Moon in Cancer with Moon in Virgo

The strength of security coming from Cancer and organizing power of  Virgo form a durable mud house. This is the best way to describe their relationship because while one is water, the other one is soil. Together they create solid foundation.

Astrologically, lunar Cancer and Virgo carry the sextile aspect. This means they have beneficial similarities and differences. However, whether they will be in relationship depends largely on how they appear to each other. Both them are shy and that makes them somewhat slow in the matter of love and relationship commitments. But Virgo is easy going. That can give enough courage Cancer to step forward.

The initial attraction factor between these two gets generated from the water and earth elements. According to astrology, this is a natural process. The matter of chemistry cannot be ignored either. Virgo has what Cancer craves for in a relationship.

Yes, it is true that emotions of Virgo have high standard for everything, but somehow they are more polite and adaptable. Another thing is that since the sign is driven by planet Mercury, the words chosen by its emotions tend to be appropriate in most situations. That is quite soothing to our crab.

But the main reason which helps them come together in a relationship is their feeling of being free with each other. Virgo is more into weighing pros and cons of what would happen if it allows its inner self to be revealed to anyone. Meanwhile, Cancer has fear of getting hurt. These factors get cancelled out in their relationship because of Virgo’s easy going nature and Cancer’s ability to be accepting. They just feel they have found home in each other.

The relationship will blossom best between a Cancer moon female and Virgo moon male. They will be more willing to please each other, keeping room for compromise to occur when necessary. You see, Virgo makes its carrier highly critical. Not many outsiders can take that. But for a Cancer moon female, it is a different case. She can magically influence it to accept what is real in this world.

Another thing is that this guy can sometimes turn too straightforward. This surely will be painful for his lady love, but this does not mean she will just go passive about it. If the genders are switched here, same result might not form.

Cancer bearing males tend to be more silent and somewhat complicated. They may see bluntness as more of a threat to their well being. As a result, they may suddenly want to take a break from the relationship. Of course, such a decision will depend largely on their maturity level and the amount of emotional baggage they have within their minds.

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