Advantages and Disadvantages of Wearing Makeup

Makeup is still a controversial topic for women. Plenty of feminists link it to some sort of spooky conspiracy of the patriarchal society. But then there are also those who don't see anything wrong in wearing it. Formally, they are known as lipstick feminists. The views of these two groups are broad. That is why, we need to dive into personal level. At the end of the day, wearing makeup is a choice.

Traditionally, this ritual is added to routine during high school years. Moms don't like it. In their view, makeup has tons of disadvantages. The daughters could care less. For them, the advantages outweigh every negative point, keeping the controversy alive. Even siblings clash over it. If we peep into the advantages and disadvantages we will have to assert that both sides are correct.


1. It makes you presentable: Makeup is similar to dresses. It boosts beauty as well as hides lines and spots, helping the woman feel confident about her face.

2. It can help you get jobs in certain fields: Presentable face is most preferred in jobs where meeting with people is necessary. When I went to manage my uncle's Holiday Inn I noticed that he had interest in hiring women who wore makeup apparently because they gave an air of sophistication. Similar pattern exists within marketing, mass communication, airline and event planning jobs. 3. It screams that you care about yourself: Believe it or not, one reason why men are attracted to women who wear makeup is because it says that they are free of sadness and depression. I learned about this back in my college Freshman year from some guys. I was amazed by the revelation. So it is not only beauty that matters, but also our habit of taking care of ourselves. Makeup signals just that.

4. It makes your date feel special: In some foreign countries, you will hear songs that say "I wear makeup for my lover". Even in our weddings, special attention is given to bride's makeup. Sure the current emphasis is on photographs. But traditionally it has to do with making the partner feel special. In other words, it is your way of telling them that you wish to win their heart. Men may do the same by combing hair, shaving and wearing proper clothes.

5. It can make you creative: Those who are used to wearing makeup know that it is an art. In most cases, they like to experiment with it, helping their hands become more talented.

6. It can bring either maturity or innocence to your face: There is a misconception that makeup only brings youth to the ageing face. When proper techniques and colors are used, it can make a young face appear mature. Think about the dark shades.

7. It can make you look perfect in pictures: Not everyone is born with photogenic facial features. Because of this, an entire set of makeup tricks is invented by the experts. Celebrities are the clients. That said, through trials and errors, it is possible to invent our own tricks. They can fully add the kind of highlights we long for in our pictures.

In the picture on the right: Cinema Bizarre, one of the coolest groups from Germany

8. It makes a statement:
Makeup just like a picture can tell a lot about a person's views. By using different tricks, you can pretty much express it all without saying a word. Think about the Gothic girls and boys.
From An old Kodak Commercial About Capturing Attention

1. It does become a habit: Yes, once the makeup lane turns into usual route, psychological changes occur.  The face feels naked without the colors. Awkwardness becomes apparent, pointing the decrease in self confidence.

2. It is time consuming: It can take an hour to complete the makeup.

3. It is not easy to remove: Foundations and eyeliners are getting more stubborn day by day, converting the the removal job into a never ending struggle.

4. Mistakes are costly: There is nothing called big or small mistake here. While splats of mascara on the face demands complete wash and restart, too much makeup radiates clownish style.
Microsoft Commercial on 10 Seconds Makeup Challenge
5. It can leave your skin vulnerable or fully damaged: Cosmetics are not regulated by FDA. Hence, most of them time, it is difficult to weigh the danger associated with the ingredients going into them. Many of them can affect the skin badly. Also if the makeup is not removed properly it can boost acne.

6. Shopping for cosmetics is not easy: Lots of questions are needed to be considered while shopping for cosmetics. Some are:
  • What kind of cosmetics my skin can take?
  • Is the quality of the product good?
  • Is the shown color correct or wrong?
  • What color will suit my skin?
7. You will have to spend a good amount of money: If you add up the prices of all your cosmetics you may end up going above $200. Nothing can be done about it. It is necessary to keep a good number of lipsticks and eye shadows to avoid repetition and be in tune with the dress to be worn. It is estimated that in her life, a female spends as high as $15,000 on makeup.

8. Cosmetics discontinued quicker: Most big brands like to introduce new formula. Sometimes this means discontinuation of what we loved or suited our skin. The worst happens when we fall in love with a foreign brand only to be disappointed later because of their sudden disappearance from the country. A good example is the Max Factor 2000 calorie. One time it was the only mascara with curved brush in the United States. For some strange reason, it left the store shelves. Many protested, but it fell into deaf ears. Today, we have other brands offering curve brushes with mascara, but they just do not seem to reach the quality of what 2000 calorie gave us.

Bismuth Oxychloride Free Makeup List

We all love shiny and silky eye shadows. They make the eyes appear big and full. For years, popular cosmetics brands have been using bismuth oxychloride as one of the many ingredients in eye shadows for that shiny and silky effects. Those that they market as all mineral are not free of it.

According to Chemistry, bismuth oxychloride is extracted from naturally occurring bismuth. Sadly, organic bismuth is so scarcely available that makeup companies now extract bismuth oxychloride from lead or copper smelting. What exactly is smelting?

It is the process through which lead, gold, copper or any other metal is purified for use.That said, bismuth oxychloride is actually derived from the impure version of the metal and has chemical properties that match arsenic.

