Moon in Taurus with Moon in Scorpio

In astrology, Taurus is the opposite of Scorpio. This factor has a tendency to create instant attraction between these two signs. With the moon, it is the same. The two feel emotionally attracted to each other. At least, Scorpio will feel its intensity more. Neither of them can understand where it is coming from. But as revealed earlier, this is the magic of opposite aspect.

The beginning days will involve a lot of game between these two. Like a Capricorn, the bull is shy and often tries to keep feelings in check to avoid embarrassment. Daring Scorpio will find it quite alluring. Challenge has been identified. As a result, for a few days, Scorpio, like a hunter, will try to bring Taurus in its clutch.

In bed, things will be most interesting. This is where they will be able to quench their thirst for each other. The opposite aspect creates a desire to get into “physical awareness” after all. But as usual, Scorpio will dominate here. This courtship will leave more desire in their hearts. And from that probably the relationship will be born. One exception is still there. We will have a look at it in couple of minutes.

For all opposite signs, the earlier stage in the relationship is the honeymoon period. Taurus and its watery partner will not be able to escape that unless their other planetary positions are in agreement with one another. So what will happen in their bond once the first stage comes to an end? Scorpio has a thing for challenge. In broader sense, it likes to solve mystery. In the middle of the relationship, when every bit of it gets solved this moon sign becomes slightly detached. The point is to maintain space. This is going to leave Taurus in dismay and thus, the emotional turmoil will embrace the relationship.

Secondly, their communication styles are not similar. The sexual vibe which Scorpio gives off might become a big turn off for the conservative bull.

Also, Scorpio can be intensely protective and pushy towards its loved one. For a few days, Taurus will not have any problem with this. But then a time will come when such behavior will begin to look like a trap for it. Especially the males will see it as a huge red flag. As for the females, they are highly thoughtful and tend to think twice before going towards anything risky. This is not the habit of Scorpio moon males. They want to get a thing anyhow and sometimes this leads them to painful situations. Taurus moon females, on seeing this, might simply get frustrated. It is also possible that during the earlier stage, they might choose to kill their infatuation completely to avoid Scorpio moon males because of that same issue.

Since both the signs are quite stubborn about their ways, after seeing such differences, they might choose to part with the promise to not change themselves for each other. But again, their same stubbornness can compel them to continue the relationship. The end result they will get from this is a mixture of love and hate for each other. This is, once again, is connected to the opposite aspect.

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