Moon in Gemini with Moon in Capricorn

Gemini usually has no problem in getting along with earth signs. That is why, its relationship with Capricorn moon can turn stable. In most cases, the two will share deep friendship with each other. They both tend to favor logic over emotions and this is what keeps them going together for years.

Capricorn usually comes off as very mature and all knowing. This gives Gemini an opportunity for a good conversation. But whether they will end up together depends highly on the move of Capricorn. Being more playful and open, Gemini will not hesitate to take it down the flirty lanes.

Chasing might even occur to make the goat say yes to a date. This is what can make them part their ways especially if they truly open up to each other. Capricorn prefers a partner to have strong personality and its type of relationship has to have acute touch of seriousness.

Conversely, Gemini has no actual shopping list in its love life. It is ready to adapt to an attractive interested party as long as he or she promises a fun ride. If, after seeing these differences, the two moon signs figure out that they will not be able to fulfill each other’s needs, they may choose to part their ways.

The twins still can see the light of hope if it agrees to be guided by the goat. This should be taken as a hint that a woman with Geminian emotions will have a better time with a man carrying Capricorn. The notion linked to this is that the female carriers are more comprising in relationships.

From time to time, due to misinterpretation of viewpoints and emotions, certain amount of clashes will occur between the goat and the sisterhood of twins. Only thing is that they will not be too detrimental for their entire relationship as long as security is in place.

In the opposite situation, if the man with Gemini moon notes down that his lady love is overly serious and has a few real expectations he might choose to just move to the next partner. Traditionally, the male carriers tend to be more interested in fun loving impulsive partners. Now what if the two above still starts a relationship? In the beginning, they might not see problems in it. One common similarity they will love about each other is their aloofness. Yes, moon in Gemini is social, but at times, it just has a need to quietly concentrate on other tasks. However, if the man fails to take a decision about the future of the relationship, Capricorn moon lady might simply decide to end everything. This will be done after a lengthy use of compromise especially if feelings are at stake.

Astrologically, the two signs are inconjunct. This means that emotionally they are highly different from each other and that totally leaves their relationship disappointing. Friendship includes no romantic expectations. That is why, in it, they succeed.

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