Guide to Moon in Leo Man and Woman

1. General Character

People with moon in Leo can be considered as lucky. They are blessed with all the traits needed to succeed in a rough world. Having no college degree is never an issue for them because they are good at grabbing valuable money making opportunities. But this is not all!

Lady luck often smiles upon them effortlessly. So it is possible for them to suddenly win lottery or simply come across unimaginably huge success.

Apparently, the mind influenced by the Leo moon is usually sunny. In other words, it likes to be cheerful and finds pleasure in confidence. During the childhood days, Leo moon people do not hesitate to show it through jolliness and big smiles. But as they reach their adulthood, they become more serious and sometimes quiet in public.

Personality wise, they are still fond of limelight, compliments, and good times. However, anger can prove to be dangerous for these people. The harsh feeling will make them go crazy and they might end up doing terrible things impulsively. Now let’s discuss how this moon sign’s man and woman are different from each other.

2. Man of This Moon Sign

If home is the candle a man carrying the Leo moon in his mind is its light. He just knows how to set the moods of his family members through verbal encouragement and cheerful attitude. He shares best bond with the male figures though. He cherishes brotherly love. Outside, he has many friends. Some of them are invited by him for a reason! This man purely knows the value of networking for the expansion of career and other matters. Still his strong way of talking helps him dominate his friend circles.

To many, he can come off as a bit selfish. People complain that when he is in trouble he always dials their numbers in order to get their emotional support. Other times, he needs help. But when they are in trouble he becomes unreachable, slow to respond and even unhelpful.  The truth is that this man with Leo moon does not perform well with others’ serious issues. Such things can actually give him intense boredom and because of this, he wants to get away from them. His energy blooms best in a positive environment.

In love and relationships, this man with Leo moon can either be way too indifferent or affectionate. The result actually depends on the type of partner he is with. If she is too serious, in need of emotional support and always complains he will try to avoid her at times or simply insult her. This is his way of letting her know that he is having a hard time putting up with her serious nature. Why doesn’t this man just break up with her? Sadly, he cannot do it. The reason is that the sign of Leo governing his mind is fixed in the sky. Thus, it forces him to stay glued to his relationship. This should indirectly tell us that a man with moon in Leo is strongly faithful. Apparently, the fixed Leo issue does not let him move on after a breakup either. Because of this, some of his ex girlfriends might title him as a stalker!

Now as stated before, this man can also be affectionate. This side of him will only be brought out by a girl who solves her problems all by herself and has a positive attitude towards life. Overall, she must love him without any greater expectations. Does this mean she should not even think about marriage? This is not the greater expectations means here. If she wants marriage from him she must talk to him about it in a humorous way. Bottom line is that he should not be forced for it.

3. Woman of This Moon Sign

The woman whose mind is controlled by Leo moon is usually very playful.  Just tease her in a sweet manner like a mother cat and you will hear her chirp like a bird. This is her way of expressing her playful side. Yet sometimes she can be quite an arrogant person. If her parents have been strict with her she will keep this behavior of her somewhat hidden. But if they have pampered her too much she will go out of control with it. Personality wise, the woman with Leo moon is very freedom loving, but she has no problem in sacrificing some of it for the sake of her loved ones.

Before we came to know that a man with Leo moon likes the idea of networking to expand his career. For the woman with Leo moon, it is not the same. Her strategy is to use her own skills and charisma to bring in career opportunities. In simpler term, she gives off an air of “I have it all” in an extremely confident manner. People just cannot resist that. So they prefer to flock to her with job or project opportunities.

Unfortunately, the love life of this woman is not always colorful. She wants to be treated royally in relationships, but most of her men do not understand it. Consequently, breakups take place. Also this woman does not tolerate anyone playing with her ego. Now what that supposed to mean? Well, as mentioned before, Leo moon enjoys limelight and compliments. The female carrier wants them to be coming specifically from her partner. If her partner does not get it and ends up treating her just like any other girlfriend her ego gets swollen. Expect this to create arguments in her relationships.

Interestingly, the woman with Leo moon likes to get into a relationship with the hope to turn it into a marriage someday. Sometimes this hope can be so intense for her that she might even accept engagements. But her dominating behavior and unsatisfied thirst for the right amount of attention bring them to end.

Actually, this woman needs a man who will appreciate her personality and beauty. A little bit of passiveness will also work like magic. But is this woman faithful? The answer to it is yes. Keep in mind that Leo is a fixed sign.

4. Choose Another Moon Sign

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