Yet fear not. Bismuth oxychloride is not as hazardous as arsenic. Once extracted, it goes through purification process. The dilemma of toxicity still can't be eluded. There is no way to remove every bit of foreign unhygienic matter from it. Also the purification does not change its true metallic nature. It is believed that because of these two factors, it tends to block the pores or enforce a cut like feeling in the skin. The signal of this is irritation. Those who have sensitive skin and eyes must make every effort to avoid cosmetics containing this allergenic by-product of metal.
This is Bismuth Oxycloride

Below we have a list of brands that do not use it in their cosmetics including eye shadows. You should still be cautious because other minerals or chemicals found in cosmetics can also be allergic. Many of them contain titanium dioxide which is said to be a cancer causing agent in aerosolized form. Skin can't absorb this compound. When you are shopping for cosmetics, always focus on their ingredients. The label should include them. Note that bismuth is sometimes titled as Ci 77163 or wismuthoxichlorid.

Sheer Miracle
If you are looking for something healthy yet affordable check out Sheer Miracle. Majority of their mineral and organic cosmetics are available under $20. The ingredients are said to be 100 percent natural. However, they do not make lipsticks. One strange thing about this brand is that they don't advertise the containers of the eye shadows in pictures. It would be, therefore, best to go for samples first. Each costs just $1.50.
Kari Gran
Just like Sheer Miracle, this brand has both organic and mineral products. Young people will somewhat feel disappointed by the small number of colors they offer. There is basically nothing for eye shadow except for the one shown in the picture. Their lip whip is fully organic. Ingredients include beeswax, castor seed oil, camellia seed oil, avocado oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, cinnamon bark, peppermint oil.

Jane Iredale
This brand once was all over bismuth oxychloride, but recently, their formula is dropping it altogether due to concern about the irritation. Yet they recommend looking at the ingredients before buying any of their cosmetics. Some of them maybe still made using the old formula.

Not a single makeup product from Milani seems to contain bismuth. The brand is okay for people who do not have sensitive skin. Some of the ingredients they use tend to cause acne.

If you are looking to avoid talc, bismuth, oil and scent this is your brand. They actually got their makeup products tested through independent lab. Not many brands have the courage to do something like this. Their eyemakeup has SPF 15, but sadly, its colors are neutral like foundations.

L.A. Minerals
This brand religiously avoids bismuth and boasts about it too.

IQ Natural
Aimed at people with sensitive skin, this one is all about avoiding irritation causing ingredients. All cosmetics are organic and eco friendly.

List of Brands that Use Bismuth Oxychloride

Any brand that removes bismuth from their formula will be removed from this list.
  • Lancome
  • Pureminerals
  • elf
  • Maybelline
  • Glo Minerals
  • Bareminerals (Don't fall for the rumor that they removed bismuth from their formula)
  • Clinique (including High Impact Mascara)
  • Philosophy (found in Airbrushed Canvas)
  • Arbonne
  • Avon
  • Sonia Kashuk
  • Colorscience
  • Youngblood
  • Estee Lauder
  • Sheer Cover
  • Jordana
  • Revlon
  • Sugarpill
  • Bobbi Brown
  • Nivea
  • NYX
  • CoverGirl
  • L'Oreal (Most toxic)
  • Makeup Forever

Trick to Fix Darker Shaded Foundation to Match Fair Skin

Once in a while, when picking a foundation we use wrong judgement. This results in bringing home what does not match the true color of our skin. That said, those who have darker skin can often get away with a whiter shaded foundation unless it is ghost white. In that case, the makeup will be a disaster. But most people know how much white is too much.

For people with fairer skin, a darker shade is mere a nightmare for it has a tendency to make the complexion horribly uneven. If you are one of them stuck with a receipt less wrong foundation banging your head thinking what to do about it, then the following trick is for you. There is a way to match it your true skin shade.

Trick in Action
In order to do this what you will need is either your pressed powder or mineral makeup foundation. By the way, it is best to use this tip only when you are ready to apply makeup.
  • Step 1: Decide how much foundation you require. Squeeze only that amount onto the palm of your hand. Do note that here fingers and hands will be heavily used. Hence, for convenience, feel free to use tiny bowl instead of your palm. 
  • Step 2: If you are using pressed powder break a bit of it from its case. Turn it into powder. Those who prefer the mineral foundation skip to Step 3.
  • Step 3: Sprinkle the powder over the foundation you have on your palm. First, go with a small amount.
  • Step 4: Stir the mixture either with your finger or tiny stick.
  • Step 5: Test a bit of this mixture against your skin color. Do they match? If the foundation color still looks darker, add a little bit of more powder to it and stir again.
  • Step 6: Keeping repeating Step 5 until you get the desired shade.

  1. You have to be very careful with stirring. Doing less will mean the powder will not mix with the foundation. Consequently, on application, you you will find a lot of powder particles on your face.
  2. Because of this problem, proper light is recommended. It will make all the particles visible.
  3. Give extra attention to your eyebrows. They may end up with some color from the foundation. Give them a good brush.

CoverGirl Clean Sensitive Skin Foundation Review

Just couple of years ago, silently CoverGirl introduced the foundation called Clean. We have different skin types and that does not allow us to use the same kind of makeup formula. CoverGirl did not elude it. They now have something for sensitive skin. Its label is green and does say that its for that type of skin. I never used CoverGirl foundation before. Since my skin is sensitive, I cannot just go for anything I want. If I remember correctly, CoverGirl never had cosmetics for acne prone skin. The green labeled foundation seemed like an answered prayer. I just had to get it, but probably it was just not my day. I should have checked the meaning of clean from dictionary and taken the back label of the bottle more seriously.

