Easiest Solution to Get Rid of Dandruff in a Week

It seems that majority of the people including medical professionals believe that specialized shampoo is the ultimate weapon to be used against dandruff. Grandmothers recommend oil, yogurt, vinegar, lemon, baking soda, coal and the list goes on! But how many of them truly work?

Hold your breath, elimination of dandruff requires none of those things. Also if you look at them from technical point of view, you have to wonder whether they can do anything those nasty solid particles.

I have finally found the magic solution that no one is talking about, perhaps, because no one tried it. Only three little things are needed to make it work and they are normally right in front of our eyes at home. Once they are combined, within a week big difference can come forward.

Things required:
  • Pedestal or table fan/Hair blow dryer that has cold air option
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Towel
Step 1. Take shower like you normally do.
Step 2. After shower, use towel to blot your hair to remove excess water.
Step 3. Once out, comb your hair to untangle the knots
Step 4.Now dry the hair using either fan or hair dryer while combing through the strand gently. If you are doing it at night before sleep, you have to make sure that your hair has been completely dried.
Step 5. Repeat the process everyday. On fourth day, however, you will notice extremely less dandruff.

What the hell? These are steps of how to blow dry hair. That is true. But the point here is that drying while combing is what makes the dandruff disappear. Technically, the scalp area should be given more importance.

Notes and Warnings 

  • Pedestal and table fans work best.
  • Hands feel achy after a few minutes? Work on your laptop or do something else in front of the fan, but don't skip combing in the beginning.
  • No matter how tempting it is, avoid hot air of blow dryer to make sure hair is not damaged.
  • Shampoo can be added to the method. It is best to go with the one that has both shampoo and conditioner (2 in 1). Don't apply it everyday. Make it every other day to avoid giving damage to hair.
  • Two shampoos that help the hair dry quicker are Head & Shoulders and VO5.
  • Combing and blow drying hair can make the dandruff flakes land on the face, triggering acne. Thus, it is best to wash the face after using the method.
  • It is not necessary to repeat the method forever as long as you are not taking shower before going to bed.
  • To keep the result permanent, comb hair after every shower.
  • Kill the habit of staying with towel wrap, for this can also summon the demonic flakes.
  • When scratching scalp itch avoid the nails. Instead use the tips of the fingers.
  • One of the side effects of using this method is hair growth. Now that is a good news for those who want long hair and bad news for those who just shortened their hair. 
  • It is not known whether the method would work on dandruff coming from severe medical conditions such as  Parkinson's disease.
  • It is not known whether it is damaging to thinning hair. Test driving can help you find the answer. In case of failure, avoid it completely. 

How to Use Hair Removal Cream Without Getting Rashes

Hair removal creams and lotions are better alternative to razors. They somehow slow down the growth of the hair, letting us take a break of three or four days from the worries of shaving.  Also they prevent the hair from growing thicker like bush! It is not hard to achieve these benefits.

But sometimes the creams can be harsh. Much of it depends on how they are used. Actually, certain precautions and tactics have to be utilized while dealing with such creams.  We will have a discussion of all this here today. In between, we will have many tips too.

Hair Removing should be done Under Good light: Always pick a bathroom that has enough light. It will help you see the unwanted hair better.

Remove Hair 8 to 24 hours before Going in the Sun: Skin which has gone through the hair removal process tends to be infused with oil. Thus, it easily darkens under the sun. In some cases, only dark spots form. So it is important that the hair removal cream is used 8 to 24 hours before going out.

Choose a Good Applicator: Most of the time, the hair removal cream comes with a spatula and sponge. According to the makers, they are supposed to ease the application and removal jobs.  Only when using them we come to know that there is not much truth in those claims. In reality, cotton pads make better applicators. So give them a try. For the face, cotton bud is best. The tool does slow down the work. But it is compensated by the final result.

Choose a Good Cream or Lotion: Not all hair removal creams and lotions are same. You definitely need to pick what is effective. Sadly, this calls for many trials. Save the creams’ receipts so you can get refunds just in case they fail to work on your skin. But is there anything best out there? I used Nair, Sally Hansen, Veet and some other unknown brands. Among them, only Veet turned out to be the best for me. I must still say that its previous formula used to make the hair thick. The newest one does not seem to produce that problem.  If you wish to pick something different go for the one that has loosened smooth texture.

