Funniest Youtube Comments That Will Make Your Day

Nothing online has more power than the comment section of Youtube. It is that one platform where religious people, conspiracy theorists, coincidence theorists and celebrity fans can battle without shedding blood.

That does not, however, make it safe. Not many know about the fact that Google Plus was forced upon Youtube users to reduce the comments that many in the corporate world found repugnant. But users just knew how to stay anonymous through fake profiles. Unable to fight it, the new social networking site chose to raise the white flag. The typhoon of mud throwing is apparent even today.

But in between, emerges comments and discussions funnier than what a joke site can provide. Below are some of the best ones.

Numbers are assigned to them just for arrangement purpose. If you find it difficult to read a comment, click to enlarge it. Note that some comments have black humor. Youtube is a place where this is highly prevalent. 

1. It would be interesting to see if this can come true:
2. The one below can be turned into Ode to Laci Green, the problematic. If you don't know who she is consider yourself lucky. 
3. Logic gone wrong in explaining why Titanic sank.
4. Some people have no idea that Wikipedia is not a reliable source.
5. Couple of weeks ago, ISIS made a video threatening US. They were saying they would attack New York. Did it scare the Americans? Nope. Apparently, one citizen is requesting to ISIS to attack some specific places.
6. Some countries may take great pride in their nuclear bombs. But to aliens, they are the dumbest little creatures. The person below explains why. He deserves a noble prize for it.
7. Probably, this is how Pentagon would describe the current war Russia is fighting in Syria against ISIS. Remember the millions of Iraqis killed and a hospital bombed by US?
8. When someone asks a dumb question the dumbest reply follows. But the second user is merely making fun of what was asked.
9. Should anyone spend money on buying an expensive book on how to commit suicide? The user below has an answer for it.
10. Romeo and Juliet seems to be one play taught almost in all schools worldwide. But with time, people's perspective on love has changed. Now this is how a student sees the character of Romeo.
11. Equality does not exist when it comes to physical violence. 
12. Apparently, we have a new civic duty in America and that happens to be blaming President Obama for every single thing. No need to look into what year the problem occurs.
13. Once in the 90's, pop artist Madonna emphasized how fame is connected to looking good. The point skipped by her is that it is equally important to know how to be a charming speaker.
14. This is called comment competition.

15. One Youtube video is forcing people to seek refuge in the comment section. Its title will not be given here because of its gruesome nature. When I went to watch it I did exactly what the people are saying below. 
16. Sometimes a discussion can get weirder  to weirdest even when there is no sign of disagreement.
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Why MacArthur High School Officials Are A Threat to Students

No matter in which part of the world you are, if you have Internet and television at home you are probably not unfamiliar with the name Ahmed Mohamed, the 14 year old clockmaker. Yes, his clock was mistaken for a bomb by his MacArthur High School officials. He was handed to cops who violated his civil right by holding him back from talking to his parents and lawyers at juvenile detention center. Now all charges have been dropped, but the situation created by  MacArthur High School should be an alarming signal for all. The officials including the English teacher need to be arrested and investigated by FBI for their cunningly created terrorist plot. Consider the following points:

Suspect #1--> Ahmed's English teacher
This person thought the clock was a bomb, but did not feel the need to go to officials immediately. Ahmed was called to office during his 6th period. What does this say about the teacher? Was he/she waiting for this thing to blow up for mass casualties? What if this person comes across a real bomb in school?

Other suspects--> Officials who called the cops
They went along with the English teacher, but did not evacuate the school building. What was their intention? Do note that the school has a high number of ethnic students. The way the officials are behaving now screams loudly that they will not mind to see these kids dead.

Their criminal mindset is now far more visible than ever. Psychopaths have big ego and usually give shallow excuses.  MacArthur High School has done just that. See what their school spokesperson told to ABC News.
“Even though that particular item did not pose an immediately dangerous situation to the school, we cannot allow items on campus that can be perceived to pose a threat.”
This means that their school should not have construction, chemistry and biology labs because all of them harbor items that are dangerous to almost every person. Hands of students should be cut off because slap and punch can cause massive damage. Their mouths should not have teeth because they can be used for giving someone dangerous bite. No one should wear clothes because they can be used to strangle a person to death. All classes should be held out in the open and students must just stand because chairs and desks can be thrown at people.

