Description of Mars in Gemini


Metaphorically, mars in Gemini is a butterfly. It is colorful. It flutters. It sits on different flowers to drink their nectar and rest the wings for a while. Metamorphosis is also a big part of its life. In simple language, Mars in Gemini has many faces. It is forever wandering. Its mind has so many things going on.

Then there is that eternal curiosity which when not satisfied leaves the natives disappointed and bored. They are specifically interested in what nobody is thinking and doing. It does not matter if the target is good or bad. For this placement, even delving into darkness is kind of fun. Since Gemini is not much of a risk taker, such fun is normally enjoyed in secret. Sometimes it is just for keeping things interesting.

Same is true for the conversations they hold. They can talk a lot and it is never about trivial things. Their leaning towards intellectual stimulation is one of their strongest features. But they do not hold onto a topic for too long because of the traffic jam caused in their heads by the arrival of new topics. Also the dedication to the topic is simply the result of their mutability. This specific element of theirs can also sometimes change their accent.
The problem of short attention span is avoided only in school. The natives of Gemini Mars tend to be exceptional students. They are so passionate about education that they can let go all the fun things to just concentrate on their studies. Some forever remain bookish. Amusement is still important. They prefer to experience it by associating with an extroverted group. They are not good at being alone. With this in mind, they make every effort to make friends almost everywhere they go. Although no pickiness exists here introverts will rarely hear back from them. It is just that they are not exciting enough for the natives.

Incidentally, Gemini mars is allergic to gloom and potential doom. Much of it is connected to mutability and nervousness coming mainly from the climate of the sign. Sad moments leave the natives terribly affected. Some may even suffer from depression. The nervousness, on the contrary, can prevent them from facing major life issues. Their best option, therefore, is the flight, making them unreliable and notorious promise breakers. Just like the Taurus mars, this placement despises pressure. Under such circumstances, if the flight seems impossible to achieve they become moody which they show by being less talkative.

Sexually, Gemini mars is playful. Traditionally, the astrology has often declared it to be the symbol of promiscuity. The ultimate truth is that this cannot be applied to all the natives. Other sections of the natal chart do matter. Yet, in general, the main aim of our Gemini Mars is to experiment with sex out of curiosity. Now this can be either in a relationship or with a friend. The natives can actually be quite nervous about going to bed with random people.

Mars in Gemini Man

This man is quite independent. Even parents are not necessary in his life, for he can find warmth in his friends. Perhaps, more than twice, in his life, he has been described as the weird one. His family members can have the same opinion. No mystery exists here. He can talk a lot and then go totally obscure.

He loves asking questions, but when he does so he does not sound like a creep. He is good at keeping an impersonal expression. Some will definitely think he is too na├»ve, but don’t fall for that. He is skilled at analyzing people by taking in their details.

At young age, he has trouble deciding what he wants to do. His interests can be represented by the infinity symbol. They keep coming and going. People may see him as disorganized and incapable of finishing what he starts.

Fortunately, in between, those interests bestow upon him some valuable skills. Goldmine awaits those who accompany him in his journey of life. Because he is bored so easily, at mature stage, it is possible for him to end up with more than one profession, doubling his income.

But the answer to who will be the ultimate woman in his life will remain mystery for a long time. This mercurial gentleman can’t help being a serial dater. Women of different continents come and go from his life. He just likes the foreign. He is specifically attracted to women who can give ingeniously clever responses to his flirty words. Same applies to sex.

He is turned on mainly by seductive words. Unless he has an airy chart, he is honest about his wants and romantic history. Yet it can be difficult for him to keep count of his dates. Consequently, he will probably never give a proper number. Also what is gone is gone. Something that happened five years ago has no place in his heart and mouth.

The kind of honesty he upholds may not be desirable to most women he meets. Since he has problem deciding, it is likely for him to first test drive the relationship without giving it a name. If he is less cautious he will call it what it is, but then suddenly change his mind.

His biggest pet peeve is drama driven by tears and paranoia. He does not do well with emotions. One way to know whether this guy will stick around is to see his investment in the relationship especially in terms of finance and time. When he is not very serious he will make sure to spend less money on his woman. Also most of the time, he will also be unavailable.

His behavior may give many the impression that he is a cheater. He is never going to admit it easily. In his mind, first arranging a woman and then breaking up with the present lover to be with her is not equal to cheating. He does not see anything wrong with casual kissing and hugging especially when it is him doing it. Hence, whoever wishes to be in his life must have a bulletproof heart.

Mars in Gemini Woman

This woman never learned how to stop smiling. She seems forever cheerful and worshiper of great conversation. Habitually, she finishes people’s lines. She is little nerdy and little addicted to building things by playing with ideas. People must take precaution if they want to criticize this woman. She knows how to return the favor with very limited amount of words containing pure honesty held taboo by the society. She also does well with sarcasm.

Although just like the man above she has a need for variety she finds stability in activities connected to writing, music and even theater. They satisfy her need to express herself in any way she likes. In childhood, it is likely for the Gemini driven nervousness to taunt her. She can kill it through such activities. The praises she gets from her performance is enough to gradually help her control the pain.

When it comes to sex she is carefree. If her natal chart is driven by lots of air and fire she will need it to be spiced up. The signs coming from such elements trigger her mind to seek out the new and exciting. That does not do justice to her relationships provided she does not get caught.

On the contrary, if her chart is driven by earth and water it is likely for her to be stable. However, they still demand love which may not be compatible with her urge to be with a man who knows how to be fun and exciting.
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