Moon in Taurus with Moon in Libra

Here is another dilemma of two different entities trying to be one. Can compatibility really exist between Taurus and Libra? Can air be suitable for earth? Nature itself is against it. Soil can only blow in the air. The two still remain separate from each other. These are the emotions of Taurus and Libra. No matter how much they try, they simply cannot blend together to form something new. In their conversation, it will be highly visible. Both will try to find a common ground, but due to the law of the nature, their task will go in vain. By the way, astrologically, this is supported by the aspect called inconjunct. According to it, Libra and Taurus share more differences than similarities.

There is a high possibility that the bull will not find the emotions of this air sign attractive. The connection will be not felt. It is just that the bull prefers someone who knows what he or she wants. Despite this, the two signs can be good friends as long as they remain neutral to each other’s viewpoints. If they decide to start a relationship they will both keep wondering about what they want out of it. Yet let us focus on the benefits that they might achieve from their love.

Libra is highly indecisive. This is where Taurus can be of great help. It will show Libra the right path to the valid decision. This is going to be beneficial for both of them. will appreciate the support. Meanwhile, its partner will be happy to see the result it got from being helpful.

Due to the ruling planet, Venus, both the moon signs will enjoy indulging in good times. In all probability, they will also embark on beautifying their home. Taurus moon somehow will be fond of Libra's choice of things. The issues will arise from their differences in lifestyles. Libra is a bit too modern for our traditional bull. That is why, in their relationship, there will be many aggressive moments. This airy Venusian sign is likely to unintentionally flirt with people of opposite gender. This is going to leave the bull totally in fury. Libra prefers to include friends in the relationship. Although lunar Taurean is social it does not like others to be taking part in its relationship. It is also possible for indecisive Libra to avoid the talk of marriage. This is another thing that will leave its serious partner grumpy.

In conclusion, what is normal to Libra is abnormal to the bull. Because of this, their relationship might not go anywhere. As a matter of fact, Taurus is so sure of its emotions that it might never look to be in a relationship with this air sign. Their best place, therefore, is within the circle of friendship. But as mentioned before, even to maintain the friendship, they need to stay neutral about each other. This is the only way they will be able to work towards something without getting into disagreements.

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