Respiratory Mask is The Latest Fashion Trend

Gas masks remind us of wars. Soldiers wear them to prevent themselves from inhaling toxic gas. Its lighter synonym is respiratory mask that we wear only if we are handling or facing something that has heavy fume or dust. In China, this is the latest fashion trend. But no, it has nothing to do with Chinese people suddenly finding beauty in its shape.

Truth lies in practicality and necessity, making the mask an everyday accessory and almost an official symbol of Chinese culture. We ended our industrialization by moving all our factory jobs to China.Economy is booming there. People are slowly climbing up the financial ladder. The cities that once were home to bicycles now are becoming hoarder of massive number of cars. But showstopper here is coal. China is not only its number one producer, but also its number one user. The massive boom in economy now demands infinite amount of it. With government's effort going in vain, all of those are severely jumbling up the country's air.

It is estimated that 20 percent of the air pollution is caused by the goods being made for United States. The situation is tremendously bad. As a matter of fact, if a foreigner looks at the picture of smokey Chinese roads he will not be able to say if it is the work of fog or pollution.
These days foreigners living in Beijing tend to jokingly call it Greyjing. Pollution related premature death is no more the blue moon. Every year, China is losing more than 300,000 citizens to it. The government of the country has placed censorship over this pollution problem for which non-Chinese are not able to get much news about it. However, things have got out of control. Civilians are angrier, yet there has not been any strong retaliation against the poor air quality. The only protection they have now is the respiratory mask. They are very much into it for which designers see a need to give it a makeover.

November 1st, during China Fashion Week, Masha Ma, one of the renowned designers, unveiled a new reign of high end respiratory face masks embellished with Swarovski crystals to go with her urban-chic collection. This is not her first time though. Last October, she presented her collection with similar stylish masks in Paris.
Masha Ma respiratory face mask

Masha Ma's black respiratory face mask

Interestingly, the air pollution is not a concern just for China. Research reveals that California is also being its victim. It takes just six days for the smog to arrive at Los Angeles. Back to China, this kind of fashion show is not new for the Chinese. Last July, designer Nina Griffee showed off her mask collection at Hong Kong Fashion Week.

The world is getting stranger. 

Inability to Buy a Dress Leads to Divorce and Suicides

In 2013, Bangladesh, one of the South Asian countries came in the news for a garment-factory collapse. The disaster took lives of 1,129 workers.It is one of the countries making clothes for Macy's, Walmart, J.C. Penney, Gap, Calvin Klein and many other reputable brands.But grass is always greener on the other side.

The citizens of Bangladesh seem to prefer clothes made in their neighboring country, India. The craze is far hotter than we can imagine. On July 28th, Muslims around the globe started celebrating Islamic festival, Eid al-Fitr .One specific custom tied to this festival is wearing all new clothes. Shopping begins a few days before Eid.
Making a Jeans

With Muslims making up the majority of population, Bangladesh too enjoys the spree.This time, however, things went one step too far. The dilemma of shopping caused suicides and one divorce. How and why it happened will not fail to shock anyone. It was not similar to door buster deaths we see every year after Thanksgiving.

Owner of Fox 21st Century
Rupert Murdoch, the owner of 21st Fox Century and News Corps, has multiple television channels in India. Just like our HBO, they are available in most countries including US. One of them airs shows in Bangali, the native language of Bangladesh and eastern Indian state of Kolkata. The name of the channel is Star Jalsha.

Recently, one of its soap operas went popular in Bangladesh not because of its story, but fashion. Bangladeshi women were captivated by the female character's fashion sense, giving India a business opportunity. Titled as Pakhi (name of the soap opera character), the fashion line was introduced to Bangladesh prior to Eid. There was just one problem. The dresses were too expensive for the average Bangladeshi. Yet the fever did not die. In fact, it turned lethal. 

Some days before Eid, a 15 year old named Shela Khatun urged her parents to get her one of those Pakhi dresses. Her father did shop for her something new, but it was not Pakhi. Outraged and disappointed by what she was given, Miss Khatun got into a severe argument with her father. In the end, she took her life by hanging herself in her bedroom few hours before the Islamic festival started. Yes, we know teens are not capable of understanding the reality of the world. They can be sometimes immature, but wait, adults sometimes behave in the same way. 

