Moon in Gemini with Moon in Scorpio

In many ways, Gemini is similar to Scorpio. Yes, it is surprising, but remember that we are talking about moon signs here. Although Scorpio is fixed, it does enjoy solving mysteries. Gemini is no different. It too needs to solve something in order to keep its emotions stimulated.

But moon signs of air and water are not capable of feeling each other out. That is why, it is possible for the two in question to skip each other completely. What if they do get into a relationship? That will give birth to many misunderstandings between them. Attempts to hurt each other are also likely.

The twins might be dedicated to its work and studies, but does not have much time to pour passion over them unless they promise it some kind of variety. Same is true in its love life for which it needs a less serious partner. Yes, our Scorpio is capable of providing variety to relationships, but with a touch of intense seriousness and that is also again and again. This is not going to be welcomed by Gemini.

Next, Gemini changes its emotions too many times. Scorpio, being highly intuitive, will figure it out and thus, will try to turn them more fixed through rules and regulations. Nothing, but more problems will result from this. After all, it is the nature of Gemini moon to never be fixed. Scorpio moon’s drastic action will only leave the relationship more destroyed.

Both the moon signs are also capable of making each other jealous. While Gemini moon attracts ladies through communication, Scorpio moon’s aura bewitches many of both the sexes. This will end up bringing competition in their relationship. Scorpio moon’s jealousy might even create some ruthless moments for Gemini moon. No, do not mistake it for drastic physical violence. The ruthless moments will have an air of indirect plans.

In many ways, Gemini will have fear towards Scorpio. Consequently, it might simply decide to withdraw from the relationship. At least, the males will do it as soon as possible because they usually have no patience for love that looks more like a concentration camp than rainbow.

Gemini moon women will also have a lot to feel frustrated about. Scorpio moon men want intensity especially in the bed from their partners. Unfortunately, Gemini moon cannot deliver that. Another thing is that the dedication that Scorpio moon shows will look very pointless to Gemini moon women.

The ultimate truth is that these two signs might never get attracted to each other unless they have they have a sun-moon conjunction. For a while, this will keep peace in their relationship.

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