Teens and People with Sensitive Skin, be Aware of These Products: Hair removal cream ingredients can be toxic for the young vulnerable skin. On legs, the effect is less. But you really do not want to try it on your face.  I am warning you from my own experience. As a teen, I used the cream on the cheeks. The result of this was rash. The marks from this rash took years to leave my skin. Even in my early 20s I was carrying them. But when the skin matured at age 25, I tested the cream again on the face. This time there was no rash. That is why, I would tell you to wait. It seems that on mature skin, the cream does not react badly.

How to remove the hair effectively?
This is the most important section. Let’s learn how to use the cream. To make the job possible, make sure you have the following:
Small towel
Warm water
Hair removal cream
Applicator (Cotton pads)

The steps:
1. Before you begin, find out from the package of the cream as to what the maker says about how long you can keep the cream on your skin. This is a very important. After a certain time, the cream tends to burn the skin. You don’t want this to happen.

2. With the cotton pad, cover the hair with the cream.

3. Within 2 minutes, the hairs will start to curl up. They almost look zigzag. This is the sign of their loss of strength. If it has not started happening keep the cream a little longer, but never more than the minutes mentioned by the maker. If you feel a burning sensations then ignore the maker’s direction. Remove the cream immediately because it is a sign that it is giving you rash. If possible do not use it again.

4. Make the towel wet. Use warm water.

5. With it now, remove the cream and hair. Be gentle here to avoid scratching or cutting yourself.                

Signs that hair removal cream will not work
Hair shaved before several times is immune to Removal Cream:
Ever wonder why creams don’t work on certain body parts? There is simple reason behind it. Regularly shaved hair tends to become thick. That is the main reason why in some parts of the world, kids go bald many times. Their parents just want them to have strong thick hair in their adult years. Similar fate is embedded in our other body parts. The more we shave our body hair the stronger we make them. They do not lose the strength. As a result, they fail to react to the cream. In this case, waxing is the only answer.

The cream has expired:
How do you know that your hair removal cream has expired? Take a look at its texture. If it looks and feels thick then it means that the cream is not usable. It will not work on hair like before. Usually, it takes 7 to 9 months for the cream to become useless.

Use Shaving Cream Instead of Shampoo

There was a time when shaving cream was made only for men. But now more and more brands are and designing and releasing it for women. The ingredients in it are less harsh, making them more soothing for women’s skin. Traditionally, we use this cream on legs and armpits. But the truth is that we can benefit from it in a different way also.

Often when shampoo runs out some of us feel that in emergency case, it can be replaced by soap. Sure this sounds like a good idea, but in reality, it is toxic. Soap does not just dry out hair, but also leaves them in knots. The ultimate result is rather embarrassing. So next time when shampoo runs out try shaving cream.

As mentioned before, it is less harsh. But the best thing is that it tends do the hair cleaning job quite smoothly. Dryness might still occur, but will not be too overpowering. That said we cannot totally replace shampoo with shaving cream. What is made for hair should go to hair and what is made for skin should go to skin. So try to get your shampoo as soon as you can.
Here is another interesting fact, men’ shaving cream especially Old Spice can keep bathroom mirrors defogged. To make it happen, all we need to do is apply a bit of it on them before shower.

Lazy Lady’s Guide to Cleaning Combs Without The Muscle Work

Once in a while, we all get lazy. We don’t want to touch anything. So things we have get dusty and dirty. This is true especially in winter. During this specific season, the thought of touching water turns us into cats.

Think about how some of our accessories can suffer because of this. The combs would get dirtier for hair. They do not require going through this. Just use the steps given below. They will show you how it is so easy to clean them without the hassle of scrubbing.

1. Get a bucket.

2. Now pour a little bit of shampoo in it.

3. Then pour hot tap water.

4. Stir to create foam.

5. Now make your combs stand in this bucket upside down in such a way so that only their teeth are right in the water.

6. Wait an hour.

7. Then run tap water over the teeth. by now, you should see the combs completely dirt less.

8. Last, air dry.

Fun Fact
Pantene 2 in 1 shampoos work best in this task.

