Sexual Liberation's Roots in Scams, Torture and Censorship

In the real world, sexual liberation does not exist. Men want to lose virginity for other men. Women want to lose theirs to keep their men. Eventually, what we see is that the first rarely comes from the heart. People just want to please somebody. Thematically, it is all about insecurity.

We have this war on body count and past details considered disturbing for a long term relationship and marriage. Meanwhile, studies keep showing that majority of the women fake orgasm and that is also for appearing politically correct in bed.

It took a hashtag called #Metoo to expose that sexual liberation is actually sexual oppression. Now some are trying to change how consent should look like in a dating scene to eliminate collateral damage. Can we truly live happily ever after with sexual liberation? There is no way out with a make-believe concept. The root itself rests upon scams, torture and censorship as shown by history and analysis.

Fake cosmopolitan articles injected sexual liberation into women’s movement

This was admitted by Sue Ellen Browder, in her Subverted: How I Helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women's Movement. She mentions how she knew very well that the two were like oil and water. She still continued. Her young age is what she blames now for the dishonesty she practiced by writing about sexually liberated women who were nothing more than fictional characters. Even her editor found the contents vulgar and terrifying.

Feminists went to fulfill a man's request

In that same book, Browder reveals that an unknown character going by the name of Larry Lader was working behind the scene to make it all happen. He was quite a convincing guy and thus, a group was secretly formed to bring about the sexual 9/11. His main interest was abortion which he finally was able to insert into the movement despite being fully aware that his model was another step closer to destruction of sexual morality. Sometimes Playboy is also blamed. But a pattern emerged which showed that men were behind movies that taught women how to be sexually liberated.

Mentally disturbed researcher’s disturbingly fraudulent research used as support 

The researcher was none other than Alfred Kinsey. Financially backed by the Rockefeller Foundation, his work on human sexuality became the scientific pillars for the revolution. He taught the world that a large number of Americans were already enjoying casual sex in many questionable forms such as extra marital affair, prostitution service, bestiality and so on. His work shaped up the idea that sex was purely rooted in biology and mostly damage free to relationships.

Alfred Kinsey’s research published as books like Sexual Behavior in the Human Male gained him massive stardom at the time. They say he gave women the drive to finally become sexually liberated. However, upon close inspection, majority of the researchers found toxicity in his data. Most of his participants turned out to be prisoners and his pedophile team members. A good number of singles were tagged as married. The experiments, on the other hand, involved molestation of infants. Many among them are now living with mental illness. Kinsey was not blind to the fact that his team violated several laws. He died fighting a case that came as a result of his pornographic materials. He was accused of being a pedophile also. It is reported that his biography is not so accurate either.


Misuse of evolutionary biology 

Kinsey did use it to accelerate gaining of support for his ideology. The torch is now being carried by our beloved experts. So many people fall for it. As we have heard, men evolved to spread their seeds. Recent studies have been debunking this claim. It is actually not caveman theory, but situations that drive men’s sexual decisions. And even when these things are ignored, that caveman theory stays clownish. Being programmed to do something does not mean it is a must. Plus men do carry monogamy hormone.

Suppression of the study which found link between sexual liberation and end of civilization

Sexual liberation is not new. In the past, many civilizations practiced it exactly like us. The result was nothing less than what cancer does to a body.  In 1934, ethnologist and social anthropologist J. D. Unwin published a book called Sex and Culture in which he literally painted what we see in our society now. According to his study, in the last 5000 years, our sexual liberation inhaled 86 tribes and civilizations. But yes, it takes 100 years or 3 generations to get to that position. Unwin observed that free sex eventually causes societies to become lazy and aimless, undermining the sophisticated manpower required to prevent backwardness, invasion and replacement by ambitious foreigners.

We can agree with Unwin that monogamy creates real men, but his conclusion that the disasters are associated with freedom of women is incorrect. In some parts of the world like Middle East, women hardly have much freedom, but this did not stop promiscuity from bubbling out in their society. The thing basically operates in the name of religion. 

In 1935, anthropologist Ruth Benedict went ballistic over Unwin’s study. Many sexually liberated people are relieved to find that out. The belief is that she refuted Unwin. Upon closer inspection, something different emerges. For instance, Benedict accused Unwin of manipulating the definition of sexual restraint and cultural achievement without letting us know what they truly meant in her view. She openly called Unwin’s correlation evidence absurd and that’s it. In general, however, her writing gives an impression that all her readers were familiar with her academic terms and tribes she studied. Her claims were not loaded with real sources and citations. And to some extent, they were not necessary because what she did was simply review Sex and Culture. Moreover, she was a feminist. Today, Unwin’s conclusion is discredited with the idea that correlation does not imply causation. What no one wants to notice is that how sex is utilized has profound impact on an entire nation.

And then...

Scams, torture and censorship live on as our now-sexual culture. Majority of the young people instinctively and individually know this is no liberation, but talking about it outside is considered blasphemy.

Worst is being done to women. Nothing in the world can be as pleasurable as losing virginity in safest of all hands in an unforgettable environment. Wedding night probably was an innovative product of the ancient for that? Perhaps, it lost that objective because of how it started to look more like a ritual? This still does not justify most feminists' urge to get women raped by a bunch of guys who have this strange idea that a real man is a dildo.

Made Two New Discoveries about Salt and Skin

I got curious about what salt can do us externally and decided to do an experiment on it. Surprisingly, whenever I mentioned it to someone backlash followed. I still went ahead.

Salt on Skin Experiment

It is not like I knew nothing about the marriage between our skin and salt. Some things went bad though. These are the mistakes I came across:
  • Using salt containing iodine on skin is torture. It feels so itchy!
  • Salt is capable of leaving cuts if massaged onto skin. It is sharp like blade. Mixing water does not help.
  • Salt mixed with lime juice is capable of removing tan within 10 minutes. It becomes permanent unless you expose it to sun irresponsibly. But doing the application frequently gets that specific area of the skin wrinkled badly. Culprit here is the lime juice and not the salt.
  • Some people online talked about how they used salt water as toner. I have sensitive skin. The toner ended up giving me acne. On day 2, things went worse. It seemed the idea of keeping the salt water in bottle for later use was a bad idea. My skin felt weird.
Those things justify the backlash. Still my thirst for continuing the salt experiment failed to die. There was something I noticed. I made a few tweaks to what I was doing to understand that better. First of all, I went for iodine free salt. It was Morton. I started it all in summer. My skin was horribly dry and I wanted it that way so I could see the result of my experiment better.  I took some salt in my hand with few drops of water to make it moist. I softly and carefully dabbed it to my face and after 2 minutes washed off. This time things became clear. My face no more felt dry. In fact, whatever tiny age related wrinkles I got looked literally invisible. The skin, overall, felt plumped, soft and glossy. I stopped the application to see how long my facial skin would stay that way.

There was no break from shower and yet it took two days for the dryness and wrinkles to reappear. When my husband (11 months older than me) got interested in that I told him to repeat this experiment. He had the same result and we both became its fan. So far I have not seen any side effect. But then again, I find the process annoying. I have to always make sure that no residue stays on my skin. I choose to go with the salt only when I have something big coming up and I am the center of the universe.

