on computers and thus, used it for speed benchmarking. Now if you request the desktop version of a site from your phone browser you will get it loaded faster than ever. Surely, the font size is not always friendly on your tiny screen. In that case, you can zoom in. Otherwise, after finding what you are looking for, you can switch back to mobile version of the site.

Less glitches and bugs: Mobile version of a site can have a whole lot of glitches and bugs. Even a simple image can become its victim. The Ikea site is a perfect example of this. As you can see, its mobile version is unable to show the image that the desktop one has. We can't always blame slow internet for this. The thing has more to do with developers not being aware. In the middle, visitors are left to suffer or have poor experience. To be not one of them, request your browser for your site's desktop version.

Prevents accidental clicks: Mobile pages are prone to suffering from poor padding and thus, when you scroll down your finger can’t help accidently clicking what you don’t want to see. Some sticky widgets make content reading annoying. Just look at the Chat Now button of Macy's below. Desktop version of the site eliminates this hassle.

Scripts are not hidden from you: There is no way to make every script of a site fluid and lighter for all phones. Width is by and large the interruption. In some cases, certain scripts are deemed unnecessary for phone users. Others block contents as you saw above. These reasons are often used by developers to hide or move down some crucial parts of a site in its mobile version. Desktop version is the only thing that removes this barrier. You get the full package you deserve.

Prevents manipulation by online stores: Mobile version of an online store can be sometimes deceptive. It is all because of the freedom to hide scripts or send the crucial ones at the bottom with the hope that not all shoppers scroll down to the bottom. Secondly, it is very much caught in studies that phone users have less patience. Some stores have learned to take advantage of that to make profits.

Easy to navigate:  Navigation style is changed frequently by developers regardless of how it does not help the fluid design. On the phone, therefore, you will be forced to relearn how to use it all again and again. But once you switch to desktop version of the site on your phone, that problem disappears.

Prevents suffocation: Mobile site contents are squeezed to fit different screens. And as mentioned before, you will frequently have to relearn how to navigate. What you are going to see as you scroll down is another thing you will have to deal with. These things have psychological impact. You will feel stressed and in worst case scenario, suffocated. Desktop version can save you from this.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Diversity

How does it feel to live in a place that has people from all over the world? Doesn't diversity make you feel lost in translation? To get an answer for these questions, we have to look at what kind of society people of many races build together. Diversity related to population has both advantages and disadvantages.


No peer pressure: Being friends with people from different countries is a great relief from peer pressure. Your personal life stays personal. They are not going to expect you to get a boyfriend or graduate at some specific age. Everyone is given the freedom to maintain space.

Greater amount of individualism: Diversity sharpens your ability to maintain your individualism. With cultural pressure gone, you are more focused on your inner voice and that helps you become what you desire. You also learn to have your own opinions which you get to express without fearing.

Wide variety of cuisines for enjoyment, health and wallet: This, perhaps, is the best part. There is not a single country in the world where diversity has not led to increase in restaurants and shops selling exotic foods and ingredients. There is always something new to taste. But that is not all. Such businesses are a blessing for those who need to restrict the intake of normal foods. For instance, if you are a Californian trying to lose weight by changing diet you can always shop for low calorie ingredients at Japanese and Indian stores. Diversity gave you access to them. Such places also carry organic items at a very cheap price.

Man enjoying Persian Food in Dubai

Rapid Innovation and Progress: When a region promotes freedom of thought and expression its diversity opens the door to innovation and progress. How? People of different countries get to introduce their cultural ideas to the system, paving the way for development. Educator Khan, for instance, changed the way kids have been studying in the US through a teaching method common in his original country. Then think about Dubai from UAE. Its out of the world skyscrapers are the result of welcoming architects who had crazy designs ideas. In general, regions that have diversity get to become wealthy very quickly.

Variety in dating market: Some of us can’t date people from our race because they remind us of our parents and siblings. Some of us can’t relate to our own culture. It is high maintenance. Diversity erases that discomfort by allowing us to date people of other races and cultures.

Genuine Academic help from students: People of all races don’t see school stuffs in the same way. For instance, most white students give politically correct reviews of classes and thus, not reliable if you are concerned about your grades. If you want the brutally honest review you will need to talk to people of other races. Indian students will generally give you the most details. Bad at math? Diversity will allow you to befriend Asian students so they can help you learn it.