During that same period in another Bangladeshi location, storm brewed between wife Rina and husband Tajul Islam Chunnu because of that same fashion line. Rina kept forcing her husband to get her the Pakhi dress. Not able to take this any longer, Mr Chunnu ended up committing suicide on 29th July. Another Bangaldeshi couple ended up heading towards divorce. The reason given was Pakhi fashion line. There are reports of more suicides, but no estimate is available. 

Angered by the chaos caused by the fashion line, many Bangladeshis are now urging their government to ban Indian channels. A hackers named  Tanjim Al Fahim have taken the website of Bangladesh Copyright department in his clutch to compel the government to begin banning them. He belongs to a group called Cyber-71 which happens to be similar to global hackers' community Anonymous.

Pros and Cons of Following Fashion Trend

Outfits come and go. Such is the essence of fashion. It is all in trend. Why do we follow it? Most often the reason is that we wish to blend in. In truth, there are some advantages associated with going with the flow. But this does not fully offset the disadvantages.

It makes shopping easier: Going by the trend means we are ready to buy what majority of the stores offer. This saves our time in the mall.
It makes shopping easier: Going by the trend means we are ready to buy what most stores have to offer. This saves our time.

It speaks upgraded: The benefit of going with the trend is that it adds upgrade to the follower. It is like disposing of a cell phone for a smartphone.

It gives the follower a competitive edge: Proven by research and seen by us in the real world of shallowness, we women dress for other women. We want to appear cool within our friend circle. Following the fashion tends to make it happen.

It makes the follower look happy: Those who have time for fashion are usually considered less stressed and depression free. Sad people don't always care about how they appear in front of others.

It is a great way to enjoy the youth: Do you ever notice how with each passing age our outfit options decrease? When we reach 40 we stick to less flashy colors and designs. After the age of 60, we get more formal and thus prefer more seriousness in our dressing style. The best time of our lives falls between the ages of 14 and 28. Most fashion trends are designed with the young group in mind. Hence, we have a wide variety of clothes to choose from. Why not enjoy it while it lasts? There will always be time for plain clothes. They never go out of fashion.

women shopping for what is in trend

It can turn the follower into a laughingstock:
As we know, going with the trend means buying whatever is in the store without wondering whether it will suit us or not. This is not always favorable. Guys have a variety of names for those who fail to dress up according to their body types.

Follower is only a follower, not a trendsetter: The idea to go by the trend hinders us from experimenting and coming up with our own fashion statements. We admit it or not, going with the flow does give us lower rank. The trendsetters stay on the top with their power to create and innovate fashion. Do note that one does not require celebrity status to start one.

It is a habit too hard to eliminate: Following fashion trends can turn into addiction which sometimes is difficult to get rid of, impacting not just confidence level, but also financial condition.

Suitable trendy clothes can still give the follower a bad name: Intellectuals in our society preach individualism because this is what our country stands for. Those who are for it have multiple names for a follower such as sheeple, cattle brained and trendwhore. At the end, the idea does make us lose our true identity.

It divides and rules: Corporate world has a tendency to regard people with no interest in fashion as ugly and social outcast. This has profound impact on high school girls. Not all fall under the spell, but typically the trendy ones prefer to stay in their own fashionable group, isolating those who are serious about studies and don't care about fashion. In most cases, they form their own little groups. Do we need this kind of division at the tender age of 15?

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Look Perfect in Your Photo With These Tips

We all want to look pretty in pictures. Sadly, not all of us know how to operate the camera in a way that will give us what we are looking for. Photography is an art that is learned over a course time through trial and errors. The shortcut, of course, is to take a class. But how many of us have time for it? Technically, it is not needed if we aren't thinking of becoming professional photographers. Our mission is to make ourselves look the best in our casual photos. For this, some simple tips are enough. This is what you will find below.

