10 Gadgets and Gizmos That Have Gone Feminine and Cute

Electronic products are usually either too sci fi looking or totally boring. But some makers have tried to be more creative by giving them feminine touch.  Of course, the mission of this is to create a new market for female consumers. Many believe that such products often turn out to be friendlier towards teens.

Yes, this is true and below you will see some gadgets that have a hint of childishness, but in between you will also see those that can be used by women of all ages. 

1. Land line phones come in million designs, yet we settle for the usual.  Just look at the ones in the picture. They are not just feminine, but also unique. No popular brands are associated with them. The first one is simply called as Unique Red Sexy Lips Land Line Phone. It is made in China. Second in line is called High Heel Shoe. What do you think of the last one? Its name is Sexy Stylish Mouth land line phone. These are actually novelty products.

2. Flash drives are more interesting. There are just way too many feminine ones out there. Here is one that looks like a chain with heart pendant. Its name is crystal heart and its maker is HDE. 

The second one is called Red purse and it is from the same maker. The last Necklace flash drive is called light Pink Crystal Rose and it is from Panda.

3. Next we have headphones attached to Russian nesting dolls from DCI. This is their real design. They are actually made to surprise those who meet their users.  
Unfortunately, many have complained that these headphones do not last very long. By the way, the same maker has also come up with butterfly, pig, strawberry, duck and many other kinds of ear buds. It is all in fashion statement and not quality.

4. Made by luxury brand Ego, this next gadget is a laptop that resembles women’s handbag. The specific skin shown here is called Goldmine. 

Thanks to its high quality, the laptop even won Fashion PC award from Microsoft.  Bad news is that it is available only in Saks Fifth Avenue store.

5. As you can see, mice too are part of girly fashion now. The first one by Let’s Crystal is decorated with Swarovsky stones. 

Its original price is $129.95. The next in line is called Heart-a-Glow USB mouse. Yes, it does light up while in use.  The price is also quite fair. It is $69.99 and available online at Style Synch. 

6. These cute China doll, heart and butterfly are all webcams compatible with both laptop and desktop computer.  All of them are available online at Tmart.
The best thing about them is their price which is relatively low. Surprisingly, they have actually got good reviews.

7. For some reason, majority of the smart phones made for women always turn out to be just pink in color. That is the only way the makers give them girlie touch. Here we have some that fit this criterion. 

Starting from the left we have Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note, LG KM900 Arena and at the end, Blackberry Curve 8330.

8. Here we have a controller, one of the most sensitive parts of game consoles. That pink color is a blessing here though! Brothers will think twice before grabbing it and that means long life for it. The first one up here is the controller from Xbox 360. 

The second thing in the picture is its rechargeable battery. Too bad they need to be bought separately.  By the way, this pink skin can also be bought to dress the white controller. Below we have the remote controller of Wii.

9. Calculators are not far behind either. They did take some time and in the past, only a few basic ones were given feminine touch. Now we have something for higher math. Yes, it is the scientific calculator from Texas instruments TI-30x IIS 2 line. 
If you look closely you will find some elegant designs in between the top parts of the calculator. They are sophisticated and thus, we can predict that this little pink gadget will not make female users look shallow.  By the way, this one has got pretty good reviews from users. Its $13 price tag is also quite attractive.

10. Many have been reporting that by 2014, smartphones will replace camcorders. Only time will tell if it will come true. At least Japan is not bothered about it. That is why, in that specific location, these Gaudi GHV-DV30HDLX camcorders are high in demand.
They are made mainly for ladies. In American currency, their price is $195. The cameras come in bags that match their body colors.

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