6 Easy to Grow Plants and Herbs for Natural Skin Care Ingredients

The best vegetables and herbs can only come right from your own hands and garden. Nothing can substitute that. You are their owner. You know how you took care of them. You know you did not brush wax over them. On the top of that, you save money while storing the fresh produce and nourishing your body. Sure your mission is to enjoy them in your cooked dishes. But never forget that they can also be used in mask recipes and medication for your skin.

It never grows old. Many of the store bought products have exactly what the  green kingdom offers.
Today, our topic is just about that. We will learn many secrets of how to easily and without much effort grow six different plants and herbs that always have been successfully used in getting rid of many skin problems. Do not worry even if you feel that you are too lazy to plant or look after them. The ones we have in the list below do not even require love and care.

1. Garlic:
Uncooked or raw garlic has antibiotic properties. Through proper use, it can heal acne, fungal infection and athletic foot. Surprisingly, garlic can be very easy to grow in the garden and kitchen. No buying of seeds is necessary. Garlic does not have them anyways. You will only need to plant the cloves. After a while, they will give you the bulbs full of more cloves.

2. Mint:
Mint leaves can eliminate blackheads while refreshing the skin. It has a great calming effect on itch. On the top of that it contains salicylic acid. This is the same thing found in acne products of Neutrogena and many other brands.You might have also heard that mint is great at fighting bad breath. Put a small piece of the leaf in your mouth and you will know that it is true. But why buy mint from store when it is ready to grow anywhere without much care? In a garden, not even watering is necessary. Moreover, the plants spread all by themselves pretty rapidly. How to grow them? Just leave the mint sprigs in water to grow their roots. Then plant them in the soil. You have to do it just once because mint plants are strong enough to stand harshest climate. Also they are good at coming back every year.

3. Lemongrass:
Lemongrass tea speeds up healing of skin infections and wounds. If you are from US you will find its stems in Asian stores. Do not just get them to make soup and other dishes. Save a few in the water to grow their roots. Then plant them in a pot. Water regularly and they will begin growing nicely. Apparently, it is not recommended to use lemongrass on the skin directly. You cannot actually do it because the body of the lemon grass is too rough just like blades. That is why, you have to try it out in tea recipes. Lemongrass can usually survive in winter, but does a terrible job under the hot sun of the summer. So if possible sometimes keep it inside. Lemongrass can be sometimes very expensive in stores. So a top of them can end up even giving a good business.

4. Cilantro:
In many parts of the world, cilantro’s other names are coriander and Asian parsley. In Hungary, it has always been taken as great for skin care. What can it exactly do? It is claimed that cilantro juice removes mild tans. Regular use can even reduce hyper pigmentation. In other words, it lightens the skin. Research has also shown that the juice has detoxification effect on the kidney. Growing cilantro herb is another easy task. For this, all you have to do is buy some of its seeds and scatter them in a wide pot or area containing loose soil open to sunlight. Then, of course, you have to keep watering the plants regularly. Now here is a bonus point, just staring at cilantro plants can be quite calming for the eyes and mood. They just have a very bright green color that naturally looks adorable outside in the sun.

5. Tomatoes:
Tomato juice and pulps can work as natural cleanser and skin lightener. In some parts of the world, tomatoes can be grown in spring and summer. In other areas, fall is the best time. To grow tomato plants, all you will need is a handful of the small seeds of the tomatoes you buy in grocery stores. This is the cheapest way to do this. If you wish you can also get seedlings. Next, plant them separately in an open area containing loose soil. It should be able to get sunlight. Once again, water regularly to see them grow.

6. Aloe Vera:
Skin can benefit in many different ways from aloe vera gel. The only hurdle is going to the store to buy it. In many places, aloe vera gel can be very expensive. The opposite is true about growing the plant in the garden or pot. Once again, you have to do the planting work just once and then forget about it. The truth is that aloe vera plants can grow almost anywhere and hardly requires love and care. However, in places like Nevada, Texas and inland California it will need water from you. In other areas, no such thing is necessary as long as their soil naturally gets water food from below. Aloe vera gel is said to get rid of flakes, acne, tans, and sun burns. Just plant it in your garden. Its flowers work like decors.

This spring try out the plants and herbs from this list. Experiment on how and where you want to grow them. Do you have any recommendation for us? Use the comment box to let us know about it. There is nothing more fun than learning something new. 

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