Feminism is Outdated, Irrational, Messy and Untrustworthy

Feminists are having trouble understanding why people are taking a stand against feminism. It is making them awkwardly numb as well as aggressive. The final blow came right from Women against Feminism. With trauma crippling their heads, feminists are trying all they can to fight against them. Will they succeed? Probably a little bit. But time has truly changed. In all areas of education, progress is apparent and if we use just a few elements from them to analyze feminism we will have to agree that its backbones are outdated, irrational, messy and untrustworthy.

Women Against Feminism Attacked By Insecure Feminists

2 years ago a new group with the name of Women Against Feminism (WAF) was born out of twitter hashtag. Now it is a full blown movement that has its own Wikipedia, Tumbler and Facebook. Just as the title suggests, the female admins are highlighting why feminism is not needed anymore. Surprisingly, they don't need to do much hard work to convince anyone about it. They receive the reasons in the form of pictures from almost all over the world and their Facebook fan page is growing everyday. Currently, it has over 27,000 likes. In the past, they were met with threats. Now famous feminists are after them with support from Daily Beast, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and so forth.

They Say the Same Things Again and Again

But here is the funny thing, the retaliation consists of lengthy articles which sadly fall flat because they say the same old boring stuffs used in debates by almost every feminist in the world. Here are the top 10 examples they use for refutation:
1. You don't know what feminism is.
2. Because of feminism, today you can vote and work without getting discriminated.
3. You hate females.
4. You probably never experienced discrimination and harassment.
5. We need feminism because women in other countries are oppressed.
6. You don't love yourself.
7. You are brainwashed by patriarchy.
8. Did you know women still can't walk alone at night? (as if men can)
9. Name calling with no solid support (character assassination: dumb, ignorant, idiot, etc)
10. It is wonderful how you are against feminism (sarcasm)

Now we will review some articles written by feminists against WAF. You will start seeing the pattern of those 10 examples right in them.

Get Autograph of Your Favorite Celebrity Without A Meeting

Twitter has brought celebrities close to their fans. But nothing beats an autograph, for it is hand written. How do you get one? By meeting your idol at a concert or somewhere else. You can also buy them from stores. eBay has an entire section dedicated to this specific item. Before you rush to it, know that there is no way to verify whether the autographs shown there are real. Most often the auctions end at $10. But there are also those that are priced above $100. According to VH1, an autograph coming directly from Tom Cruise may cost as high as $170. These days, however, the price goes above $200. Therefore, forget about buying something that costs just 10 bucks. But don't lose hope. You can still receive an autograph without meeting your idol. There is actually a site which hoards addresses of celebrities from every country possible.
This site's name is Fan Mail. Its owner aims to keep it running forever. This man is noble. He charges nothing and yes, all the addresses are left open to site visitors. How does he add them? The site is somewhat like Wikipedia where almost anyone can contribute. Hence, if you make a request for an address, either the site owner or an independent contributor will help you. So far Fan Mail has more than 50,000 addresses.

How do you use the one you were searching for? Here you will have to spend a few bucks. According to the site, you must write a letter to your idol asking them for the autograph. This letter must be accompanied by photo so the celebrity can sign over it. Another thing you must add is a self addressed envelope with stamp. After sending it, you will have to wait. If no response comes within 3 months then probably you will not get anything.

However, the forum of the site shows success stories in which members sometimes add the addresses that got them the autographs. In most cases, the people had success with more than 3 celebrities. Someone even got response from Hillary Clinton. Therefore, there is nothing wrong in trying.

Help Palestine Through United Nations

The recent war in Palestine turned out to be one of the deadliest. Many around the world have been opposing it.Two weeks ago, during San Francisco demonstration, even the American Jews burned Israeli flags. Others are showing their anger at Twitter and Facebook. Unfortunately, such expressions do nothing. Yes, we all hate wars. We are against those who kill the innocent people. But does it truly matter to to those who are at war? Can our expressions bring back what the victims have lost? They need food and refuge right now. Fortunately, we all have the power to help them. The safest method right now is donating for them through United Nations. The organization has relief camp right in Palestine. Currently, many Palestinians are taking shelter over there. The links of donation pages are given below.

Funniest Things You'll Ever Find on eBay

When eBay started to become part of the pop culture, we were always told that almost everything could be sold through it. There was once a news that someone sold Britney Spears' chewed gum on the site. The price paid for this bizarre product was 14,000. No matter how much we say eww to it, for a fan, perhaps, it has a great value. Back in the days, eBay was quite an addiction for many.

