Description of Mars in Scorpio


Mars in Scorpio is like a well written action thriller movie. What does it mean for the natives? Simply put, they are the central characters of this movie. They are associated with all the twists and turns required to cause an explosion at the box office.

Ironically, just like the attractive movie stars, their souls tend to exhibit an aura of enticement. Nothing, but the Scorpio is behind this whimsical splendor. In their movie, the religion of fervor happens to be the major theme. They apply it in all areas of their lives.

But they can’t multitask. When they make up their mind to do something everything in the world ceases to exist. Complication lies in the goals making into their list. They don’t always match the strength of these natives. But who cares? For Mars in Scorpio, another meaning of life is risk. Its natives will do away with an impossible goal only after several failed attempts and loss of certain belongings. It is useless to show them the faults, for they live by their own rules.

Their most favorite hobby is to dig for the truth. Although they love space and prevent others from going over their secrets they have an expectation that their partners must always be truthful and crispy clean. Anomalies in the relationship are not tolerated. Yet if any shows up the quick fix is total takeover. How that works depends largely on the attitude of the partners. Besides, the natives have a tendency to taunt.
The real anger of the Scorpio, however, dominates the upper portion of the intimidation. It triggers arguments, but also revenge connected to exploitation of the total takeover. No matter how bad things get, breaking up with these natives is never a cakewalk. No one can deny that their sexual aura is like the seductive songs of the nymphs. Craving for them is pretty natural. On the top of that, they are great detectives to their past lovers; what's more, they love to turn a no into a mountain-sized yes!

The good thing is that their stubbornness is strictly associated with their faithfulness in friendships and relationships. They care sincerely and often take the form of Great Wall of China to protect their loved ones. It will always take long time for them to forgive those who hurt their family members and close friends.

Mars in Scorpio Man

There is something unusual about this man. He religiously believes in himself and tends to use this energize himself to choose goals and work towards them. According to his survival instinct, our environment makes us who we are. Do not think that it is similar to how other signs go with the flow.

The man of Mars in Scorpio does not survive by copying the masses. He survives by mimicking the energy of his goal. If it is tough he will make his actions tough. If it is lenient he will be lenient. In brief, it is all about the push. Easy success is just not for him. He is more likely to go for what others find difficult and shocking. That is why, it will not be wrong to assume that he is quite spontaneous in the beginning. But once the journey is started, he becomes methodical.

He is either too sweet or eerie. Hence, people tend to view him in black and white. Luckily, he is laid back about others’ criticism. Even though he feels the needle most often his replies to it are rather comical in nature. This is his way of showing his confidence and signaling that he does not care. Conveniently, he is the king of black humor. Wrath is not exactly foreign to him, but he has a need to suppress it as much as he can. Once again, this comes from his desire to face challenge.  

Is it important to answer how he is in bed? Recall from the basics of astrology that the sexual badge of honor belongs to Scorpio; what’s more, its ruling planet is Mars. For this man, therefore, every part of sexual performance is special. Flings are regular in his life.

He is attracted to women who have sexy eyes and carry a shimmer of darkness. His sexual nature may also gravitate him towards those who are physically loaded.  He is methodical towards the one he seriously wants.

In the beginning, he appears neutral to the lady while letting the communication flow. Throughout this time period, he may show off, play a few games and get into background check. Then comes the analysis of whether the feelings are mutual. He is inclined to push the accelerator pedal once the relationship starts. That is disappointing for those who want to go slow. Unfortunately, he is not forgiving about breakups. This is one guy who does not sit and cry for being dumped. He just holds a scary grudge.

Mars in Scorpio Woman

Her actions are a mixture of shyness and confidence. Just like the guy above, she has many big plans, but how she chooses them is what makes her different from him. Although she likes to play with her internal intrepidity she can’t think of throwing herself in the mud for it unless she is angry.

Her eyes are on what seems gracefully refined and dignified. She is a fierce critic and may often consider certain groups of people to be cheap. She is quite capable of showing her aversion just through facial expressions. Not just anyone can be her friend. She is persnickety about who can get into her life.

People can’t help noticing her and it is not just because of her sexual aura. Outside, she is big on moral codes and tends to present herself as awfully adorable and ladylike. She is pleasant to hang out with. Furthermore, her energy at work is beyond comparison. Nonetheless it can take just one personal crisis to change it into tinker's damn. This Wonder woman’s anger is the ultimate dark side of lord passion and it can take physical form especially when one of her loved ones is wounded.

She is very serious about love. Certainly, she gets plenty of men, but her heart is reserved for the one she can trust. He must also be physically attractive and courageous. At the end of the day, however, she is better off with someone passive.

Her relationships may end as a result of her jealousy, dominance and doubts. Also she does not tolerate cheating. In her eyes, sex is all about the passion. She prefers to have it only within the relationship. The moral code can still break when her heart is blown by a passionate meeting.
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