Severe Side Effect and Death From Hair Color

At the end of last year, various reports on the danger of using hair dye surfaced in UK. Majority of us in America are completely unaware of this. But now it is about time that we learn about it because the brand involved is sold even here in the US.According to British media, right after 20 minutes of applying hair dye, a 17 year old girl fainted and died. Another lady named Julie McCabe collapsed, but was left with severe brain damage.  She experienced breathing problem while washing the dye off of her hair.  Doctors basically reported that her brain did not get enough oxygen at the last minute for which it went through the damage. What brand of hair dye was she using? It was none other than L’Oreal Preference.

It is predicted that p-Phenylenediamine (PPD), a chemical compound which usually goes in the hair dye is behind these cases.  Experts, however, have been saying that it couldn’t be so. Studies show that death from p-Phenylenediamine cannot occur that easily. Really? But they do conclude that it can give severe allergic reaction! If we use medical terminology we will see that another name of severe allergic reaction is anaphylaxis. One of its symptoms is breathing difficulty. Later death is possible. Julie McCabe did trouble breathing for which she suffered the brain damage. L’Oreal is aware of all the cases, but has not shown any interest in recalling their hair colors. The toxic chemical PPD is also found in majority of the Revlon, Garnier and Clairol hair colors.
The only way to avoid it is to go organic. However, caution must still be applied. PPD does sometimes make it to organic hair colors. A good example is Naturtint. Therefore, it is best to investigate the label of whatever hair color grabs your attention. You should also try practicing caution while buying commercially processed henna tattoo paste or powder because makers often add PPD to it. 

Secret Tool of the Bed Which Saves the Skin and Hair

Experts always say that the best pillow is the ultimate path to a great sleep. This is more linked to comfort. How your head rests does have an impact on your sleep.

But what we never hear from them is that there are pillowcases that can even save your hair and skin. The problem is that their effectiveness has not gained much attention. Not sure what the reason is, but let us have some discussion on them here today.

So what are we really talking about here? Perhaps, you heard about them from the spa technicians. They are none other than silk pillowcases. The notion is that they can dramatically keep wrinkles and acne away from the facial skin. In addition to this, they prevent hair loss and even the curls from damages. There is still an exception applies. No ordinary silk pillowcase can do such things.

You basically have to go for the organic version. In details, whatever you get must have 100 percent pure silk. You have to also make sure that it is smooth for your face and can be washed anytime you like. Silk can sometimes be a trouble. So you have to investigate the purity of this product before buying it.  Here are a few names that you might want to research on. However, it is best to go for mulberry silk. Its quality is always praised. The fibers are said to be friendlier and more effective on the hair and skin.
Silk pillowcases are easily available online. Amazon and many other stores have them. But keep them as the second alternative to traditional retail stores where you will be able to buy the pillow cases only after getting your hands to investigate them. Try Bed Bath and Beyond first. The store should have them in stock.

Examples of Foods That Improve Hair Growth and Texture

Hair is the grace of the head. When given extra care, it can add glow to a dull face. You must have heard that certain ingredients mixed to form paste on application can change the overall health of the hair. Yes, it can happen, but experts believe that a combination of healthy foods fed to the body is far more powerful than such recipes.

Their claim is based on common sense. When you take nutrition by mouth you allow it to breakdown in your system in most efficient manner. Moreover, once in the blood stream, it becomes more capable of getting absorbed by the scalp and hair. Mask recipes can do none of them. So the result you will get from them will give you only short lived result. Now you must be wondering what foods you should exactly have in order to keep your hair healthy. Let’s take you out of this mystery. See below.

Food Example#1: Popcorn, Oatmeal, Brown rice, Wild rice, Buckwheat breads and cookies
Above are all wholegrain foods containing zinc and iron. These two minerals help hair grow better and thicker. If you have anemia you should make a point to include wholegrain foods in your diet. Remember that anemia does not just make your body blood suffer, but also hair. You do not want your body to be lacking in iron. The above foods are also good source of carbohydrate needed by the hair cells.

Food Example#2: Nonfat milk, Cheese, Boiled egg, Meat and Nuts
These foods do not just contain zinc and iron, but also Vitamins which prevent hair from turning brittle and dull.  So always make an effort to include them in your diet.  Apparently, many salons will tell you that direct egg application will make your hair healthy. Unfortunately, research does not support it. But yes, eggs do contain keratin, a fibrous structural protein responsible for hair growth. If you are vegan try eating mangoes, carrots and broccoli. They are rich in keratin.

