Symptoms that Internet is Making You Sick

The age of Internet has helped us become more open minded as it has connected us to a huge database of information about almost every topic available under the sun.  Country borders are not a problem.

Yes, Google is trying its best to localize the search results, but that has not completely prevented us from having our hands on those made in another country.  Similarly, computers, tablets and laptops have made our writing and accounting jobs easier. There is not a single office or home which can now run without one of these.  But too much of a good thing does sometimes turn bad and leave one ill to the core.  The symptoms, however, will always vary. Information about them can be derived from the kind of task you are doing using the Internet and computer.  Some of them have been given below. See if any matches with your problem.

Feeling of burned eyes:  When you stay online or on computer too long, the eyes go through sever stress. At one point, they simply wish to close. Some sites decorated with purely white background will turn out to be more toxic in this situation.  The light from white background coupled with the blackness of fonts will give you the feeling that the screen is going dark. If the eyes are still not given break they may end up with blurred vision disease.

Body ache:  This is a very common problem felt by majority of the computer users. Of course, the machine itself cannot be blamed for it. Sitting too long instantly leads to body ache.  It is just that we have parts within us that are programmed to stay healthy from motion. Both burned eyes and body ache are linked to computer vision syndrome.

Nausea:  This too is stress related, but most often happens from prolonged multitasking online. There is not a single study that focuses on this, but many college students have already become its victims. Count me as one of them. The symptom comes into existence as we go from one journal to another for hours in search of information to insert in our research papers as supports.  Sometimes the nausea is accompanied by a severe headache. Empty stomach and less sleep will make it harsher. It is not important to be online to have the symptom.  Setting up a new database through analysis on the computer for too long can have similar impact.

Hard to get off the Internet:  A few psychologists believe that if someone is spending at least 38 hours online per week he or she is an Internet addict. This is still debatable and lacks logic in the sense that many people earn a living online and they have to use Internet more than 38 hours per week.  Even some office jobs require it.  Internet addiction is not yet an official disorder, but its other symptoms can be taken as valid. If you are such an addict you will find yourself uselessly spending way too much time online. Even gambling online and watching too much porn have been taken as a part of this addiction.

Depression:  Psychologists are trying to link depression to Internet addiction. Most certainly the feeling of not gaining anything from online experience can certainly make one down, but there are also normal internet users who have suffered from depression due to other reasons.  Just think about the research about Facebook. The study shows that those who view their friends’ happy pictures on this site for too long become depressed about their own lives. They basically feel others are doing better than them. Social networking site is not the only culprit. Reading too much of negative information or viewing offensive videos online can turn into cause of depression.

Gluttony or Food addiction followed by weight gain: If you are already suffering from gluttony internet will probably make it worse.  Some of my friends actually brought it up in our conversation. According to them, sometimes it is hard to stop snacking while online. One even emphasized that when she is online her hands unintentionally go on the nearest chocolate bars. Others complained that keeping the mouth idle while online leaves them unsatisfied. When this goes too far they end up gaining weight. Do you think you have this problem?

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