Moon in Gemini with Moon in Pisces

Although Gemini and Pisces are square to each other, as moon signs they are not always bad in a relationship. Definitely, it will take some time for them to get used to each other’s way because their viewpoints on love do not match. Meanwhile, whether they will succeed together will be completely up to Gemini. The interesting point is that despite all emotional imbalances, they may end up making their relationship long term. There is reason behind this.

In the beginning, Pisces might just stay as one of the multiple dating options for Gemini. The fish is soft and easy going and has no problem waiting. If all fails, the twins will come back to it. Some good aspects are still needed to give birth to attraction in their emotions.

Astrologically, the twins like talking and fish is a good listener. These opposing elements can help them get close to each other. Both are curious about the world. This is also going to help them stay busy with each other. The twins will love the idea of exploring and experimenting with Pisces.

Yet expect irritation in Geminian emotions. Without a doubt, they respect and appreciate Pisces’ ability to listen. But in broader sense, they long for a partner whose emotions are good at being moderately opinionated and logical. The fish usually does not bear such traits. But change may occur which can finally make them stay in the relationship a little bit longer. Do note that both are mutable. That might become their ultimate beneficial tool. How?

Pisces is emotional and sensitive. That can influence Gemini to become one with all that is emotional. It is not that Gemini will adhere to this all the time. but yes, it will at least learn to think emotionally. In the same way, Pisces will feel influenced by the element of air to become more verbal, intellectual and logical. So this relationship is going to be valuable for both.
There is a high possible that trust between the two might go through ups and downs. Pisces is psychic. As a result, it will pick up the changing viewpoints of Gemini. Unfortunately, this will cause a little bit of friction in their relationship.

As mentioned before, whether they will see success depends much on Gemini. Pisces will definitely want to hold onto the relationship. But our twins are indecisive and reluctant to deal with a sensitive partner.

Moon in Gemini with Moon in Aquarius

A relationship equals to friendship. Love is all about accepting a person as he or she is. Restriction ruins both. These are the thoughts of both Gemini and Aquarius. Because of this, they are more prone to finding love in each other.

Both Aquarius and Gemini are not into romantically feeling out the relationship. As they sit down to enjoy their date, they surely notice this about each other. Neither of them will take time fall in love here. At least, for the water bearer, it is pretty easy to slip into a crush. The twins, being indecisive, will stay a while in denial about what just happened. But they will keep in touch. Friendship will be maintained and finally if all goes well, they will mold this friendship into a relationship.

In the beginning, because of the habit of accepting whatever is in its the surrounding, Gemini will have problem understanding why Aquarius is so into talking about what right and wrong things are happening in the society. But then assimilation will change the tide. The twins are mutable and that is why, they soon will begin to accept Aquarian viewpoints.
In their relationship, there will be many light moments. Both the lunar signs love to laugh and joke. Sometimes Aquarius will get serious about social issues. Gemini will not fail to respect that. They are always at friendly term.

The most interesting thing, however, will happen in their bed. Aquarian is more into kinky actions. The nights, therefore, will be totally loved by Gemini.

As for gender pairing, Gemini moon males will go best with Aquarius moon females. In their relationship, there will be fewer problems. This is because the twin bearing males do not see detached independent partners as threatening.

The females carrying this sign in their emotions, on the other hand, are supportive and want this same trait in their partners. Unfortunately, this is where Aquarius moon males might fail. There is reason behind this. Astrologically, Aquarian emotions do not see a need to always listen to complaints and according to its viewpoint, everyone should make an effort to solve his or her problems independently. What this means is that the carrier wants his partner to mind her own business. Additionally, Aquarian emotions tend to be more scattered for which they cannot act in a more focused way all the time. This might turn annoying for those ladies. The relationship can still continue because Aquarius is a fixed sign and that means it can provide secure love to its lady love. He should not be always questioned.

On the whole, these two air signs have a great compatibility rate. Only if the carriers have other parts of their charts clashing, the relationship might become short-lived. Aquarius does not like the idea of compromising. This is true specifically for the males.