According to the label of the foundation, it is designed for lightweight coverage. No need to worry about its low price because it is dermatology tested and best of all, it does not clog pores. Curious me had to kill the patience to try it out on day one. One application done as I looked at myself in the mirror. There seemed nothing on my face. Where did the foundation? Perhaps, more was needed? Second session of the application began. The mirror still told me that my face was fully empty. In fact, it was showing expiration date. This time I decided to no more compromise. A thicker amount was the only answer. But this time again, the mirror showed nothing. The bottle already looked used, making it immune to return and refund. I thought to just keep it and do some more testings. Reluctantly, I wore it to school. It was raining that day. On my way to my car, a few rain drops ended up on my face. Once home, I noticed little glowing spots oozing out all over my skin. Fear not, they were not acne. They were just the places from where the foundation packed its luggage and said goodbye. That time, Clean surely looked like a big question mark to me. What more can I say? In front of advanced formula of Neutrogena acne fighting foundation, it falls flat. I can still brainstorm some benefits associated with it.
  • It gives that nothing on look which is perfect for those who want to go natural
  • Settles smoothly on the skin
  • Does not cause breakouts, but result may vary
  • No itchiness
  • Very affordable
  • Does not make the skin dry
  • Lasts on the face if not attacked by sweat and water
  • Does not clog pores
All those who want something more should skip it. Perhaps, even under $4 some good foundations are available. These are the problems that you will have with Clean.
  • Inability to mask spots 
  • It does have fragrance which goes against the fragrance free claim made by CoverGirl
  • Takes away the natural glow from the skin for the sake of matte finish
  • It is not as light as described by CoverGirl. Perhaps, what they are saying has link mainly to lesser coverage. Foundation weight is definitely felt mostly in the form of stickiness
  • It is runny and thus, can cause embarrassment in rain. Most foundations are like that. But the Neutrogena one is quite immune to water
I usually refrain from making comparison. In this review, I am forced to do so because Neutrogena has raised the bar with their foundation. But at the end of the day, I have to admit that CoverGirl does say that Clean is designed to prevent natural look from disappearing, hinting that it will not cover any marks. I have no issue with the fragrance. I still mentioned it above because the claim of CoverGirl is misleading. Matte finish can be forgiven, but the texture of the foundation on the face feels almost like mud.Nothing more to say after this. I would give the foundation 2 out of 5 stars. This is going to be my first and last time with it.

The Trick That Will Save Your Lipsticks from Running Out

One disadvantage of wearing makeup everyday is that it makes cosmetics run out faster. Lipsticks usually take the most pressure. Eating, drinking and licking lips make the lip color fade quicker. Hence, we are forced to continue to apply it throughout the day.

The end result is empty lipstick tube within couple of months. There is a trick to preventing this from happening. It is so simple that anyone can do it.

Did you ever notice how the color of lipliner matches the color of lipstick? In fact, the two almost have the same texture.

But usually, lip liners are much cheaper than lipsticks. This is the plus point.

So instead of lipstick, try filling up your entire lips with your favorite pencil lip liner. It will feel slightly dry. However, once you touch it up with some lip gloss, the dryness will get erased and the lip liner color will shimmer and turn creamy like every traditional lipstick. No one will be able to tell exactly what  you are wearing.

So what if you aren't looking for the traditional lipstick color effect? This is what the lip gloss does. If you are looking for matte texture you obviously can't use that thing along with the pencil lip liner. Do not feel disappointed. There is still hope. For matte texture, go for an automatic lip liner of your choice.
One of the best qualities of this specific product is that it is designed to be creamy without any shine. That is why, it is good at imitating matte lipsticks. Never use the lip gloss over it. Otherwise, it will get runny. You will not like the aftermath associated with that.

It is easy to fall in love with lip liners. It is not just because they are affordable. What I have noticed is that they last longer over the lips. Even eating and drinking can't make the color fade just like that.

Can we use eyeshadow in place of lip liner?

Using eyeshadow like lipsticks is not at all new. In makeup rooms of low budget theaters, it has been going on for years. In fact, eyeshadow is a great help in events where blue or green lip color is a must. Yet it can't act like a good alternative. In order for the eyeshadow to work like a lipstick, it must be mixed with creamy lipgloss. But what makes it problematic is that it does not have binding properties. Even lip gloss can't do anything. A little bit of lip leaking forces it to come off quickly.

Why Pouring Water into the Mascara Bottle Is a Bad Idea

How many times did you try to bring dry mascara back to life? What was that one thing that you thought could be the right remedy? Wasn’t it water? It is near hand and above all, it is safe! Pouring it into the bottle would surely wake the mascara from sleep. But no, that is actually not the case.

Mixture of Water and Mascara
Mascara liquid is intentionally designed to be thick so that it does not drip from lashes. Once out in the air, its certain ingredients cause it to moderately dry out quicker. Water destroys it all, making the liquid mate with gravity! In other words, the water weakens the bonding power of the ingredients and leaves the color lighter. As a result, the mascara becomes incapable of coloring and staying around the lashes. Eventually, it lands on the eyelids and that is extremely embarrassing.

Is there any other way to save the mascara?
We can still get rid of dryness. But once again, water is the remedy, but has to be used without pouring it into the bottle. Here are two tips:

Wand: Under running tap water, put the mascara wand once. Hold for two seconds and put it back the tube. Roll it for five seconds and then try wearing the mascara on the lashes. It should work.

Hot water treatment: The bottle can be left in a bowl of hot water to loosen the dry liquid. This is what certain makeup artists recommend. Unfortunately, this is risky and best to skip. Mascara makers warn against the treatment. The heat can trigger the ingredients to go through changes. Thus, they might not remain healthy for the lashes. But yes, it does work and that is for a few minutes. You will know once the mascara begins to appear dry again.

The tips given above will show temporary result. Generally, dryness is a sign of empty bottle. However, if the wand brings out flakes and the inside of the bottle has foul odor then it means that the mascara has expired. Hence, instead of fighting to bring it to life, it is best to purchase a new one.

