Moon in Taurus with Moon in Sagittarius

Life for moon in Taurus is usually hectic. The tight schedule makes it devoted to a series of tasks a good. Arrival of moon in Sagittarius in its world will bring a change to that. But their relationship has inconjunct aspect. This hints too many differences. It is possible that Sagittarius will not be attracted to Taurus at all. The reason is quite simple.

Sagittarius can feel turned off by Taurean’s closed off nature. But as you know, other planetary positions might compel them to be in a relationship. Only their moon signs will reveal how they will behave with each other inside the closed room. The focus is on emotional chemistry. At home, they get to be what they are not to the outsiders.

There is no doubt that Taurus moon will fall for Sagittarian optimism and raw energy. It might just happen gradually since in the beginning they will not find emotional connection between each other. For Taurus, having Sagittarius around will be like being in fresh air. Sad days will be less intimidating. The optimism of Sagittarius will boost confidence level in Taurus. It is true that these two signs are very different from each other. But it is not easy for Taurus to push the convincing Sagittarius away. In short, the first stage of their relationship will be quite exciting.

But how long the bull will be able to hold onto our freedom loving archer is the main question. The feeling of insecurity will leave the Venus bearer hopeless. Deep down inside, it would wish to see a change in the nature of Sagittarius. But trait is a trait. The wish might never come true. The truth is that the archer does not want to be tied to a relationship. It has to be free. Yes, this lunar sign can commit. Maintaining relationships is not rocket science for it. Only thing is that it does not believe in traditional relationships and simple dates. And as we know by now, the bull is all about them.

So what are some of the other painful issues that the bull will feel in this relationship? This question has plenty of answers. First of all, its partner can be greatly impulsive. For the bull, this is a nightmare. Next, the archer is more of a spender than hoarder. This is another thing the bull finds annoying. Third, its partner says what is true without giving into sugarcoating. This is another big red flag. In many ways, to lunar Taurean, archer will seem too immature. For this reason, they might simply end up losing seriousness.

The relationship with Sagittarius is going to be unhealthy specifically for the female carriers. They are more traditional and fixed in love than their male counterparts and thus, might decide to wait for their lunar Archers to change. The ultimate truth is that this waiting period will leave them depressed. No gain will be realized.

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