Salt on Hair Experiment

People around me have always been panicking about hair loss. Men seem to have the most intense fear because going bald is common for their gender. In general, the ones in their 30s panic the most. But as explained to me by my gold medal holding biologist sister, unless the fall looks extremely abnormal, there is nothing to worry about. Like all other animals, humans’ shedding is part of nature. What we must still remember is that hair fall in general, is a response to imbalanced ph of the head skin. Salt is known to restore ph balance. So I asked: Could salt application prevent the fall?

I could not dare to pour the particles on hair. I had to take a detour to salt water. I made it by stirring 3 spoons of salt to water. I took the solution to shower in a bottle. Just some minutes before getting out, I poured it on my wet hair and then washed. That day after it, something strange I noticed. Not even that normal hair fall was visible anymore. The effect remained like this for two days. On third day, the falling went back to normal. I then tried regular washing of hair with salt water. This time another new effect showed up. I generally have silky hair. That remained visible. However, touching showed sharpness in them. I did not notice anything else. I disliked the sharpness for which I no more wanted to regularly use the salt water.

Description of Mars in Pisces


With Mars in Pisces, actions go where the ocean waves take them. Mutability here is moderately strong. The natives pretty much take the form of the surrounding people.

Most of them, however, will outright deny this. For observers, on the other hand, it is very transparent. Having said that, the mutability of Mars in Pisces still is not stringently ghastly.

Its carriers do not have to struggle with the frequent changes of the mind and short span of attention. Their sensitive nature does not allow them to be spontaneous either. They like to be under the shadow of reliable people. They hate to be lost and thus, often look for someone else to provide them with a road map.

They are too willing to agree with those they fear or hold at high esteem. The carriers of Mars in Pisces like to avoid awkward situations and because of this, sometimes even though they may see a danger coming they avoid talking about it. This is common in front of confident people.

They are staunchly distrustful of those who give them bad experiences. It does not matter if the person is a family member. The people of Mars in Pisces do not forgive easily. Whether they take revenge depends on their birth charts. In general, their chosen method involves swimming away from the antagonists. In this, they are ready to make big sacrifices. Their loved ones, therefore, should never take their non confrontational nature for granted. Nervousness is quite common among these natives. They are prone to imagining the bad future occurrences far more than others.

Mars in Pisces is not free of temper tantrum though. They are skilled at picking up how and where to be angry from their parents. When irritated which comes as a result of heaven gone hell the carriers do erupt like volcano with an emphasis on emotional flashbacks. They can go hours with this.

Their sex drive is quite strong. They are willing to please in any way their partners like. A relationship is not necessary, but it does help them gain the confidence to be more animated. In a situation of no relationship, they are prone to treating sex like it is just a need. Hence, they turn excessively submissive and practical.

They are not much into surprises. They prefer the menu to be discussed before going to bedroom. These people consider the world to be too harsh. Consequently, they want a love that can make them feel fluffy 24/7.

Mars in Pisces Man

Externally, this man can be described as Forrest Gump. Without asking any question, he would do anything to satisfy the norms of the society. The only condition is that his duty should not involve lethal risks. He habitually goes for what is popular and amiable to his aptitude. Even after this, he is faced with divided results. His hardcore dedication has the propensity to breed tangible reward which gradually sets his life in secure motion, but when quietness comes into the mix he often becomes victim of invisibility.

On the flip side, he is highly concerned about his gender. He may simply avoid doing things which do not fit the role of a man. He likes to appear sturdy through his physique and fashion. He has a habit of reading facial expressions and tormenting his soul about things going wrong in the future. He expects a lot of perfection while constantly analyzing the surrounding people for it and that has effect on sex life.

Mars in Pisces man knows quite well that he does not do well with heartbreaks and rejections.Traditionally, that is why, he wants the ladies to make the first move. His flirting style is also quite indirect. He gives hints that he is interested. Even if dates go imperfect he wouldn’t mind spending many nights with his ladies. It is all about absorbing the moments and returning the favor while keeping the heart locked. In his mind, you get what you paid for.

Luckily, he can leave it all behind when he meets the perfect one. His type of woman is passionate, predictable and happy with little things in life. She must respect him at all times and keep the door of communication open. Physically, she must complement him outside. For instance, if he is short he may prefer someone shorter than him. Although he lets his partner control the path of the relationship, he does transmute into a knight in shining armor at the time of distress. He is unapologetically romantic.

Mars in Pisces Woman

There is always something dreamy about this woman. Her makeup and dressing sense may remind one of mythical beings. Her walking style is soft and supple. In a way, her roads are not made of asphalt or concrete, but clouds. She works with her emotions.

Her reason to do things in life is traditionally dependent on something or someone else. She is too attached to people she loves and this means she faithfully responds to an upbringing chosen by them. She understands that this kills her own desire and yet her emotional connection forces this realism to take a backseat.

It will still be wrong to treat her like a doormat. Anger driven by emotions is like a storm. She is quite a teacher of that. It may just keep growing with each new year of her life. Mars in Pisces woman usually is passive, but if threatened she will not wait a second to retaliate. This works in her career too. She will finish something because she does not want the failure to cause unnecessary emotions for her.

She is prone to falling in love hopelessly. She is typically attracted to those who are artsy and have a sad story to tell. Her history may contain a long list of heartbreaks because of her inability to see who her man truly is. In some cases, she may turn out to be the other woman or play the role of a wallet! Yet she considers love to be a spiritual experience.

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Description of Mars in Aquarius


The natives of Mars in Aquarius are not your everyday people. The detachment of Aquarius forces them to view the world in a very different way. A major portion of their lives is driven by the dogma of war on imitation. They do not mind dropping anything that seems to be widely used by others.

They are not compatible with traditions and cultures. They can’t relate to them. As kids, they are quite clueless about why we want to do something just because such things say so. They usually struggle to fit in.

In adulthood, the Aquariunly enlightened mind finally understands the value of individualism and thus, the natives begin to find comfort in being who they are. Some, however, take the extreme view that traditions and cultures are shackles holding back people from the greater good.

Mars in Aquarius natives are naturally disappointed by scheduled habits. Attention span is another thing they struggle with. The free thinking Aquarius has a tendency to bombard them with a wide variety of topics within just a few minutes, diverting their ears from from a lengthy conversation. In more serious matters, however, the fixed nature of Aquarius triggers them to succeed.

These people love to know how things work. They can imagine the unexpected. Creative ideas literally have highways in their heads. If they want they can be great entrepreneurs and inventors. Another plus point happens to be their rationality strength. Because they feel emotions very less, analyzing things from a logical point of view comes trouble-free to them. They are great at debunking popular beliefs.

The liberal values of the Mars in Aquarius require a mention also. The people with this placement are too into human rights and this is a central theme in their thoughts and relations. They are quite critical of human conditions and when they want to do something they like to make sure it helps the humanity. They do not like controlling behavior. They want the people around them to be who they are individually. It is also their way of securing their own independence. They hate to differentiate between the rich and poor, while sometimes arrogantly they may think of themselves as better than many earth people.