Best Free Makeup Gift Deals of the Year

Economy is not going well, but this has not hampered some stores from providing the best free gifts and deals with purchases. Yes, there are many out there, but we here will only see the best among all of them. Just keep checking this page. Here we will always have updates on the newest best deals.  The old ones will be removed and date will also go through change to reflect their current status.  

July of 2013

1. Traditionally, Sephora gives away free samples with purchases. Sometimes they remain hidden and can be received only through coupon codes.  Here is one just like that.

Use coupon code "Diorlash" to get hold of this free sample of Diorshow mascara with $25 purchase at

Basic Makeup Wearing Steps with Infographic

Those who are new to makeup products can get confused about how to wear them. Truth to be told, makeup wearing process does have rules which if broken will get us to inconvenience.  For instance, eyeliner and mascara cannot be worn before applying eye shadow. Otherwise, we will end up with powder all over our lashes and that will lead us to embarrassment in public. The rules, however, are not set in stone. Certain cosmetics and issues give us some good excuses to bring change in the application process. But what rules are we exactly talking about? The answer to it is today’s highlight. In between, we will also know about the excuses. If you wish to know just about the simplest rules skip to infographic given below.

Step 1: Foundation (mineral or creamy):  Before everything else, comes the foundation. It brings smoothness to the facial skin by covering flaws such as blotchiness. You can choose to go for either mineral or creamy foundation.  However, dry skin benefits mainly from the creamy one.

Concealer: This is an optional product which you can use to cover additional flaws such as dark circles and acne marks. Generally, concealer is applied over dark circles before foundation application.  For acne marks, concealer comes after the foundation.

Step 2: Pressed powder: This sets the creamy foundation.  It must be patted over the face and neck with a brush or sponge.  If you are wearing mineral makeup you can skip pressed powder.

Step 3: Blush: When to wear it has been a topic of debate for a long time. But traditionally, it is worn right after the application of pressed powder. These days, some prefer to apply it to cheeks at the end of makeup session.

Step 4: Eye shadow: This is one product that cannot violate the rules. It can be worn only if the facial makeup is ready.

Step 5: Eyeliner:  When we make an art we traditionally first draw our object with pencil and then paint over it. Eyeliner breaks this rule to make our eyes look artistic. It can be worn only after the application of eye shadow.

Step 6: Mascara: This will not just curl up the lashes, but will also remove access eye shadow and pressed powder residue from them.

Step 7:  Lip liner: Next, we have makeup for lips. To define them, draw them with the lip liner.

Step 8: Lipstick:  After drawing the lips, paint them with lipstick.

Best New Cosmetics of 2013

Every year we have something new in makeup. This time again the history is repeated. However, 2013 seems to be the year of bringing past to present. The story in the makeup section is similar. This has given birth to excitement as well as sadness. It is just that this time not every new release has surpassed users' expectations.

Some cosmetics simply are expansion of what was already there. Innovation this time is simply not at its peak. Then why should we be excited? The reason is below. As mentioned earlier, this 2013, some cosmetics will bring back many of our childhood memories to life. There is also a transition happening. Now more than color, the health of the skin matters. Companies are moving forward with this new notion by introducing makeup products that promise to provide our skin nourishment. Let's have a look at some of them.

Archie’s Girls Makeup Collection

Original Archie show did not last too long in the late 60’s. But the comics remained unforgettable. Now here is a makeup collection dedicated to only Archie girls Veronica and Betty. It has been released this year by Mac in limited edition, but contains everything ranging from nail polish to face powder. Their theme is winning the love of Archie. Consequently, the pink and peach colors are the highlight of this collection.

The Glinda and Theodora Palettes

Limited edition palettes are always interesting. Here we have two others that are worth checking out.  These are released by Urban Decay to accompany the Disney movie, Oz the Great and Powerful.  But this is not the only theme surrounding the two palettes. According to Urban Decay, while the brighter one of Glinda explores the good, Theodora’s darker version is more tied to bad.  It is all in fictional style. By the way, each box carries two liners for lips and eyes.

Eight Hour Cream Nourishing Lip Balms

These two are by Elizabeth Arden and not yet released. The first one in the container is called Intensive Lip Repair balm. It is for those lips that suffer from intense dryness. The tube version has sunscreen SPF 20 and all other ingredients we need to prevent our lips from getting chapped.

Rouge Eclat Lipsticks from Clarin’s Spring Collection

They are encrypted with the fact that they are the first age-defying lipsticks from Clarins. But they can be freely used by anyone looking to keep the lips nourished under the colors. According to most users, these lipsticks truly are moisturizing and long lasting. But what makes them unique is that they have mostly natural ingredients such as wax taken from mimosa plant, jojoba oil and cocoa butter.

Flower Kiss Velvet Lip Color
This is another new lipstick that is worth checking out. It is matte and thus perfect for casual wear. Available in nine colors, this lipstick is known to give volume to the lips. The most exciting news is that its price is below $8, but has got great reviews. 

Eve Pearl 5 Piece Signature Kit
Not many are aware of Eve Pearl. Well, its a company by celebrity makeup artist Eve. We can simply call her the doctor of makeup. She won 5 Emmies for her legendary skill. This one specific kit is like the pot of gold, for it contains her foundation, concealer, pressed power along with 24 non latex sponges. The spray bottle you are seeing is empty. Water has to be filled in it which then can be sprayed onto the sponge to be used to create effect on the skin with foundation. Eve's makeup products are great for sensitive skin. 

Showcasing Makeup Tutorials From Different Cultures of the World

There has never been a century that went without makeup. Little bit of color on the face and around eyes has always mesmerized our long gone ancestors of the world. The idea of wearing makeup, however, was popularized mostly by the Middle Eastern and South Asian countries.