Once you go over them you will learn where you were going wrong with your camera. Additionally, you will be more aware of which fashion and makeup tricks to implement to look perfect in your photo. The tips have been picked based on their effectiveness. They are all well tested and easy to follow.

  • To look younger, brighter and cheerful, wear light colored clothes. This tip is a lifesaver in places with less light. Darker colors tend to make the face look older and tired in photographs. Another issue it creates is that it binds your personality to the other darker side of the world. That is the same reason why Gothic fashion emphasizes black color. 
  • Similarly, if you wish to look younger avoid dark shades of lipsticks. For best result, use a light colored matte lipstick of your choice. This will make you look not only younger in the picture, but also more down to earth. Don't forget to first draw your lips.
  •  If you don't want your acne, spots and wrinkles to be seen in the photograph, don't use flash. Digital cameras have more technologically advanced flash that tends to capture every bit of our skin. It also triggers the pupils to look red.
  • Make sure you don't stand behind the light or sun. Standing just below or above the light should also be avoided. Otherwise, your face will appear shadowed in the picture. This tip is given in most camera manuals. They strictly recommend facing the light or sun.
The effect that occurs when you stand
behind the sun for a photo
  • If you are taking your own picture don't hold the camera at a lower position. Instead hold it straight up to allow the light to illuminate your face. 
  • Make your hair look all shiny and silky in the picture by either washing it with 2 in 1 shampoo or by applying silk serum. This works best in the sun.
  • We gain 10 pounds in pictures. There is still a trick that can help you make your face look skinnier. Try giving your hair a wet effect by using water or gel. Straightening can also provide the same result.
  • Camera can see what is invisible to the mirror. So take test pictures of yourself and note down which parts of your face needs touch up. For instance, if your dark circle is visible in the picture hide it with a good concealer or foundation and then take another picture to see if it all looks good. If the lips don't look good switch to another lipstick. Remember that these test pictures can be deleted. Hence, you lose nothing. 
  • Going for a college id or yearbook picture? Do note that you can actually ask for a retake if you don't like the first shot.

Gorgeous Dress Made from Hershey’s Red Licorice Twists

On 27th February, Miss Pennsylvania 2012, Jordyn Colao, attended Go for Red event to celebrate 10th anniversary of heart disease awareness.

The highlight of the event was her dress which was made from real Hershey’s Twizzler twists.  Doesn’t that sound exciting? Of course, it is easy to think that such a dress would not come out correct or look odd. But this has turned out to be a misconception. Just have a glimpse of the photos of the dress to know why.

In these two photos, we are seeing how the dress is made. They prove one hundred percent that it has been decorated with real Twizzler twists.
How did it then come out? Only the trial can reveal it. This is what we have below.
The photo above shows only the top. How about a complete look? Well, this is what we have below.

As you can see, the beautiful face of Jordyn Coloa simply added richness to this red dress of candy, leaving it more gorgeous than how it appears. She is definitely looking like a Disney princess. Probably, her won tiara has made this blossom even better. 

How to Remove Dirt from the Edges of Flip Flop Sandals

During summer, flip flops are taken as appropriate fashion statements. One good thing about them is that their designs are constant. Thus, what we wear this year is just perfect to be worn again next year. But usually the obstacle to this is dirt. Flip flops catch it too fast, allowing their overall beauty to decay. This post will save them from such demise because in it, we will learn how to remove the dirt from their edges along with some tips to keep their foam beds clean.

Things required:
Hand washing soap
A tooth brush that has soft bristles (You really need to be careful with this one)
Laundry detergent in a bucket of water (optional: If the flip flops have a huge amount of dirt then before following the given steps you will have to soak them in this water overnight)

1. Run tap water over the flip flops. This will loosen up the dirt.
2. Apply a small amount of hand washing soap directly to the dirty edge.
3. With the toothbrush gently scrub the dirt. Follow what is shown in the picture. You do not want to scrub from bottom to top. As shown here, go from left to right. Note that you should never scrub the area aggressively. Otherwise, you will damage it.
4. Run tap water over the edge to see if the dirt is ready to leave. If it still is visible then apply the soap again and repeat step 3 and 4.
5. Leave the flip flops in the open to air dry. The steps will then yield to the result shown in the picture.