The detached nature of the Mars in Aquarius natives can give others the misconception that they are thick skinned to sorrow and criticism. The truth is that it takes several minutes or days for them to feel the hit. However, they do not have trouble showing irritation and when they argue they look either laughable or unacceptable because they tend to blurt out venomous truth.

Sex is never their major priority. They don’t mind forgetting about it. Besides, the detachment factor associated with the sign has a tendency to prevent them from being aroused in the bedroom. Some natives go completely asexual. For others, the most forbidden taking place in the most forbidden relationship is the most attractive! They feel aroused by free erotic thoughts. They know these are risky and hence, they say no to them in real life. Note that they are not completely bad in the bedroom. They just require varieties and breaks in between. Role playing may keep them hooked. Nevertheless, they do differentiate between love and sex a lot more than others. Some of them have no problem in having a sex free relationship.

Mars in Aquarius Man

Freedom is so important to him that he may clash with his parents for it many times in his life.  It is common for him to equal parenting with dictatorship. Besides, his strength in rationality makes him strongly believe in himself. In his view, he does nothing wrong. This is, of course, backed up by his view that he understands the world much than many others. At home, he cares very little about staying organized and although, in personal life, he is aloof he does quite well socially.

His liberal values have impact on how he chooses people to hang out with. His social resume may display a long list of close female buddies and those who know how the world is not a fair place. He is happy as long as all the factors are external.

Not much can be expected out of him during a personal turmoil. He can’t feel it for which he can’t pacify a sad loved one. His fast moving mind also prevents him from following through on his promises. He is willing to make up for them though and that is by other means.

His creativity makes him a great manpower in a company. He does better as team member instead of the main boss because of his enthusiasm to uphold freedom. This is combined with his disinterest to provide instructions. The end result is either disorder or work left unfinished. If he is mature it is possible for him to avoid the leadership position.  Yet as a team member he may not welcome a controlling boss. The man of Mars in Aquarius may stumble upon many rivals of his own gender too many times.

In the matter of relationships, the same feeling applies. He runs away from controlling women. He prefers those who are self sufficient, faithful and still freedom loving. The ultimate fate still rests upon the boredom free communication. Mental connection is very much important to him. It helps him get addicted to his date.

The lady of his dream entices him with her opinions. Flings are also possible for sexual experiments. In a relationship, his fixed nature makes him faithful in an odd way. He is not going to be always there for his partner. But that does not mean he is not involved in the relationship.

Mars in Aquarius Woman

She knows how to put her Aquarian detachment to work. She is capable of looking into a thing from a 360 degree angle without keeping room for any biases. This remains beneficial as long as conservatives are not involved. They are her nemesis.

The attitude she has towards life gets many astonished. The lady certainly respects her feminine side, while feeling programmed to discard what appears to be commonly used by other females. With each passing year, this deepens.

It is also possible for her to forgo gender rules in her everyday life. Basically, she is that one woman who sees nothing wrong in holding the door to let a man go in first. Likewise, she does not see a need for one to run her life. But yes, she falls in love and sees a relationship as a cushion against the insanity of the world.

When it comes to courting she wants her date to say that she is unique. Just like the guy above, she wants her mate to be freedom loving, but it cannot be wasted in play. Her kind of freedom loving is associated with spending time in something of value. Compatibility in the opinions is compulsory, followed by fresh topics. She is easily turned off by whiners.

Once in the relationship, it becomes essential for her to have varieties. Good news is that she is happy with the little things in life. On the flip side, she is not much into bedroom activities. She likes them to be of short sessions. She finds chitchats to be more productive in a relationship than those.

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Description of Mars in Capricorn


The natives of Mars in Capricorn view the world like a construction zone. They love to create and once they set eyes on something, they will do everything to grab it. Gifted with extreme endurance, these people are capable of competing to the point of ignoring momentary delight and even childhood.

They are born so mature that even in the cradle, they worry about what they want to be in the future. Subconsciously, they are sensitive to time limit of life. They plan and prepare their career roadways in advance.

Howbeit, all the undertakings of these natives are done within the circle of existence that is absolute and objective. Same is true for how they look at ideas. They like to experiment with what is already available, gradually rising to the top as renovators. Failure usually leaves them in a state of despondency. The pain is felt more severely by the certified heroes. They do not like to quit though.If needed they will bend the rules.

Mars in Capricorn does impact how its natives can be reached by others. They tend to appear aloof and too serious, somehow enabling the misconception that they are conceited. Never forget that Capricorn is connected to the element called earth. Just make them comfortable to loosen their seriousness. But never take their calmness for granted. These people value seriousness and structure. The absence of the two activates their dark side. Of course, coldness is their first response. But too much chaos can ultimately unleash the wild goat.

Big surprise awaits those who go to bed with these creatures. Capricorn Mars loves the extreme edge of the sexual field. On the negative side, display is in store only for a selected few abiding to guidelines of committed relationships. It is just that no matter how erotic the natives are, a conservative view on sex is what they like to uphold. Risky business is not their thing and they are good at keeping themselves at control.

Mars in Capricorn Man

He has a compulsive need to work. Even when nothing is present he will do anything to keep his brain and hands busy. He is mentally strong and disciplined. He does not like to be bossed around. The fear works well in making him focus on attaining the leadership position. He is quite a materialistic person and this certainly makes him highly selective about his career. No matter what happens, his profession must generate him a splendid bank account. He will not settle for less.

The feeling that his pocket is full of achievements does overpower his head. In his eyes, his personality is the definition of success and high rank. He chooses his fashion with the aim to express exactly that. He hates to be compared and criticized. No man can be like him. He is literally the diamond in the rough.

When all is said and done he goes home with narcissism. His friends may still see him with great admiration. But being close to him is a matter of suffocation for those who like some lighthearted fun here and there. Mars in Capricorn man is too serious to lick on lollipops. But he is not entirely devoid of the desire to have some fun. His indulgence happens to be grand. He is the kind of person who wouldn’t let a bottle of beer go to waste.

In a relationship, he seeks to be the dominant one followed by a solid devotion he can count on. Hence, his flavor of love leans towards the submissive women. Their resume must exhibit certain qualities of success. The incompatibility between the two ingredients often makes him a victim of bad romance. But there is no way to guess the number of times this can happen. This man of ours can live without a relationship for many years. His ex girlfriend list is likely to be very short.

Sexually, this guy is a prank. Yes, outside he is quite a traditional person. But in the bedroom, this falls apart. He has a lot of sex drive. This secret is opened gradually. He doesn’t mind getting carried away. Much of it becomes visible from his physical domination.

Mars in Capricorn Woman

This woman is smitten with the yesterday era. She decorates her body to implicitly state that. Her makeup and style will often remind you of the 50s, but her actions are highly progressive. She is not afraid of being a one-woman show while letting tradition to influence her personal life. She works so hard that she is capable of dethroning the strongest male adversaries.