But gradually, the site began to lose luster. People were no more showing interest in bidding. Recession can be blamed for it. But this did not stop some sellers from getting creative with what they were listing. They spent a few cents to list funniest items to make visitors laugh. Here are some of the screenshots.

I was going to send them to my boyfriend just for some informal fun. That is why, I did not save the names of the sellers. The descriptions they provided were hilarious for which I copied and pasted them to the screenshots.

This one had just one description which is "Its an orange"

Curse of LibreOffice on Documents

Libreoffice is the rival of Microsoft office. What makes it attractive is that it is free. Some businesses use them. I heard a lot of good things about it. So instead of paying for office 365, I decided to get it for my second laptop. There was no problem in installing it. It was quite compatible with Windows 8.1, the king of inconvenience. The interface of Libreoffice resembles the oldest version of Microsoft office. This probably can disappoint many. Since the program is free, it is best to not expect too much.

But yes, being cautious is necessary. The apps are good for basic projects. Nobody told me that and thus, I made the  big mistake of doing some of my projects using its PowerPoint app. The end results were so bad that I just had to send their screenshots to my boyfriend. I am posting all of them below. Perhaps, Libreoffice is quite psychic and can read minds accurately. Just yesterday,all its apps disappeared mysteriously from the laptop. But anyways, take a look at them.

This is the syllabus I downloaded from our blackboard. Libreoffice added additional numbers to it. Probably it is because the file is in docx format which the app cannot hold properly. By the way, I tried opening this same file using the latest June version of the app. The result remained the same. Do note that the picture quality is slightly bad here because the screenshot is compressed.
This is the most unusual thing I have seen so far. When doing the project no tantrum was seen in the app. The slides were saved in normal ppt format and closed. The next day, when I opened the file my hair got electric shock. The sentences lost their original places. There was no way I could it edit them back. In the end, I had to restart my work.
Too bad that I still trusted Libreoffice. The second trial proved to be fruitless as well. I was copying and pasting things sent to me by my group members. They were to be edited later. Saving the file brought back the same issue. This time the lines were trying to say farewell to the blank slide.

Why Miley Cyrus Behaves Wild: 4 Ugly Reasons Behind It

Miley Cyrus is our present good girl gone wild. Her MTV video music award performance is still the most talked about topic for the media. The next in line is the concert she is doing all over the world. It is getting raunchier and as usual, it is a matter to be discussed by all. Criticisms are high in the air. But there is no denying to the fact that her acts are finally compelling people to wonder if it is truly okay for female artists to expose to achieve the position of a star. Even the celebrities are making themselves heard about it. Sinead O'Connor wrote an open letter, advising Miley Cyrus to turn around. She explained various reasons that she believed will one day bring disaster in Miley's life. This has led to an open war between the two.

Miley Cyrus turned a deaf ear to the good side of the first letter and and media people now have their negative eyes set on Sinead O'Connor. Miley is still not free from their attacks though and she cares not about it. But why has she suddenly turned into a wild beast?Why did she say goodbye to her angelic Hannah Montana character? Four reasons as the answer to it are given below. They were right in front of our eyes, but we allowed them to be overshadowed by our disgust for her.

Born to Be Wild

Many people are screaming that Miley Cyrus used to be a role model for children and that is why it is wrong for her to play with sexuality on national channel. Can we call this a fallacy? Children do grow up you know? It is not like Miley Cyrus was the only one who had the privilege to see her age progress. Also it is silly to think that media kids grow up to be saints.

It is not difficult. Transformation is possible only if they decide to stop following the eternal flame of fame. An excellent example of this is Tiffany Brissette who played android Vicky in Small Wonder now is a nurse in Colorado. Before changing her career, she did a few movies.