Colorful festivals can be depressing: Some cultures you will see have really colorful festivals. If you are away from home witnessing them can make you feel lonely. Participating in one does not help no matter how much they welcome you. You will still feel like an outsider. You will be depressed.

Struggle with language barrier: In some places, you will be lost in translation and that can affect your career. For instance, colleges usually don’t care if the professor they are hiring is fluent in English. Once he is in the lecture hall, the students are the ones who suffer.

Rampant nepotism: It can be very difficult to find a job and climb the corporate ladder in an area of diversity unless you have an exceptionally great resume. People, in general, love to work with those of their own race. They do it through recommendations and thus, in the job market, you have to feel like a fish out of water. This is quite common in California. People will often tell you in this state that most people are hired through networking. That is actually nepotism in disguise.

Making friends is not easy: If you are new in a place of diversity you will struggle to make friends. People here usually focus just on themselves. The friendship usually occurs when you become regular to them.

High living cost: There is a pattern and true for large cities. As mentioned earlier, diversity can trigger development which ironically makes living cost high.

Prediction for Studies Showing Older Men Slowly Falling for Teenage Girls

Our 30 something single women are seeing a lot of success in their careers, but strangely, this is not helping them get hubbies. As our title suggests, older men are slowly directing their attention to teenage girls. Dating sites are enabling it.

What prediction can we make about it?

In the future, a return to ancient times when older men married younger girls. It is not going to be an issue since majority of the American states allow child marriage as long as parents permit it. Being immature and inexperienced with the world, these girls will have no choice but to surrender to their much older husbands' do's and don'ts. They will grow up to become submissive women busy with household tasks. Men, then, will be able to argue that women are too inexperienced for the corporate world. Society will say goodbye to the idea that women are equal to me. We will lose our rights. It is only a matter of time before our society begins to welcome their relationships.

What will make it possible?

Our society is being driven by some extreme kind of ideologies. No one is quite happy with our current dating system. It is hitting new low day by day as hookups perish young people's skills to understand, initiate and maintain long term relationships. See examples below. All these questions are published on the same day one after the other.

It is quite messy out there. Before we heard that people wait until marriage because of their religions. The latest myth which soon will enter the trend is that long term relationship is a thing of the religion and thus, outdated. Some of the young guys believe only desperate people look to have a real partner.

Prominent dating gurus and commentators need a mention also. Many of these people have no experience with marriage and longer relationships. All they have learned is how to jump from one date to another. There is just no one out there to tell the audience that these advises turn toxic in the long run.

Female commentators from big sites by far are most dangerous. Analysis of their articles shows strategies to dehumanize rivals by hook or by crook. One of the most outrageous samples is given below. The piece comes from Vogue.

What triggered her to write a piece like that? When she still had the right time she was making fun of it. It is quite likely that she knows she is screwed up. But only if her rivals join her in her misery life will be worth living...for her! We will have a complete look at her stuff very soon.

Female commentators don't spare married women either. Almost every piece they produce has promotion of divorce at least once. Marriage is made to look like walking on eggshells. They are deadly for those who come from broken homes.

The oddest thing we have is the war between adult men and women. Much of it has to do with laws playing favoritism and the way these two sexes treated sexual liberation. Court has not been kind to married men and from that injustice, emerged Men Going Their Way (MGTOW). Even teenage men are choosing to be hermits. That's quite a challenge to radical feminism looking to free women from men.

MGTOW has the upper hand though. Feminists blatantly use shaming language, emotions and myth as their defense mechanism without realizing that these things are now working against them. MGTOW members, on the other hand, use rationality and realism to prove their points. Anyone can agree with those. But what makes MGTOW unfriendly to the pop culture is their intensely conservative and bitter opinions about women in general. Despite that, growth of MGTOW is quite likely. The biggest reason attached to it is their promotion of individualism which many men are craving for.

We just have to put all the above ingredients together to see where our society is heading. Numerous studies show kids follow their moms' relationship styles. This means the rat race will live on. Behind the hive mind, sits the loneliness. Each group we talked about is affected by it. If not eliminated, this will drain our healthcare system. Lonely people die younger.
For society, it is a wake up call and thus may choose to become lenient towards the idea of older men marrying teens no matter how obnoxious the thought is. This then may make sexual liberation a thing of the past. The men in their 20's have to focus on creating stability to come off victorious against the older ones in the marriage market.

Powerful Subliminals For Attracting Money From Different Directions

Powerful Subliminals For Attracting Money From Different Directions
No problem if you are lazy. Money subs work for everyone.