Tips to keep flip flops clean all the time:

  • Before wearing them, make sure your feet are clean. If needed just give them a nice wash. This is because the foam bed easily captures dirt from our feet. This should also hint you that you should not share your flip flops with anyone. They are not going to care whether they have clean feet.
  • If not in use, always keep your flip flops in a bag or shoe box.
  • After coming from beach, wash them immediately.

What DKNY Energizing Perfume is All About

Energizing from DKNY was released in 2011. Demand for this specific perfume is quite high in US. In fact the one I have was the last piece in the store of Houston Airport. I used it, experienced it and now I believe I can give you a complete review of what this perfume is all about. We will start out by dissecting its components. Then we will learn about its quality in details. Even the negative points will be highlighted. But before everything else, here are two of its pictures.

Product Overview

Just like many other DKNY perfumes, Energizing comes in three different bottles and prices. The one I have currently is the 1.7 oz one (50ml) and its price is $50. This is not a fixed price. In many stores, this same bottle is available at $44.

Liquid color: Clear like water.
Liquid staying power: Vaporizes within 2 seconds of spraying.

They are more leaned towards feminine scent forming from different flowers and herbs. Right from the label:

  • Limonene: This is the scent from citrus.
  • Citral: This is connected to lemon family also.
  • Hexyl Cinnamol: This works as preservative as well as scent. It can be made artificially or extracted from chamomile. Recently, it has been linked to allergic reaction.
  • Citronellol: This is derived from roses and skorkbills. Once again, it is linked to allergic reactions.
  • Linalool: this is a fragrance filled alcohol found in mint, cinnamon and even citrus.
  • DKNY perfume: Now this is what the box says. What this perfume is all about is not revealed. Perhaps, it is done to protect the core formula. But yes, Vodka is said to be one of the components here.

Quality of the Perfume

From afar, it is lemony, but once closer it turns more floral. Good thing is that this perfume does not scream. But do you know why it has been called as energizing? It is because of its unusual healing power. To some extent, the scent reminds of stress relieving Qiora products. That said, a few of the ingredients of Energizing have been recognized as stress relievers. One good example is linalool.

Lasting power: 
This is strong. I noticed that even after taking shower, this perfume remains attached to the skin in a soft way.

Who will win from it:
Since the perfume is quiet, it is perfect for every day wear. But definitely, working and college women will find its strength most beneficial.

The scent is not unique, crispy and sophisticated. Only if you smell it you will know that you are very familiar with it. Those who are allergic to perfumes and have sensitive skin might need to skip this one. But of course, trial is not a bad thing.


I like the nice skinny bottle and staying power of Energizing. The scent to me is somewhat average. By keeping all these in mind, I give this perfume 3 out 5 stars. I am not buying another bottle of this ever again.

Highlighting Fashion Trends of Spring 2012

Since the economy is bad, the designers have made sure to not make the spring fashion trend too extravagant this time. Much emphasis is on how women can mix and match different spring colors to show off their happy and feminine traits. Therefore, this spring fashion is all about color trends that speak of happiness and feminine traits. But the one which hits the jackpot is orange. Final trick is to wear any pastel colors either solo or in blocks. This is what you will see a lot in school and at work.  But what about the clothes? They will cause no headache this time. Frequent spring shopping is totally out of the question. You will understand it all once you go through the list given below. It includes all that clothes that will make you welcome spring like a trendy socialite.

Casual Caprice, Pants and Shorts: Think in terms of Color

You have a choice this spring. Wear caprice, pants or shorts, but to stay in touch with the spring fashion, make sure they are of different spring colors instead of just plain black. See the examples given in the picture above.

Tops: Drape Neck is Going to be Popular along with Solo and Printed spring or intense Colors

It does not matter what top you choose to wear as long as they are of bright colors in solo or print form. Only thing is that stores will recommend you drape neck a lot.

Skirts: Think floral and color along with Paper Bag Waist Short

Whether short or long, the spring skirt must be willing to speak fluently in flowery and colorful languages. The best is to go for something more soothing to look at. Pastel orange is the way to go. To be completely in tune with the fashion trend, pick paper bag waist short skirts. See the examples given above. They are in floral and solo orange formats.