Southern California air generally reacts negatively when mixed with money, kaleidoscopic night life, drugs, alcohol and peer pressure. That is why, we have the unusual real life question marks like Lindsey Lohan and Macaulay Culkin. Bottom-line is that Miley Cyrus is doing what is very much traditional to her. When she was still a teenager she caused controversy by dancing dirty with 44 year old producer Adam Shankman.
His career in the industry started 10 years before Miley's Birth
People booed at the leaked video, but Miley remained unapologetic. It must be noted that dirty dance is much a part of our normal culture. At least in Californian high school proms the gentlest and sweetest female teen loses her shell to dance like this. The only reason it does not welcome controversy is because she does it with a guy of her age. For Miley Cyrus,this is vanilla. She was born in the celebrity world. She knew what it was made up of. Music, television and movie industries look flashy from outside, but inside of them dwell plenty of flesh eating worms. Casting couch is still the first step to achieving a contract for most new artists. And once the curtain goes down, it becomes easier to gel well with any kind of copulation. Going public about it happily is okay, but tantrum proves to be risky, for it results in tarnished image and profession. Most often the whistle blower is presented by the media as someone who wants attention. When this tactic fails, new headline surfaces to make sure that public urges them to see a psychologist. If this does not stop them from talking, they are either sincerely helped to take more than enough drugs or sent to experience their last flight. In brief, for artists, it is best to keep quiet and digest everything. This probably does not apply to Miley Cyrus, for she grew up under the shadow of flesh eating worms.

Little Help from Fairy Godfather

We all are aware of Hannah Montanafever. I never watched any of the episodes but gazillion number of products sold with an emphasis on it were visible to me. Honestly speaking, it was easily forgettable. Thus, for a singing profession which she wanted to continue lifelong, she needed a different kind of person. Probably, she did not want to go down the dark lane at least under the public eye. Her first non Hannah Montana album Breakoutis proof of it. Despite its moderate success, critics all over the country mentioned that it still reminded them of the tv series. She then tried the soft core sexual image with her Can't Be Tamed album, but it went unnoticed. To many, the album itself was a failure. In the end, Miley became compelled to to pray for fairy godfather, Larry Rudolph to show up. Then the magic of twerk occurred, making her a sensational star overnight. Larry Rudolph is quite good with his magic wand. He was the fairy behind the success of Britney Spears's career and raunchy act she did at 2001 MTV video music award. He says that today Miley Cyrus no more needs his help. She does it all naturally. He did not require working hard on her. He just had to advise her to give her best in what she originally was.
Rudolph was the major force behind Britney Spears' career

Perfect Work of Reverse Psychology

Reverse psychology is a term that marketing stretches heavily. According to it, we humans are interested in what looks forbidden to us. As mentioned earlier, what Miley Cyrus is doing is not new to her. It is not new to us either despite our no connection to harem. We are surprised, disgusted, sad and what not? In our free land, we are making ourselves heard about it using social media. This is creating buzz, making many who never probably knew Miley Cyrus to flock to Youtube to watch her MTV video music award performance and sexually charged videos. We humans have a habit of warming up to things we see continuously. Media still reports about her raunchy acts and sayings. We criticize her, but in between, many tiny ones among us have finally surrendered to the delusion that her songs are good for ears. Do not take it like an insult. The writer herself was once a dumb fan of Backstreet Boys. She was brought to her senses by operatic metal. Being little comes with a price. Our tiny brains can't differentiate between delusion and reality. We should not forget the adults who cannot think anything, but pop music. Many of them surrendered themselves to her music. Now with record sales skyrocketing, Miley Cyrus is a strong rival to Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

Fury Makes One Famous

The more she will stay in the news, the more we will remain furious at her. But why? We saw this before, yet we think she is trashy. Her clothes are nothing new. Swimsuits and bikinis as dance costumes were made popular by Lady Gaga. People saw class in it. But now suddenly Miley Cyrus' nude shaded bikini is getting her slapped. It is not that we are angry towards what she is doing. We are just having trouble digesting that a girl who once played the role of sweet Hannah Montana is now wearing outrageous clothes and doing wild things. She made just one little change in Lady Gaga's swimsuits. If you notice carefully, you will see that Miley's bottom part is slightly stretched up.

Sure that is bitter to our eyes. But that is how we gave Miley a new marketing formula. She will continue to use it to keep her star battery charged. Her clothes are going to get skimpier and her wildness will get deeper day after day.

