20 Best Slow Songs From Metal Bands (Part 2)

In this part, we will have a few sad slow songs of metal bands. Some of them might be nothing new to you. Yet just go through the list to see if you are missing any of them. All of them are as best as the ones we found in part one. Once again, we will be skipping the songs of Metallica and those of the 80s because they seem to always get higher priority everywhere. That totally makes us miss the ones made after 90s.

11. Second Love by Pain of Salvation
This song has a very beautiful line which goes something like our pain is larger than the universe tonight. This must have already hinted you that its concept deals with breakup and melancholy.

12. Where I can fly by Derdian
Derdian is an Italian power metal band. Majority of their songs follow the tradition. Where I can fly is no different despite the fact that it is slower. But just listen to it during a rainy day. You will feel lost in another world.

13. Tears by Ensiferum
Tears is another song that will take you to another world. It is more classical than metal. In fact, metal elements in it are completely absent. By the way, it is sung by female singer, Kaisa Saari.

14.Light in the Sky by Helloween
Not sure how you are going to take this beautiful motivational song. It is only 2:36 minutes long and that can leave you hungry for more.

15. With or Without You by Dope
Dope is usually known for their fast beats. You will get the same from their With or Without You, but most of its parts are rather slow. Do not think though that you will be hearing a turtle song. No, With or Without You actually has magnetic appeal.

16. Many Moons Ago by Empyrium
Many Moons Ago is almost similar to Blind Guardian’s acoustic songs like Bard’s Song. Do not forget to listen to give it a try. The lyrics at one point will surprise you. 

17. Forever by Stratovarious
I must warn you that this song can easily make anyone cry. So be careful while playing it in front of anyone. The lyrics might remind you of Time the beginning, but they are rather more straightforward

18. Tides by Tarot
Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the song is about a detergent. Move your mind away from that. Tides is about something else and it has very deep meaning. By the way, its singer, Marco Hietala is so talented that he can even turn the crappiest songs into precious jewels.

19. Seize the Day by Avenged Sevenfold
Many of the metal fans in America are already aware of Seize the day. It is beautiful and heartwarming. If you haven’t listened to it give it a try. 

20. What kind of Love by Avantasia
This is a duet that might remind of popular music once again. But what makes it stand out is its lyrics and of course, Amanada Somerville!

If have landed on this page first do check out Part 1 also. 

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