Correct Steps to Use Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer

These days most brands tell us that the health of facial skin can be best kept well through routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. They even sell all the required products in set. But how do you really use them? This is what we will focus on today.

We will learn the correct steps that we are to follow while using them. Additionally, we will have a preview of what each of the products does. Many other points and tips will be revealed within it.

Step1: Take a small portion of the cleansing gel in your palm. Wet it with water to loosen its elastic texture to make it soapy or foamy.

Step2: Apply it on your face.  Massage the gel into your facial skin. Make this massage extra for forehead and t zone. These locations are more prone to holding oil and dirt. That is why, they need more attention.
Clean the forehead and t zone properly

Step3: Wash off the cleanser from your face with normal water. 

Step4: Dry it off. To do this, use a clean towel. Dab it softly. This is a must. You really do not want to just wipe off the water by moving the towel all over your face roughly.  Just let the skin stay free of disturbance.

Step5: Now your face is ready for the toner. To apply the liquid, you will need to first pour it into either a cotton pad or ball. Make the liquid amount small. You do not need to make the cotton fully wet.

Step 6: Wipe off the skin with it. Once again, pay extra attention to the forehead and t zone.

Step 7: Once you feel you have reached all the areas, you can throw away the cotton.

Step 8: Let the face dry out.

Step 9: Last, apply your moisturizer. Massage softly so that you do not excite the skin oil to ooze out.
In the picture from the left: Proactiv 3 Step Acne Treatment System and Neutrogena's
Deep Clean Cream Cleanser, Facial Cleanser, and Invigorating Foaming Scrub (not a set)

What each product does?
  • Cleanser: It needs no introduction. We all know it cleans off all the dirt from the face. However, never think that you can get away buying any cleanser you see on the shelf of the drugstore. Go with what suits your skin.
  • Toner: Technically, toner is supposed to remove any extra dirt or oil remaining after the face has been washed with a cleanser. In a way, it unclogs the pores. But these days, to feed the needs of different skin types, makers have turned them into many other workers. For instance, Nature’s Cure has one containing papaya enzyme. It prepares the skin for acne medication. This specific toner is not suitable for those who have dry skin and are free of pimples. Similarly, certain toners of LancĂ´me are not for the young skin because their ingredients are very intense. When I was 16 I tried one. The end results were itches followed by breakouts. To be on the safe side, a toner must be understood and tested on the skin before it is included in the cleansing routine. Also never wear it before going in the sun. I am warning you about this from my personal experience. The unclogged pores simply become more defenseless to sun damage. This is true especially for those treated with toners like Nature's Cure. It is actually best to use this product before heading to bed.
  • Moisturizer: These days, it is either a cream or gel! But its work remains the same and that is to keep the facial skin moisturized and smooth. Some people think that it can be replaced by lotion. This is simply a partial misconception. Lotion ingredients are too harsh for facial skin. Damage should be expected. However, a small amount of Olay or Lubriderm lotion can still be effective in repairing a surface too broken and dry from hot summer. 
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