Moon in Gemini with Moon in Capricorn

Gemini usually has no problem in getting along with earth signs. That is why, its relationship with Capricorn moon can turn stable. In most cases, the two will share deep friendship with each other. They both tend to favor logic over emotions and this is what keeps them going together for years.

Capricorn usually comes off as very mature and all knowing. This gives Gemini an opportunity for a good conversation. But whether they will end up together depends highly on the move of Capricorn. Being more playful and open, Gemini will not hesitate to take it down the flirty lanes.

Chasing might even occur to make the goat say yes to a date. This is what can make them part their ways especially if they truly open up to each other. Capricorn prefers a partner to have strong personality and its type of relationship has to have acute touch of seriousness.

Conversely, Gemini has no actual shopping list in its love life. It is ready to adapt to an attractive interested party as long as he or she promises a fun ride. If, after seeing these differences, the two moon signs figure out that they will not be able to fulfill each other’s needs, they may choose to part their ways.
The twins still can see the light of hope if it agrees to be guided by the goat. This should be taken as a hint that a woman with Geminian emotions will have a better time with a man carrying Capricorn. The notion linked to this is that the female carriers are more comprising in relationships.

From time to time, due to misinterpretation of viewpoints and emotions, certain amount of clashes will occur between the goat and the sisterhood of twins. Only thing is that they will not be too detrimental for their entire relationship as long as security is in place.

In the opposite situation, if the man with Gemini moon notes down that his lady love is overly serious and has a few real expectations he might choose to just move to the next partner. Traditionally, the male carriers tend to be more interested in fun loving impulsive partners. Now what if the two above still starts a relationship? In the beginning, they might not see problems in it. One common similarity they will love about each other is their aloofness. Yes, moon in Gemini is social, but at times, it just has a need to quietly concentrate on other tasks. However, if the man fails to take a decision about the future of the relationship, Capricorn moon lady might simply decide to end everything. This will be done after a lengthy use of compromise especially if feelings are at stake.

Astrologically, the two signs are inconjunct. This means that emotionally they are highly different from each other and that totally leaves their relationship disappointing. Friendship includes no romantic expectations. That is why, in it, they succeed.

Moon in Gemini with Moon in Sagittarius

Gemini and Sagittarius are two opposite mutable signs. Their relationship, therefore, is said to have a mixture of love and hate. Do not fall for it especially if you wish to know how these two would get along as moon signs. It is true that opposite aspects do not favor many. But for the two signs in question, it is a whole new story. The concept of love and hate actually makes their relationship deeper and stronger. Officially, there are many similarities between Gemini and Sagittarius. They love the idea of exploring the world. They love the big picture. As for a love relationship, they want it to be fun. Opposite aspect is highly responsible for getting two people to fall in love instantly. Just take it as a sign that Gemini and Sagittarius will be drawn to each other at first sight and through first conversation.

Perhaps, a little bit of game then will take place. The archer finds comfort in flirting with disinterested people. The twins appear to be that type. But yes, it does like a spicy chat. When the wild archer will suddenly pull away the twins will start craving for more of such chats.

As for their relationship, it will be based more on friendship than mushy Romeo and Juliet romance. This is not bad at all. As mentioned before, the archer and the twins long for such in their love lives. As days will go by, as a couple, they will keep filling in each other’s empty spots which will help them build their lives in better way. But how? You see, the twins have trouble making up their mind. In this situation of the relationship, their energetic partner will turn out to be quite helpful with its habit of quickly coming up with decisions and conclusions.

Secondly, Gemini sometimes goes totally aloof, allowing its fiery partner to remain busy in solving the mystery behind it. The roles will switch. Yes, at times, their relationship might go through a few lows. But both the signs like to forget and move on to the next situation. Thus, the lows will not have heavy impact on their relationship.

Technically, these two signs are commitment phobic. They can settle down only with the right person. Good news is that they are basically right for each other. So they should not have any problem in turning their relationship into a marriage. Exceptions still apply. If either of them turns out to be the carrier of any traditional Venus sign, the relationship will see some serious issues.

