How to Telepathically Message Someone

You won’t believe how easy it is to send a telepathic message to a person as long as they are somehow related to you. It can be a coworker, friend or the crush you talk to. The steps on how to do it are given below. To become good at it, practise the sending process with a friend or sibling.

Step 1: Have the name of the person and his or her physical image in your head. Detailed visualization of them is not necessary and only the first name is enough.

Step 2: Prepare the message you want to send them. It should be short or have only one line. You should also make sure that you can feel this message. 

Step 3: Sit in a quiet room alone and close your eyes. Make sure no one can disturb you.

Step 4: Take a deep breath twice. Loosen up your body. Let go of your control.

Step 5: Shut down thinking in your mind by reminding yourself that at this time nothing matters. To make it stronger, focusing on your loosened body.  You can also command your mind to become quiet by saying Stop.

Step 6: With your eyes still closed, imagine yourself connected to the universe through a wire that ends by getting connected to the recipient. To get the vibe of the universe, picture the wire going up the cloud or sky.

Step 7: Now call to mind the message you wish to give the person. Feel it. Use genuine breathing as you mentally tell them the message.

Step 8: Close the communication link by opening your eyes and letting your random day to day thoughts take over your mind.  That’s it.

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