She has a good head for directions as well as patience. People value her judgement and for this reason, it is likely for her to have a strong presence in every step of whatever she does in a team. Perfection is so important to her that just to maintain it, she may end up with multiple specializations. This also means she knows how to evaluate results before they even come to existence. That is why, she can be quite nerve-racking to those working under her.

At the time of catastrophe, nonetheless, this lady must practice caution and remind herself of her strict moral codes. Capricorn is all about trying and being in control. It malfunctions when faced with defeat. Unfortunately, there are things that are not in humans’ control and this is where this Mars sign turns lethal for the female gender. Unattended sorrow can mean debauchery and self-destruction.

She does not spend much time on petty conflicts. Her defense mechanism involves giving cold shoulder and it definitely does not last too long. Only when the trust is broken she gives a thought to permanent anger. Revenge is what she aims for.

This lady can go years without sex. It is not the most important thing in her life. When the opportunity knocks the door she thinks about security. Pleasing her is not so straightforward because of her high standard. There is a need for x factor in the moves. Secretly, she wishes to be dominated in the bedroom by a faithful partner.
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Description of Mars in Sagittarius


The beauty of Mars in Sagittarius lies in its eagerness to explore what life has to offer. The natives certainly are big on taking risks, but their eyes on scrutiny save them from being in trouble. This is true mainly for the major decisions.

In all other areas, they do not mind being little impious. Sagittarius is generally very rash. Specifically, in childhood, it forms a major problem for the natives. With each growing year, however, they learn to barricade themselves with the wisdom of the Sagittarius.

Still, these daredevils are notorious for passing insults in a dollop of mockery. Moreover, their style of approaching something boldly is another concern for the weak. That does produce some frenemies. The natives are not foreign to anger either. What saves them from looking frightening is that they explode as well as calm down much quicker than many. They simply do not have the time to maintain permanent waves of bitterness. They would rather forget about it to focus on the big things.

Mars in Sagittarius typically is the rider of gentle contradictions. The natives are very much in tune with the trend. Just like the Libran Mars, they have their eyes set on fashion, gadgets and anything others are doing.
Parties and friends are also very much part of their lives. They just can’t stand boredom and thus, tend to gravitate towards outgoing people. Yet there is no way to call them superficial simply because their another side is devoted to knowledge gathering. After hours of partying, instead of going to bed, they are inclined to curl up with a good book or be informed about the world through news channels. They also have enough drive to excel in their careers to the point of becoming the benchmark of success. They feel inspired easily and their optimism carries the symbol of infinity. They love to speak all about it. Unfortunately, this is what makes them annoying to some people.

Thanks to high sex drive of Sagittarius, the natives have a love affair going with the bed. They love to try out the new, but with each passing year, they have a tendency to lose the urge to be sexually creative. Those who have a lot of earth also find it difficult to manage what the Sagittarius mars wishes to do. The mental argument is usually between nonconformity and conformity. As the mars sign is mutable the natives may find it difficult to say no to the heat of the moment. Later, they may end up feeling disgusted by it. Some natives may rationalize their situations by clinging to the idea that they do not need to answer anyone, but their God.

Mars in Sagittarius Man

He is a great talker and entertainer. He has electric energy and many sides which he does not always talk about. There is nothing controversial about them. They are just associated with his softness. He just does not think they are important, but he is okay with someone discovering them gradually. Generally, he puts his physical side to display with the purpose to gain praises. Despite the fact that Sagittarius is fiery, he usually tries his best to avoid confrontation. Explosion still needs to occur.

He has many questions, demands and urges. Many find in him a great thinker. Parents and lovers, on the other hand, may find themselves annoyed by his demands. He is materialistic as well as spendthrift. Both are likely to cause money problem in his life especially if they turn into a habit. His greedy side may also lead him to illegal dealings.

He is not the type of guy who goes for love at first sight. Most often he falls in love through the meetings. For him, love is pretty much of a gradual process. But yes, he finds curvy outgoing women attractive. He has a tendency to ignore incompatibility issues and that forms a problem once a relationship begins. He is never shy to ask anyone out. If the lady says no he will decide to keep her as a friend. He may bring up the offer of a relationship again after some years when she is free and looks interested.

He has the power to be faithful. He may even show it off by exaggerating the kind of relationship he shares with his lady. He is freedom loving. He has no problem in allowing his love to enjoy the same. Issues in the relationship come when this freedom is abused by her. Of course, much depends on her personality. This man is prone to getting cheated.

Mars in Sagittarius Woman

She is far more independent than thousands of men combined. She is prone to exhibiting a great amount of maturity even at young age. She has high ambitions, but her optimism combined with energy is what gets her career moving to the highest spot.

It is possible for her to have too many interests with each helping her gain a new talent every month or year. She may drop a few because they no more seem worth the time. At the end, she turns into a bucket of talents, making her effortlessly noticeable. Needless to say her expressions are quite defined. Her luck shines better in anything that demands physical beauty and effort. Most often, she may just find others coming to her with the offer of a career.

She is bold to the point of not caring much about constraints. This can make many of her men misunderstand who she is deep down inside. No matter how independent she looks from outside, within her heart, she is quite traditional with the major areas of a relationship.

When it comes to love she is no different than the man we have above. She is attracted to free spirited men. Moreover, she herself believes in respecting other people’s freedom. Some men may end up translating this into a free pass to cross the line. Trouble is in store for her if she gets too immersed in a relationship. To keep the man, she may start overlooking his habitual cheating.

Nevertheless, since there is good amount of sharpness in her personality, plenty of guys hopelessly fall for her. Getting a relationship is never going to be a problem for her. However, if she gets overly confident about her approach she may turn to manipulating men for selfish reasons instead of true love. She is quite a sex symbol and may find it difficult to be with someone who goes to bed only at night.

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Description of Mars in Scorpio


Mars in Scorpio is like a well written action thriller movie. What does it mean for the natives? Simply put, they are the central characters of this movie. They are associated with all the twists and turns required to cause an explosion at the box office.

Ironically, just like the attractive movie stars, their souls tend to exhibit an aura of enticement. Nothing, but the Scorpio is behind this whimsical splendor. In their movie, the religion of fervor happens to be the major theme. They apply it in all areas of their lives.

But they can’t multitask. When they make up their mind to do something everything in the world ceases to exist. Complication lies in the goals making into their list. They don’t always match the strength of these natives. But who cares? For Mars in Scorpio, another meaning of life is risk. Its natives will do away with an impossible goal only after several failed attempts and loss of certain belongings. It is useless to show them the faults, for they live by their own rules.

Their most favorite hobby is to dig for the truth. Although they love space and prevent others from going over their secrets they have an expectation that their partners must always be truthful and crispy clean. Anomalies in the relationship are not tolerated. Yet if any shows up the quick fix is total takeover. How that works depends largely on the attitude of the partners. Besides, the natives have a tendency to taunt.
The real anger of the Scorpio, however, dominates the upper portion of the intimidation. It triggers arguments, but also revenge connected to exploitation of the total takeover. No matter how bad things get, breaking up with these natives is never a cakewalk. No one can deny that their sexual aura is like the seductive songs of the nymphs. Craving for them is pretty natural. On the top of that, they are great detectives to their past lovers; what's more, they love to turn a no into a mountain-sized yes!