Moon in Gemini with Moon in Scorpio

In many ways, Gemini is similar to Scorpio. Yes, it is surprising, but remember that we are talking about moon signs here. Although Scorpio is fixed, it does enjoy solving mysteries. Gemini is no different. It too needs to solve something in order to keep its emotions stimulated.

But moon signs of air and water are not capable of feeling each other out. That is why, it is possible for the two in question to skip each other completely. What if they do get into a relationship? That will give birth to many misunderstandings between them. Attempts to hurt each other are also likely.

The twins might be dedicated to its work and studies, but does not have much time to pour passion over them unless they promise it some kind of variety. Same is true in its love life for which it needs a less serious partner. Yes, our Scorpio is capable of providing variety to relationships, but with a touch of intense seriousness and that is also again and again. This is not going to be welcomed by Gemini.

Next, Gemini changes its emotions too many times. Scorpio, being highly intuitive, will figure it out and thus, will try to turn them more fixed through rules and regulations. Nothing, but more problems will result from this. After all, it is the nature of Gemini moon to never be fixed. Scorpio moon’s drastic action will only leave the relationship more destroyed.

Both the moon signs are also capable of making each other jealous. While Gemini moon attracts ladies through communication, Scorpio moon’s aura bewitches many of both the sexes. This will end up bringing competition in their relationship. Scorpio moon’s jealousy might even create some ruthless moments for Gemini moon. No, do not mistake it for drastic physical violence. The ruthless moments will have an air of indirect plans.

In many ways, Gemini will have fear towards Scorpio. Consequently, it might simply decide to withdraw from the relationship. At least, the males will do it as soon as possible because they usually have no patience for love that looks more like a concentration camp than rainbow.

Gemini moon women will also have a lot to feel frustrated about. Scorpio moon men want intensity especially in the bed from their partners. Unfortunately, Gemini moon cannot deliver that. Another thing is that the dedication that Scorpio moon shows will look very pointless to Gemini moon women.

The ultimate truth is that these two signs might never get attracted to each other unless they have they have a sun-moon conjunction. For a while, this will keep peace in their relationship.

Moon in Gemini with Moon in Libra

One thing that is common between Gemini and Libra is the air element. This instantly allows them to enjoy many other similarities. Emotionally, this can be taken as heavily satisfying. Apparently, Gemini has difficulty in its love life. Its past compatibility posts already proved that. However, here we will see a completely different story. For Gemini, Libra is the dream come true.

Much of the attraction between them comes from their friendly nature. When they will slip into the deep conversation they will find out that they are quite similar to each other emotionally. Only thing which will not let them move to a next level is their indecisiveness. Take it as a random case.

But yes, they are not going to say yes to each other right away. As mentioned before, decision making is not one of their best traits. Thus, first, they will get to know each other a little more through casual dates. If everything seems just right they will decide to be together.

In their relationship, things will be quite airy. The two will always come up with something new to do. Many weekends will be spent out. As a matter of fact, their home will be the venue for multiple parties. This is simply because these two lunar signs need people to be around them. The best they will get in this relationship is through communication. Often it is thought that Libra is too diplomatic and has no idea on how to form an opinion. In its lunar form, things are slightly different. Sure it can still reveal its diplomatic side, but most often it is rather opinionated about many topics. This is going to be completely appreciated by Gemini.

Problem solving will be much easier in this relationship. Libra does not get too emotional while discussing issues. This is going to make Gemini moon more enthusiastic to take part in negotiation. But how far the relationship will go depends on the ever changing Geminian emotions. Libra’s urge to maintain the bond in a romantic manner might get too boring for the twins especially if they are brothers instead of sisters! The male Libra moon carriers do not need to worry. Gemini moon ladies will do that task on your behalf because of your unintentional urge to be a little too friendly with your female friends. This is not going to be very problematic though. The great communication skill of these two signs will somehow end up designing a peace treaty. The ideas, however, come mostly from Libra's mind.

