Moon in Cancer with Moon in Sagittarius

The combination of lunar Cancer and Sagittarius can best work within a friendship zone. If the carriers try to take things to the next level struggle will follow. But the relationship itself may not happen because the crab being a water creature will not find emotional connection with the fiery archer. They are just way too different from each other.

Cancer is more driven by feelings whereas Sagittarius is more comfortable responding to heat of the moment. This can certainly get them busy in a good conversation, but somehow they both will notice the blankness. That is why, they may choose to avoid each other for a relationship.
But what if other aspects of their natal charts create attraction between them? The traits of lunar sign make up our inner personality. We show them to only our loved ones and trusted friends. Unfortunately, if Cancer and Sagittarius end up doing the same for each other their relationship will start to decay. Let us go in details about.

Cancerean state of mind is happy to live within the realm of four walls. This is not acceptable to Sagittarius whose emotions are always on the lookout for a new adventure. Thus, in their relationship, where to spend time will always create much debate and disappointment. Role playing is going to be most annoying problem for them. We take a look at it next.

Lunar Sagittarius wants their partner to live life independently. On the other side of the line, lunar Cancer thinks that two people in a relationship must be driven by togetherness. These two differences can lead them to not only more arguments, but also more issues pertaining to conventions and open mindedness which then give birth to jealousy and insecurity factors in Cancer moon. It is just that Sagittarius moon sees a friend in all including those from the opposite gender. Also it has a tendency to forget its own partner in the middle of fun. For Cancer moon, this is not easy to handle at all.

In a way, the connection of archer and crab can be compared to the chemistry of oil and water. They simply do not blend. In fact, what is okay to one is incomprehensible to the other. As a result, they fail to design a negotiation. This is once again supported by what is in the sky. Sagittarius and Cancer are ruled by inconjunct aspect. Such a point in astrology signals trouble for partners.

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