Lipstick was an absolute darling in the ancient Egypt, Iraq and Indus Valley (Pakistan and Northwest India). Now different countries have their own unique style of wearing makeup. Today we take a look how they prepare it all.

Spanish Flamenco:
The first in line is Spanish makeup. The tutorial is provided by MakeupbyNaya . By the way, this is a classic look of the 50s. In Spain it is not worn on regular basis. But for parties, this seems just perfect.

Japanese Geisha:
Then we have Japanese Geisha makeup. The instructions are by KlairredelysArt.

Arabic Special Event:
This makeup has link with only special events in United Arab Emirates. Unfortunately, the instructions here are cut down with music. That said the video is extremely interesting.  Video is provided by 5aleejia.

African Queen:
Want to look like African queen? Then watch the video of SongbirdDiva4Life. Her instructions are clear and easy to follow. The song she used at the end of her tutorial is amazing too. I am a metal head, but I am taken by it. By the way, it is called No One Like You by P-Square.

Indian Traditional Bollywood:
Bollywood makeup is often said to be dramatic. To some extent, it can be taken as difficult to achieve for an average person. This is where Rosie Mercado steps in. She gives an excellent, but simple to follow tutorial on how to get the traditional Bollywood makeup look.

Nail Polish Does Expire (Explained)

Nail polish formula is in constant motion of change. So many textures are available in the market. The quality usually decides the power of different recipes. The one which fails to last longer on the nails is seen as cheap.

The others which calmly withstand all the heavy duties for days are taken as best among all. But do nail paints expire? This has been an ongoing debate. Most brands claim that nail paint is capable of staying perfect for years. Well, this is true to some extent. But I will still emphasize that change in weather does have an impact on the ingredients of the paint.

The winter season is not always good for nail polish. This is when the recipe goes through problem. The paint cream simply separates from the liquid. See the picture to understand this better. Good news is that this can be solved. All you need is the nail polish thinner.
Clear liquid coming out of violet nail paint
But how should we fix the odor? Yes, certain nail paints, after several years, begin to give off an unusual odor. In 2002, one of my aunts gifted me a set of lollipop nail paints. No, they were not edible. Their specialty was that they came in bottles that looked like lollipops. The colors were blue, pink and silver. I wore them religiously for couple of years. But then my focus went to what was new. Just a year ago, I took out those lollipop paints. To my surprise, they were not only gooey, but also had terribly disgusting odor.  I would assume that it matched the smell of plankton algae covered water and rotten stuff of the drain. No thinner could make me wear them again. The odor definitely marked the end of their time in my life for which I buried them in trash can.  
algae in the water
Can you stand such odor? Rejuvenation technique will be easy for you. Go for the nail polish thinner. Otherwise, take the paint as dead forever.

Review of Wet n Wild MegaLast Nail Polish

Just a few weeks ago, Wet n Wild launched their renovated nail polish called MegaLast. This has turned out to be something new from them. According to the company, this nail polish has salon-quality.

Moreover, it is supposed to stay on without any damage for 5 days in a row. Mainly because of this, I did not want to write the review yesterday. I have actually completed the 5th round just today. So What how is the paint looking now? Has it started chipping? Is no chipping for 5 days only a slogan created by Wet n Wild to sell this nail polish? Review below will answer it all.

Quality Test
MegaLast has 9 different colors. Wet n Wild has come up with extremely unique names for them. I basically picked up I need a Refresh-Mint, On a Trip and Candy-licious . See their picture below. 

The brush of MegaLast is nothing new. Other brands already make use of it. It is nice to see Wet n Wild joining their race. Actually, this type of brush is far better than the traditional one.

At least, I enjoy using it. But yes, sometimes this MegaLast one picks up a little too much of the paint which accidentally can start to drip.
What about the nail polish? I ran an experiment on its quality. I must say that just one coat of MegaLast is not so capable of staying on nails. It chips and that is also in one day under pressure of usual heavy duty tasks. Another problem is that it remains slightly transparent. But good news is that the second coat saves the day. Third one is not at all necessary. Below is the evidence.
As a part of the experiment, here I am wearing two coats of MegaLast without any clear topcoat. Texture wise, the nail polish has no eye catching gloss and glitter. At least, the ones I got do not have them.  Surprisingly, none of them is needed. MegaLast actually does a fine job even without them. Another of its quality is its quick drying power. Yes, the liquid is watery and that can lead to accidental spills. But this still cannot be taken as a minus point. The reason is that Megalast dryies out within 30 seconds on the nails and that goes for each coat. Also, the nail polish does not have the strong smell to give burning sensation to the nose. As for the colors, all of them are great. But I do think that the mint one looks a little like wall paint. Probably, it can be best utilized for creating nail arts.

What about the lasting power? As I said before, today is the 5th day. Below is the picture of how the nail polish looks now. Do you see any difference or chipping?
I can see a little bit of the chipping. It is not too visible. So we can now say that Wet n Wild has kept its promise. All the colors seem to be doing just fine.

MegaLast sets well on the nails and does last up to 5 days. Do not expect this to happen just from one coat though. Second coat is needed.  No way this can be taken as problematic though. The two coats give full coverage after all. I do have a bit of complaint against the mint shade. I feel it needs a little bit improvement. One brutal fact is that the nine colors of MegaLast are not new in the market. They are still better in the sense that they are cheaper than their cousins coming out of other brands. Nothing can beat $1.99. Moreover, the quality of MegaLast along with its brush is priceless. Keeping all this in mind, I bestow upon this nail polish 4.5 out of 5 stars.