The good thing is that their stubbornness is strictly associated with their faithfulness in friendships and relationships. They care sincerely and often take the form of Great Wall of China to protect their loved ones. It will always take long time for them to forgive those who hurt their family members and close friends.

Mars in Scorpio Man

There is something unusual about this man. He religiously believes in himself and tends to use this energize himself to choose goals and work towards them. According to his survival instinct, our environment makes us who we are. Do not think that it is similar to how other signs go with the flow.

The man of Mars in Scorpio does not survive by copying the masses. He survives by mimicking the energy of his goal. If it is tough he will make his actions tough. If it is lenient he will be lenient. In brief, it is all about the push. Easy success is just not for him. He is more likely to go for what others find difficult and shocking. That is why, it will not be wrong to assume that he is quite spontaneous in the beginning. But once the journey is started, he becomes methodical.

He is either too sweet or eerie. Hence, people tend to view him in black and white. Luckily, he is laid back about others’ criticism. Even though he feels the needle most often his replies to it are rather comical in nature. This is his way of showing his confidence and signaling that he does not care. Conveniently, he is the king of black humor. Wrath is not exactly foreign to him, but he has a need to suppress it as much as he can. Once again, this comes from his desire to face challenge.  

Is it important to answer how he is in bed? Recall from the basics of astrology that the sexual badge of honor belongs to Scorpio; what’s more, its ruling planet is Mars. For this man, therefore, every part of sexual performance is special. Flings are regular in his life.

He is attracted to women who have sexy eyes and carry a shimmer of darkness. His sexual nature may also gravitate him towards those who are physically loaded.  He is methodical towards the one he seriously wants.

In the beginning, he appears neutral to the lady while letting the communication flow. Throughout this time period, he may show off, play a few games and get into background check. Then comes the analysis of whether the feelings are mutual. He is inclined to push the accelerator pedal once the relationship starts. That is disappointing for those who want to go slow. Unfortunately, he is not forgiving about breakups. This is one guy who does not sit and cry for being dumped. He just holds a scary grudge.

Mars in Scorpio Woman

Her actions are a mixture of shyness and confidence. Just like the guy above, she has many big plans, but how she chooses them is what makes her different from him. Although she likes to play with her internal intrepidity she can’t think of throwing herself in the mud for it unless she is angry.

Her eyes are on what seems gracefully refined and dignified. She is a fierce critic and may often consider certain groups of people to be cheap. She is quite capable of showing her aversion just through facial expressions. Not just anyone can be her friend. She is persnickety about who can get into her life.

People can’t help noticing her and it is not just because of her sexual aura. Outside, she is big on moral codes and tends to present herself as awfully adorable and ladylike. She is pleasant to hang out with. Furthermore, her energy at work is beyond comparison. Nonetheless it can take just one personal crisis to change it into tinker's damn. This Wonder woman’s anger is the ultimate dark side of lord passion and it can take physical form especially when one of her loved ones is wounded.

She is very serious about love. Certainly, she gets plenty of men, but her heart is reserved for the one she can trust. He must also be physically attractive and courageous. At the end of the day, however, she is better off with someone passive.

Her relationships may end as a result of her jealousy, dominance and doubts. Also she does not tolerate cheating. In her eyes, sex is all about the passion. She prefers to have it only within the relationship. The moral code can still break when her heart is blown by a passionate meeting.
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Description of Mars in Libra


Mars in Libra is the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. It is neither overly belligerent nor ferociously soft. Conversely, inside, it harbors both and that pressurizes struggle in the natives. One of the biggest problems is that fiery Mars isn’t compatible with the tranquil nature of the Libra. For the natives, it shows up in the form of sudden anger which they eventually try to put off with an apology. Otherwise, they keep the issue to themselves.

Of course, sometimes a friend is allowed to lend an ear to it, but their decision to help the natives may not succeed. It is just that the Libra Mars has trouble articulating the negative to the abuser. Its natives tend to view straightforward negative talk as painful for others. Consequently, at the moment of confrontation, they are likely to turn passive or change whatever they mentioned earlier to their friend. They don’t meant to hurt them either. Sometimes telling other people about someone who causes them pain is their way of taking revenge.

Still no one can deny that these Libra Mars creatures are very pleasant and memorable. The Medal of Honor is their supercharged ability to persuade and they do it without even taking help from any force. Apparently, they are gifted sugarcoaters. Besides, they love to bring smile to faces. They wholeheartedly enjoy making people happy.

Description of Mars in Virgo


Virgo is big on social causes. How does that work for the Mars? This world has so much imperfection! The natives of Mars in Virgo have no choice. They must step up to remove it all. The target is either the atrocity of the contemptible or diseases.

Cherry on the top for the placement is its instinctive ability to know how to logically deal with almost any situation that arises. By the same token, it is able to facilitate the growth of multiple hands. The natives just love to work without making a grand show of it.

Notwithstanding the fact that they are fast rational thinkers, they are more prone to utilizing traditional mode of problem solving. But the major trial lies in team work and evaluation of actions. Thanks to mutable nature of Virgo, the carriers smoothly slip into their environment.

But they love to prepare dishes fit for the gods. How many know the recipes? The answer belongs to them only and that is enough to get them irritated and this happens to be the delineation of their anger. They fight it with all their might, for this is what the sign of Virgo commands them to do. With physical expression usually missing, the true nature of anger brewing in the heads of these creatures can be hard to pin down. A good sign still is them walking away from the target or complaining. Sometimes they do argue and it usually revolves around self-righteousness and the goal to prove the target wrong. They can keep going for a long time with this.
Even their personal lives are whisked using the same standard of perfection. Their willpower is astonishingly strong for which nurturing a healthy lifestyle comes easy to them. But the illusion of not getting enough and flying debris tends to leave them restless. Their solution for this is to keep their hands moving.
virgo mars
Sexually these people are picky and secretive. Yes, the standard of perfection is at work even here. Most lovers will find it difficult to please them in bed, but it will never be given the shape of a funny narrative. This comes from the conservative streak of the Mars in Virgo.

Also there is a need to appear all classy. This should not be taken as a sign that the natives are into vanilla ice-cream. Hell no! Eating sweet stuff at midnight is injurious to health. But again, Virgo is thoughtful. It can’t help comprising. So serve the natives something made from whatever leftover is found in the kitchen. Needless to say, their pickiness is very much attached to the feeling of being wowed by the new.

Mars in Virgo Man

This man is the Xerox copy of Christian from 50 Shades of Grey. He studies because this is what the respectable people do. He designs his career based on the idea of generating money and comfort with an emphasis on helping the less fortunate if possible. He takes his miscellaneous interests seriously also. If he ever decides that he wants to fly a helicopter he will make it possible at all cost. He tends to blossom better when he is sure that he has enough achievements in his pocket.