MH370 Passenger Found Asking for Help

Two days ago, government of Malaysia gave a statement that Malaysia Airlines MH370 crashed somewhere in the stormy portion of Indian ocean. Despite the fact that mainstream media is now revolving only around this new story, many are not ready to believe it. There is no real proof of any debris from the plane and that is enough for us to assume that either the government is still going by guesses or they just want people to now stop thinking about the flight. It is also assumed that they want to deviate people's attention from the mystery island Diego Garcia. But why? On March 18th, someone claiming to be the passenger from MH370 asked for help online from his iPhone5. Its screenshot is given below. Feel free to download it for analysis. So far many forums, Facebook pages and Twitter handlers have already picked it up. The users have been doing the same. Interestingly, every time they are trying to prove that it is a hoax new research keeps popping up to emphasize that it is truly from Diego Garcia where no ordinary human is allowed to enter.

These Tracking Devices Can Put You in Danger

What happens when you keep giving in a relationship for free? The partner you are giving to starts taking you for granted. This is the current situation we Americans are experiencing. Do you notice how most of our devices can track us? Recently, we came across the NSA slides of Snowden that showed how government is collecting our information. He mentioned that one single international call we make can put us in grave danger. This probably does not apply to all of us, for not every American makes international calls.

Also not all of us have anything to do with criminal activities. But how the information will be used in the future is what makes many experts worried. They have created a hypothetical government activity to show how one who is not doing anything wrong can still be targeted as potential future criminal. We will have a look at this shortly. But before that it is important for especially girls to know how you may fall prey to stalkers and other villains through the devices you are currently using.

Cars: Are you at home or out of town? Believe it or not, a stalker can find out about your whereabouts just by using one of the websites of insurance companies and yes, it is free. All they need to do is have some of your addresses recored. They can enter each in the box provided for retrieving auto insurance quotes. Below is an example this.
I have been thinking for a while to change our car insurance. For getting an auto insurance quote, I went to Progressive insurance site where I was told to enter my name and address. I followed the instruction and after going to the next page I was surprised. What you are seeing in the above picture was the result. The address I entered was of our bay area house. All papers of this car have our Sacramento house address. But above everything else, this is my sister's car that I probably drove only twice in the bay area this year. In no way, I am associated with it. The insurance company found this car in that garage by using the address I gave them. What about my car? They could not track it because it is from the 90s and thus, has not come with a tracking device. But don't you think this breach of privacy? Think about the immense troubles this kind of feature can bring in your life. Even a sci fi burgler can take advantage of this feature for targeted burglery.

Smartphones: Smartphones have always been controversial. It is noted that pictures picture taken with them are downloaded to a server with date and location stamp without the consent of the users. To some, it is still not a thing of headache. But what if the smartphone camera itself turns into a spying robot United States Naval Surface Warfare Center and University of India have designed a malware that can make it possible. This little malicious guy works on phones running on Android 2.3 and higher. It takes the pictures and then sends them to a database that an attacker then can use to create 3d model of the environment of the phone user. The scientists have said that this can help in burglery and theft. For the youth, however, this is not going to be the main problem. A person can create such malware to fill up his porn site with free porn movies. Hopefully, you are getting what I am saying. Stalking is still much easier without any malware. Facebook pictures sent directly from smartphones are best friends of stalkers. All they need to do is get their exif data. Watch the video below to see how smartphone pictures ruin people's privacy.

Find My Friends: This is an app made for iPhone and iPad users. Through global positioning system (GPS), it can track the location of user's device and friends. But to make it track friends, the user must first send invitation to them. The app is quite controversial. In fact, someone used it to catch his cheating wife. When explaining it he mentioned that he installed it on her phone secretly. Just think about a friend turned foe doing something similar for revenge purpose. 

Data collected by the government
For the time being, NSA has tried to give explanation for the data collected is that this is a part of war on terrorism. By tracking phone numbers and emails, they want to prevent future terrorist attacks. But what if someday they start to use the data to target American citizens for things they never did? Watch the video to see how this may unfold.

This video is made by American Civil Liberties Union. One big problem with the story being used in it is that it depends too much on guesses. If the law enforcement agencies want, they can make the work faster by using the credit cards of the targeted people. All they have to know is what they are buying. We may think that this is not going to happen. So let's go back to credit cards. What happens when you end up accumulating debt? It gets reported to credit bureaus. When you go to apply for a job your employer looks into your credit history and when they find out that some 4 or 5 years ago, you ended up with debt they conclude that you are irresponsible with finance. Similarly, if government someday decides to use the data to find potential criminals your same day three trips to liquor stores may turn you into an irresponsible drunk driver. That is why, researchers say that "I have nothing to hide" is something that we should stop saying. The more power you give to an entity the weaker you become. 

