Guide to Moon in Aquarius Man and Woman

1. General Character

Aquarius, ruled by the planet Uranus is all about progression, revolution, independence, science and shocks. These are some of the traits that make their way into the emotions of those who get their moon in Aquarius. This sounds little confusing. So let’s try out simpler explanation.

The emotions of moon in Aquarius people are more directed towards the question of what can be done in the society to improve the lives of the masses. Notice the word “masses”. This basically hints that the carriers are more interested in solving a group’s problems and thus they are humanitarian by nature. They also have a need to feel free to do their own things. There is no way to hold them back from this. Yes, it is possible to make them sit at home, but their emotions will still be somewhere else.

The moon in Aquarius people make good friends. They are very giving in friendships. However, they might never accept the norm of the society easily. They just have a need to be themselves. In short, they are individualistic, preferring to go with what is unconventional. To them society is all about group think which does not anyone to think freely. Yes they are skilled at identifying the bad side of cultures and do not shy away from talking about it.

They live by the value that every human should have equal rights on earth and always makes an effort to promote human welfare.Additionally, because of the influence of Uranus, these moon in Aquarius natives have an immense interest in studying, discovering and inventing. Air signs have a love affair with communication. Hence, the Aquarian moon natives love to talk, but not about shallow topics. They feel stimulated mainly from what is intellectual. The idea is to solve the puzzles and discover more. They are highly skilled at understanding the abstract world. Do not be surprised if you find majority of these people in science field.

2. Man of This Moon Sign

The parents have a bigger influence on how a man with moon in Aquarius feels inside. For instance, from the early age, if he is given too much freedom by them his emotions will start developing arrogance and indifference towards education and women. In this case, the uttermost thing in his life will be his own pleasure. Aquarius itself has trouble with love feelings. So this man, once spoiled, will completely hesitate in having romantic feelings with good intentions. He will also often find himself in fierce argument with his friends and family. The truth is that his ability to understand what is right and wrong will be overshadowed by his ego. In contrast, under the shadow of good parents, he will still have some arrogance, but he will devote more time to studies and utilize his freedom in proper manner. Ask why the upbringing has so much influence on a man with moon in Aquarius. The answer lies on the fact that Aquarius is a fixed sign in deep connection with freedom. And as you know, fixed signs are prone to picking up habits and freedom can be used either positively or negatively. So an Aquarian moon man’s parents have a lot to do with how he turns out to be in his adulthood.

Apparently, there is a misconception that Aquarian moon man is never good in relationships. As mentioned before, his way of seeing love depends sharply on what his parents taught him at his young age. Never think that such a man is always against traditions and institution of marriage. No, this is not the case.  Under the influence of stable parents, this man actually gives a lot of importance to his family tradition and marriage. This makes him seek a partner who will not have trouble accepting the tradition of his parental home, but at the same time is educated, independent and outgoing. For him, the structure of the relationship is more important than romance and love. And once he gets it he makes sure to stay faithful to his partner. However, in between, due to Aquarius’ inability to not refuse having a crush will lead him to admire other women. It is up to his own conscience on whether he really acts on his desire.

But in his life if he has seen only a dysfunctional family he will come up with his own moral structures which will have a big influence on his love life. For instance, he may end up seeing marriage as nothing more than a prison. He may treat women in the wrong way by leading them on or manipulating them for one night stands. Aquarius is a masculine sign and thus, emotionally, he will think of himself as superior than his partner.  He may also become a serial cheater.

3. Woman of This Moon Sign

From the very beginning of her life, Aquarian moon woman embarks on a mission to help the ones in need. She is sweet and sounds like she cares for all. But yes, no matter how helpful she is, her emotions are not programmed to receive gratitude from others through communication. You can always thank her for her effort to take you out of an abusive relationship. But in return, you will get her neutral face. Do not think that she does not understand the word. The truth is that she cannot feel the gratitude coming towards her. Emotionally, she “thinks” she has not done anything big for you at all.

A woman with moon in Aquarius has all the potentials to do exceptionally well in science classes and can be highly convincing. She might also become friends with a series of people. Definitely, this woman is outgoing and practices diplomacy in front of outsiders.And despite the fact that she can be harsh in her words, she prefers peace over wars.

Society wants women to be always traditional. The lady with moon in Aquarius cannot escape that easily. In between, however, she will display her individualism and love for freedom through her choice of clothes and makeup. She is the only woman who breaks free from family tradition with such presentations.

Just like the Aquarian man, she has very less connection with the feelings of love. It is not that she can never feel it. She just needs to be in the right relationship in order for it to blossom. Her partner must be more of a friend than lover. He should in no way be clingy or try to change her.  If he fails to remember this he will not be able to spend much time with her. Aquarian moon woman reacts to pushiness and clinginess either through arguing or ignoring. Freedom in her life is of higher importance.

Possessive and jealous guys must keep away from her. She is open minded and gets along with her guy friends extremely well. They may also be her regular guests at home. If she is asked to get rid of them she will most probably decide to just get rid of you.

Due to an interest in fairness, Aquarian moon woman does stay faithful to her man. However, in the presence of dysfunctional family, she may find herself confused about the meaning of faithfulness. So she might cheat on her partner without realizing it. In contrast, the influence of good parents teaches her to value the morals connected to relationships and marriage and that forbids her from cheating on her partner. But yes, if she is a working lady or very outgoing she might not always refuse emotional affairs despite being with a partner officially. Recall that Aquarius is prone to getting crushes.

4. Choose Another Moon Sign

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