Inside, no matter how much the restless kills him, he does a good job of carrying a confident face. He is slightly old fashioned about clothes often preferring dress shirts and suit jackets over colorful jerseys. He is also very sensitive about his diet and health. Just like Mr. Grey, he likes to exercise control in all things. He is distant and private, yet pleasantly relational.

He desires women who are shy, but take good care of themselves. Innocent looking face or little body is usually big turn on. When he wants someone he becomes her helping hand. His idea is that loving is caring. A tiny problem still will hold him back from the commitment. He needs to know first whether the person he likes can give him what he wants. Consequently, in the beginning, friendship zone is preferred. Throughout this period, he flirts and helps, but does not touch, creating a confusing situation for the lady. Similarly, he approaches his sex life like it is a business. It is likely for him to end up with too many ex-girlfriends simply because of his devotion to perfection. In some cases, his desires can take a darker shade, opening the door to secret friends with benefits and infidelity. Watch for airy and fiery natal charts.

Mars in Virgo Woman

Her desire to live in the flawless is far more aggressive. She is capable of worrying and complaining about her invisible weaknesses to the point of skipping an event in fear of getting it caught. Tidying up is definitely her main profession in this world and it is likely for her to indulge in homemaking sprees. This part of her is very strong. No matter how successful she is in her career, she will always emit motherly sparkles.

She is very particular about cleanliness and has a habit of scanning the body of the person she meets. Strictly speaking, she notices and reviews almost everything. In some cases, she creates categories to make this task easier. People may think she is unbearably judgmental, but she probably has a point. Her main idea is that things should be simple and proper. Too much of one thing is not at all necessary in some places.

She chooses her man cautiously. Once again, how clean he is matters very much to her. The face should be free of beards. Hair must be short and combed. He must be successful in his career and has a great bank account. But for the sake of humility, such things should not be put on display. Sex is one of the most interesting things in her life. Although she is open to it she may feel disgusted even by the thought of handling someone’s private parts. The best solution for her, therefore, is marriage. It will give her ample time to loosen up.
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Description of Mars in Leo


Mars in Leo is associated with dignity, desire and recognition. The plus point for the natives is that they do not need to release extra effort to achieve what they crave for especially in the professional zone. They just need to declare their intention for the magic to begin.

They have a little bit of everything needed for a great success. Lion is the quintessence of superiority. He is known as the king of the jungle for a reason! The natives of Leo Mars cannot escape this grandeur. The way they approach something is graciously marked by intelligence, boldness, reliability and competence. No help is needed.

Besides, they are the masters of heavily defined facial expressions. People just have to bow down and show them the way to the golden throne. The astrological placement is very much into sparking the mind and body to be serviceable with a greater emphasis on gratification; ergo the natives must take up some form of creative activity mainly of their liking. Success is likely in theater and arts.

These people love to be admired and are inclined to show off their medals. Sometimes they overdo it to hide their weaknesses. They believe they are the best and despite all the success, they do not buy the breather.

Surely, at times, they are inaccessible to the world, but they can never imagine a life without more victories. Deep down inside, they know this is the key to luxury they crave for. They love to live in style. Sexually they are very giving. This is also their way of proving how valuable they are.

There are still some things they can’t handle. They are big on loyalty. They do not easily forgive and forget the traitors. The second is dented ego. As mentioned earlier, Leo Mars wants cheers and whistles. They do welcome criticism provided it is not accompanied by any form of shame. They do not defend their position immediately. First they bottle up the hard feelings. Only when things start to get worse the explosion of their ill temper occurs. Lastly, their regal lifestyle can make them highly picky. This does not do justice to them all the time. For the most part, it forces them to exhibit tantrum.

Mars in Leo Man

He is the alpha male who if not disciplined in childhood may turn into be parents’ biggest nightmare. The complication is brought on by the sound of his heart and popularity. The spoiled kid will grow up to walk all over the feelings of others. He will be manipulative and desperately self-centered.

He may also end up receiving a Ph.D in womanizing. Many will also crown him as the meathead of his town. In brief, the right kind of parental support stapled with a good set of rules is highly essential to his upbringing. Self-reflection may also help, for he is image conscious.

But of course, at a very tender age, he will start illuminating his potential to be the best through his ability to do things without seeking help from others. He dreams big and does everything to make it come true. No failure will ever destroy his hope to win again.

He definitely loves to talk about himself and finds comfort in social environment. He knows how to network and although he is independent he does not hesitate to be a team player. He is deafening and cheerful. Age, however, mellows him down. His mouth does not always practice inhibition. On the contrary, his anger like the blue moon shows up once in a while. Most often he puts a blanket over it.

The biggest challenge in his life is love. He easily attracts women. He can be very faithful and giving. The challenge still is his shopping list. He is attracted to women who are popular, yet passive. The king needs to rule. No rival is allowed.

Beauty still matters. His partner must have a sparkling physical appearance and a great sense of style. He is okay with some shortcomings especially when he is hopelessly in love. Unfortunately, this is where things go erratic. He likes to show off his love in a materialistic way which can make his lady love take him for granted. Disobeying, of course, is the final nail in the coffin.

Too many bad relationships eventually coerce this man to raise his expectation bar. But as he is popular among women, he will not hesitate to date casually and be sexually active. Even in this, he will make sure to be as pleasing as possible.

Mars in Leo Woman

This lady carries both masculine and feminine streaks. She is a fearless sexy warrior. Just like the guy above, she likes to steal attention. Her weapons for this are her talent, dressing sense, grades and much more. Socially she is conventional, often moving her lenses towards status. She is attracted to all things classy. Her career will make her parents proud. She is capable of taking up the most challenging work as long as it promises her fame and fortune.

She likes to hang out with strong people. She is warmhearted and charitable. Conversely, she has no time for the weak peers purely because that they are not energetic and active like her.

She is sensitive to the idea of going slow. Time, basically, is her main nemesis. Second in line is the irritation. She falls prey to it frequently. Anger is her another weak point. It is likely for her to experience it more than the guy we have above.

Sexually, she is demanding, yet highly demonstrative. The two actually go hand in hand. The rational explanation is that there should be a balance in how the pleasure is exchanged.  Having said that, her sex drive can be quite sizzling.

But who is her ultimate man? It is he who takes care of his body with great enthusiasm. No one can match his physical and mental strength. He does not hesitate to flaunt his success. Overall, he must be what she is.
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Description of Mars in Cancer


Mars in Cancer can be defined as the most paradoxical astrological placement. The crab is known for being closed off. But collision of Mars coaxes it to stay wide open more than it can actually take.

In short, it is the case of protection versus attack. Consequently, some natives may suffer from the eruption of mental disturbance. That has impact on how they view the thorns of life. In two ways, they try to take care of them.

The first method includes taking time to analyze the venture and that makes them slow just like the Taurus Mars, but this gets them covered. The second one involves exploiting the situations to get things to go their way. They have several options for it and not all of them are bad.