Moon in Gemini with Moon in Virgo

It is usually hard for understandings to take place between air and earth signs. In the case of Gemini and Virgo, things go one step farther. But they may still feel attracted to each other. The connection will be purely the result of their other planetary aspects. Thanks to planet Mercury, it is likely for these signs to feel attracted to each other through flirting. In general, Gemini does not feel attracted to Virgo. But the conversation will definitely increase the pull. Since both are into studying the world, they may also enjoy some good dates at museums and parks.

If they get into a relationship with each other, many problems will arise which at one point might only cause enmity between them. Most of it will be in the combination of Virgo moon female and Gemini moon male. Their personal lives do not match. The ladies here tend to be highly careful and detail oriented about managing the inside of the home. In her eyes, nothing must look unorganized. According to the viewpoint of our more carefree lunar Gemini male, this is not just frustrating, but also unnecessary. As a result, an argument about how to manage a home is definitely in their cards.

Things do not end there, of course. Sometimes these earthly females totally go in silent mode. This can even happen in the middle of a conversation. Their airy partners are not programmed to understand it and thus, will feel that its expectations in the relationship are not met. What about the reversed combination? Well, before we go into that, it is important to remember that the female carrier of lunar Gemini tends to be more patient in challenging relationships. Also she needs a problem to solve in order to feel things are going somewhere. This is what will be provided by the critical and analytical male of lunar Virgo. If, at one point, all his words start to look more insulting than challenging the lunar Gemini  lady might simply start to have second thoughts about the relationship.

Eventually, the mutability they have in their characters might turn into savior. What this means is that the two signs might use their mutable nature to adapt to each other's lifestyle. Out of love, people can do anything. But whether they will see success is the main question. Square aspect rules them. Technically, Gemini is not fond of restrictions. Thus, it will be the first to break free.

Moon in Gemini with Moon in Leo

Gemini has an unusual connection with Leo. These two get along very well. The best they will get is through the moon. This is where their emotions for each other will be at highest peak. Yet do not get too excited. The lion actually knows how to turn the tables on the twins. This is what makes things painful as well as electrifying in their relationship.

The attraction between these two signs can be described as immediate. Being more self assured, it will be Leo who will play the role of initiator here. The twins, in the beginning, might get slightly hesitant, but eventually will accept their admirer's proposal. A little bit indecisiveness is always there in their emotions!

In the relationship of these two signs, honeymoon period will keep coming and ending. But much of it will be brought on by intimacy and thirst for adventure in the wild. Many times, lion's powerful energy will leave its partner bewitched and wanting more. But some issues will still be there.

First of all, in love, Leo emotions are typically bold in its romantic statements. The twins not passionate and romantic enough to understand this. Thus, it will often think of romantic Leo as nothing more than a psycho. This is not going to have much impact on their relationship though. The twins will finally take such statements as a sign that Leo is here to stay. However, the second problem we have below will be too much of a headache to bear.

Sometimes Leo has a tendency to be lost in the moment with friends and colleagues. The influence can be so overwhelming that it might totally forget it’s all other relationships including the romantic one. Its airy partner will find this annoying despite the fact it too has this same quality.

Next, if you notice lunar Gemini  in public you will find it slightly aloof. The truth is that in personal relationships, it is chit chatty. With lunar Leo, however, this chit chatty habit will not always go positively. The reason is that their communication styles do not match. You see,  lives by its own laws and wishes. This makes it sometimes highly individualistic and sometimes highly camouflaged with the crowd. That is why, it will not agree with all the opinions of the twins. Debates will then come into existence. Sure the airy emotions will appreciate it, but only for a while. The lion can come off very strong in debates, cancelling out all the terms pertaining to respect. This is not going to be swallowed easily by the airy one.

Many of the above issues will make the twins go back and forth in this relationship. One moment, it will want to leave Leo. The other moment, it will decide to give the relationship another chance. The connection is not easy to drop. This is true especially for the females. As for males, since it takes time for them to grow up, they probably will try to disappear. At the end, it will be again the lion who will embark on fixing the relationship. This in turn will regenerate the honeymoon period. But then suddenly, their issues will kill it. There is still chance for their relationship to be strong. The two sign carriers have to be mature to make it happen. If the opposite is true the relationship will probably go nowhere.

