Guide to Moon in Gemini Man and Woman

1. General Character

One gift that moon in Gemini gives to its carriers is the ability to be logical. Succeeding in critical thinking classes with flying colors will never be a problem for them. You must be wondering as to why the initial subject is school here. What else can we do when Gemini moon itself is driven by knowledge acquisition? It has a need to learn all that is found under the sun. Yet neither the men nor the women are free of worries.

As mentioned before, they have a need to know. Day and night, multiple questions go through their heads which end up leaving them tensed. Interestingly, Gemini moon people always share a close bond with their parents and will go an extra mile to please to them. But how are the men and women separately? Find it out from below.

2. Man of This Moon Sign

Moon in Gemini man likes the adventure of life. He sure is cheerful and outgoing, but in a very different way. Instead of clubs and bars, he prefers historic places, museums, art exhibitions and so forth. He is also an avid collector of books, music albums or any other things that he likes. That is why, to some extent, he can be taken as an outgoing intellectual person. Since Gemini is ruled by mercury, through the moon, it helps him to be a good writer and talker. He is also fond of making friends. So don’t be surprised to find many numbers in his phone book.

However, in love and relationships, the Gemini moon can be taken as a curse for him. By now we know that mercury, the planet of communication and travel rules Gemini. This is where the problem is. A man with Gemini moon unintentionally tries to verbalize his feelings in his mind. He tries to find logic in them. The unfortunate truth is that all feelings cannot be always verbalized. So he finds himself often questioning whether he is really with the right partner. Additionally, the traveling aspect compels him to be on the move around and seek variety. Too much romance, thus sometimes suffocates him. That is why, a relationship that has lots of travelling and entertainment best suits him.  This should imply to you that for a lunar Gemini man, an outgoing woman is perfect. She must also be very strong and convincing. Since he is always questioning his feelings and find himself indecisive, she must come forward to assure him again and again that his relationship is actually somewhere.

Another thing worth mentioning here is that moon in Gemini compels its carrier’s mind to not have the same thought and feelings all the time. So do expect this man to be sometimes cold in the relationship. We are still not done with the description of his type of woman. So let us concentrate on this a little more. Apparently, the Gemini moon has a tendency to make its male carrier experimental. It is all in learning and quenching the thirst of curiosity. Overriding taboos is not at all a problem.Because of this, a sexually experimental woman can turn into his ultimate partner.

But is moon in Gemini man faithful? It really depends on how strong his partner is. If she knows the art of keeping him in the relationship through plenty of entertainment he will not seek for excitement with another woman. Still, do note that Gemini moon is unpredictable. So there is a possibility for this man to wander off at least emotionally.

3. Woman of This Moon Sign

Gemini moon woman is charming and friendly. She too has a thirst for knowing. But more than books and history, the real world interests her. Yet it must be noted that she is usually an excellent student in her school. She studies because it is compulsory. But her main areas of interest are her friends’ lives, what is on television, what new food is served in which restaurant and so on. Despite this, she goes through nervousness a lot. Her mind keeps wondering about what future holds for her, whether the clothes she wears makes her look awkward, etc. This woman is not girly girl. She can go days without makeup and fashion. During her childhood, she probably was more of a tomb boy than too feminine.

In love, she is usually faithful, but can be highly hesitant to begin a relationship. The problem is her logical mind. She asks too many questions on the pros and cons of being with anyone. Because of this, a persistent man will be the only one who will be able to win her heart. Do note that this woman does not make a shopping list of what she wants in a partner. She is very open to all possibilities. Yet once in the relationship, she keeps wondering whether she is with the right person, but this does not mean she will use it to create problems in her love life.

A very surprising fact about the lunar Gemini female is that in public, she keeps herself separate from the feeling of relationship in such an artistic way that she ends up looking single to others. To be clear, she is not expressive about her romantic commitment. But do not take it in a negative sense. She does not believe in showing off her relationship. For her, the current job matters the most and the relationship is just a regular part of her life. Recall the mutable nature of the Gemini and you will understand her perspective. At the end of the day, it is about going with the flow.

4. Choose Another Moon Sign

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