But again, due to emotions and not the brain driving their actions, it is likely for the natives to take extreme and even hasty routes more often than others. This can mean them getting suddenly angry and then actually fulfilling it. The natives who are very much aware of the negative results may end up bottling up what they feel and that can make them melancholic here and there.

Another problem is their inability to put emotions into words. They are not the quietest people, but what goes in the head is usually hard for them to verbalize because of Cancer’s forceful nature to stay inside.
They can still come out victorious. The emotions do promise some goodies. For instance, when they get serious about their work the emotions they are dedicating it to end up oozing out, helping them get the ticket to applauds. When they are happy and craving for some fun they know how to satisfy it, making them popular among friends. In relationships still, they are prone to welcoming setbacks forming from misunderstandings.

Cancer Mars has a habit of reading too much from others’ responses. Difficulty may also be experienced by those who are dealing with these crab bearers because of the contradictions. Yet closing door on them is not easy, for these natives know how to out-pour love.

When it comes to sex Cancer Mars works can be either excessively traditional or open. As mentioned earlier, it longs for protection. Exchange of emotions matters too. Because of this, some natives may choose to do it all in a nice secure relationship. On the contrary, the confident ones can be excessively promiscuous. Some may even switch into bisexual mode to get value for the fun moment.

Mars in Cancer Man

This man seems very honest and open. He talks so courteously, but is it just an illusion? He is great at hiding much of who he is. This is his way of protecting his weaknesses and aims. Also keep in mind Cancer’s urge to remain inward. Although he comes off strong a little moaner is always alive in him.

The irony is that he is responsible towards those he loves and cares. He prefers showing it through action instead of words. Habitually, he is a soldier. It is not that he wants to fight. His only urge is to make sure that the people he loves and respects are getting maximum comfort. For this, he does not mind letting them come under his shell. Asking for it is not necessary. He would do it, as mentioned earlier, because of his habit.

Attachment factor is another thing behind his soldier like personality. He falls in love hopelessly and this is not limited to humans. He can even get attached to objects, talents, skills and even professions. Much depends on what steals his attention and when this happens he gets so protective about it that he childishly lashes out against anyone who tries to tell him it is wrong. Otherwise, infused with anger, he goes behind the wall of silence.

Of course, it is a form of protection, but he also has the view that nothing can come out of the discussion with the opponent. In the middle, he will just end up hurting the person. Such negative outlook comes from his self-deprecation habit which pretty much contradicts his inability to face the critics.

Sex in his life is all about fertility. He wants to be a successful farmer. To put it another way, he sees sex as a way to make a family. Consequently, he ties it to relationships. His type of woman is in need of a savior. She is so traditional that she believes that it is man’s duty to initiate the relationship. By personality, she is loyal and sweet. Once again, it is his way of protecting himself from the heartbreak which can be quite difficult for him to bear. Although this man has no interest in cheating his moodiness can be a turnoff for the women coming in his life.

Mars in Cancer Woman

The woman of Cancer Mars takes the idea of protection far more seriously than the man above. She is a motherly soul to the nearest and dearest. She likes to take care of her family, but with that she bears the problem of anxiety especially when any of the members is out of her sight for too long. The irony is that she can hold grudge against those who cross her. She will remember it all. From time to time bring it up in the shape of a taunt.

That said, she does appear nurturing to her friends also and that makes her fall prey to those who are selfish by nature. Because of her emotional investment and loyalty, it can take her several days or months to realize it.

She gets her mood off unwillingly at times and when this happens it becomes difficult for her to respond to activities demanding immediate action. Normally, less work is best in her life. Too much can spin her ferociously in the mind, causing irritation and nervousness.

Sexually, she is not so open. Lighthearted fooling around is okay, but she blooms better in a comfortable relationship. Her type of man is intelligent, macho, caring and does not hesitate to promise security.

In brief, the father figure is the most suitable for her. But due to her flooding emotions, at times, she will look for love in all wrong places, allowing herself to become doormat. The biggest problem is her inability to differentiate between lust and love. In some cases, however, she can use sex to get what she wants.
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Description of Mars in Gemini


Metaphorically, mars in Gemini is a butterfly. It is colorful. It flutters. It sits on different flowers to drink their nectar and rest the wings for a while. Metamorphosis is also a big part of its life. In simple language, Mars in Gemini has many faces. It is forever wandering. Its mind has so many things going on.

Then there is that eternal curiosity which when not satisfied leaves the natives disappointed and bored. They are specifically interested in what nobody is thinking and doing. It does not matter if the target is good or bad. For this placement, even delving into darkness is kind of fun. Since Gemini is not much of a risk taker, such fun is normally enjoyed in secret. Sometimes it is just for keeping things interesting.

Same is true for the conversations they hold. They can talk a lot and it is never about trivial things. Their leaning towards intellectual stimulation is one of their strongest features. But they do not hold onto a topic for too long because of the traffic jam caused in their heads by the arrival of new topics. Also the dedication to the topic is simply the result of their mutability. This specific element of theirs can also sometimes change their accent.
The problem of short attention span is avoided only in school. The natives of Gemini Mars tend to be exceptional students. They are so passionate about education that they can let go all the fun things to just concentrate on their studies. Some forever remain bookish. Amusement is still important. They prefer to experience it by associating with an extroverted group. They are not good at being alone. With this in mind, they make every effort to make friends almost everywhere they go. Although no pickiness exists here introverts will rarely hear back from them. It is just that they are not exciting enough for the natives.

Incidentally, Gemini mars is allergic to gloom and potential doom. Much of it is connected to mutability and nervousness coming mainly from the climate of the sign. Sad moments leave the natives terribly affected. Some may even suffer from depression. The nervousness, on the contrary, can prevent them from facing major life issues. Their best option, therefore, is the flight, making them unreliable and notorious promise breakers. Just like the Taurus mars, this placement despises pressure. Under such circumstances, if the flight seems impossible to achieve they become moody which they show by being less talkative.

Sexually, Gemini mars is playful. Traditionally, the astrology has often declared it to be the symbol of promiscuity. The ultimate truth is that this cannot be applied to all the natives. Other sections of the natal chart do matter. Yet, in general, the main aim of our Gemini Mars is to experiment with sex out of curiosity. Now this can be either in a relationship or with a friend. The natives can actually be quite nervous about going to bed with random people.

Mars in Gemini Man

This man is quite independent. Even parents are not necessary in his life, for he can find warmth in his friends. Perhaps, more than twice, in his life, he has been described as the weird one. His family members can have the same opinion. No mystery exists here. He can talk a lot and then go totally obscure.

He loves asking questions, but when he does so he does not sound like a creep. He is good at keeping an impersonal expression. Some will definitely think he is too na├»ve, but don’t fall for that. He is skilled at analyzing people by taking in their details.

At young age, he has trouble deciding what he wants to do. His interests can be represented by the infinity symbol. They keep coming and going. People may see him as disorganized and incapable of finishing what he starts.