Food Example#3: Orange, Lemon juice, Papaya, Pineapple, strawberries and so on
You know very well that these foods are rich in Vitamin C. You will need them for your hair. Vitamin C helps body absorb iron properly. So the two must always stay together. However, do remember not to overdose your body with Vitamin C. Otherwise, you will end up with other different complications such as rashes on your skin.

Food Example #4: Tofu, Tuna, Sardines, Salmon, Cabbage and Hoki
These foods have omega 3, the healthy oil that keeps skin moisturized. Include it in your diet to keep your scalp free of itch and dandruff. If you are not into fish go for cabbage and walnuts.

Overall, try a balanced diet. Nothing can beat that. But one important thing you must know is that if you are suffering from damaged hair problem these foods will take at least 3 months to get rid of it. The process will be even slower under styling chemical treatment. 

L'Oreal Vive pro Hydra Gloss Moisturizing Shampoo

L’Oreal shampoos are not advertised widely for which not many people are into them. But the ultimate fact is that they are not just made for women, but also for men. While the women’s versions are marketed in three different bright colored bottles, the men’s versions come in black bottles. But all of them are titled as Vive Pro.

I got Vive Pro Hydra Gloss for dry hair despite the fact that my hair is silky. I just wanted to try out something new. All my life I faithfully used Pantene. Anyways, Vive pro is said to have royal jelly, a milky liquid made by bees. According to the bottle label, it is supposed to heavily moisturize and soften the hair. For best result, just like most brands, L’Oreal recommends users to get the Vive pro conditioner also. However, I chose to go without it. If you have been a regular visitor of Forest for Women you might have noticed that I never wrote a review of shampoo. The reason is once again my loyalty towards Pantene. But is Vive pro powerful enough to replace it? You will know its answer in the review below.

The best part of  this shampoo is its scent. It is sweet, relaxing, long lasting, yet not overpowering.  First time when I used the shampoo this scent totally blew my mind. Next, Vive pro liquid is very consistent and thick. I almost had the feeling that I was applying beaten raw egg to my hair. The fascinating part of this shampoo is its ability to dry out the wet hair quicker. I am sure that L’Oreal during lab testing did not notice it. Otherwise, they would have highlighted it on the label.

My hair does not have any damages. That is why, I cannot tell whether the shampoo can really fix them. However, it seems to have no problem in leaving the hairs soft and separated from one another. Additionally, even without the conditioner, it does a great job of adding a healthy amount of gloss to them. In other words, the hair does not look dull at all. But yes, do not expect to see sparkles. That is the job of conditioners and shampoos with 2 in 1 formula.

Does this shampoo make hair fall badly? In my case, this has not happened. Yet I will not say that the chemicals in it are completely friendly. I will explain it all in details under the problem section.

The liquid is very sticky and extremely less slippery. This makes it difficult to massage it on to the hair. The best possible thing to avoid this problem is to use extra drops of this shampoo.  However, Vive pro bottle is not gigantic and thus, such a technique will only make the shampoo run out faster.  I have tried my usual mix in water idea to break this stickiness of this shampoo. But it has not proven to be very helpful. The shampoo just does not wish to spread.

First time when I used Vive pro I was happy with its overall result. However, now I notice that it gives me rashes on my scalp (started after 3rd trial). This happens even if I use a very small amount of the liquid and wash my hair perfectly. I am now very suspicious of the ingredients that go in this shampoo. On the label, I see that one of them is salicylic acid, the acne fighting substance (rarely used in shampoos). I believe sneaky L’Oreal knows that chemicals in the shampoo can give allergic reactions to the scalp. That is why, salicylic acid has been added to it. Unfortunately, it remains ineffective at least for me.

The scent is good, the gloss is nice, softness can be appreciated and getting the hair dry out faster is beneficial. Yet there is no way I will say that you should rush to store to grab this Vive pro Hydra Gloss. Instead it should be used only after careful testing. The rashes coming from this shampoo are not just itchy, but also painful. In fact if you are prone to getting allergies avoid it completely. So how many stars should I give it? Trouble free scalp is more important than hair gloss! That is why; I bequeath this shampoo 2 out of 5 stars. 

