Description of Mars in Virgo


Virgo is big on social causes. How does that work for the Mars? This world has so much imperfection! The natives of Mars in Virgo have no choice. They must step up to remove it all. The target is either the atrocity of the contemptible or diseases.

Cherry on the top for the placement is its instinctive ability to know how to logically deal with almost any situation that arises. By the same token, it is able to facilitate the growth of multiple hands. The natives just love to work without making a grand show of it.

Notwithstanding the fact that they are fast rational thinkers, they are more prone to utilizing traditional mode of problem solving. But the major trial lies in team work and evaluation of actions. Thanks to mutable nature of Virgo, the carriers smoothly slip into their environment.

But they love to prepare dishes fit for the gods. How many know the recipes? The answer belongs to them only and that is enough to get them irritated and this happens to be the delineation of their anger. They fight it with all their might, for this is what the sign of Virgo commands them to do. With physical expression usually missing, the true nature of anger brewing in the heads of these creatures can be hard to pin down. A good sign still is them walking away from the target or complaining. Sometimes they do argue and it usually revolves around self-righteousness and the goal to prove the target wrong. They can keep going for a long time with this.

Even their personal lives are whisked using the same standard of perfection. Their willpower is astonishingly strong for which nurturing a healthy lifestyle comes easy to them. But the illusion of not getting enough and flying debris tends to leave them restless. Their solution for this is to keep their hands moving.
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Sexually these people are picky and secretive. Yes, the standard of perfection is at work even here. Most lovers will find it difficult to please them in bed, but it will never be given the shape of a funny narrative. This comes from the conservative streak of the Mars in Virgo.

Also there is a need to appear all classy. This should not be taken as a sign that the natives are into vanilla ice-cream. Hell no! Eating sweet stuff at midnight is injurious to health. But again, Virgo is thoughtful. It can’t help comprising. So serve the natives something made from whatever leftover is found in the kitchen. Needless to say, their pickiness is very much attached to the feeling of being wowed by the new.

Mars in Virgo Man

This man is the Xerox copy of Christian from 50 Shades of Grey. He studies because this is what the respectable people do. He designs his career based on the idea of generating money and comfort with an emphasis on helping the less fortunate if possible. He takes his miscellaneous interests seriously also. If he ever decides that he wants to fly a helicopter he will make it possible at all cost. He tends to blossom better when he is sure that he has enough achievements in his pocket.

Inside, no matter how much the restless kills him, he does a good job of carrying a confident face. He is slightly old fashioned about clothes often preferring dress shirts and suit jackets over colorful jerseys. He is also very sensitive about his diet and health. Just like Mr. Grey, he likes to exercise control in all things. He is distant and private, yet pleasantly relational.

He desires women who are shy, but take good care of themselves. Innocent looking face or little body is usually big turn on. When he wants someone he becomes her helping hand. His idea is that loving is caring. A tiny problem still will hold him back from the commitment. He needs to know first whether the person he likes can give him what he wants. Consequently, in the beginning, friendship zone is preferred. Throughout this period, he flirts and helps, but does not touch, creating a confusing situation for the lady. Similarly, he approaches his sex life like it is a business. It is likely for him to end up with too many ex-girlfriends simply because of his devotion to perfection. In some cases, his desires can take a darker shade, opening the door to secret friends with benefits and infidelity. Watch for airy and fiery natal charts.

Mars in Virgo Woman

Her desire to live in the flawless is far more aggressive. She is capable of worrying and complaining about her invisible weaknesses to the point of skipping an event in fear of getting it caught. Tidying up is definitely her main profession in this world and it is likely for her to indulge in homemaking sprees. This part of her is very strong. No matter how successful she is in her career, she will always emit motherly sparkles.

She is very particular about cleanliness and has a habit of scanning the body of the person she meets. Strictly speaking, she notices and reviews almost everything. In some cases, she creates categories to make this task easier. People may think she is unbearably judgmental, but she probably has a point. Her main idea is that things should be simple and proper. Too much of one thing is not at all necessary in some places.

She chooses her man cautiously. Once again, how clean he is matters very much to her. The face should be free of beards. Hair must be short and combed. He must be successful in his career and has a great bank account. But for the sake of humility, such things should not be put on display. Sex is one of the most interesting things in her life. Although she is open to it she may feel disgusted even by the thought of handling someone’s private parts. The best solution for her, therefore, is marriage. It will give her ample time to loosen up.
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