Description of Mars in Pisces


With Mars in Pisces, actions go where the ocean waves take them. Mutability here is moderately strong. The natives pretty much take the form of the surrounding people.

Most of them, however, will outright deny this. For observers, on the other hand, it is very transparent. Having said that, the mutability of Mars in Pisces still is not stringently ghastly.

Its carriers do not have to struggle with the frequent changes of the mind and short span of attention. Their sensitive nature does not allow them to be spontaneous either. They like to be under the shadow of reliable people. They hate to be lost and thus, often look for someone else to provide them with a road map.

They are too willing to agree with those they fear or hold at high esteem. The carriers of Mars in Pisces like to avoid awkward situations and because of this, sometimes even though they may see a danger coming they avoid talking about it. This is common in front of confident people.

They are staunchly distrustful of those who give them bad experiences. It does not matter if the person is a family member. The people of Mars in Pisces do not forgive easily. Whether they take revenge depends on their birth charts. In general, their chosen method involves swimming away from the antagonists. In this, they are ready to make big sacrifices. Their loved ones, therefore, should never take their non confrontational nature for granted. Nervousness is quite common among these natives. They are prone to imagining the bad future occurrences far more than others.

Mars in Pisces is not free of temper tantrum though. They are skilled at picking up how and where to be angry from their parents. When irritated which comes as a result of heaven gone hell the carriers do erupt like volcano with an emphasis on emotional flashbacks. They can go hours with this.

Their sex drive is quite strong. They are willing to please in any way their partners like. A relationship is not necessary, but it does help them gain the confidence to be more animated. In a situation of no relationship, they are prone to treating sex like it is just a need. Hence, they turn excessively submissive and practical.

They are not much into surprises. They prefer the menu to be discussed before going to bedroom. These people consider the world to be too harsh. Consequently, they want a love that can make them feel fluffy 24/7.

Mars in Pisces Man

Externally, this man can be described as Forrest Gump. Without asking any question, he would do anything to satisfy the norms of the society. The only condition is that his duty should not involve lethal risks. He habitually goes for what is popular and amiable to his aptitude. Even after this, he is faced with divided results. His hardcore dedication has the propensity to breed tangible reward which gradually sets his life in secure motion, but when quietness comes into the mix he often becomes victim of invisibility.

On the flip side, he is highly concerned about his gender. He may simply avoid doing things which do not fit the role of a man. He likes to appear sturdy through his physique and fashion. He has a habit of reading facial expressions and tormenting his soul about things going wrong in the future. He expects a lot of perfection while constantly analyzing the surrounding people for it and that has effect on sex life.

Mars in Pisces man knows quite well that he does not do well with heartbreaks and rejections.Traditionally, that is why, he wants the ladies to make the first move. His flirting style is also quite indirect. He gives hints that he is interested. Even if dates go imperfect he wouldn’t mind spending many nights with his ladies. It is all about absorbing the moments and returning the favor while keeping the heart locked. In his mind, you get what you paid for.

Luckily, he can leave it all behind when he meets the perfect one. His type of woman is passionate, predictable and happy with little things in life. She must respect him at all times and keep the door of communication open. Physically, she must complement him outside. For instance, if he is short he may prefer someone shorter than him. Although he lets his partner control the path of the relationship, he does transmute into a knight in shining armor at the time of distress. He is unapologetically romantic.

Mars in Pisces Woman

There is always something dreamy about this woman. Her makeup and dressing sense may remind one of mythical beings. Her walking style is soft and supple. In a way, her roads are not made of asphalt or concrete, but clouds. She works with her emotions.

Her reason to do things in life is traditionally dependent on something or someone else. She is too attached to people she loves and this means she faithfully responds to an upbringing chosen by them. She understands that this kills her own desire and yet her emotional connection forces this realism to take a backseat.

It will still be wrong to treat her like a doormat. Anger driven by emotions is like a storm. She is quite a teacher of that. It may just keep growing with each new year of her life. Mars in Pisces woman usually is passive, but if threatened she will not wait a second to retaliate. This works in her career too. She will finish something because she does not want the failure to cause unnecessary emotions for her.

She is prone to falling in love hopelessly. She is typically attracted to those who are artsy and have a sad story to tell. Her history may contain a long list of heartbreaks because of her inability to see who her man truly is. In some cases, she may turn out to be the other woman or play the role of a wallet! Yet she considers love to be a spiritual experience.

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