Moon in Cancer with Moon in Scorpio

Water signs are intense in love and want the same from their lovers. This is the same reason why the crab keeps searching for deep emotions in lunar earth, air and fire signs. If this search goes in vain, probably it should take a moment to date a Scorpio. Both of them are from water element. Consequently, they can have the best of their time with each other. There is no doubt that they will notice their excellent chemistry in the very first meeting. After all, the magnetic pull works between them. But they are really a unique pair.

When all other couples in fear of relationship boredom take the help from entertainment and adventure, the lunar Cancer and Scorpio build their love story in silence. There are words hidden somewhere within their lips, but somehow they become one through the ballad of their mystic emotional connection.

But is that enough to make the carriers’ relationship successful? Occasionally, they will experience dissatisfaction with each other and that can compel them to either compromise or take the highway.

Also the amount of passion that flows within their relationship can often force them to spend more time rearranging their feelings or satisfying their physical appetite in the bedroom. For those who are young, such elements will turn out to be detrimental.

Lady luck still shines upon them. Thanks to the heightened sensing ability, the carriers will see fewer misunderstandings in their relationship. Jealousy and infidelity are never going to even knock on their door. The carriers just will not have time to look at anyone, for these water signs to tend to get them carried away by each other.

Then why the dissatisfaction? The answer is in their deep rooted habit of putting guard up. This does not work with their intense emotional longing and thus, the relationship can often go through unpredictable situations. Sure the moon signs’ sensing ability will say that something is not right. But if they program the carriers to keep their lips zipped, the relationship will begin to lose spice along with the trust. Of course, being more polite and compassionate, Cancer might decide to stay honest about its sudden break. But Scorpio is more comfortable in keeping personal life personal! What this means is that if the couple is determined to continue the relationship they will have to practice much patience with each other.

These two creatures from water element are blessed with trine aspect. This surely tells that as moon signs they are highly compatible with each other. But somehow their immense chemistry is most suitable for adult carriers.

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