Moon in Gemini with Moon in Cancer

Although Gemini and Cancer are changeable in nature, the shelf life of their relationship is shorter. Of course, some other planetary positions can have the opposite effect. But at home, due to the different traits of the moon signs, the carriers might not always see eye to eye.

Attraction can still occur. The twins might feel a need to understand why the crab lives within the shell. Solving mystery is always fun for them. But at the same time, we must remember that this air sign is not so much into daring tasks. So the hard shell of crab can actually drive it away. But not all situations are within our control and some people are meant to appear in our lives. These are the reasons that can pull these two to a relationship.

The twins would love the reliable nature of crab. This is what will keep the relationship going. And as mentioned before, both are changeable. Only if they realize this about each other their contradictions are not going to be big issues in their lives.

Yet somehow the sensitive nature of Cancer will be very annoying for insensitive Gemini. This is going to make their communication difficult. As a matter of fact, in this relationship, Gemini’s sentences will often include “don’t start again”. Their do’s and don’ts do not match either. In details, Gemini will get bored of the Cancerian ways because they consist of no adventure and thrill. This should hint that their dates will not always go smoothly. Gemini wants to be outside in the fresh air. Cancer is happy to stay at home and cook something delicious for a great candlelight dinner. For a few days, the twins will compromise with this, but then, it will begin having asthma. As a result, it will decide to spend some time away from the relationship. Their water partner, being possessive, will begin to see it as a red flag.

Romance is going to be another confusing thing for them. Cancer  wants it to be passionate. For the twins, this is incomprehensible despite the fact that it will try to feel it. Still the truth is that Gemini can do well with Cancer, but only within sibling or parental relationships. Even at workplace, things are not going to be bad for them. The reason behind this is that in such relationships or friendship, their power to influence each other is very low. Also they are the bearer of semi sextile, an aspect that talks of stormy romantic bonds. This basically explains why they might romantically suffer in each other’s presence.

Moon in Gemini with Moon in Gemini

The moon sign, Gemini is confusing to many. Its nature is sometimes hot and sometimes cold. One moment it is here. The next moment, it is somewhere else. In astrology, it is believed that no one can understand a Gemini better than another Gemini. This remains true even in the case of moon. And why wouldn’t it be? After all, this is a matter of conjunction. It is possible that instead of the eyes, their mouths that will bring them together. The two can be quite hyper and talkative in a comfortable environment. So it is safe to say they will fall for each other in the middle of a deep chat. They will suddenly find out that their emotions flow smoothly together.

What about their relationship? It is going to be all work but in airy style! Both of them are interested in learning and exploring. This is going to be the most important factor in their relationship. They will go to new places in search of new discoveries. Weekends will never go empty. They will spend many nights socializing at parties and clubs.

As for intimacy, it will be expressed more through friendship than real romance. Interestingly, one tool which will be most helpful for them in this situation is messaging. They will use chat machines, emails, text messages and so on to tell each other many intimate things. In bed also, they will have a good time, but everything will be too quick and forgotten.

Once the fun is over, a few problems will start to ooze out. Technically, a Gemini moon woman has trouble trusting men. Here she is dealing with someone who in the heart is pretty social and mutable. There is a possibility that once he is out of the picture for a while, she will start having the feeling that he is with someone else. In brief, trust will suffer in their relationship.

Another problem our airy woman will experience is insensitivity of her man. In the beginning, this will not be troublesome. But as time will pass by, his way will no more remain attractive to her. Eventually, she will begin to dream of having someone more emotional and mature in her life.

Last, since Gemini lives a lot in the moment, the two people carrying it might not give much thought to the future. It is also possible that in the middle of all the fun they will totally forget to even name their relationship. This hints things going nowhere. But yes, lunar Gemini ladies are far wiser than their male counterparts. So they might not allow this injustice to take place in their lives. Astrologically, one thing that will stop such thing from happening is a solid Venus sign. The emphasis is on fixed or earth sign.