I live in a gated community and I actually see it everyday. Some years ago, in our park someone was stabbed. During that same time, mail theft was apparent. We asked home owner association president to do something about it. The solution turned out to be security guard. We agreed to increase the HOA fee for it. Now we don't have those crimes anymore. The guard is still here and to make sure that he is fully utilized, HOA has asked him to catch any of us showing what they tag as bad behavior. Now a simple parking mistake gets us into trouble. The guard even makes a big issue out of how children play in the play. Do you understand what is happening here? For security, we gave away our freedom. It can't be undone. We could have easily taken a different approach to fight mail theft and other crimes. We could have transferred the mailboxes to a more visible area. We could have installed video camera in our houses separately for monitoring our yards. This simple gated community scenario is not different from the national level surveillance program. Remember our government believes in getting value for every dollar spent. So if there is no real project NSA government can force them to keep eye on the random people who think "I have nothing to hide".

Update: What is described above is already happening. It came to my attention that Michigan's Child Protective services agency has already made a database of child abusers. These child abusers are parents who have never been reported. They have no idea that they have been wrongfully tagged. What makes the situation worse is that getting the names removed from this database is extremely tough. 

34,000 Hacking Attacks Per Day on Game Consoles

Xbox One and Play Station 4 were launched at the end of 2013. Not suprirsing, but Kaspersky Lab reports that since then there has been a rise in the number of hacking attacks on most game platforms including computers used for gaming. In average, they are seeing 34,000 attacks per day. This is quite alarming, but strangely, most hackers are interested in Europ with Spain and Poland being their first two choices for such attacks.

Of course, Xbox One and Play Station 4 have been the main target. The agenda here is to steal usernames and passwords to be sold later to others. This is probably just a trailer of the upcoming problems. The game consoles are no different from computers. They have Internet as their nerves. Kaspersky Lab states that the two consoles have no protection from game related malware already circulating online. This is quite scary. But it is still obvious that anti virus software companies will come up with something to protect those consoles. It will be foolish to overlook the newest business opportunity.
When my family was still quite devoted to Internet Explorer virus made sure to visit our computers at least once in six months. One of my dad's computer engineer friends imparted to us that Microsoft itself was responsible for it, for they wanted the victims to spend money on antivirus software. Coincidently, in 2013, the company told PC users to not depend on their award winning free Security Essentials and that it is best to buy third party antivirus software. Does anyone smell broker?

Cute Names of Drinks from San Jose Marriott

Drinks usually get names that have more to do with flowers, fruits, desserts and islands. Some names come from taste and color. How would you react if a bartedner tells you that you can choose from anything ranging from Cats Meow to Peppy Puppy? Don't think about rushing to PETA. These drinks have nothing to do with flesh and blood of these animals. They are merely based on theme of the convention called Further Confusion V The World 2014. Last thursday, it took place in San Jose Marriot. Consequently, Tanq, the bar of the hotel is offering the themed drinks to the guests. Below picture of the menu is given

How Feminists Turned Women into Sex Objects

The mission of feminism is supposed to be about bringing gender equality within the society. Unfortunately, some feminists seem to mistake it for copying men specifically in the field of sex. This has turned feminism into a laughingstock. Did you ever hear “you can’t be like us”? This is the comment most men make against feminists.What is hidden behind this simple line is woe and defeat for women. They are right! Feminists can debate that it does not matter what the men think. It is a free society. Everyone has right to do whatever they want. Sadly, this is the way men think too.Feminists of the 60s successfully brought in sexual liberation for women with twisted ideas. Much of its credit goes to Alfred Kinsey's deceptive sexology report and birth control pills which do not prevent sexually transmitted diseases even today. Feminists supporting sexual liberation said women had the right to liberate themselves sexually. They had the right to experiment and make sexual advances without feeling guilty. 

Reporting Facebook Hate Page Still Works: Shown by A Group

To spice up the site and give people more freedom to express their viewpoints, Facebook started offering fan page feature. It is still free and any user can utilize it to share their interest or viewpoint on an issue with like minded folks. The concept seemed promising as celebrities and companies began to take advantage of the feature. But there were also those who used it to express hatred. Facebook does have guidelines against such element.

