Moon in Taurus with Moon in Virgo

A pair forming from two signs of the same element is taken as best of all. The notion is that the element gives them similar outlook on life. We are currently looking at Taurus moon’s compatibility with other moon signs. As you can see in the title, today is Virgo turn. Both of them are earth signs for which we first concentrated on the fact about elements. This should have already hinted you that these two signs share similar traits. Emotional chemistry, thus, should be great between them. But how long it is going to be is the main question. Virgo has a few qualities which might never get accepted by the bull.

Both the signs are known for their immense interest in stability and creativity. Through communication it will be quite visible to them. The two are also quite homely and love to nurture what they have. Probably, all those factors will help them join in a relationship. Another possible prediction is that it is Virgo who will do the initiation here because of the support it has from planet Mercury.

Both will spend enough time at home. They will learn a wide variety of creative things together. There will not be any rushing into anything since both are quite slow. Another thing is that both of them see money as one of the most important factors in a relationship. This will make them more careful about how they spend on dates.

Despite all those nice things, once in a while they might experience hiccups. As highlighted above, both Taurus and Virgo are from earth element. This hints that they have trouble opening up to new experiences and excitements. For their relationship, this is not a good news. Absence of such things can make their relationship monotonous. They will feel it.

The next issue this bull will have to deal with is Virgo' habit of criticizing. This is going to create a few passive aggressive moments for them in the relationship. An astrological placement like lunar Taurus is more open to positive thoughts. It dislikes criticism and thus will not go soft on its partner at all.

The bull has no problem accepting minor imperfections. Virgo moon is the opposite of that. This is also going to be another issue in their relationship. But there is a high possibility that through positive conversations, Taurus will help Virgo accept such things as normal parts of life. Another important point is that Virgo is mutable. So at least for the sake of love, probably, it will pick up some of  bull's habits.

The relationship between these two signs still has high potential to be successful. In astrology, they are trine. This means that they will not let their issues ruin their relationship.

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