Dresses: Drapes with a touch of Pastel Orange or Red/Silhouette/ Color blocks

This spring the dresses are going to be simpler, yet feminine. Drapes will be very common to see. The fabrics will be of pastel orange or red. But silhouette and color blocks are also recommended.

So this spring is all about cute colors. We saw the same in nail polish department. Are you finding yourself confused about what pastel colors are? Sometimes, they can be hard to distinguish from the normal light ones.  But nothing is impossible. Pastel is the soft version of a normal color. Some examples include pearl light blue sea or pearl mint and peach.

Most Beautiful Celebrity Perfume Bottles (Part 1)

There is something very unique about celebrity perfumes. They sure smell great. But apparently, now much importance is given to how they look. That is why, they are eye candy. Do you find this hard to believe?

If yes check out the bottles we have here. They have been designed by keeping many creative elements in check. One does not need to feel the liquid to appreciate their beauty. But before that, note that we will not be making them compete against one another. In brief, this is not going to be a countdown post, but a tribute to their attractiveness.

Velvet Hour for Women by Kate Moss

Sure it is a tiny bottle, but do take a moment to mediate on its look. Doesn’t it evoke an air mystery and silence? The blue color of the Velvet Hour seems to signal a romantic evening by the deep blue ocean. Sure we would love a date in such a location. Velvet Hour has been voted by people as the best celebrity perfume at

Butterflies by Coleen Rooney

The bottle above looks ordinary. Yet it illuminates serenity. Why that is so? It is all because of the embrace of the butterflies. Without a doubt, they are powerful enough to enhance the glory of any perfume collection. Perhaps, that is why, the above perfume is named as Butterflies.

Kim Kardashian Gold

The golden section of this perfume is not ordinary. It actually shows reflection like a mirror. Not at all girlie, the overall design is unusually sophisticated and almost has a royal touch. We can just safely conclude that it has a potential to attract even older ladies.

My Secret by Kathy Hilton

Many people rejected My Secret bottle by calling it tacky. Others just did not want Kathy Hilton’s name to be attached to it.  “Who is Kathy Hilton?” you ask. She used to be a television actress. Now she is “known” as the mother of Paris Hilton. Coming back main topic, the look of My Secret does deserve praises.  In the market, we have several heart shaped perfume bottles, but none of is actually free of the long neck like this one. But this is not its only highlight. Do notice the overall design of the bottle. It looks like a light pink heart shaped diamond.

Live by Jennifer Lopez

I sold multiple Jennifer Lopez perfumes to people at Mervyn’s during my freshman college year. They always seem to garner much attention. Back then, her perfume bottles looked ordinary. But now things have changed. Take a look at her perfume, Live. Waving with stainless glass style, it talks of the Arabian deserts as well as the lost magical potion from the fairytale world.

Take a breathing break and then go to part 2 to see the remaining beautiful perfumes bottles. They will not fail to dazzle your eyes.

Most Beautiful Celebrity Perfume Bottles (Part 2)

In part one post, we saw some beautiful perfume bottles with celebrity names attached to them. They were from Kate Moss, Kim Kardashian, Coleen Rooney, Kathy Hilton and Jennifer Lopez.

In this post again, we will see some more of the celebrity perfume bottles and yes, they too have the eye catching effects. Once again, keep in mind that our topic is free of countdown or more precisely competition.

Reveal By Halle Berry

The cap of Reveal looks like a golden crystal stone. But the bottle itself has a touch of dusky kiss of the sunset. Perhaps, it impressed the makers and Halley Berry also. Otherwise, they would not have used its design for  her next, Reveal the Passion.

I Fancy You by Jessica Simpson

You might have seen many perfume bottles similar to it. But what still sets it apart from them is its intricate neck design followed by tiny little butterflies and hearts. The color itself is relaxing for the eyes. Because of all this, we have it in our list.