In conclusion, this is a good relationship. Both the partners here will have the time of their lives. But their changeable minds might not make it last too long unless they are supported by strong signs and aspects.

Moon in Gemini with Moon in Taurus

Gemini and Taurus are semi sextile. This is not always taken as favorable by astrologers. However, our post is about moon sign compatibility and this is well supported by semi sextile aspect. But do expect hiccups in their relationship. But how does Gemini feels about  the bull? The answer will be given here.

The twins have trouble with flow of things. But secretly, it does wish for stability. That is why, in friendship with the bull, they turn out to be quite stable. Yes, their viewpoints do not match. Yet Gemini does not fear opening up to its earthly friend. There is less risk in it after all. Taurus does not lash out or impose its viewpoint on others ferociously. This is comforting to the twins

It is possible that the peaceful side of the bull will attract the airy twins. This can enable them to go on dates. But many moments will go in waste. The twins will want to try out spicy things which to bull will be boring. Their best possible tool is conversation. This is where the two can find them lost romantically. But can this give birth to a relationship? Maybe not.

Gemini is always in need of excitement and unpredictability. Its partner, on the contrary, wants familiarity and routine. Gemini does not like to think about romance because such a concept is not easy to rationalize. But its partner loves romance and has no trouble in feeling it.  In a relationship with each other such differences will make everything boring for them.

In many ways, throughout the relationship, the bull will actually turn out to be scary for Gemini. You see, Venusian is selfless, loyal and effortlessly devoted to its love. On noticing this, Gemini will begin experiencing guilt trip. The idea that will invade its emotions is that its love can never be compared to what Taurus feels within. Gemini will begin questioning its mind as to why it always keeps changing. In the end, this might simply cause many breakups between them. It is just that Gemini will think it is not capable of delivering stable love to Taurus. But again, the stability of the relationship itself will compel the twins to fix everything for a brand new beginning with its ex. A young Taurus moon will respond to it positively due to its constant habit of waiting and inexperience. The older ones will totally close the door.
The final truth is that they are better off as friends. This is how they will be able to enjoy each other’s company better. The females will benefit the most here though. In their friendship, the clash of ego will be absent. Thus, they will be able to support each other almost forever.

Moon in Gemini with Moon in Aries

Previously, we had a detailed post on how Aries would feel about Gemini in a relationship. Now things will be reversed. Gemini will answer how it feels about the ram. In general, to twins, this ram is like an attractive butterfly. It is chit chatty. It is impulsive and above everything else, it has enough energy to make an adventure exciting.

Gemini often has trouble understanding the deep feelings associated with love, for it believes in finding logic in emotions. Fortunately, this unusual dilemma gets overshadowed by the power of Aries moon. In a way, it gives Gemini less time to think. That is why, their relationship is based on actions and outings.

Since the signs are sextile, they do have some differences. But somehow they are suitable to stimulate the mutable and verbal emotions of the twins. That is actually the nature of sextile aspect. They are known to never like the same thing everyday. This remains true even in its relationships. Their partner does not completely have trouble with same things. However, its hot and cold moods can totally bring new spice to daily situations. For the twins, this equals to having freshness in the relationship.

Yet one thing that will leave Gemini frustrated is its partner's forceful domination in the middle of the relationship. As mentioned before, Gemini is a mutable sign. This allows it to adapt to different situations. Despite this, deep down inside, it is no different from the rest. So traditionally, it believes that a relationship should be based on mutual understandings. Face to face, it will accept the domination of the ram. But once alone, it will start to think about what fairness and unfairness it is getting in the relationship. This is what going to design a negative illustration of Aries. Another thing is that according to twins' viewpoint, it is not so important to always stay lovey dovey with the partner. Other parts of life need concentration too. If Aries tries to change that, Gemini will get even more frustrated with the relationship.

In spite of all that, the twins might decide to stay with the ram. Much depends on the negotiations. Also the fun in the relationship is hard to elude. The female carriers will at least try to keep hold of the relationship. They tend to be more traditional. But same is not always true for the males. Change of heart can turn out to be deeper in their emotions. Also their flirty side often attracts many backups.