Easy Trick to Save Shampoo: Anyone Can Do It

Using shampoo in shower is now a very ordinary thing. For some, it is something to be applied to hair every day. Others utilize it once or twice a week. Whatever the routine is, without it, washing hair is incomplete. But these days, good quality shampoo bottles have become highly expensive and that means we need to spend a few more dollars to buy them.  

Sure we have no problem doing this considering the fact that everything is pricey now. In spite of this, we must make an effort to use the shampoo from the bottle wisely.  The notion is to save it. But how? Just go over the trick to know the answer.

The trick to follow
Step 1: Do not pour the shampoo in your hand. Instead, pour it in a cup. The amount should be less than what you normally use for your entire hair. Remember we are learning how to save? 

Step 2: Add a few drops of water to it.

Step 3:Stir with your finger to loosen the shampoo in water. Also make sure that you see foams forming from it.

Step 4: Apply the mixture to your wet hair.

Step 5: Massage and wash in normal way.

If you keep doing this you will be able to make your shampoo last a long time in its bottle. Implementing this trick with two in one formula, however, is more advantageous. The result turns out to be higher gloss and silk effect for the hair. 

How to Get Rid of Smell of Sweat and Oil from Hair

Having bad smell in the hair is not a unique problem. Many people all around the world suffer from it every now and then. It is all in sweat and oil sticking to hair. Eating intense spices through foods can also be held responsible. That can swiftly intensify the odor.

But worse than that is a location filled with air pollution. With no hesitation, hair adopts that too. Mix it with sweat and you will find something more intense than trash! Of course, not much can be done about the location.

Making a drastic change in diet just for the sake of hair is also quite irrelevant. So you have to try out something else. Consider the tricks given below. They will definitely help you get rid of the odor from your hair.

1. Wash your hair every other day:
Hair needs to be shampooed every other day of the week. This is because it takes only two days for unwashed hair to swim in odor. If you think ordinary shampoos like Pantene and Finesse are too harsh for you then go for something organic. Try out Lily of the Desert Aloe 80 Organics daily. It is free of harsh chemicals.

2. Use hair cologne to keep your hair smelling great:
Hair cologne is designed to keep hair smelling great. One that is most popular is Aquolina Pink Sugar. Then there is another one called Stila hair refresher. According to the maker, it is not only a perfume, but also dry shampoo. Do a test drive of these products before regular use. Biosilk silk therapy has a great scent that lasts longer in hair. So if you get this product you will not have to use hair cologne. See the three bottles on the right. Note that Biosilk liquid resembles oily gel. By mistake, many people end up applying a huge amount of it to hair. You don't want to be one of them. Simply have a tiny amount on the palm. Rub it against your second palm and then apply. Don't forget to wash your hands after this.

3. Neutralize the hair odor with baking soda:
Alternative to shampoo and cologne is baking soda. We all know that this product neutralizes odor. For hair odor, it is no different. The notion is to apply it all over hair only after getting it blended in water. After that, usual washing must be done. It is important for you to know that baking soda might not be as powerful as shampoo and hair cologne.

How to Make Hair Appear Naturally Shiny and Silky for Parties and Photo Shoot

Gel is often taken as the substance for giving quick style and shine to hair. But the problem it causes is that it leaves hairs a bit too sticky. That is why; if you are planning on not going for a ponytail you should completely avoid using that. But this also means that your hair might stay dull. You can definitely eliminate this by giving a bit of shine to it. But how would you do it? There are two methods that you can use.

Washing hair under cold water: You might have already heard that hot water is like poison for the hair. As a matter of fact, it can also make you go bald. Interestingly, what no one mentions is that hot water also kills the shine from the hair. But of course, this does not mean you do not enjoy cleaning yourself under it!
Next time, especially, before a party or photo shoot, try washing your hair with cold water. This will not only make your hair shiny and soft, but also will free it from looking messy. However, before going towards this step do make an effort to clean your hair with a shampoo containing two in one formula. You do not want dirt in the hair to show up!

