Moon in Taurus with Moon in Leo

Signs of fire and earth elements do not always make the best pair. But Leo is an exceptional case. It is the only fire sign that goes well with the three earth signs at least in the friendship zone. When dealing with the moon, it is even better. The bad news is that Leo shares a square aspect with Taurus. In astrology, this is linked to struggle. But does it have any effect on their lunar shapes? Perhaps, not completely!

Both the signs are gracious and prefer commitment over unconventional relationships. Both tend to be quite obsessive also. These similarities have a high potential to bring them together.

In the beginning, Taurus will get swayed by lion's confidence level and energy. The feeling will be so overwhelming that it will start to think of itself as less reliable. This is not something to be worry about. As long as there is attraction, the two will become one.

Emotionally, these two signs want few expectations to be fulfilled in love. The unfortunate truth is that they are not similar and that is going to be troublesome throughout their relationship. For Taurus, a date can be as simple as an evening on the terrace adorned with simple chats and a few kisses. Leo prefers excitement. One spot is never enough for it. The date must include something that talks of new experiences and fun. So every time Leo will suggest something Taurus will shoot it down. This kind of incident will be quite prevalent in their relationship. But they will not let them be part of any arguments due to the fact that both will notice each other’s soft sentiments without difficulty. Because of this same point coupled with their unwavering devotion in the relationship, they will most probably continue to be with each other.

In general, a male from lunar Taurus has a better chance in shaping up a good relationship with a female carrying Leo moon. The reason is that both tend to be quite picky about their ways. Additionally, in love, Leo moon women are less egoistic, can compromise easily, more protective about their partners and dedicated to fulfilling responsibilities. These are the traits that the males carrying lunar Taurus find attractive.

If the roles are flipped we will see dilemma in the relationship. Leo moon men want independent women. They do not wish to constantly nurture a relationship. They might even prefer not to always respond to their loved ones. Such behavior will leave their earthly partners frustrated. Jealousy will be another problem. Men carrying lunar Leo have a need to tell the tales of how they were approached by their female admirers. This is never going to be digestible for Taurus driven women.

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