5 Advantages of Wearing Light Colored Nail Polish

Light colored nail polish is yet to be fully accepted by the majority. All around the globe, women are still quite at home with the traditional red paint. Purple is also favored. Other colors are often put to the use of coming with nail arts. In solo form, however, the lighter ones are no less than their red and purple counterparts. As a matter of fact, there are certain advantages that we can achieve through implementation of those lighter versions.

1. Dirt accumulating under the nails becomes more visible
Darker shades of nail polish tend to keep the underneath of nails more in shadow. That totally buries the visibility of the accumulated dirt. The lighter colors do the opposite. So in a way, they can be considered as healthier options.

2. Chipping remains invisible
The natural color of nail bed is white. That does not too well with dark shades especially during the nail polish chipping periods. Everyone will be able to see the problem. Of course, light nail polish colors chip also, but it remains very less invisible. The natural white color of the nails goes in sync with them. Consequently, those small temporary defects remain less visible.

3. Nails look playful and younger
Dark colors are usually thought to have serious undertones. Perhaps, that is why, red, maroon and brown ones are taken as formal and mature. This basically hints that going for their opposite counterparts leave hands looking more playful and younger. In a way, they are fit for informal parties, clubs, picnics and carnivals.

4. Adds open mindedness to the personality
As stated before, red and purple are the most traditional nail polish colors. The one who continuously wears them, thus, ends up giving off an air of being highly traditional. The lighter shades have the opposite effect on the personality. They hint being open to experiments.

5. Less chance of seeing yellow stained nails
If worn without protective base coat, a dark nail polish can leave serious yellow stains on the nails. They can be difficult to remove. Lighter shades do not cause that problem. The good quality ones can be worn without the protective base coat. 

How People Feel About Women Who Put On Makeup

The research we are going to talk about today is nothing new to those in the west. It already was covered by many news sites last year. They skipped some things in their articles. We will have a take a look at those here. Before we go into that here is the highlight of what the research revealed.

Goal: Finding out what people thought of women who wear makeup.
Research done by: Independent researchers of Harvard and Boston universities, and Dana-Farber Institute.
Financier: Proctor and Gamble
Tool: Pictures of 25 Caucasian, African American and Hispanic women. They were given three different looks-- barefaced (natural), moderate makeup (professional) and extreme/dramatic makeup (glamorous).
Population surveyed: 268 adults (Males and females included).
Rules Applied: The people were asked to see the pictures to come up with their opinions. The first 149 people were given 250 milliseconds. The rest got unlimited amount of time. The mission was to get both impulsive as well as meditated opinions on the question.
Results: Women who wear makeup are more dependable and capable than the barefaced ones. But the first prize winner is the professional look.

These findings are definitely making the cosmetics industry smile. But others, especially women who do not wear makeup are not at all happy about them. We need to include the female professors in this group also. After the research report went live, they were the first ones to share their opposing view. According to them, it is wrong to judge a woman based on what she wears on her face. This is completely true. However, if you analyze the result you will come to know that neither barefaced nor the dramatic look was favored by the population. The winner is professional look whose main intention is to make a woman appear well groomed. Probably, this is how the voters felt also. Their eyes got attracted to the cleanliness. The truth is that a bare face makes acne marks, dryness and other skin problems more visible. The society we live in does not want to accept them. According to its concept, they minimize a woman’s beauty. So we are always searching for the clearer and younger looking facial skin. We don’t even care if it is achieved by temporary solutions like foundations, lipsticks and eye shadows. As long as the beauty is restored we are fine. 

What we just talked about has nothing to do with reliability which has been the main highlight of the research. Women who wear makeup tend to come off as more reliable and capable. This is what the research result showed. But why that is so? Why people thought like that? I have one explanation for this. The credit for it, however, goes to one of my close friends. She basically explained to me the hidden notion back in 2004 when we two were going to high school. Yes, we discussed the topic long before this research took place. However, that specific time, I did not understand anything of what she said. Yes, I used to wear makeup but that was just to make myself feel good. Now I get her points. The research result helped me. Anyways, here is what she told me:

“A woman who wears makeup unintentionally sends down the signal to people that she loves and takes care of herself. People receiving the signal then subconsciously form another belief. They start to think that this lady is happy and stable mentally. Therefore she can be relied on. Moreover, since she loves herself, she will not bear to see the people and environment around her in dismay.”

Makeup basically is not an important or essential thing in a woman’s life. In fact, certain things can totally divert her attention from it. Examples include depression and sadness. The opposite occurs with makeup on. It tells people of her happy mood. Thus, she is taken as more reliable and competent for a task.

None of the news articles published these factors. The female professors were more concerned about how people made the wrong judgement. That is comprehensible. Makeup does not talk about what a woman is mentally. However, we are always driven by the outer decorations. So the professors should have given importance to what kind of thought pattern worked inside those who took part in the research. 

Should You Keep Lipsticks in the Fridge: Experiment Report

There has been a lot of debate on whether we should keep lipsticks in the fridge. Many say that the technique prevents them from expiring or getting rotten. The other group disagrees with this statement saying that there is no theory on whether cold temperature can make a lipstick long lasting. Do you wish to find out which side is right? If yes just go over my experiment report.

Preparation and Time:
The lipsticks I used in my experiment were L’Oreal Endless lip color (Color#730, Saucy Sangria) and CoverGirl Continuous Color (Color#040 Wineberry Sheer). I specifically picked them because I was not their fan and plus, they were cheap. I knew I was not going to regret if they ended up expiring. Another thing was that they were already half used by me.

Before locking them in the fridge, I put them inside a Ziploc bag so they would remain protected from the smell and accidental spill of foods and drinks. The lipsticks stayed inside for 2 years and one month.

