Advantages and Disadvantages of Diversity

How does it feel to live in a place that has people from all over the world? Doesn't diversity make you feel lost in translation? To get an answer for these questions, we have to look at what kind of society people of many races build together. Diversity related to population has both advantages and disadvantages.


No peer pressure: Being friends with people from different countries is a great relief from peer pressure. Your personal life stays personal. They are not going to expect you to get a boyfriend or graduate at some specific age. Everyone is given the freedom to maintain space.

Greater amount of individualism: Diversity sharpens your ability to maintain your individualism. With cultural pressure gone, you are more focused on your inner voice and that helps you become what you desire. You also learn to have your own opinions which you get to express without fearing.

Wide variety of cuisines for enjoyment, health and wallet: This, perhaps, is the best part. There is not a single country in the world where diversity has not led to increase in restaurants and shops selling exotic foods and ingredients. There is always something new to taste. But that is not all. Such businesses are a blessing for those who need to restrict the intake of normal foods. For instance, if you are a Californian trying to lose weight by changing diet you can always shop for low calorie ingredients at Japanese and Indian stores. Diversity gave you access to them. Such places also carry organic items at a very cheap price.

Man enjoying Persian Food in Dubai

Rapid Innovation and Progress: When a region promotes freedom of thought and expression its diversity opens the door to innovation and progress. How? People of different countries get to introduce their cultural ideas to the system, paving the way for development. Educator Khan, for instance, changed the way kids have been studying in the US through a teaching method common in his original country. Then think about Dubai from UAE. Its out of the world skyscrapers are the result of welcoming architects who had crazy designs ideas. In general, regions that have diversity get to become wealthy very quickly.

Variety in dating market: Some of us can’t date people from our race because they remind us of our parents and siblings. Some of us can’t relate to our own culture. It is high maintenance. Diversity erases that discomfort by allowing us to date people of other races and cultures.

Genuine Academic help from students: People of all races don’t see school stuffs in the same way. For instance, most white students give politically correct reviews of classes and thus, not reliable if you are concerned about your grades. If you want the brutally honest review you will need to talk to people of other races. Indian students will generally give you the most details. Bad at math? Diversity will allow you to befriend Asian students so they can help you learn it.


Colorful festivals can be depressing: Some cultures you will see have really colorful festivals. If you are away from home witnessing them can make you feel lonely. Participating in one does not help no matter how much they welcome you. You will still feel like an outsider. You will be depressed.

Struggle with language barrier: In some places, you will be lost in translation and that can affect your career. For instance, colleges usually don’t care if the professor they are hiring is fluent in English. Once he is in the lecture hall, the students are the ones who suffer.

Rampant nepotism: It can be very difficult to find a job and climb the corporate ladder in an area of diversity unless you have an exceptionally great resume. People, in general, love to work with those of their own race. They do it through recommendations and thus, in the job market, you have to feel like a fish out of water. This is quite common in California. People will often tell you in this state that most people are hired through networking. That is actually nepotism in disguise.

Making friends is not easy: If you are new in a place of diversity you will struggle to make friends. People here usually focus just on themselves. The friendship usually occurs when you become regular to them.

High living cost: There is a pattern and true for large cities. As mentioned earlier, diversity can trigger development which ironically makes living cost high.

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