Radiance by Britney Spears

Britney Spears’ perfume bottles can just complete against one another. Their beauty is almost like a therapy. They have a calming effect. But Radiance seems to have something more than that. Its bottle engraved with jewel like designs can be described as the show stopper. Perhaps, Britney Spears knows about it and thus, she decided to use it in her Hold it against me music video.

Women’s Luscious Pink by Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s fragrances definitely have the best looking bottles. Here you can see her Women’s Luscious.  Its tagline is “Embrace the Ethereal”. Sure this is more closely linked to the scent itself, but no one can deny that it suits even the bottle. Those who are not up to date on her perfumes must know that this bottle is not an original work of art. It is rather a result of inspiration taken from her earlier perfume called M.

Beyonce Pulse

The title has already hinted to you which big celebrity is behind this perfume. Yes, it is none other than Beyonce. Now take a look at the perfume bottle. Doesn't it look innovative? Anyone who missed the Pulse commercial might think that the tower-like silver portion of the perfume is a stand. Sure it is not a wrong guess, but what they might skip is the fact that it is also the cap. The perfume sits inside upside down.

Go to Part 1

Dressing up Like Lady Gaga: Her Audrey Hepburn Inspired Style

Lady Gaga is again in the news. This time it is for her dress. The buzz is that at iHeartRadio music festival she wore an outfit already displayed in New York by actress and singer, Anna Faris.  Media is nows looking to find out whether Lady Gaga or Anna Kay Faris looked best in this outfit.

Let them do their job. There is no doubt that this Audrey Hepburn inspired dress is beautiful. It is important to mention that by adding a necklace, Lady gaga gave her look more eye catching. 

Can ordinary people like us dress up like that? Of course yes!  The dress is definitely not made just for her.  You do not even need run to her designer to get it because it is found elsewhere also. Below we take a look at the name of the dress, its price and the place where it is available.

What Clothes Are Appropriate and Inappropriate for Women in Workplace Settings

All organizations have dress codes. During the first job orientation, the human resources managers will definitely talk about what the employees are allowed to wear in their workplaces. But their words can sometimes sound confusing and thus, for many, it is still easy to stay in fog about the entire topic.

Of course, for men, there are few clothing options available. But for women, the choices are infinite. Unfortunately, that can mean wearing something that can work against the office dress code. Now what are those inappropriate women’s clothes? The answer can be found in the given list:
  • T-shirts: Taken as too casual unless you are working for Google or Facebook.
  • Sweatshirts and Sweatpants: Most organizations have some kind of indifference to them despite the fact that they are actually quite comfortable to wear.
  • Jeans: Although it is comfortable to wear these pants, the authority figures do not want to see them in an office room. Yet it must be mentioned that female employees involved in a task of getting things off the trucks are usually allowed to go for both jeans and sweatpants. Another good news is that in most science field the pairs go without a notice. So if you are an engineer or chemist you might get away with them. 
  • Tank tops: Leaned towards body show.
  • Halter tops: Taken as too fancy.
  • Midriff tops: Again, has a tendency to promote body show.
  • Clothing promoting some kind of sayings: In other words, shirts with slogans on them are not allowed.
  • Any sleeveless top or dress
  • Any top or dress revealing necklines widely
Overall, women are to wear clothes that make them look formal and clean. 
Yet it must be mentioned that sometimes the body show still remains. I have been actually listening to many complaints from people about how some ladies working at banks wear formal clothes, but often cannot help the display of cleavage.  Remember, perhaps, it is possible to get away with such things from the managers, but customers tend to see it as disgusting. They simply do not want it in a serious places. So no matter where you work, try to keep your breasts nicely covered. In addition to all this, formal appearance is given importance in majority of the organizations. But how would you show that you are maintaining it? Just follow the tips given below:
  • Wear makeup, but do not go overboard with it: The best is to use colors that seem neutral. Yet remember, maroon colored lipstick is seen as okay to wear at workplaces.
  • Have a normal hairstyle: If you have long hair and dislike pony tails, just make sure that it is not coming over your face. It is also possible to see a black or brown hair band as a good life saver.
  • Keep your tattoos covered with your clothes: Of course, you have all the rights to display your fashion statement, but in a workplace the tattoo is seen as inappropriate. Your employer would be glad to see it covered.
  • Earrings must be small: Certain long earrings are considered as outrageous. So keep them aside. As for eyebrow earings, save them for the duty free hours.
  • Shoes must make you look like a woman: In other words, don’t go for sneakers, sandals or flip flops. 
This is just the basic. Some states like Utah have their own dress codes for professionals. You might not know it until you start working. Sometimes an organization can refrain from giving an orientation about your job. Meanwhile, it is possible that the entire topic of dress code is absent on the papers they give you to learn about company's policies. Under such circumstances, it is best to ask the human resources manager on how they want you to dress up for your work. 