Fortunately, in between, those interests bestow upon him some valuable skills. Goldmine awaits those who accompany him in his journey of life. Because he is bored so easily, at mature stage, it is possible for him to end up with more than one profession, doubling his income.

But the answer to who will be the ultimate woman in his life will remain mystery for a long time. This mercurial gentleman can’t help being a serial dater. Women of different continents come and go from his life. He just likes the foreign. He is specifically attracted to women who can give ingeniously clever responses to his flirty words. Same applies to sex.

He is turned on mainly by seductive words. Unless he has an airy chart, he is honest about his wants and romantic history. Yet it can be difficult for him to keep count of his dates. Consequently, he will probably never give a proper number. Also what is gone is gone. Something that happened five years ago has no place in his heart and mouth.

The kind of honesty he upholds may not be desirable to most women he meets. Since he has problem deciding, it is likely for him to first test drive the relationship without giving it a name. If he is less cautious he will call it what it is, but then suddenly change his mind.

His biggest pet peeve is drama driven by tears and paranoia. He does not do well with emotions. One way to know whether this guy will stick around is to see his investment in the relationship especially in terms of finance and time. When he is not very serious he will make sure to spend less money on his woman. Also most of the time, he will also be unavailable.

His behavior may give many the impression that he is a cheater. He is never going to admit it easily. In his mind, first arranging a woman and then breaking up with the present lover to be with her is not equal to cheating. He does not see anything wrong with casual kissing and hugging especially when it is him doing it. Hence, whoever wishes to be in his life must have a bulletproof heart.

Mars in Gemini Woman

This woman never learned how to stop smiling. She seems forever cheerful and worshiper of great conversation. Habitually, she finishes people’s lines. She is little nerdy and little addicted to building things by playing with ideas. People must take precaution if they want to criticize this woman. She knows how to return the favor with very limited amount of words containing pure honesty held taboo by the society. She also does well with sarcasm.

Although just like the man above she has a need for variety she finds stability in activities connected to writing, music and even theater. They satisfy her need to express herself in any way she likes. In childhood, it is likely for the Gemini driven nervousness to taunt her. She can kill it through such activities. The praises she gets from her performance is enough to gradually help her control the pain.

When it comes to sex she is carefree. If her natal chart is driven by lots of air and fire she will need it to be spiced up. The signs coming from such elements trigger her mind to seek out the new and exciting. That does not do justice to her relationships provided she does not get caught.

On the contrary, if her chart is driven by earth and water it is likely for her to be stable. However, they still demand love which may not be compatible with her urge to be with a man who knows how to be fun and exciting.
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Description of Mars in Taurus


Mars in Taurus is a conservative placement. What this means is that the natives can be slow to start and stop. It is about being careful, calculating whether something they wish to pursue is worth the effort. Something new will always be the object of severe investigation. This in turn can make them lose various opportunities and even delay success in some areas of their lives.

In general, the natives are steadfast for which it is easier for them to get to their desired goals, eliminating the disappointment of losing opportunities. But they cannot be pressured to speed up, for such thing makes them malfunction. The first example of this is their work going all over the place. Tremendous anger can also follow. In some cases, they can take the drastic decision of leaving their mission incomplete. They know the art of arguing and their words are more toxic than those coming from the natives of Mars in Aries.

But usually, the bulls hate to hurt people. It is just that these natives are addicted to diplomacy. They do not challenge all opponents. Surrendering to diplomacy also makes them frequent victims of the yes reply. Those who abuse this weakness of theirs becomes the target of melancholy and bitterness.
Their coping strategy typically consists of complaining about it for many years and distancing from the abuser. Now here a problem is understanding how much truth lies in their blames. Mars in Taurus natives can have a tendency to overlook their own mistakes while insisting that someone else is always responsible for the misery of their lives.

Their lifestyles and opinions are pretty rooted in tradition and authority figures who have made a mark. This can sometimes blind them from accepting the foreign. Devotion to serenity is still something they cannot live without. Taurus loves the good times. It also has a thing for the worldly wealth and beauty. When with mars, therefore, it can trigger its natives to sometimes spend time in the enjoyable. This can come in any form, but for some, the joy lies in hoarding assets which they make untouchable and inaccessible to outsiders. This brings us to their immense interest in protection.

The natives of Mars in Taurus can get highly possessive about their loved ones. The action they tend to enforce is similar to how they protect their assets which unfortunately can create turmoil in their personal relationships. Yet it is irrefutable that they are big on making their loved ones and friends feel comfortable. Because of this, they are quite willing to accommodate. It is a part of their earthly nature. It remains true even for their sexual appetite.

Mars in Taurus Man

As a child, he was attracted to art. After growing up a bit, he began moving towards what promised great wealth. Of course, it can always be the art he loved so much as a child. This man appears to be quite comfortable in his skin. Why shouldn’t he be? His behavior is so charming that he gets a lot of praises for it, giving him the hint that he has got it all. He spends a lot of time to maintain it.

Traditionally, his kind of woman is girly and dresses nicely. He is drawn to defined feminine body structure. He expects his woman to be accommodating as well. The way to this man's heart is surely through his stomach, for he is quite a foodie. But despite the fact that he is easy going in love, he can turn out to be annoying to multiple women interested in him.

He is so slow and overly cautious that it can take several months and even years for him to ask his crush out. Mutual feelings, therefore, can go down the drain with the impatient and disappointed crush deciding to move to the next guy. But he truly wants the girl to wait awhile.

The delay is simply an act of searching for the answer to whether she truly is suitable for the kind of enduring relationship he wants. To do this, he utilizes all his senses. He knows he falls in love like crazy and that his partner becomes his addiction. A failed relationship, therefore, hits him very hard. He does not wish to face this nightmare.

He prefers love to be shown through physical touch. At night, this simple thing is enough to turn him on. Making love is of great importance to him, forcing his conservative streaks take the backseat. This should signal that this man can have the tendency to try it out even without getting into any relationships.

Mars in Taurus Woman

She is the classic daughter of her parents, fulfilling their dreams and wishes. She goes by what the society says. She is stubborn, but may gradually change her view to reflect any hardcore evidence proving her way as wrong. She can be sometimes harshly moody which actually forms from bottling up of bitter memories about certain people. During this time, she prefers to stay quiet. In public, yet she is quite diplomatic.

She has great interest in fashion and clothes. She loves to show off her worn dresses. As a young person, she is independent, but with time, she begins to feel the need to be accompanied by a loved one like no other woman. While the man above loves to eat, the woman of mars in Taurus loves to learn how to cook different foods.

Her outlook on love is extremely traditional. She wants a man who does not change easily. He must be predictable, consistent in his endeavors and has enough wealth to satisfy her urge for security. Views must also match. This is her way of avoiding discomfort while protecting her own lifestyle. Physical attractiveness is also important. She is usually attracted to athletic body type. But the man cannot be overly extroverted and popular because such elements threatens her security. She can be quite jealous.

In her view, sex equals to display of affection. If it is subtracted from the relationship she can get into panic mode about how the man is no more in love with her. Just like the man, she does need physical caress even when not in bed.
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