Reasons to Use the Desktop Version of Sites on Your Phone

Smartphones are popular gateways for virtual world visits. They outperform normal computers and laptops. But try choosing desktop version of the site you visit. Why? Let's take a look at the reasons.

Desktop versions load faster: Back in the days when phones started to become the main tool for internet use, we had heavy codes running the websites. That resulted in data loss. To prevent this from happening, tech giants like began pushing for fluid sites containing lighter scripts.  Although developers were supposed to do it all for phones, they worked on computers and thus, used it for speed benchmarking. Now if you request the desktop version of a site from your phone browser you will get it loaded faster than ever. Surely, the font size is not always friendly on your tiny screen. In that case, you can zoom in. Otherwise, after finding what you are looking for, you can switch back to mobile version of the site.

Less glitches and bugs: Mobile version of a site can have a whole lot of glitches and bugs. Even a simple image can become its victim. The Ikea site is a perfect example of this. As you can see, its mobile version is unable to show the image that the desktop one has. We can't always blame slow internet for this. The thing has more to do with developers not being aware. In the middle, visitors are left to suffer or have poor experience. To be not one of them, request your browser for your site's desktop version.

Prevents accidental clicks: Mobile pages are prone to suffering from poor padding and thus, when you scroll down your finger can’t help accidently clicking what you don’t want to see. Some sticky widgets make content reading annoying. Just look at the Chat Now button of Macy's below. Desktop version of the site eliminates this hassle.

Scripts are not hidden from you: There is no way to make every script of a site fluid and lighter for all phones. Width is by and large the interruption. In some cases, certain scripts are deemed unnecessary for phone users. Others block contents as you saw above. These reasons are often used by developers to hide or move down some crucial parts of a site in its mobile version. Desktop version is the only thing that removes this barrier. You get the full package you deserve.

Prevents manipulation by online stores: Mobile version of an online store can be sometimes deceptive. It is all because of the freedom to hide scripts or send the crucial ones at the bottom with the hope that not all shoppers scroll down to the bottom. Secondly, it is very much caught in studies that phone users have less patience. Some stores have learned to take advantage of that to make profits.

Easy to navigate:  Navigation style is changed frequently by developers regardless of how it does not help the fluid design. On the phone, therefore, you will be forced to relearn how to use it all again and again. But once you switch to desktop version of the site on your phone, that problem disappears.

Prevents suffocation: Mobile site contents are squeezed to fit different screens. And as mentioned before, you will frequently have to relearn how to navigate. What you are going to see as you scroll down is another thing you will have to deal with. These things have psychological impact. You will feel stressed and in worst case scenario, suffocated. Desktop version can save you from this.

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