They do warn against bullying and spilling hatred. But this does not have much impact. What makes this worse is the fact that the free page feature is now being utilized to humiliate or insult ordinary citizens. Generally, middle or high school kids are the victims. To all of us, this looks bad, but to Facebook, probably this is still freedom of expression. Try reporting one page. Your effort will go in vain. Compelling Facebook to get an abusive page deleted is no more easy, but possible. The officials do not care how much the page hurts its target. They seem to have engulfed the notion that reporting done by only one user or handful of people cannot be taken credible. Most often it is shown by the little note they send to reporters’ dashboard. It states why the page has not been taken off. Of course, they try to be all formal with an abnormal justification according to which the abuser has not gone against Facebook guidelines. That is the reason why so many people had to come forward with their own sites and petition page to urge people to compel Facebook to remove certain abusive pages. Most of them, however, have not succeeded in their mission. Hope should still be kept alive. Recently, without using any sites from outside, a group got a big hate page deleted. It had more than 40,000 likes. 

15 Rare Songs About Breakups, Heartbreaks and Memories

Songs explain the pain associated with breakups and memories like no other things in the world. And why wouldn’t they? After all, they are embroidered with the most profound creative elements like poetry and music.

But if you are looking for songs that are true gems, but do not make it to radio then you are at the right place. Here we have 15 such rare songs. They sure are about relationship sorrow, but they are so beautifully composed that any listener will find them soothing for the ears.

1. Carnival of Lust by Poets of the Fall: This is one song that will make you realize how much we here in the United States are missing out in terms of great music. Carnival of Lust was a big hit in Europe and it still continues to garner new admirers. Those who are fed up of fake dates will easily relate to the song.
2. Breaking up again by Accept- This song is quite direct. It explains the day that is started after the breakup has happened. However, one thing to remember is that in the lyrics it is mentioned that the relationship went through so much trouble that they kept breaking up again and again, but this time it is for real. She is really gone. The general tempo of this song is slow.
3. Past Perfect by Thurisaz- This song deals more with a relationship that was too good to be true. Unfortunately, it did not work out. Yet the memories haunt the person as he realizes that she was the other half of him. Again, the song is slow, but with a touch of classical piano music.
4. Meaning of forever (Part2) by Morphia- This is one song that does not only speak of memories, but also the acute pain that comes after the breakup. As a matter of fact, one part of the lyrics does say that it would have been better if the two never met. Just like all others described before, the song is soft and slow.
5. To blossom blue by Lake of Tears- The title says it all. The second half of this line is, “Is to blossom without you”. This doom metal song is direct in what it expresses. She is no more there with him and he is somehow coping with this.
6. October and April by The Rasmus and Anette Olzen- Europeans are probably very much aware of this sad song.
But here in US, not many even know the Rasmus. October and April is little different from their other songs. It is a soft duet that talks of love that was bitter from the very beginning. Many will relate to it.

7. Burn the remembrance by Katatonia- This is not a slow song, but does remain true to the theme we are talking about. It still is different in the sense that it focuses mainly on moving on. The song describes memories as second hand impressions which must be allowed to die.
8. Always for you by Album Leaf- This is more like an atmospheric pop song. The lyrics in it are profound. She is gone, but he ponders how he could never express to her the passionate love he had for her. This song actually has a touch of both happiness and sadness. Apparently, he continues living the memory and love he had for her.
9. One last goodbye by Anathema- This song is again about the pain of losing a loved one. According to the lyrics, the person was always insecure about her. In the end, it turns out to be true. She leaves him. It is important to mention here that this song can be about any loved ones like mother, girlfriend or wife. The band dedicates this song to all who left us.
10. To bid you farewell by Opeth- Although the title directly says it is a song about leaving, the lyrics express all the grief associated with pain of losing a loved one. The song was actually written as a tribute to the lead singer’s grandmother, but its overall tone enables all in pain to relate to it. This song is slow in the beginning, but picks up the metal beats later. By the way, it is 10 minute long.

