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Feel free to send in your question for your tarot reading in March.
Understand the Tarot Reading Disclaimer: Answers given by tarot cards are not official and legally blinding. The readings are for entertainment purpose only. Keep an open mind. Future is uncertain. Readings may not come out to be 100 percent accurate. You are responsible for your own life choices and decisions. I cannot be held legally liable for any damages, losses and other consequences of your decisions now and later because of the reading you will be receiving from me. You must be 18 years old to send a question.

Astrology Fun
Astrological sun signs and major arcana tarot cards go hand in hand. Most tarot experts make an effort to memorize it all to make their readings more accurate. If you are someone who prefers to do her own reading you can do the same, but it is not compulsory. Just use the form given below to quickly find out which card is associated with which sign. Those who love astrology will also find this helpful. It is one step forward to knowing the secrets of sun signs. Below in the box just enter your Date of Birth in this format: "January 1, 1997" and then hit the brown button.

Here is your chance to have your natal chart calculated and interpreted. This is by far one of the best scripts. Mieke van Kooten has done an excellent job with the interpretation. Those who are born in United States, note that you are to select only your state instead of the country from the dropdown menu of the form.