Guide to Moon in Libra Man and Woman

1. General Character

Moon in Libra is one of the most unusual astrological positions. Emotions of those carrying it are a blend of indifference and love. Thanks to the cardinal factor, Libra moon never hides any of it from the loved ones. Yes, everything is brought to the surface. With strangers, however, it only practices diplomacy. As a matter of fact, the carriers are so good at it that they easily make a new guest feel at home without allowing any indifference. In brief, to outsiders, they are very affectionate, down to earth and kind.

Libra moon people are fond of all that makes them feel good. They truly know the value of luxury. It is not just because of the comfort and pleasure though. Luxury is usually expensive, but it has connection to gaining social acceptance and respect which Libra craves for. Too much of one thing can still bring toxicity in their lives.  Under the shadow of bad company, these people can give into drugs and alcohol. Why? Because the sign of Libra is prone to getting influenced by it’s surrounding.Also the feel good thing is irresistible.

2. Man of This Moon Sign

When a man with Libra moon talks he appears very innocent. He just sounds nice. It is the work of his emotions which prefer to take the middle road instead of left and right. In a way, he is quite a street smart person! He knows to add wisdom to his sentence and that wins the hearts of his employers. This also compels his acquaintances to regard him as a very likable character.

But no stable parental nest or successful career is enough to make a lunar male Libran happy. His uttermost need is a female companion. Make it a plural because this man is more of a flirt and does not have much idea about fidelity. Why is that so? The answer lies within Libra. This sign is controlled by air, masculinity and Venus, the planet of love, sensuality and indulgence. So just think about what can happen when all of them embrace a man’s emotions through the moon. Certainly, the result of this is good for his own mind. Who does not like having many lovers? Only for his girlfriend, it is a bad news. Yet there is no way to blame this man. He is not foolish at all. He is completely aware of the consequence that comes with taking things to the “sexual” level. So most often his affairs are rather emotional and “secretly” verbal.

In spite of all this, this Libra moon man can be taken as a good lover in a relationship. He is quite skilled at organizing romantic dates and making his partner feel like a princess. With him, it is not possible to feel any sign of boredom at all. However, not just any girl can be his girlfriend. He is never going to allow that to happen. When it comes to a long term relationship he is selective about his mate. In his mind, his ideal partner is someone who is socially acceptable. Yes, she must not only be attractive to his eyes, but also to others’. She must also be eager to show off her intelligence in public. But the best is if she has a great bank balance! Inside the closed room, it is okay for her to be all angry and dominating. He is ready to put up with that as long as she allows him to enjoy a little bit of that bank balance!

3. Woman of This Moon Sign

This woman with moon in Libra is more of a fun person. She likes living life to the fullest and is very social. Her home is the meeting club of many of her friends. She knows how to throw a great party after all. Apparently, the masculine aspect of Libra favors her mind most. It makes her emotionally confident and secure. Because of this, she is not in constant need for relationships. But from time to time, she does enjoy a good flirty chat with her guy friends. Her one negative trait is arrogance which she shows only to those who try to hurt her.

When this woman with moon in Libra gets a boyfriend for a long term relationship she becomes the object of jealousy for many women. The reason is that her man usually turns out to be attractive and well established. Still one should not consider her to be materialistic. It is just that her pleasant personality easily attracts the rich men and her eyes know how to pick the most good looking one from them.

In the middle of the relationship, however, she might go through intense struggle. The emotions of Libra in her force her to look for equality in her relationship. When she does not get it she explodes. At times, she gets very blunt about the issue and that creates problem for her partner.

But is she unfaithful like the lunar male Libran? The answer is a partial no. She is open minded and sees no harm in what some people call innocent flirting with those of the opposite sex. If her man thinks this is cheating then she can be considered as unfaithful.

4. Choose Another Moon Sign

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