11. Memories by Within Temptation-  This is, perhaps, the most successful song of Within Temptation. As the title suggests, it is about the memory of a lover, but he is just no more in this world. The general tone of the song is gothic and spiritual in a pagan way.
12. Sacrifice by London After Midnight- Sacrifice got exposure through a fan made video. It was a tribute to the movie Crow and late Brandon Lee. The work turned out to be so good that it indirectly helped  London after Midnight many new fans.
However, the song is not about thriller of any kind. It mainly focuses on a relationship that will never see the daylight. The lyrics are dark, yet profound.
13. The way we were by Barbara Streisand- This is a classic sad song about two people who started out right, but things later turned sour. So they depart. However, this song implies that not everything about the relationship is worth remembering. Since it is sung by a female singer, it is most appropriate for female music listeners.
14. Love from the stone by Dark Moor- This is by far the most unconventional heartbreak song we have in this list. It does not focus on normal relationships and the singer himself has no connection to it. The song simply is based on the star crossed lovers from Teruel, Spain.
15. One Day by Kamelot- Roy Khan is one of the best metal singers. He sang many beautiful breakup songs. But One Day is a true gem made immortal by the enchanting voice of Roy Khan.

Chegg Vs Course Smart: Review from Comparison

The skyrocketing prices of textbooks forced me to turn to Chegg and Course Smart. They seemed to be the better choice in some cases. Renting too can be expensive, but sometimes we can get lucky. Have a look at the textbook I used a semester ago.
high price of textbook
The prices shown are from eBay. Originally, this book costs $186 or a few bucks more. Renting it from Chegg saved a bit of my money and my class was online anyways. I rented two others  from Course Smart. I used both the sites for weeks continuously which makes me capable of reviewing their services. Actually, we will have more of a comparison here. Those who do not have time scroll down for the shortcut comparison given in yellow.

Availability of the books
This is problematic. Neither of the sites has all the required books. What is there in Course Smart is not there in Chegg and vice versa. I wouldn’t blame them for it because textbooks are infinite in number. But yes, Course Smart has only ebooks. They can be accessed online and checked out for offline reading. Printing is also allowed, but it seems to have some kind of bug. They say we can print 10 pages at once. But most often only one page is printed. Copying the notes to a word document, therefore, is the best option. The rented book remains completely open. We can go to any page any time.

As for Chegg, it has textbooks in electronic format as well as in print. One section of the site is dedicated to subscription based homework help. I did not use it. So I will not comment on it. However, there is a limit to how much of the book we can copy and print. I did not use the print option. I just copied some definitions to make notes for my discussion posts and papers. The task came with total annoyance. Every time I pasted the lines to Microsoft Word, my email address was placed next to them along with other information from the book.

Sheer luck smiled upon me that I did not have homework directly from the book shown above. At Chegg, many exercise pages were covered with gray boxes. On them, rested an excuse that the materials were copyrighted. Chegg never mentioned this during the payment. This is a matter of concern. Most professors prefer to give homework right from the textbooks and not having access to them means we must print them from school library or somewhere else.

Course Smart’s reader where we get to open the book is slightly slow. But the pages can viewed in single format or as thumbnails and side by side. Other options are shown below. They remain on the top of the book which makes navigation easy.

Obviously, we cannot finish a text or a chapter at once. In this case, the bookmark comes in handy. Otherwise, the page where we left off is lost. It is not a big issue for me. My main complaint is about the search bar given to search for lines and terms right inside the book. It is sensitive and slow. It just can’t take space made before entering a search word. Same is true for lines containing two or three words. In both the situations, zero result is returned. But when used appropriately, the result takes time to come, but it is found highlighted in the book.

Chegg ‘s reader  loads quicker and has a different design with most features that the Course Smart one has. I don’t remember seeing a bookmark, but the page starts from where we left off. The search function works quicker and most terms remain saved under the search bar for a while. When navigation starts to look smooth, some kind of bug disables the highlighting feature.

Final Comparison
As I mentioned before Course Smart loads slowly. When the class is online and tests are timed the slowness of the reader turns into a problem. However, the textbook pages are never left covered purposely which is the main issue I have with Chegg. Both the sites charge almost the same rental price. But Chegg also wants to know which school I go to and in which class I am going to use the rented textbook. It seems that they want me to answer these extra questions so they can connect me to their members from my school. I find this slightly irrelevant.

I don’t like taking risks with homework. I believe I should have the right to see every page of the book I rent because it is not like they charge me in peanuts. In this case, Course Smart is the best option. Chegg is not completely a villain either. But I would pick it only if their rental price is lower than what is offered by Course Smart and also if my professor says that we will not have homework from the book.

My ratings for the two sites:
Course Smart: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Chegg: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Shortcut Comparison