Applying silk therapy: If you have fear of coming in contact with cold water you should try this one out. A little expensive, but silk therapy is definitely a miracle hair product. Yes, from name it sounds like a medication, but in reality, it is like a moisturizer for hair. Good news is that it also boosts shine and softness. Now there are several silk therapy products in the market, but the one that works best is Biosilk. Using it is not rocket science, but since it looks like oil, you might end up using too much of it in the hair. Just stop yourself from doing this. The trick is actually to rub one drop of it on both palms and then apply it to the hair. Most beauticians working in salons know how to use it. so if you cannot figure out how much of silk therapy you need ask them for help. This product will definitely give your hair elegance in the party. Your pictures will also come wonderful. Since it does not cause grease or stickiness, it will make everyone think that your hair is naturally like that.

Exposing Suave Skin and Hair Care Products– The Truth You Did Not Know

Suave by far is one of the cheapest skin and hair care brands at Wal-Mart and Target. Many of its products are priced as $1 or $2. This is something frowned upon by some of us consumers. After all, low price equals to low quality.

Moreover, everyone living in United States is aware of the fact that the brand is cheap. So its bottles and containers in our bathroom can make our guests think that we are too frugal to spend money on a good shampoo or body wash. Above everything else, buying something so cheap hurts our ego, doesn’t it? But are all these fears and viewpoints legitimate? Unfortunately and surprisingly, the inside story of Suave is going to dismiss them as irrelevant.

What is that inside story?
Suave’s mission is to stay up to date with the hottest trends. You must be now thinking that every company does that, but don’t let it stop you from reading the next points. Things are going to get a little more interesting. So to stay with the flow, Suave keeps an eye on every new  product launched by Garnier Fructis, Pantene, Nivea or any other successful consumer brand. When this new release becomes hit Suave gets to work. Clearing things out, it embarks on reproducing (no change in ingredients) and re-releasing this same star product in bottles of its own.

Yes, we call this copying, but this is what Suave is all about. Its goal is to let people pick the copied version of the expensive products. You don’t still believe this?  No problem, just click below and read what the Suave brand manager says.

Okay, you might have yet not understood why Suave products are sold at such cheaper price. The answer to it is very simple. First of all, Suave does not spend money to invent products.It is just copying what is already out there. That allows the brand to save on research and development. Secondly, it wants to stay in business and as we all know nothing but a low price strategy works best to make this happen. 
So next time, don’t feel shy to grab one of the Suave products from your nearest Wal-Mart especially if it is a copy of something that you admire greatly. Forget about what your guests think. Quality wise, Suave is no different from the brands that we generally use.But if you are still suspicious about it just go to makeupalley and check out its product reviews.  They will tell you how people actually love everything released by Suave.

The Real Trick to Getting Any Haircut of Your Choice

Sometimes in the salon, I find women getting very shy about the kind of haircut they want. One of the main reasons behind this is their inability to state its title. Others simply decide to get help from the salon magazines which, unfortunately, is time consuming. We cannot ignore the fact that a haircut must be picked only after careful thinking. A magazine in the salon does not let it happen.

The best is to research and then decide which one would be best for us. Now you must be wondering that the name of the haircut is very important to remember in order to get it. Fortunately, that is not true. Actually, when I was in high school I got a valuable tip from a girl who did not know the English language well, but always got the most beautiful haircuts. I have been following what she told me for years and believe me; it never caused me any disappointment. So what is that valuable tip? It is quite simple. Just follow the steps.

Step 1: Pick your haircut from an online source.
Step 2: Print it out. If it is in color all the better.
Step 3: Next take it to the salon.
Step 4: Show it to the barber.
Step 5: Instruct her to cut your hair exactly how it is in the picture.
Step 6: You are done!

Do you see how it is easy to get a haircut of your choice without even knowing its name? A little bit of research here will let you imagine yourself with plenty of time with the haircuts you browse online. This is how you will also be able to pick a haircut of a celebrity. Don’t worry; your barber will not frown upon you.

Before we end today, here is an excellent video on the compilation of 110 hairstyles of 2011. It is created by the Youtuber, Missmex. She has actually worked hard for it. If you like any of the haircuts shown in the video just press the stop button at the minute or second where it comes (without stopping it is also possible). Next, take a screenshot of it by hitting the "PRTSC" button of your keyboard. Open your Paint program where you simply need to press the paste option. Last, just print it out and follow the steps given earlier.