Description of Mars in Capricorn


The natives of Mars in Capricorn view the world like a construction zone. They love to create and once they set eyes on something, they will do everything to grab it. Gifted with extreme endurance, these people are capable of competing to the point of ignoring momentary delight and even childhood.

They are born so mature that even in the cradle, they worry about what they want to be in the future. Subconsciously, they are sensitive to time limit of life. They plan and prepare their career roadways in advance.

Howbeit, all the undertakings of these natives are done within the circle of existence that is absolute and objective. Same is true for how they look at ideas. They like to experiment with what is already available, gradually rising to the top as renovators. Failure usually leaves them in a state of despondency. The pain is felt more severely by the certified heroes. They do not like to quit though.If needed they will bend the rules.

Mars in Capricorn does impact how its natives can be reached by others. They tend to appear aloof and too serious, somehow enabling the misconception that they are conceited. Never forget that Capricorn is connected to the element called earth. Just make them comfortable to loosen their seriousness. But never take their calmness for granted. These people value seriousness and structure. The absence of the two activates their dark side. Of course, coldness is their first response. But too much chaos can ultimately unleash the wild goat.

Big surprise awaits those who go to bed with these creatures. Capricorn Mars loves the extreme edge of the sexual field. On the negative side, display is in store only for a selected few abiding to guidelines of committed relationships. It is just that no matter how erotic the natives are, a conservative view on sex is what they like to uphold. Risky business is not their thing and they are good at keeping themselves at control.

Mars in Capricorn Man

He has a compulsive need to work. Even when nothing is present he will do anything to keep his brain and hands busy. He is mentally strong and disciplined. He does not like to be bossed around. The fear works well in making him focus on attaining the leadership position. He is quite a materialistic person and this certainly makes him highly selective about his career. No matter what happens, his profession must generate him a splendid bank account. He will not settle for less.

The feeling that his pocket is full of achievements does overpower his head. In his eyes, his personality is the definition of success and high rank. He chooses his fashion with the aim to express exactly that. He hates to be compared and criticized. No man can be like him. He is literally the diamond in the rough.

When all is said and done he goes home with narcissism. His friends may still see him with great admiration. But being close to him is a matter of suffocation for those who like some lighthearted fun here and there. Mars in Capricorn man is too serious to lick on lollipops. But he is not entirely devoid of the desire to have some fun. His indulgence happens to be grand. He is the kind of person who wouldn’t let a bottle of beer go to waste.

In a relationship, he seeks to be the dominant one followed by a solid devotion he can count on. Hence, his flavor of love leans towards the submissive women. Their resume must exhibit certain qualities of success. The incompatibility between the two ingredients often makes him a victim of bad romance. But there is no way to guess the number of times this can happen. This man of ours can live without a relationship for many years. His ex girlfriend list is likely to be very short.

Sexually, this guy is a prank. Yes, outside he is quite a traditional person. But in the bedroom, this falls apart. He has a lot of sex drive. This secret is opened gradually. He doesn’t mind getting carried away. Much of it becomes visible from his physical domination.

Mars in Capricorn Woman

This woman is smitten with the yesterday era. She decorates her body to implicitly state that. Her makeup and style will often remind you of the 50s, but her actions are highly progressive. She is not afraid of being a one-woman show while letting tradition to influence her personal life. She works so hard that she is capable of dethroning the strongest male adversaries.

She has a good head for directions as well as patience. People value her judgement and for this reason, it is likely for her to have a strong presence in every step of whatever she does in a team. Perfection is so important to her that just to maintain it, she may end up with multiple specializations. This also means she knows how to evaluate results before they even come to existence. That is why, she can be quite nerve-racking to those working under her.

At the time of catastrophe, nonetheless, this lady must practice caution and remind herself of her strict moral codes. Capricorn is all about trying and being in control. It malfunctions when faced with defeat. Unfortunately, there are things that are not in humans’ control and this is where this Mars sign turns lethal for the female gender. Unattended sorrow can mean debauchery and self-destruction.

She does not spend much time on petty conflicts. Her defense mechanism involves giving cold shoulder and it definitely does not last too long. Only when the trust is broken she gives a thought to permanent anger. Revenge is what she aims for.

This lady can go years without sex. It is not the most important thing in her life. When the opportunity knocks the door she thinks about security. Pleasing her is not so straightforward because of her high standard. There is a need for x factor in the moves. Secretly, she wishes to be dominated in the bedroom by a faithful partner.
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