Moon in Gemini with Moon in Libra

One thing that is common between Gemini and Libra is the air element. This instantly allows them to enjoy many other similarities. Emotionally, this can be taken as heavily satisfying. Apparently, Gemini has difficulty in its love life. Its past compatibility posts already proved that. However, here we will see a completely different story. For Gemini, Libra is the dream come true.

Much of the attraction between them comes from their friendly nature. When they will slip into the deep conversation they will find out that they are quite similar to each other emotionally. Only thing which will not let them move to a next level is their indecisiveness. Take it as a random case.

But yes, they are not going to say yes to each other right away. As mentioned before, decision making is not one of their best traits. Thus, first, they will get to know each other a little more through casual dates. If everything seems just right they will decide to be together.

In their relationship, things will be quite airy. The two will always come up with something new to do. Many weekends will be spent out. As a matter of fact, their home will be the venue for multiple parties. This is simply because these two lunar signs need people to be around them. The best they will get in this relationship is through communication. Often it is thought that Libra is too diplomatic and has no idea on how to form an opinion. In its lunar form, things are slightly different. Sure it can still reveal its diplomatic side, but most often it is rather opinionated about many topics. This is going to be completely appreciated by Gemini.

Problem solving will be much easier in this relationship. Libra does not get too emotional while discussing issues. This is going to make Gemini moon more enthusiastic to take part in negotiation. But how far the relationship will go depends on the ever changing Geminian emotions. Libra’s urge to maintain the bond in a romantic manner might get too boring for the twins especially if they are brothers instead of sisters! The male Libra moon carriers do not need to worry. Gemini moon ladies will do that task on your behalf because of your unintentional urge to be a little too friendly with your female friends. This is not going to be very problematic though. The great communication skill of these two signs will somehow end up designing a peace treaty. The ideas, however, come mostly from Libra's mind.

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