Guide to Moon In Aries Man and Woman

1. General Character

Enormously energetic, people with moon in Aries generally are work machines. For them, there is no room for the word we call “laziness”. They also tend to think quicker and excel at being convincing. Yet there are some differences between an Aries moon man and woman. We take a look at in two separate sections.

2. Man of This Moon Sign

Moon in Aries mostly favors the male carriers. The reason is quite simple. Aries is a masculine sign. That is why, an Aries moon man can come off as extremely strong and confident of who he is inside out. His words always have an air of pride. He loves what he is after all. He is also truthful, but this is not always taken lightly by others including those with whom he shares love relationships. The problem is that he does not know how to mix enough sugar in his sentences to make them sound sweeter and diplomatic.

Unfortunately, most people around him will not get that. But yes, they will always appreciate his energy. He is just a fun loving person. But there will be days when he will be tremendously moody and will show it at both home and workplace. He may also be impatient and show no hesitation in expressing it.

So what type of lover does an Aries man prefer? If we look through his eyes we have to come to conclusion that he wants someone who is not only independent and self assured but also provides him enough challenge in the relationship. In simple definition, she must have her own things going on. If for any reason he gets busy with other projects and wants some time away from her she must not bother him asking long chain of questions about his whereabouts. This is not all. She must be talkative enough to boost his verbal energy. This can also include arguments. Even after all this, she must be faithful and stable in the relationship. Can this man cheat? There is a possibility for it to happen as reported by CosmiTec’s researchers. Moon in Aries is an impulsive thinker and mover. So the male carriers, for a few minutes, might forget their ladylove in front of someone they suddenly get attracted to.

3. Woman of This Moon Sign

A moon in Aries woman is always competitive by nature. She does not like anyone getting in her way to her achievements. She works hard in school and often finds herself in the leadership position. Also she tends to be more empathetic, polite and diplomatic than the Aries moon man at least outside. Her earlier years are often rosy and she is successful in having many childhood friends. Yet friendships do involve some frictions. But as she moves to her 30s, the moon in Aries begins to create turmoil in her life. The temper and impatience are the problem. They get more intense as she ages. Sadly, this can make the people around her impatient also. Thus, they might choose to stay away from her. Otherwise, behind her back, they might plot strategies to take revenge on her. Overall, it is possible for the moon in Aries woman to unknowingly garner many enemies as she goes from one age to another.

Because of all the above dilemmas, Aries in moon woman needs a man who has ability to adhere to a relationship in the face of fierce arguments. In addition to this, he must be as outgoing and fun loving because lady does not have much patience for tedious relationships. There has to be always something to keep her mind busy. Adventures usually are more valued. So a man who likes rock climbing, surfing and gaming is most suitable for her.

A fact to be shared here is that this lady might not always be interested in relationships. She is too independent and can go for months without having someone from the opposite gender. But yes, in between, she will always enjoy a session of good flirty talks. Can she stay faithful in relationships? She does have the ability to be faithful considering the fact she has strong opinions on what is right and wrong. However, if she finds a major problem with her partner she might make an attempt to seek excitement outside.

4. Choose Another Moon Sign

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