Description of Mars in Aquarius


The natives of Mars in Aquarius are not your everyday people. The detachment of Aquarius forces them to view the world in a very different way. A major portion of their lives is driven by the dogma of war on imitation. They do not mind dropping anything that seems to be widely used by others.

They are not compatible with traditions and cultures. They can’t relate to them. As kids, they are quite clueless about why we want to do something just because such things say so. They usually struggle to fit in.

In adulthood, the Aquariunly enlightened mind finally understands the value of individualism and thus, the natives begin to find comfort in being who they are. Some, however, take the extreme view that traditions and cultures are shackles holding back people from the greater good.

Mars in Aquarius natives are naturally disappointed by scheduled habits. Attention span is another thing they struggle with. The free thinking Aquarius has a tendency to bombard them with a wide variety of topics within just a few minutes, diverting their ears from from a lengthy conversation. In more serious matters, however, the fixed nature of Aquarius triggers them to succeed.

These people love to know how things work. They can imagine the unexpected. Creative ideas literally have highways in their heads. If they want they can be great entrepreneurs and inventors. Another plus point happens to be their rationality strength. Because they feel emotions very less, analyzing things from a logical point of view comes trouble-free to them. They are great at debunking popular beliefs.

The liberal values of the Mars in Aquarius require a mention also. The people with this placement are too into human rights and this is a central theme in their thoughts and relations. They are quite critical of human conditions and when they want to do something they like to make sure it helps the humanity. They do not like controlling behavior. They want the people around them to be who they are individually. It is also their way of securing their own independence. They hate to differentiate between the rich and poor, while sometimes arrogantly they may think of themselves as better than many earth people.

The detached nature of the Mars in Aquarius natives can give others the misconception that they are thick skinned to sorrow and criticism. The truth is that it takes several minutes or days for them to feel the hit. However, they do not have trouble showing irritation and when they argue they look either laughable or unacceptable because they tend to blurt out venomous truth.

Sex is never their major priority. They don’t mind forgetting about it. Besides, the detachment factor associated with the sign has a tendency to prevent them from being aroused in the bedroom. Some natives go completely asexual. For others, the most forbidden taking place in the most forbidden relationship is the most attractive! They feel aroused by free erotic thoughts. They know these are risky and hence, they say no to them in real life. Note that they are not completely bad in the bedroom. They just require varieties and breaks in between. Role playing may keep them hooked. Nevertheless, they do differentiate between love and sex a lot more than others. Some of them have no problem in having a sex free relationship.

Mars in Aquarius Man

Freedom is so important to him that he may clash with his parents for it many times in his life.  It is common for him to equal parenting with dictatorship. Besides, his strength in rationality makes him strongly believe in himself. In his view, he does nothing wrong. This is, of course, backed up by his view that he understands the world much than many others. At home, he cares very little about staying organized and although, in personal life, he is aloof he does quite well socially.

His liberal values have impact on how he chooses people to hang out with. His social resume may display a long list of close female buddies and those who know how the world is not a fair place. He is happy as long as all the factors are external.

Not much can be expected out of him during a personal turmoil. He can’t feel it for which he can’t pacify a sad loved one. His fast moving mind also prevents him from following through on his promises. He is willing to make up for them though and that is by other means.

His creativity makes him a great manpower in a company. He does better as team member instead of the main boss because of his enthusiasm to uphold freedom. This is combined with his disinterest to provide instructions. The end result is either disorder or work left unfinished. If he is mature it is possible for him to avoid the leadership position.  Yet as a team member he may not welcome a controlling boss. The man of Mars in Aquarius may stumble upon many rivals of his own gender too many times.

In the matter of relationships, the same feeling applies. He runs away from controlling women. He prefers those who are self sufficient, faithful and still freedom loving. The ultimate fate still rests upon the boredom free communication. Mental connection is very much important to him. It helps him get addicted to his date.

The lady of his dream entices him with her opinions. Flings are also possible for sexual experiments. In a relationship, his fixed nature makes him faithful in an odd way. He is not going to be always there for his partner. But that does not mean he is not involved in the relationship.

Mars in Aquarius Woman

She knows how to put her Aquarian detachment to work. She is capable of looking into a thing from a 360 degree angle without keeping room for any biases. This remains beneficial as long as conservatives are not involved. They are her nemesis.

The attitude she has towards life gets many astonished. The lady certainly respects her feminine side, while feeling programmed to discard what appears to be commonly used by other females. With each passing year, this deepens.

It is also possible for her to forgo gender rules in her everyday life. Basically, she is that one woman who sees nothing wrong in holding the door to let a man go in first. Likewise, she does not see a need for one to run her life. But yes, she falls in love and sees a relationship as a cushion against the insanity of the world.

When it comes to courting she wants her date to say that she is unique. Just like the guy above, she wants her mate to be freedom loving, but it cannot be wasted in play. Her kind of freedom loving is associated with spending time in something of value. Compatibility in the opinions is compulsory, followed by fresh topics. She is easily turned off by whiners.

Once in the relationship, it becomes essential for her to have varieties. Good news is that she is happy with the little things in life. On the flip side, she is not much into bedroom activities. She likes them to be of short sessions. She finds chitchats to be more productive in a relationship than those.

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