Experiment Result:
I took them out yesterday. The smell test revealed nothing odd at all. In fact, their original scent seemed be still there. As for the colors, they did not change either.  There was also no problem with their gliding behavior. CoverGirl’s Continues Color is always glossy. Good news is that Wineberry Sheer, even after staying so long in the fridge seemed to not show any deterioration of that either. But the most surprising gist was the absence of bubbles. In the past, I heard from makeup experts that lipsticks taken out of the fridge gave off tiny water bubbles or sweat in the normal temperature of home environment. It is possible that their statement was based on those made in the 90s. I remember seeing the bubbles all over my aunt’s refrigerated lipsticks back in 1997. But now the formula in most lipsticks has gone through advancement.  Perhaps, that is why, the bubbles were not present in my lipsticks. Yet I wanted to do an artificial test to see if experts’ theory could still be taken as legitimate. So I allowed my lipsticks to stay 1 minute in front of the heater. See the result below.

Both the lipsticks seemed to still give off no sweat.  What we need to understand from this is that today’s lipsticks are very different. They do not become lazy in cold temperature. As a matter of fact, it is possible for them to survive at least 2 years in a row in the fridge. I left my lipsticks again in the fridge to see if they last even after 3 years. I will write about the result in 2013 around this time.

How to Save A Lip Gloss Wand from Getting Lipstick Stain

Lip gloss moisturizes and adds shimmers to the lips. It can do this job without taking help from other cosmetics. But sometimes we do tend to prefer its clear or transparent version to go over our worn lipstick. This is when a specifically frustrating problem occurs.

The lip gloss wand ends up with lipstick stain. The roll-on version can easily be wiped, but same is not true for the wand. Therefore, caution must be taken in order to keep the stain away from it. To make it happen, you can try out any of the ideas given below.

1. Disposable lip gloss wands
In order to keep the original wand clean, it is best to go with its disposable versions. They are cheap and no different from that one. If you wish to save money on them try out the e.l.f Studio‘s pack of 12 Lip Gloss Wands.  It costs no more than $3.

2. Lip brush
Lip brush is used mainly for applying lipstick. But it can also be put to work with lip gloss. One advantage of using lip brush is that it can be cleaned and reused. Many stores still have their disposable versions. To avoid the cleaning procedure, you can head for those.
3. Cotton swabs
These handy tools are more affordable and tend to break even. Usually under $3, hundreds of them can be found in one box.  You will not have to go to store on and on to get them. But yes, make sure that you dab them lightly on your lips. Otherwise, they might slightly take off the worn lipstick.

4. Finger
Last, if you are too lazy to go to the store and your lip gloss is thin (watery) use your finger. This is how you will be able to keep your lip gloss wand free of lipstick stain. Only problem is that you will have to wash your finger after the application. 

6 Different Effects of the Dark Lipsticks

No matter what the makeup trend is, dark shaded lipsticks are always here to stay. They are universal and this means you will find women of all races trying them out. The reason behind this is their effects that are powerful enough to do almost unusual things to the face regardless of their different textures. But yes, the power does not always turn out to be good. Sometimes it does become negative. We discuss it all over here today.

1. They can make your bare face stand out
There is something extreme about dark shaded lipsticks.  They are capable of making a bare face look bold and full. To see these effects, you do not even require wearing foundation, eye shadow or eyeliner.

2. They make the makeup fuller
Now what if you do wear makeup along with your dark shaded lipstick? This will give you a bolder and fancier effect. It is actually more leaned towards how we tradtionally perceive colors. For instance, while brighter colors equal to casualness, freshness and jolliness, darker shades are considered as more formal and serious.  Thus, the dark shaded lipstick will make you give off an air of being prepared for something bigger like party, formal dinner and even erotic date! Why is the erotic date included here? Because the dark shades are considered artistically sexual also. 

3. They have an impact over your teeth
Dark shaded lipstick has the tendency to steal limelight. This instantly brings your smile in the center point. If you have whiter teeth this lipstick will turn into boon for you. White actually sparkles better in the midst of the dark color. But if they are yellow they will be turned darker by this lipstick.

4. They have an impact of your skin color
You have already come to know that white gets to sparkle better in the middle of dark colors. This means that those who have fair skin will find this shade making them fairer. This can either be good or bad depending upon the type of personality you have. If you are not much into smiling and talking the dark color will almost make you look dead or robotic. But if you are a jolly person it will make you look dominating. As for those of you who have darker skin, the dark shaded lipsticks will make you slightly darker than you originally are. But yes, you will be more capable of taking advantage of the fuller look that this lipstick offers.

5. They can make young people look older
This is by far the most unusual effect that dark colored lipsticks produce. It is actually more leaned towards the fact that dark colors exaggerate facial seriousness, smartness and even tiredness.  And those traits are natural for an aging body. It acquires them over the course of time. 

6. They can hide your acne from others’ eyes
Recall that dark shades steal limelight. This has an impact over acne. Since people will concentrate more on your lips they will fail to notice your acne.

Feel free to do the experiment with your dark shaded lipsticks to see these effects in real life. Note that you will be able to study them better from taking photos and others’ feedback.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup

Healthy skin liquid makeup is another foundation from Neutrogena. According to the company, it leaves the skin toned and glowing. The coverage is said to be good also. Meanwhile, the texture is lightweight and silky. It is perfect for wearing before going in the sun, for it comes with SPF 20 and antioxidants.

Those are the points written on the label of the foundation. Only the end users like us have the final say on whether there is any truth in them. So here is my review. I basically used this liquid makeup 3 months. 

