Moon in Cancer with Moon in Libra

Libran emotions are known for their charm and ability to appear sympathetic. It actually hears the swollen souls. Cancer sincerely sees this as an attractive factor. But whether it will make a move on this carrier is a big question.

Cancer is conventional about relationships. According to its viewpoint, it is always best to be with the "marriage material" types. In the simplest form, it is looking for a devoted lover. Sure Libra is always excited about the idea of being in a relationship, but somehow it has no plan to sacrifice its independence and social life for love. The water element of crab sensing it will immediately move to the next in the line.

Men with moon in Cancer are usually professionally successful. In addition to this, they prefer to be gentlemen in relationships, never forgetting to give extra attention to their sweethearts. This quality deeply touches this specific air moon females. As a result, they are more willing to be next stand to these men. Conversation wise, the two will not have to struggle. They have immense chemistry to sync their viewpoints. But emotionally, there will feel a block. The water element wants to be lost in romance. Libra, being an air sign, remains more alert of its surrounding. In their romantic life, therefore, there will be some imbalances followed by dissatisfaction.

Reversing the genders will bring in a different scenario. Crab bearing females wish to remain attentive in relationships. This is their way of showing their love. Libra moon men like this kind of attention, but their emotions have a tendency to get bored with stability for which they choose to make, break and remake. The water ladies need to ask themselves whether they will be able to take that.

Do note that these two signs are assigned a square aspect which in astrology is seen as harbinger of issues.

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