Moon in Gemini with Moon in Sagittarius

Gemini and Sagittarius are two opposite mutable signs. Their relationship, therefore, is said to have a mixture of love and hate. Do not fall for it especially if you wish to know how these two would get along as moon signs. It is true that opposite aspects do not favor many. But for the two signs in question, it is a whole new story. The concept of love and hate actually makes their relationship deeper and stronger. Officially, there are many similarities between Gemini and Sagittarius. They love the idea of exploring the world. They love the big picture. As for a love relationship, they want it to be fun. Opposite aspect is highly responsible for getting two people to fall in love instantly. Just take it as a sign that Gemini and Sagittarius will be drawn to each other at first sight and through first conversation.

Perhaps, a little bit of game then will take place. The archer finds comfort in flirting with disinterested people. The twins appear to be that type. But yes, it does like a spicy chat. When the wild archer will suddenly pull away the twins will start craving for more of such chats.

As for their relationship, it will be based more on friendship than mushy Romeo and Juliet romance. This is not bad at all. As mentioned before, the archer and the twins long for such in their love lives. As days will go by, as a couple, they will keep filling in each other’s empty spots which will help them build their lives in better way. But how? You see, the twins have trouble making up their mind. In this situation of the relationship, their energetic partner will turn out to be quite helpful with its habit of quickly coming up with decisions and conclusions.

Secondly, Gemini sometimes goes totally aloof, allowing its fiery partner to remain busy in solving the mystery behind it. The roles will switch. Yes, at times, their relationship might go through a few lows. But both the signs like to forget and move on to the next situation. Thus, the lows will not have heavy impact on their relationship.

Technically, these two signs are commitment phobic. They can settle down only with the right person. Good news is that they are basically right for each other. So they should not have any problem in turning their relationship into a marriage. Exceptions still apply. If either of them turns out to be the carrier of any traditional Venus sign, the relationship will see some serious issues.

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