For acne prone skin, Neutrogena products are taken as good.  Of course, the opposite is possible if the skin is allergic to them. I am free of this problem. So I thought to try out this healthy skin foundation. 

The first trial, however, left me disappointed, for I have been more used to thick foundations. Neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup is too watery and that really annoyed me.  I thought I was not getting the desired coverage. Still I continued using the foundation. This definitely helped me discover a few of its surprising effects. One of them was evenly toned skin. The worn foundation made me feel as if I just washed my face.  The best term I would use for it is “refreshing”.  Another one is velvet effect. Meanwhile, the foundation blended well with the skin color and even made dry skin flakes less visible.

The best effect of this foundation is seen in photos. The face just looks clear in them.  Additionally, the liquid texture is lightweight which works to neutralize the feeling of wearing too much makeup.  Another thing is that the foundation has not given me any acne despite the fact that my skin is sensitive.  But I will not emphasize it too much as a benefit because we all do not have the same skin type.

So here is the summary of the benefits that can be derived from Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup:
  1. Toned skin
  2. Velvety feeling
  3. Minimized appearance of dry and white skin flakes
  4. Easy blending with the skin color
  5. Face ready for photo
  6. Less chances of acne (depends on your test drive)
The foundation liquid has extremely watery texture. Moreover, its bottle is small. So the foundation tends to run out faster especially if used everyday.  One who has a bigger face will be more in trouble with it. Also large pimples are not easy to cover with this foundation, but yes they do not go through any harm. Price is another problem. The foundation costs over $11. That is too much for a small bottle. Additionally, during a hot day, the foundation does seem to lower its effects after 5 or 7 hours of wear. So touch up is necessary.  Last, the foundation comes in 12 skin shades whereas many other brands have more than 15.
Let us summarize all that quickly in the form of points:
  1. Watery texture
  2. Small bottle/Expect the foundation to run out quickly if used regularly
  3. Not possible to cover all pimples
  4. Expensive for such a size
  5. Foundation does not last longer
  6. Less skin shades

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup does what is written on the label. It definitely is a great product. The refreshing look, coupled with velvety feeling and picture perfect effect coming from it deserves applauds. Not too many foundations can do it after all. I just wish the foundation came in more shades and had a better bottle. But due to the fulfilled promises, I would give the foundation 4 out of 5 stars. 

5 Easy but Beautiful Nail Art Tutorials from Youtube

You have seen a new trend in nails’ fashion department. Now nails can be painted in such a way so they look artistic. Yes, we are talking about different arts done on them to boost their beauty.

Unfortunately, some of them can be done only by professionals, considering the fact that they require a good amount of concentration, patience and different materials like stickers. But are their nail arts that do not require them? Of course, yes!

Just take a look at the nail art tutorials given below. They are not only easy to follow, but also require less or no additional materials except for nail paints. 

1. Splatter Party Nail by CelestialDreamx3

Do you have a girly fun party to go to? If yes do use the above tutorial to paint your nails for it. Celestialdreamx3 is one of the smartest artists. She can manipulate the usual nail paints to bring about innovation in their shades. This is what you will find in her splatter party nail art tutorial.

2. Easy Rainbow Drip Nails by Totally Cool Nails

If you do not want to use the thinner required for the splatter party effect shown above you can try out this tutorial of rainbow drip. This is a very beautiful nail art that can be done using all the nail paints you have in your cabinet.

3. Nail art design flowers step by step by Jacookiie

A simple flower can bring out the elegance of the nail. But drawing it in size of a rice grain is not always the easiest task. But on the contrary, it is not so impossible either. This is what Jacookiie proves in her tutorial video above.
4. Basic Zebra Nails by Klairedelys Art

Zebra art on the nails is perfect for any evening outings. Although it is easy to do it leaves the nails looking sexy and confident. Try out the above tutorial by Klairdelys Art to get it all. Her explanations are very clear to follow and remember.

5. Cute Strawberry Nail Art by Cutepolish

Do you like how strawberries look? If yes you need to get them on your nails too. Let Cutepolish help you with this. I myself have taken advantage of it and trust me, any lime colored nail art polish can be used to get the effect of strawberry leaves to create this art. 

Which Travel Purse is Best for Cosmetics

Every makeup addict knows the importance of having some cosmetics in the purse while travelling somewhere. This is because worn makeup needs touch up at times. It is true that there are many different small makeup bags designed for having cosmetics on the go, but some of them can end up ruining their tubes.

Lipsticks, lip liners and eyeliners have loose caps which easily come out. This can even take place inside most purses. So the question is: What kind of purse is best for cosmetics? The answer to it can be found below.

It is often seen that purses that come with no cushion and have very tight room inside tend to be harmful for cosmetics cases. Pencil purse is a good example of that. It simply is a total nightmare for cosmetics. So do not go for it despite its cheaper price. Tiny cosmetics purses are of no good either. They do not have enough room for eyeliners and lip liners. The best cosmetics purses are the ones that are friendly to all cosmetics. Here are some examples:

Purses that are small and look like a box

These are best for college and office going girls. Cosmetics inside of them can breathe freely and safely. The example shown here is known as Vera Bradley Kiss and and Makeup. Good news is that this purse does fit inside a big lady’s bag and can be washed directly inside washing machine.

Cosmetics organizers and bags that come with pockets and can be zipped safely

These organizers and bags are best for long journeys. They carry a pocket for every makeup tool. So they will keep you free of worries about fallouts and damages. You will basically find them in all drugstores. But before you even head to one, count the number of cosmetics that you are planning on having with you for the journey. This will give you enough ideas on how to select best the bag or organizer. By the way, the image shown here called Lewish N. Clark Layover Cosmetics Roll-Up Bag.