Description of Mars in Leo


Mars in Leo is associated with dignity, desire and recognition. The plus point for the natives is that they do not need to release extra effort to achieve what they crave for especially in the professional zone. They just need to declare their intention for the magic to begin.

They have a little bit of everything needed for a great success. Lion is the quintessence of superiority. He is known as the king of the jungle for a reason! The natives of Leo Mars cannot escape this grandeur. The way they approach something is graciously marked by intelligence, boldness, reliability and competence. No help is needed.

Besides, they are the masters of heavily defined facial expressions. People just have to bow down and show them the way to the golden throne. The astrological placement is very much into sparking the mind and body to be serviceable with a greater emphasis on gratification; ergo the natives must take up some form of creative activity mainly of their liking. Success is likely in theater and arts.

These people love to be admired and are inclined to show off their medals. Sometimes they overdo it to hide their weaknesses. They believe they are the best and despite all the success, they do not buy the breather.

Surely, at times, they are inaccessible to the world, but they can never imagine a life without more victories. Deep down inside, they know this is the key to luxury they crave for. They love to live in style. Sexually they are very giving. This is also their way of proving how valuable they are.

There are still some things they can’t handle. They are big on loyalty. They do not easily forgive and forget the traitors. The second is dented ego. As mentioned earlier, Leo Mars wants cheers and whistles. They do welcome criticism provided it is not accompanied by any form of shame. They do not defend their position immediately. First they bottle up the hard feelings. Only when things start to get worse the explosion of their ill temper occurs. Lastly, their regal lifestyle can make them highly picky. This does not do justice to them all the time. For the most part, it forces them to exhibit tantrum.

Mars in Leo Man

He is the alpha male who if not disciplined in childhood may turn into be parents’ biggest nightmare. The complication is brought on by the sound of his heart and popularity. The spoiled kid will grow up to walk all over the feelings of others. He will be manipulative and desperately self-centered.

He may also end up receiving a Ph.D in womanizing. Many will also crown him as the meathead of his town. In brief, the right kind of parental support stapled with a good set of rules is highly essential to his upbringing. Self-reflection may also help, for he is image conscious.

But of course, at a very tender age, he will start illuminating his potential to be the best through his ability to do things without seeking help from others. He dreams big and does everything to make it come true. No failure will ever destroy his hope to win again.

He definitely loves to talk about himself and finds comfort in social environment. He knows how to network and although he is independent he does not hesitate to be a team player. He is deafening and cheerful. Age, however, mellows him down. His mouth does not always practice inhibition. On the contrary, his anger like the blue moon shows up once in a while. Most often he puts a blanket over it.

The biggest challenge in his life is love. He easily attracts women. He can be very faithful and giving. The challenge still is his shopping list. He is attracted to women who are popular, yet passive. The king needs to rule. No rival is allowed.

Beauty still matters. His partner must have a sparkling physical appearance and a great sense of style. He is okay with some shortcomings especially when he is hopelessly in love. Unfortunately, this is where things go erratic. He likes to show off his love in a materialistic way which can make his lady love take him for granted. Disobeying, of course, is the final nail in the coffin.

Too many bad relationships eventually coerce this man to raise his expectation bar. But as he is popular among women, he will not hesitate to date casually and be sexually active. Even in this, he will make sure to be as pleasing as possible.

Mars in Leo Woman

This lady carries both masculine and feminine streaks. She is a fearless sexy warrior. Just like the guy above, she likes to steal attention. Her weapons for this are her talent, dressing sense, grades and much more. Socially she is conventional, often moving her lenses towards status. She is attracted to all things classy. Her career will make her parents proud. She is capable of taking up the most challenging work as long as it promises her fame and fortune.

She likes to hang out with strong people. She is warmhearted and charitable. Conversely, she has no time for the weak peers purely because that they are not energetic and active like her.

She is sensitive to the idea of going slow. Time, basically, is her main nemesis. Second in line is the irritation. She falls prey to it frequently. Anger is her another weak point. It is likely for her to experience it more than the guy we have above.

Sexually, she is demanding, yet highly demonstrative. The two actually go hand in hand. The rational explanation is that there should be a balance in how the pleasure is exchanged.  Having said that, her sex drive can be quite sizzling.

But who is her ultimate man? It is he who takes care of his body with great enthusiasm. No one can match his physical and mental strength. He does not hesitate to flaunt his success. Overall, he must be what she is.
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