Aishwarya Rai Gets Pounded by OMG For Her Dress

Yahoo’s omg! is a great place for acquiring useless knowledge about the lives of celebrities. Apparently, its link has been on mamma site’s front page with a display picture of Jennifer Lopez in clothes made from smuggled skins of 3 dead African pythons (just kidding).

I clicked on it to see it’s enlarged version. Of course, this made Yahoo redirect me to omg! page. On reaching it, I found a little bit of criticism accompanying Jello’s picture on its right hand side. It was about her dress.

Could not laugh to it and therefore, I kept clicking "next" button to see who else was pounded by this unknown Yahoo writer. Suddenly, I stumbled upon Aishwarya’s picture from Prix De Diane Longines. The skirt, top and jacket she wore in it were absolutely gorgeous. But the prickly author from omg! dismissed it as an embarrassing attire. Even her beautiful hat was not spared.

Something is definitely wrong here.  There is a possibility that the author did not really see the clothes worn by other guests from the same event on the same day! Otherwise, he or she was writing her commentary under influence (Yahoo, you need to start drug screening).  If her peach colored dress and hat were embarrassing then what should we think about the ones give below? 

Why is Michelle Obama’s $29 Dress a Headline News?

Yahoo News seems to be turning into comic strips day by day. This might be because there is simply no news to cover or they are trying to copy Foxnews! Whatever it is, one thing is certain and that is, Yahoo News needs a new person as authority figure.

Today, when I went to Yahoo homepage I was bombarded by the headline “Michelle Obama wears $29 Gap dress”. Wow, how sensational! The first lady wore a $29 dress? She is so down to earth. No wait, how can she bring down the name of United States with 29 bucks? It is like a nuking the entire country, etc, etc, etc. The last statements were the reactions that Yahoo wanted from us readers. I am quite sure there are some people who would react like that. But a little inspection and common sense will bring the surprise from sky to ground.

It is just that the images attached to the story are funnier than we can imagine. Take a look it closely. The Gap model is wearing the dress whose fabric and style match Michelle Obama’s top. Yes, Mrs. Obama is wearing a top and not a dress. But take a look at the title of the story. It says “dress”.

Another thing I would like to point out is that their so called dress is not $29, but $29.99 and that is also on sale as mentioned by Shine staff.  
We actually take it as $30. Add the tax also if you can.  But there is no way one can buy it anymore. The sale time is over. I clicked on Shine staff’s given link and this is what I got

Oh no, I missed it. No, I can’t believe I am late. What is going to happen to me? I thought to tell everyone that I owned a dress aka top worn by Michelle Obama. Just being sarcastic!

So why we should just take this news story as another trash from Yahoo? Because first of all, the title is misguiding. First lady is not wearing a dress, but a top! Secondly, it will be little pathetic for us to believe that she actually bought it from sale. Of course, she has the right to take advantage of a sale offer just like every other wise shopper. But what she buys should not be changed into headlines. Some years ago, we had Laura Bush as our first lady. How come Yahoo never did news on her fashion taste? Was it because her dresses were too boring? Yes, I know all her dresses looked the same. That is nothing to write about. But Michelle Obama is young. She still has enough time to indulge herself in the colorful world of fashion. Yet judging her clothes by looking at their price tags is rather odd. Yahoo news must also do something about the lies that they keep using in most of their cover stories. It is just becoming a habit now. The title, "Michelle Obama wears $29 Gap dress" is the proof of that.